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Naruto 475

Madara's True Power!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Dec 10, 2009 13:42 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 475

Page 1:
SFX: chk
Text: Why has Madara confronted Danzou?
Title: 475 - Madara's True Power!


Madara: You're ready to go, eh, Danzou?

Danzou: There's no telling what Madara's capable of.
Be cautious.
Fuu: Sir!

Torune, we need to be work in concert if we're to be effective.
Torune: I know.
SFX: bubble: shift-


Page 2:
SFX: Whizzzz

SFX: tikatikatika

SFX: Shff

Fuu: Mind-Body Switch-

SFX: slip

Page 3:
Fuu: He dropped inside the pillar.
That at least confirms he's capable of phasing through solid objects.
Torune: Can you still track his chakra?
SFX: step

Fuu: No, it's completely disappeared.

SFX: slip

SFX: bubble: Shink
SFX: Swish

SFX: slip

SFX: grab

SFX: twist
Small sfx: trip

Page 4:
SFX: shove,

SFX: ssssss

SFX: thk

SFX: skrrrk

Page 5:
Madara: A sensor and the mind-body switch seal...
You must be from the Yamanaka clan...
SFX: tikatikatika

Torune: His whole body becomes untouchable when he uses that technique for defense.
Fuu: And he solidifies it again to connect with attacks.
Meaning we need strike when he counters us.

Madara: Well done. That was a comprehensive analysis

SFX: shift
Small sfX: whisper whisper
Torune: We can make his counter match our timing.
We'll attack one after the other, and only aim to connect with the second one.
The first will be the trap.

Fuu: I'll take point.
He already knows I can use the Mind-Body switch, but he hasn't seen your technique yet.
Torune: Roger.

SFX: guiii

Page 6:
SFX: flip

SFX: dash

SFX: slip

SFX: whoosh

Torune: Now!
SFX: Squeeze

SFX: slip

Page 7:
SFX: Thock

SFX: thud, skrrrk
Fuu: Kh-

SFX: blurp
Fuu: Argh-!

Torune: He was only going through the motions, he was still intangible.
Damn it, he got me!

Page 8:
SFX: blurp blurp

Madara: Oh ho...a chakra injection that destroys the target's cells...
Looks like it hurts.

Torune: Sorry Fuu, I'll get them out.
SFX: squeeze
Fuu: Nh-

SFX: shhhhk

Madara: Excuse me, not chakra...nano-scale poison bugs...
They're practically cells...

So you wield a technique that's closely guarded even within the Aburame Clan
Aburame Shikuro had the antibodies, so you must be his kid then?
Look at you...working for "Root."

Page 9:
Madara: You found yourself some useful underlings, Danzou!
SFX: shhhhft

SFX: Kachik

Fuu: Thanks, Torune.
Torune: Stay alert, Fuu! Be ready to detect his location when he reappears!
We'll get him next time!
SFX: slip

SFX: shff shff

SFX: blurp blurp

SFX: blurp

Page 10:
SFX: swoosh

SFX: shwuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Bubble: Gaah-

Fuu: Shit!
Did he just absorb Torune?!

Looks like he contaminated my right arm with those poison bugs...
SFX: swip


Page 11:
SFX: thud

SFX: thock

SFX: swoosh

Madara: Now it's YOUR turn.

SFX: Shwuuuuuuuu

Page 12:
SFX: bap

Temari: We relayed the message, our job's done.
Let's go home, Gaara.
SFX: step

Page 13:
Temari: We'll return to our village.
...The Sand will act as if you were Hokage, Hatake Kakashi.
As the Leaf's ally, we'll ask you to ensure there's no confusion about what's happening.

Kakashi: Roger that.

Gaara: I consider you a friend.

As a child, "friend" was simply a word.
Nothing more, nothing less.

But after I met you, I understood
that the word's MEANING was what counted.

Page 14:
Gaara: Think carefully about what that word means
and what you can REALLY do for Sasuke.

SFX: psh psh psh
Move out.

Page 15:
Yamato: Naruto...
sFX: pat
Kakashi: He needs to come up with his own answer.

SFX: Tak

SFX: step
Sasuke: Let us out of here.

Madara: Relax, would you? We'll leave in a second.
I even have a little souvenir waiting for you outside.

Page 16:

SFX: glare

Danzou: Uchiha Sasuke, eh...

Page 17:
Madara: You'd better get out of here.
If you get drawn into this you're toast.

SFX: tak

SFX: jump

SFX: tik

Danzou: I couldn't have asked for more...
SFX: flap flap

Danzou: Now I can add BOTH your Sharingans to my collection.

Text: The veil is lifted...Danzou's right arm is covered in Sharingan eyes!

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#1. by Chakra ()
Posted on Dec 10, 2009
Thank you, very much! ^^
Level [B] Translator

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