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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 490

The Truth of the Nine-Tails

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Apr 8, 2010 01:24 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 490

Page 1:
Text: What is Kabuto's motive?
Madara: You want to join forces...

What's in it for me?
Kabuto: You're planning to start your war very soon...
I can bolster your fighting power...
Title: 490 - The Truth of the Nine-Tails!

Kabuto: With Itachi,




and Nagato.

Page 2:
Kabuto: Quite a lineup of powerful men...
And they're not even the full set of my pawns.

Madara: What do you want in return?
Kabuto: Uchiha Sasuke.

Madara: What're you trying to accomplish?

Kabuto: ...Nothing in particular...
My interests lie solely with learning the pure, unaltered truth about ninjutsu.

Page 3:
Kabuto: I need Sasuke-kun to fully answer my questions.
A young, fragile, living Uchiha.

Madara: What if I say no?

Kabuto: Summoning Technique - Impure World Ressurection!


SFX: Creeeee

Madara: Th-That's...!

Page 4:
Kabuto: Did you really think I'd extend my hand to you without a backup plan?
...You CANNOT refuse me!

Madara: You madman...
How did you do this?!

Kabuto: Oh, you know...
Anyway, you can relax. I haven't told a soul.

Page 5:
Madara: Heheheh...
Kabuto: What's so funny?

Madara: Yakushi Kabuto.
I honestly never imagined you had such potential.

...Any conflict with you would only serve to weaken my warfighting capabilities.
And to set THIS up just to prepare for meeting me...you are a shrewd, SHREWD man.

Kabuto: ...And?

Madara: I accept your offer,
on one condition.

Page 6:
Madara: We wait until AFTER the war is over before I hand over Sasuke.
Until then, I won't let you anywhere near him.
I'll be watching him day and night.

Kabuto: I knew you were reasonable.
Uchiha Madara...you truly are in your own league.

Madara: Wise guy...
...I'll reformulate my plan to account for your battle power.
Come on.

SFX: Smirk

SFX: Glare, creeee


Page 7:
Tokuma: Leaving corpses all the way out here...

Judging from the steady trail of bodies,
it's clear something big's up ahead.

Ninja: Think it's a trap?
SFX: Step
Ninja2: What's the plan?

Anko: Tokuma! Byakugan, scan at 2 o'clock.
Tokuma: Yes ma'am!
SFX: Crick crick

Tokuma: Byakugan!
SFX: Shing

Page 8:
SFX: shhhhhhwwwwwwuuuuuuu

Tokuma: Captain Mitarashi, it's-
Anko: What do you see?

Tokuma: It's not just Kabuto, it's the masked man from Akatsuki!
They're walking down a path to an underground passageway!

Anko: What?!

Page 9:
Ninja1: That's the guy who calls himself "Madara..." could it be his hideout?!
Ninja2: What's Kabuto doing with him?
Are they working together?

Anko: Maybe Kabuto led us this way on purpose
to expose Madara's hideout?
Ninja: But why would he do that if they're on the same side?

Anko: Dunno...
But we need to inform the village right away!

Fuka: What's the holdup?
Put yer hand on the transfer seal!

Page 10:
[The Yin-Yang words are like so:
dark: "Chakra"
white: "Mind"]

Gamatora: Nervous, eh Naruto?
I don't blame ya.
Fuka: What's that?

Gamatora: Fukasaku-sama, the fox's power works like this:
There's TWO parts to it, the "chakra" and the "mind."

To control the Nine-Tails' power,
ya gotta pull out its chakra and turn it inta yer own.

But it ain't as easy as it sounds.
When ya draw out the fox's chakra, its will comes along fer the ride.
Top SFX: zuzuzuzuzuzuzu
Bottom: Kheheheheheh

Page 11:
[Again, dark is "chakra", light is "mind"]
Gamatora: The Nine-Tails' mind is just a malevolent mass of hate
tied to a hugely powerful chakra.
No matter how strong y'are,
its own hate'll latch onta the hatred in yer OWN heart and try to take over.

