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Naruto 472

Underwater Deathmatch!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Dec 30, 2009 16:21 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 472

Page 1:
SFX: bubble bubble bubble
Text: Kisame + Samehada: A terrifying fusion!
Title: 472 - Underwater Deathmatch!

Sub: ...He fused with his sword?

Bee: The man's become half-fish...
Or maybe the fish has become half-man?
Sub: We're UNDERWATER, don't talk so much!
He's a Fish-Man!

Kisame: Here I come.
Gill SFX: skwik skwik
Arm SFX: shift

SFX: bloob bloob bloob

Bee: Sub-chan-sensei and Ponta will drown if I don't do something.
Gotta get them outta the water first!
SFX: Grab

Page 2:
Bee: Yo!

SFX: Grab

Bee: Look at all this water, I can't even see the end!
How big IS this?!
SFX: bloooosh

SFX: Swish
Kisame: There's no escaping my water prison.
You're fighting on MY turf now.

Page 3:
SFX: Shhhhh

Sub: Bee, behind you!
SFX: blublublooosh

Bee: I'm no fool, I'm getting outta the pool!

8T: This isn't the time for your dumbass raps! This whole water sphere's moving WITH that shark guy so he always stays at the center! How could you not notice?!

He's also faster than us,
and can probably breathe underwater with those gills.
If all you do is run we're dead.
Diagram (top to bottom, left to right)
Kisame -> Kisame ->
Killer Bee

Page 4:
Bee: Then what do we do?
8T: Akatsuki's after YOU, Bee.
Drop the old crooner and his tanuki and swim in the opposite direction!
He'll definitely focus on you!

Diagram1 (left-right, top-bottom)
Killer Bee

Killer Bee

Bee: Aaah, so then...
8T: Right! He'll move to you, the water will follow, and at some point it'll move away from them completely.

SFX: drop drop

SFX: Swoosh

Page 5:
Bee: Okay, now I'll lead him this-

SFX: Swish

Bee: What?!
SFX: snap

Kisame: I was ordered to take the Eight-Tails alive,
but no one said I couldn't kill these two?
SFX: shift

Bee: I don't think so,
SFX: turn

SFX: Swooooosh

Page 6:
SFX: Turn
Kisame: Surprise!

SFX: Thwack


Kisame: Tentacles?!
SFX: wrap wrap

Page 7:
Bee: You ain't gettin' my chakra
for free any more, baby.
SFX: cough

Kisame: I see why they call you the perfect Jinchuuriki...
Even at this size, you can transform part of yourself...
SFX: struggle
SFX: squeeeeeze


SFX: Splaaaaash
SFX: ssssssshhhh

8T: They're out!

SFX: whap

SFX: kachik

Page 8:

Kisame: Having trouble holding your breath, I see...
Finally reaching your limits?

Your strategy was sound, but as long as you're in contact with my body,
I'll slowly drain your chakra.
SFX: Shwuuuuuu

Kisame: I can feel Samehada trembling in ecstasy...
He can't get enough of your chakra...
SFX: shiver shiver shiver

Bee: We'll have to try the Lariat again...on my count-
8T: No! We can't win in the water!
And the tentacles are just making things worse!

We need to get away!
You know what to use!

Page 9:
Kisame: No one in Akatsuki is as adept as me when it comes to taking victims alive.
This is my "Water Prison Shark Frenzy" technique...It shaves away your chakra until you're just barely breathing.
I find it fascinating to see exactly where people break.

Of course, I'm willing to admit my record's not perfect!

SFX: Glurp


Page 10:
SFX: shhhhhoooooo

Kisame: Ink...He's trying to hide.
"Perfect Jinchuuriki..." More like "Perfect octopus freak."

SFX: sploosh sploosh sploosh

Kisame: But...
SFX: Swish

Page 11:
Kisame: Whap

Kisame: Now that I've merged with Samehada
I can sense chakra with my skin...
SFX: splooosh
SFX: shift

Kisame: And YOU'RE running on empty.

SFX: Haa
Sub: Bee...

Page 12:

SFX: Step
Sub: Nh...
I'm coming, Bee!

SFX: Wuuuuuzh

Page 13:
SFX: Wuuuuuzh
Kisame: Even the Eight-Tails didn't last too long.

SFX: ssssssss

Kisame: It would be quite annoying if he uses his petty transformation again.
I'd better cut off his legs just to be sure he can't escape.

Bubbles: Huu Haa Haa
SFX: Stumble

8T: He stole most of my chakra, too!
Damnit Bee, wake up! We're in deep shit here!

Kisame: I'll warn you, this makes VERY ROUGH CUTS!
SFX: Swing

Page 14:
Samehada: Gigigi...
SFX: Skkkkksh

Samehada: GIIIIgigi...

Kisame: What's wrong?


Kisame: Kh-!
SFX: Stab

Page 15:
SFX: slice

SFX: Skrrrrrk

SFX: Shift

Samehada: GigiGIII...

Page 16:
Kisame: This can't be...You've changed allegiance to the Eight-Tails?
Are you THAT addicted to his chakra, Samehada?

SFX: slither

Bee: Nnh...

Kisame: It's feeding him MY chakra!
SFX: Dash


Page 17:
SFX: Slide

SFX: Crawl crawl

SFX: Step
Kisame: So we'll trade weapons, then? That seems fair.

SFX: gachik
Kisame: Mmm...yes, this sword...
SFX: Step step

Kisame: Should make a nice CLEAN cut!
SFX: swish
Text: The Eight-Tails barely clings to life! Is he completely out of options?!

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