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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 473


+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Dec 30, 2009 16:22 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 473

Page 1:
Text: Will the Eight-Tails fall into Akatsuki's hands too?!
Title: 473 - Brother

Sub: Huu

Bee: Found it!

SFX: Roll

Page 2:
SFX: whizzzzz

Kisame: The pencil?!

SFX: thock

SFX: drip

Bee: So close...

Page 3:
Kisame: So that's what you were waiting for...
Yes, that certainly WAS close.
SFX: Drip

Kisame: I can't believe that pencil you threw landed here.
SFX: crash
SFX: tik

Samehada: GIGIGI
SFX: swooosh

Kisame: But that's enough of your little tricks!
SFX: swish

Page 4:

SFX: Turn

Shii: Sorry we took so long, Bee.

Page 5:
Kisame: Raikage?!
What're YOU doing here?!

Shii: You've got no one to blame but yourself, Hoshigaki Kisame.
We could SEE that gigantic water bubble you created,
and I could sense the Eight-Tails's and Bee's chakra inside it.

Darui: If you're constantly going around stealing peoples’ chakra and using it against them,
you're gonna get busted.

SFX: slither slither
Bee: Guess that means I'M busted, too...

Kisame: Samehada's giving him even more chakra...

Raikage: ...Let's do it.

Bee: Ok...Brother!

Pages 6-7:
Kisame SFX: CLAP
Kisame: Water Element, Titanic Shark Missile Tech- (Suiton - Daikoudan no-)

Brothers: DOUBLE

Page 8:
Kisame: Talk about...lightning speed...


SFX: Tak tak tak tak

SFX: twitch
Sub: Hey-HO!

Raikage: And YOU, screwing around out here by yourself!
SFX: choke choke choke

Bee: Plenty of MIGHT left in your RIGHT hand!
I'm in a TIGHT spot, yo!

Page 9:
Samurai: What happened down there?
Suigetsu: Everyone's dead - We're the only ones that got away.

Samurai: Two more of Sasuke's men were down there,
did you see them?

Suigetsu: Nope...they probably bit the dust too.
Trust me, it's TRASHED down there.

Krillin: No, the Hidden Cloud's sensor-type confirmed they were alive before he left.
We were ordered to bring them in.
SFX: step

Suigetsu: Oh...really?

Page 10:
SFX: gachik
Krillin: You two, remove your armor.

SFX: tikatikatikatika

SFX: snap

Suigetsu: Crap...we're blown.
SFX: Shift
Juugo: I knew this was a bad idea.

Page 11:
Fuu: Haa...
You saved my life...

Mizu: What happened to you?

Fuu: The enemy caught me in his technique, and I lost control of my body.
If you hadn't intervened, I'd surely have been killed.

Page 12:
Chou: Boy, that WAS a close call then!
Mizu: If you lost control of your body, it must have been an illusionary technique, correct?

Fuu: No, it was a variant of the Mind-Body Switch...

Chou: I guess even a sensor-type like you must've been scared we wouldn't make it in time, huh senpai?
Ao: I apologize for worrying you...

Mizu: ...Your right eye...
So they were after the Byakugan.

Fuu: He tried to destroy it.
Forgive me...can you undo these ropes?
SFX: squeeze

Page 13:
Mizu: Of course...

I'll undo the seal on your eye, too.

Fuu: Thank you.
It would be a huge relief.

Chou: Hey...what's that thing?

Page 14:
Ao: NO!
He never released the Mind-Body switch!

Fuu: Perfect...having the Mizukage remove this seal will make things simple.
I'll destroy the Byakugan and release my technique immediately after.

Ao: Now I remember!
This chakra belongs to that Leaf guy,
he's a sensor-type too!

When I felt Sasuke's girl probing our chakra,
I instinctively tried to locate her...he must've done the same thing...

Ao: Quit your damn whispering!
Unfortunately for you, I'm a sensor as well.

Ao: He KNEW the two of them were close by!
This was his plan the whole time!

Page 15:
Mizu: That settles that!

Let me borrow Hiramekarei, Choujirou.
SFX: Stand

Mizu: You're not Ao.
I can't undo the seal on his right eye.
Ao would know that.

And he would NEVER apologize to Choujirou so humbly.
Ao: Geez, kids these days...

...You duped me...
You disgusting, filthy sea hag-


Page 16:
Ao: He...said it...not me...
SFX: pshhhhhhhh
Mizu: Oh, you're back to normal.
Chou: You're lucky she changed her mind about using Hiramekarei!

SFX: twitch
SFX: blink

Danzou: Well?

Fuu: My apologies, sir...my plan failed.

Page 17:
Kakashi: ...A clone, huh.
Naruto: Sai...why are you...?

Sai: I need to say what Sakura couldn't.
To tell you the TRUTH.

Naruto: ...The truth?
Side: The Eight-Tails is saved! And now Sai, acting on his own, has come to reveal the truth to Naruto?!

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#1. by fishbot ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2009
Senpai! o/
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