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Naruto 486


+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Mar 11, 2010 02:19 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 486

Page 1:
Title: 486 - Fists
Side: Two paths...too far apart to be absolute destiny, yet close enough that it can only be fate.

Page 2:
Text: Rasengan and Chidori! How strong have they grown?

Kakashi: Kh!


SFX: flip
Bubble: slap
Clone: Ack!

SFX: Thud

Page 3:
SFX: Sshhwwurp

White SFX: blurp
Sasuke: Kh!
Zetsu: Gotcha!

SFX: Splash

Sasuke: You...
When did you...
Bubbles: Huu

Zetsu: I've been watching your back for quite a while now.
...Tobi ordered me to hang around and keep my presence hidden from you.

Page 4:
Zetsu: We're in trouble no matter how you slice it.

Bubbles: Zeeeh

Zetsu: I'd better call him...
I don't think we can get away alone.

Kakashi: I told you to get out of here, Naruto!

Naruto: Now...
I'm certain.

Page 5:
Madara: I need to be ready for war...this is a good chance to take out the Rinnegan.

Zetsu: Sasuke's in trouble.
What should I do?

Kakashi: Certain...of what?
What the hell are you talking about?!

Page 6:
Sasuke: Huu

Page 7:
SFX: Zwommmmm

Madara: I thought I told you come back and rest.

Kakashi: Madara...

Madara: The Nine-Tails...

When we do fight them, it'll be in a more suitable place.
For now we retreat.

Sasuke: Huu

Page 8:
SFX: splurp splurp
Zetsu: Let me handle them.
We've gotta capture the Nine-Tails SOMEtime, right?

Kakashi: First Madara, now Zetsu...
I can't handle them both alone...what do I do here?

Madara: No Zetsu...I don't think you'll be able to capture Naruto.
You're not really a front-line fighter, the Nine-Tails is too much.

We'll leave THAT hunt to Sasuke...
It should be entertaining.

Page 9:
Madara: Plus I'm worried about Kisame, go check up on him.
And rejoin with your blacker half on the way.
Zetsu: Aye aye, sir.

Kakashi: Naruto...

Naruto: I know...
but first there's something I need to say to Sasuke.

Madara: Come on, Sasuke...

Sasuke: Wait.

SFX: Stand

Page 10:
Naruto: Sasuke...
Do you remember what you told me back in the Valley of the End?
About top-class ninjas?

Sasuke: It's said that when two top-class ninjas battle, they can instantly read each other's mind the moment their fists meet.

We have no need for words...you're WEAK, Naruto.
So tell me...

Did you see what was in my heart?
How I REALLY feel?

Page 11:
Naruto: One direct clash later, I understand a lot more.
SFX: Splish splish

Naruto: We've become top-class ninjas, Sasuke.
Both of us.
SFX: Splish splish

So tell me...
Did you see what was in my heart?
How I REALLY feel?
SFX: fold

Naruto: Did you see what'll happen?
If we fight again...

Page 12:
Naruto: We're both gonna die.

Page 13:
Naruto: Our battle will be inevitable
if you really do attack the Leaf.

So keep your hatred, let it fester...
And hit me with it full force.

I'm the only one who can bear the full brunt of your hate!
It's my job, no one else's!

I'LL bear the burden of your hatred...and we'll die together!

SFX: Hu...

Sasuke: ...WHAT?!
What the FUCK is WRONG with you?!

Page 14:
Naruto: Because I'm your FRIEND.

Page 15:
Naruto: Sasuke...We'll never be able to understand one another through words alone.
I knew that from the moment I met you.

The only way you and I can communicate properly is with our fists!
Remember what I said...we're both top-class ninjas now!
SFX: clench

Naruto: Maybe if we can understand one another,
I can change all that hate, like Iruka-sensei did for me...

Page 16:
Naruto: I haven't given up yet!

Still...I'm done ranting at you.
Hell, I can barely string a sentence together...I shouldn't be lecturing anyone!

Heheheh...If we really do take this all the way to the end, and we both die...
We won't be Uchiha, Jinchuurikis, or anything.

Page 17:
Naruto: There'll have no more burdens to bear.
We'll come to understand one another in the next world!

Sakura: Naruto...you're...

Sasuke: I will NEVER change!
I don't WANT us to understand one another!
And I'm not gonna die...YOU WILL.

Kakashi: Enough Naruto...I'll handle Sasuke.
You still have a dream...the dream of becoming Hokage.
Sasuke may have fallen, but don't let him drag you down too-
Naruto: How could I call myself Hokage if I can't even save ONE friend?

The only person Sasuke's fighting
is ME!
Text: A message to a friend that only Naruto could deliver!

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#1. by Sherlock2008 ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2010
May I use this for colouring the page? Thx?

and what kind of reference should I use.
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