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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 489

On the Brink of World War!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Apr 3, 2010 02:05 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 489

Page 1:
Text: An argument about the Nine-Tails on Myouboku Mountain!
SFX: Shhhhhhhhhh

KeyToad: Jiraiya told me ta "store myself with Naruto" before he died.
Great Elder, are ya sure that's what I should do?

Jiraiya TRIED ta teach Naruto how to gain total control over the fox and it didn't work out.
And honestly, Jiraiya never said anythin' like "Minato intended for this to happen when he sealed half the fox's chakra inside Naruto."

Fuka: Great Elder...this lil' tadpole IS the key to Naruto's Four-Elephant Seal.
I figger even if we DO give him to the boy it'll be all right.

Elder: Bring Uzumaki Naruto here.
I will tell him his future...and we will see.

Pages 2-3:
Title: On the Brink of World War!
Green text: We are the Joint Shinobi Army,
marching towards the final battle with Akatsuki!

Page 4:
Sign: Intel
Text: What lies in store for the Leaf with Tsunade's recovery?

Karin: And...Orochimaru forced me to do such horrible work...
Then Sasuke took over and forced me, a weak, defenseless girl, to follow his orders...
And in the end he threw me away like a piece of trash!

WAAAAAH! I'm just as much a victim as anyonnnnne!
Guy: I see...you've endured so much...

Ibiki: I didn't ask for your life story,
I asked for information on Sasuke and Kabuto.

And YOU should know better than to fall for sap stories.
Guy: S-Sorry...

Karin: Bah!
Fine, but I've got conditions of my own.

Karin: Number one, I'm starving.
You give me some breaded pork and rice and THEN we'll talk!

Page 5:

Shizune, Please, slow down!
Tsunade: Keep it coming!
My chakra still hasn't recovered! I need MORE FOOD or my technique will wear off and I'll be an old hag again!

Shizune: There isn't a single crumb left in the Hokage's office...
We'll have more soon, but in the meantime take a break.

SFX: Glare
Bubble: Chew

Tonton: Oink?

Page 6:
SFX: Whish
Shiune: N-No!
Get ahold of yourself! You can NOT eat him!

Tsunade: What the hell are you talking about?
Shizune: Huh?
Text: Oh, Kakashi-san!
Kakashi: I'm glad to see you've recovered.

I was about one second away from becoming the Sixth Hokage.
And honestly, I don't think I'm suited for the position.
In situations like this, your presence will be a lot more effective than mine.

I'm surprised about the joint forces...
Can't believe Raikage and Tsuchikage agreed to cooperate.

Kakashi: It's just another indicator of how serious this is.
Tsunade: So Uchiha Madara really IS alive?

Kakashi: I don't have any solid proof,
but considering his plan, I doubt it could be anyone else.

Page 7:
Tsunade: Another war...
The Uchiha's fate now torments us all.

Call a planning session as soon as I'm finished!
We have to prepare for war!

Naruto: For real?! Granny Tsunade's all better?!

BubbleS: Huu
Sakura: Yup!

Naruto: Hell yeah!
SFX: Smack

Page 8:
Teuchi: Tsunade-sama's okay, that's wonderful news!
All right,
to celebrate everyone eats on the house!

Naruto: Whoa, really?

Teuchi: I'll whip something up for you too Sakura, have a seat!
Sakura: That's okay,
I've still got so many people to tell!
SFX: slip

Sakura: See you later, Naruto!
SFX: Flap, dash

Naruto: Well, now that I'm in a better mood I feel a lot hungrier!
I'm gonna eat like a horse today!

Page 9:
Tsunade: I call this war planning session to order.

Koharu: Start gathering weapons and rations immediately.
20% each to the battle squads and support squads. We must decide on the plantoon breakdowns as quickly as possible,
bring us a list of every battle-ready ninja!

Shikamaru: War...it's really happening, huh.

Shikaku: I still say you're too young, even if they DID call you here.
Pay attention.

Shikamaru: Yeah, I know.
I'll use every brain cell I have and memorize all of this!

Page 10:
Teuchi: Eat up!
SFX: Bam

Naruto: It's...

SFX: Poof

Teuchi: Huh?
Where'd he go?

Naruto: CHOW TIME!

Page 11:
TexT: Hehe!

SFX: sluuuuuuurp
Naruto: Mmmmmmmm

SFX: wriggle wriggle

Fuka: Lookit 'em go!
Shima: Ya finally got a taste for my worm soup, eh!


Page 12:
Naruto: ...Why am I here...?
Fuka: I reverse-summoned ya.
Shima: The Great Elder's gonna tell ya yer future.

Fuka: Come with me.
Shima: And don't throw up!

Naruto: Yo yo!
How've ya been, Super-Size Sage?
Fuka: Here he is.

Elder: Today, I have called for you...

Who are you again?

Page 13:
Naruto: Uzumaki Naruto!
Come on Super-Size, at least memorize my name!
Fuka: Can't we have ONE meeting without this shtick?
Elder: Ooooh, yes, yes! Naruto!

Naruto...I have seen your future.
You will meet...an octopus.

Naruto: Octopus?

Elder: The vision is cloudy, but I am sure they are octopus tentacles.

Then, you...you will battle a young man with great power in his eyes, and-

Page 14:
Naruto: Yeah...I know.
Fuka: Whadda ya mean, "I know?!"
Elder: You...

You have seen it?
Naruto: Yes.

Elder: And you know what he is?!
The young man with such power in his eyes?

Naruto: Yes...
I'm prepared for everything that's gonna happen.

Elder: Gamatora...I have foreseen the transfer to Naruto as well.
Give him the key to the Fourth's seal.

Tora: If you say so, Elder!

Page 15:
SFX: Flip

Naruto: What's that?

Tora: The key to opening and closing the Fourth Hokage's seal!
With this, y'could actually release the Nine-Tails completely if ya wanted to.

Put yer hands on that square.

This's also your ticket to perfecting "that" jutsu...

Page 16:
Anko: Kabuto's becoming more and more like Orochimaru.

But why is he leaving evidence behind?
It's not like him...

Guy: Could he be doing it on purpose?
Anko: I'm sure he's taken up Orochimaru's mantle...
But will he go after the Leaf or Akatsuki?

Kabuchimaru: I felt that first...

Page 17:
Kabu: I would come greet YOU, Tobi.
SFX: Step

Kabuchimaru: Excuse me...
You go by Madara these days, don't you.

Madara: I'm impressed you even found me.

Kabu: Remember, I've served as a spy in numerous countries and spent some time working for Akatsuki myself. Don't underestimate what I might know.

Madara: Yes, you were one of Sasori's spies...
And a traitor to Akatsuki.

SFX: hop hop

Page 18:
SFX: Skrrrrrrk

SFX: Clap

SFX: gogogogo

Madara: This can't be-!

SFX: gagogogogo

Pages 19-20:
Madara: Impure World Resurrection...Edo Tensei!

Kabu: A technique only the Second Hokage and Orochimaru-sama knew how to use...
Now I make three,
and have surpassed its previous users.

This is a performance just for you,
to earn your trust in my power.

Calm down...I didn't come here to fight.
Madara: Then why?

Kabu: I came here to JOIN FORCES.
Text: An unfathomable partnership! What is Kabuto after?!

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