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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 480


+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jan 28, 2010 12:41 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 480

Page 1:
Title: Sacrifice
Side: I close my eyes, and see my hatred manifest. An apparition, threatening to burst forth at any moment.

Page 2:
Text: Both blades find their target, but is Danzou's body real?

Madara: Guess this is as far as Sasuke can go.

Sasuke: Ngh-

Page 3:
Danzou: You were too hasty.
That eye is still open.

Go meet your brother,
and let him lecture you.
Bubbles: Huu

Danzou: You lose.
I win.

Karin: What's going on?!
This is the same feeling as...

Bubbles: Haa

Danzou: What...have you done?!

Page 4:
Danzou: Ghk-
...Why isn't Izanagi still activated?!

Bubbles: Huu

Madara: You hit the nail on the head, Danzou.
"Compared to Itachi's Tsukuyomi, where he could alter your perception of time at his whim...You're as far below him as the land is below the sky."

Page 5:

Bubbles: Haa

Danzou: Damn you...
Bubbles: Bachichi
Sasuke: Itachi will have to settle for YOU today.

SFX: slump
Danzou: GHACK-

Bubbles: Huu

Karin: I knew it! That WAS the real Danzou!

Page 6:
Madara: Even being able to use a small, weak illusion for the briefest of moments
can pay off when used properly.

Danzou: Gh...

Madara: The last eye must have closed

a moment before they stabbed each other.

Danzou...Sasuke is an Uchiha, and a wielder of the Mangekyou Sharingan.
His eyes are superior to yours.
He noticed what happened a split second before you would have

Page 7:
Madara: And used that moment to cast an illusion on you.

He made it appear that the final eye on your right arm was still open.

Your constant checking of your right arm showed him how uneasy you were with using Izanagi too long.
Sasuke saw it all.

He tricked you into thinking Izanagi would last a moment longer than it really would.

That first round was merely confirm you were vulnerable to his illusions, if only for a second.

Page 8:
Danzou: Nnngh-

Madara: Having obtained a multitude of Sharingan eyes for yourself made you overconfident when facing a Sharingan user as an enemy.
Your pride was your downfall.

Sasuke: The eyes tell the story of this battle.
Never underestimate the Uchiha.
Bubbles: Huu

Page 9:
Madara: Despite the fact that he couldn't use Shisui's eye,
you did well to get Danzou to this state, Sasuke.

And now I'LL take Shisui's eye for myself.
The "root" should have stayed buried in the soil, my friend.

SFX: Dash
Karin: Sasuke!
SFX: slump
Sasuke: Kh-

Bubbles: Rip, swipe
Karin: Here!
Bite me, hurry!
SFX: Shove

Madara: Bringing that girl along was a smart move...she's come in handy.
I can see why Sasuke hand-picked her.

Karin: Aaah!
SFX: Chomp

Danzou: This can't be...defeated by a child?!
I refuse to die like this!
SFX: Huu

Page 10:

No! The First's DNA is trying to absorb me!

Danzou: GH!

Madara: Being on the verge of death is making his chakra go berserk.
Hashirama's power isn't controlled so easily.

SFX: rip
Bubbles: Huu
Karin: Holy...this guy doesn't quit!

SFX: Yank
Bubbles: Huu

SFX: Shuuu
Bubbles: Huu
Danzou: I'm not done...
These eyes...still have something to say.

Madara: His right eye works again...
Was his plan to use Izanagi until Shisui's eye recovered?

SFX: Bachichichichichi

Page 11:
SFX: Dash

SFX: Grab
Bubbles: Haa
Karin: Eeee!

Madara: Shisui's eye...
He could have used it for illusions or sacrificed it for one last use of Izanagi...Guess he made his choice.

Danzou: You've strained your eyes too much.
Karin: Sasuke...
Bubbles: Huu
Danzou: Sasuke can't use his eyes anymore...If need Shisui's eye for an illusion I'll save it for Madara.
I can't waste any more time...my wounds are too deep.

Madara: What now, Sasuke?

Page 12:
Sasuke: All that talk about self-sacrifice,
and you take a hostage.

Danzou: It's not...to save...my own life.
Bubbles: huu

Danzou: I can't die yet...the Leaf needs me...the WORLD needs me...
I'll do whatever it takes...to survive.
I'm the only one who can do it...the only one who can change things...

This girl is just a small sacrifice.
Karin: Please Sasuke...help me...
SFX: tremble
Bubbles: Huu

Sasuke: Karin...don't move a muscle.

Pages 13-14: N/A

Page 15:

Page 16:
Text: Sasuke takes his revenge through Karin's body! He plunges further into true darkness!

Karin: Wha...
SFX: Drip

Danzou: NGH-
He aimed for my heart...through the hostage...

Madara: Good boy.

Sasuke: That's one down...
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#1. by Kazekage Gaara ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2010
#2. by InvincibleUchiha ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2010
what the...!! o.O
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