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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 101

The Five Sacrifices

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Dec 6, 2009 19:19 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 101

Page 1:
Side: Is King Bradley immortal, too?!

Page 2-3:
Yellow text: He waits, alone.
Title: Chapter 101 - The Five Sacrifices

Page 4:
Sig: Izumi!

Where are you, Izumi?!

Olivier: Izumi Curtis just...
Alex: ...vanished.

Olivier: Check if anything's happening at the main office!
Soldier: Yes ma'am!
This is the Armstrong platoon,
come in main office!

Side text: Izumi Curtis disappeared into thin air!

Page 5:
Olivier: What do you think, Alex?
Alex: Hmm...

I'm reminded of something the Elric Brothers told me...
When they attempted human transmutation, they were pulled through the Gate of Truth by countless black hands.

Olivier: What's the "Gate of Truth?!"
Alex: That's something only those who've seen it can explain.

Solider: ...Over and out.

Nothing new to report from the main office, but...

Page 6:
Solider: Captain Buccaneer's unit suffered multiple casualties defending the main entrance.
The Captain perished fighting King Bradley.

He and that Xingese prince managed to fatally wound Bradley and knocked him into the moat.

Oldguy: Impossible...

No, no, NO!
King Bradley could never be defeated!

Page 7:
Oldguy: He's far beyond any hum-

Olivier: What about the main gate?
Solider: Still in our hands, ma'am!
The homunculus Greed lent us a hand and finished off the remaining Central opposition!
Oldguy: No...No...
Why would a homunculus side with such foolish humans...

Soldier: The gate is still closed, just as you ordered!

They said...
Captain Buccaneer died with a smile on his face.

Page 8:
Olivier: Did he...

If he was able to die smiling,
then we've got no reason to cry for him.

We move forward.

Page 9:
Olivier: Come on, Mr. Sig.
We need to find your wife.

Mustang: Lieutenant!

Page 10:
Mustang: Stay with me, Lieutenant!

Can you hear me?!
Answer me, Lieutenant!!

Doc: Have you made up your mind, Mr. Mustang?

Mustang: You fucking bastaaaaaard!

Page 11:
Mustang: Lieutanant, this is an order! Answer me!


Doc: Now then.
Would your PLEASE transmute a human?

Who will it be?
Family? A friend?
A lover?

This woman, when she dies?
That's perfectly acceptable.

Page 12:
Hawkeye: I won't die...

been ordered to stay alive.

Doc: I could certainly grant you such a body...one that would never die, never suffer.

What say you,

Your dear lieutenant is on the verge of death...
Left alone, she'll bleed to death in minutes.


Page 13:
Doc: I am a medical alchemist.
I even have Philosopher's Stone.
The choice is yours.

Doc: Oh?
Looks like someone's gotten quiet.
Perhaps she's dead already?

Hawkeye: Colonel...

Page 14:
Hawkeye: There's no need to perform human transmutation...sir...

Doc: Of course there is,
Mr. Mustang.

Page 15:
Mustang: I understand...

Page 16:
Doc: Excellent! Then you'll-

Mustang: I won't do it.

Doc: Sacrificing her?
What a cruel man you are.
Mustang: Sacrifice?

Mustang: You're one to talk, given how you've treated these fail Fuhrer candidates.

Page 17:
Doc: I gave food and shelter to boys abandoned by their parents.
Raised them to be perfect specimens.
Gave them a REASON TO LIVE.

They are GRATEFUL to me.

Mustang: If that were true, they'd have saved you.

Doc: What are


Page 18:
Scar: He's gone-

Doc: Gyh-

Page 19:

Jelso: Grateful, huh?

Page 20:
Jelso: I guess at times like this I AM grateful to you guys
for giving me such a useful body.

But most of the time, I wish I could slaughter the lot of ya.

Doc: I-I'm the only doctor here who can use alchemy!
If you kill me, the woman is sure to die!

Jelso: Sorry, doc.
That's not even third-rate begging.

Page 21-22: [AKSHUN]

Page 23: [MOAR AKSHUN]

Page 24:
Mustang: Philosopher's Stone!

May: Did you say "Philosopher's Stone?!"


Mustang: Son of a-

Page 25:
Mustang: MOVE IT!

Candidate: GH-


Page 26:
Darius: Colonel Mustang?!
Mustang: Yeah, who're-
Darius: We're on your side!
We heard it everything through that hole in the ceiling!

Mustang: Lieutenant!

Stay with me!
Open your eyes!

Page 27:
May: This comes first!

I'll help her!

Page 28:
Hawkeye: Nnh-

Mustang: Lieutenant!
May: I managed to stop the bleeding,
but she needs a real docter.

Mustang: Thank you...
Thank you so much...

Hawkeye: Colonel...
Forgive m-
Mustang: Shut up!
Don't talk, just rest.

Hawkeye: I'm impressed
you read my eyes so well...

Mustang: We've been together a long time.

Page 29:
Mustang: Your eyes made it quite clear that if I tried human transmutation
May: Don't hug her so tight, the wounds will reopen!
Mustang: you would "fucking kill me."

Darius: Whew.

Mustang: Thank you, men.
You saved our asses.
Darius: No prob.

May: Oh!
The Philosopher's Stone!

Page 30:

Page 31:
Mustang: Bradley!

May: No!
The Stone!

Mustang: His body's not regenerating...

Page 32:
Bradley: I was certain that the sight of someone precious to you dying before your eyes would convince you to perform human transportation.

Mustang: It would have a little while ago.

Page 33:
Mustang: But I had someone to stop me...
Someone to lead me down the right path.

Bradley: Heh heh...

Every time I think your race has reached its limit and start musing about how pathetic you all are,
I meet people like you who learn and change in what seems like an instant.

You humans...all you humans...

Page 34:
Bradley: You infuriate me with your refusal to become what I expect.

Scar: What's wrong?

May: Below us...
It's right below us!

Page 35:
Doc: Nnh-
Damn you-
You can't interfere with his work!

Jelso: Stop struggling, you old codger.
I've got you locked down good and-

Darius: Huh?!

Page 36:
Jelso: Ngh-
Zanpano: Jelso!

Jelso: R-...

Darius: We're...we're in serious trouble...

He's right, we gotta run for it!
Zanpano, take Jelso!

Page 37: [zozozozo]

Page 38: [zoru]

Page 39:
Mustang: Watch the Lieutenant!

Page 40:
Mustang: Ngh-

Page 41:
Mustang: Ghhhaaaagh!

Hawkeye: Colonel!

Darius: Whoa!

Doc: Whew...

E...Excellent work, Bradley!

My methods have served you w-

Page 42: [stabbity, zozozozo]

Page 43:
Pride: That makes five.

Bradley: You're the last one.

Page 44: {kaboom]

Page 45:
Guy: Wha-
Not again.

Why are all the dogs in town acting up today?

the eclipse is starting!
Text: The sacrifices have all been taken! What will happen next?!

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