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Naruto 488

Back to their Villages

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Mar 26, 2010 12:50 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 488

Page 1:
Text: How will the Feudal Lords react to the formation of a joint ninja force?
Earth: We can't sit on our hands with so many Tailed Beasts having fallen into Akatsuki's!

Water: But a joint force...
If we give the shinobi too much power it will spell trouble for us down the line.

Earth: Water Lord, are you so mistrusting of your own citizens?
Tenga: Could you gentlemen hurry your decision along?
These batteries don't have the juice for extended long-range connections...
Title: 488 - Back to their Villages

Thunder: The Thunder Country approves.

Earth: The Earth

Wind: The Wind Country approves.

Page 2:
Fire: I don't see a problem.
Yes, the Fire approves.

Water: Fine.
The Water approves as well.

Tenga: Then the joint ninja force is accepted by all nations.
I, Tenga
have taped the meeting and borne witness to this decision.

Fire: Well,
we'd better let the Leaf Village know.

Page 3:
Naruto: Man, you were going crazy
and these bums are sleeping like logs.
Lee: Snxxxxx

Sakura: Haha...
Naruto: Nnnnn...

Kakashi: They were trying to HELP you, Sakura.
I expect you to apologize profusely as soon as they're awake.
Sakura: ...Right...

SFX: step step

Naruto: Man...

Sakura: This is my fault, Naruto.
Don't be too hard with them-

Page 4:
Naruto: I feel sick again...
SFX: slump
Sakura: Now YOU'RE passing out?!

Kakashi: Haha
Karin: Well...Sakura, right? You were the one who poisoned that kunai.
Sakura: Nnh-
SFX: sigh

Naruto: sssssu

Kakashi: He looks so peaceful...
Like he's finally free of a heavy burden.

Page 5:
Bird: Tobimaru

Ninja: Kazekage-sama has returned!

Temari: You got the message we sent on Tobimaru?
Ninja: Yes!
Kank: What'd the Feudal Lord say?

Ninja: Welcome back, Mizukage-sama.
We just received word from the Feudal Lord.

Page 6:
Ao: Well, let's hear it.
SFX: step step

Kuro: Wow, already?

Aka: I bet duh feudal lords prob'ly made their choice quick when they heard "Tailed Beasts" and "Madara!"

Page 7:
SFX: Scowl

Kiba: Hmph! I do everything you ask, I even find Sasuke, and what do I get?
SFX: step step
Naruto: Let it go, Kiba,

Kiba: This ain't something where you try to hog the glory.

Then SAI goes and blabs everything to Naruto,
and to top it all off Sasuke gets away!

Naruto: Kiba, seriously, quit whining!
Kiba: YOU'VE been whining since this WHOLE SASUKE THING STARTED, NARUTO!
SFX: Point

Sai: Aah, that's true.
Despite being slow and simple-minded, you were really overthinking things.
Bubble: Haha

Page 8:
Naruto: Well, don't YOU look like you're having a fun time with all this!
SFX: Raargh
Bubble: spin
Sai: Thank you.
Naruto: That wasn't a compliment!

Lee: Ahahahaha!
I feel like we've finally got the old Naruto-kun back!

Kiba: That just means he hasn't grown up. Once a dumbass, always a dumbass!
Naruto: Screw you, Kiba!

Karin: He's...like the exact opposite of Sasuke.

Even his chakra...

It's warm...and bright.

Page 9:
SFX: twitch

Karin: W-What?! There's something other, deep down inside!
It's...evil! It's exactly like-

SFX: Shift

ANBU: Tell us what's going on, Sai.

Naruto: Who're they?
Sai: ANBU from Root.

There's no mistaking it, senpai.
The seal Danzou-sama placed on all of us could have only disappeared for one reason.

ANBU: ...Then he HAS passed away?

Page 10:
Sai: Yes!
Therefore, I think Root needs to have a long talk with our new Hokage,

Shizune: Tsunade-sama!

SFX bubbes: slide
Medic: What is it?!

Is she...?

Page 11:

Tenten: You're gonna fight Sasuke ALONE?
AND You think all of us are just gonna stand here AND let you?
Shika: Tenten's right, Naruto. We can't afford to let you have your way on this one.
This is a problem for the whole village.

Kiba: So THIS is what you meant when you said you'd "explain when we got back?"
We're ALL prepared to kill Sasuke, man!

Naruto: I'm not trying to be selfish.

Shika: Naruto...
You're not trying to convince us to let you handle this so you can turn around and protect Sasuke, are you?

Page 12:
Naruto: No...trust me, I won't defend him.

Neji: If Sasuke was so weakened from the Kage Summit and fighting Danzou,
why didn't you just finish him right then?

Sakura: Madara was there too!
You're oversimplifying things...besides-

Kiba: He couldn't have just slipped away!
Naruto, you're as strong as they come. You're already a legend for kicking the crap out of Pain!
Sasuke wouldn't have stood-

Naruto: You're wrong...
I can't defeat Sasuke at his current level...
I just knew...

Even what he was thinking...

Page 13:
Chouji: What do you mean?

Naruto: I mean that I can't let any of you face Sasuke.
I'm the ONLY ONE who can fight him.

Neji: What in the world HAPPENED? You have to tell us.

Naruto: I will...when the time is right.

If we fight again...
We're both gonna die.
Sakura: Naruto...what are you hiding?

Naruto: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm starving. I'll be at Ichiraku!

Page 14:
SFX: step step

Homura: Even Danzou's gone...

Another one of our best, lost forever...
Koharu: We'll need to hold a meeting to appoint a new Hokage immediately.

Homura: We can't be part of the joint force without a leader.

Koharu: There's simply no choice...we'll support you as our choice for Hokage.
The Sand would prefer you as well.

Kakashi: I'm ready.

Page 15:
Fire Lord: Hatake Kakashi, I officially appoint you as-

Bubbles: Huu
Ninja: Urgent news!

Guy: What is it?!
This meeting is of the utmost importance!

Ninja: So is my report, sir!
Bubble: Haa

Bubbles: plip plip

SFX: shake shake

Page 16:
SFX: hug

Medic: Thank god...
SFX: wipe

Tsunade: Shizune...you're squeezing too hard!

Page 17:
Madara: You'll need some time to recuperate.
And it'll be a while before you get accustomed to using the Mangekyou.
You in any pain?

Sasuke: No...
Side: What abilities will Itachi's eyes bestow upon Sasuke?!

Sasuke: It's working...Itachi's power is flowing into me...
I can FEEL myself getting stronger!

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