Basically, the only way ta truly have control over its power
is ta have a strong enough will with NO hatred and completely filter the "mind" outta the "chakra."
Top SFX: Pssshhh
Bottom SFX: whimper

Gamatora: The Fourth designed his seal so a tiny bit 'a chakra would leak out
and naturally combine with Naruto's own chakra.

But with this here key ye could completely undo the Four Element Seal*
and tap inta the Nine-Tails' full chakra!

Fukasaku: And with it...
The full force 'a the fox's will!

Gamatora: The second the fox's mind overcame Naruto's,

[T/N: I've been using "Four Elephant" seal for a long time to be consistent with old scans and fansubs, but I think it's time we switched to the more proper "Four ELEMENT" seal]
Page 12:
Gamatora: The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox would be reborn!

Fuka: Ye tried opening the seal with the key once, yeah?

Gamatora: The Four Element seal's been growin' weaker with time.
So durin' Naruto's trainin Jiraiya used the key to suppress the fox
when Naruto started transformin' outta nowhere.

But the seal was loose...wasn't no tellin' when he'd transform again.
So Jiraiya used the key to open up the seal just a crack,
hopin' to teach Naruto ta repel the Nine-Tails' mind and take full control over it's chakra.
That...didn't work out.

Page 13:
Fuka: What happened after that?
Gama: Don't really know, ta be honest.

Naruto: ...It's true that when I fought Orochimaru
I went to the Nine-Tails and willingly let it take control.
When he started talking about Sasuke I just snapped,
I wanted to kill Orochimaru right where he stood.

But I also hurt Sakura-chan.
That's when Captain Yamato told me to stop relying on the Nine-Tails and start fighting with my own power.

Obviously I was fine when he kept it suppressed during training,
but you can't help having hatred in your heart during battle.
So I decided I'd never go to the fox for help again...

I didn't think I had the strength to keep its mind from taking over.

Page 14:
Naruto: Then when I saw Pain attack Hinata, I was so mad, so full of rage,
I let the Nine-Tails take over without even thinking about it.

Then the Fourth reinforced the seal and I felt safe again,
but I could lose control again.


I'll NEED the Nine-Tails' chakra to fight Sasuke.

I can't escape the fact that I'm the Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki.
It's time for me to stop running.

Page 15:
Fourth: I sealed half of the Nine-Tails' chakra inside you
because I knew that someday, you'd be able to control it.

SFX: Pat

Naruto: I know I took a long time,
but I'm ready to learn how to control this thing, dad!

Gama: The contract is signed!
I'm all yours!
Fuka: Time ta go find us an octopus!

Book: Rhyme Book
SFX: Scritch scritch

Bee: I can't come up with anything...
There's gotta be a good phrase that rhymes...

Page 16:
Shii: It will be difficult to formulate effective surprise attack strategies until we locate the enemy's base.
Therefore our first act must be to create reconnaisance teams.

Bee: "They ah, Hey ya, na na..."
Eh, too unoriginal.

Gott a think outside the box, no words, just a hook...maybe "te ba?"

Then add a little flow, turn it into "-tebayo!"

Page 17:
Kisame: Well, now I more or less have a complete picture of the Hidden Cloud's military strength.
Thank goodness the Eight-Tails Jinchuuriki is such a blithering idiot.

Bee: Nah, this phrase sucks, yo.
Doesn't fit my adenDA-ttebayo!

...Yeah, it sucks.

Shii: ...and position them like so,

Raikage: Good!
We hold a meeting of the joint shinobi army in three days!
Send out notifications to the other villages!

Text: Will war break out before the "octopus hunt" begins?

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#1. by Hazard_Tsunami ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2010
Thank you for this translation! You've translated a certain joke in a way that makes sense in English. I recently read another translation that wasn't able to translate the joke as well as you did :)
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