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Fullmetal Alchemist 106

The Abyss of Pride

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Apr 9, 2010 03:19 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 106

Page 001: Cover

Page 002:
Side: Ed's group is rescued from their predicament thanks to the transmutation circle set up by Scar and the Ishvalans.

Scar: Looks like our allies from Ishval all managed to place their circles in the right spots.

Ranfan: Is this...

Scar: It is the result of my brother's quest.

Pages 3-4:
Title: 106 - The Abyss of Pride

Page 5:
Scar: Basic alchemic formulae were brought to this country about 350 years ago.

The source of its power comes from the movements of the Earth's crust...or so it was taught.
Whomever it was who first brought the knowledge, the basics were easily used for the benefit of society.

My brother began studying alchemy to try and help others as well.
During the course of his studies he learned about an art called "rentanjutsu" from a travelling caravan from the east, and it caught his interest.

But for some reason, he couldn't find a single scrap of information about rentanjutsu anywhere in Amestris.

Ranfan: Nothing?
In the world's alchemy capital?
Scar: Exactly.

Page 6:
Scar: It was as if someone had purposely removed anything pertaining to the subject.
Ed: Why isn't there anything here about rentanjutsu?!
This is the Central National Library, the biggest in the country!

Scar: In the end, he had the travelling caravan bring him texts about rentanjutsu directly from the far East.

Rentanjutsu uses the flow of the Earth's natural energy,
and deep into his research of it, my brother learned of a dischord in the teachings that alchemy's power comes from the "movement of the Earth's crust."

A "cushion" between the alchemist and the energy from the crust.
He theorized that there was, in fact, another element at work.

Ranfan: The unease I felt when we first entered this country...
As if there was someone or someTHING milling about beneath the surface!

Page 7:
Scar: Yes.
The one who brought us alchemy, running this "cushion" element through an underground network...
Philosopher's stone!

Page 8:
SFX: Kashakahsa

SFX: dododododo

SFX: gagagagagagaga


Page 9:
Homnculus: My alchemy barrier's not working.
Scar: My brother studied further,
and fueled by his doubts about the Ishvalan genocide, he realized that a transmutation circle was being painted across the country with the blood of its own citizens.
As the war intensified, my brother realized that the military's might would prevent him from stopping the circle's completion.

Page 10:
Scar: So instead he came up with the idea to turn that very circle AGAINST them.

Using the nationwide transmutation circle as a base,
he designed a rentanjutsu circle over it that would neutralize the stone,

and simultaneously grant access to the limitless energy of the earth.
And thus, his NEW nationwide circle was created.

My brother entrusted this knowledge to us in hopes that we'd use it to stop the creator of the original circle of blood!

Page 11:
Ed: Incredible!
I'm barely even trying and I'm making these awesome attacks!

Page 12:
Ed: Wawawawawawa!

Son of a-
I keep getting stronger and it's still like fighting lava with a watering can!

Page 13:
Hohenheim: Every bit helps!
Keep fighting!

He's using every ounce of strength to keep his so-called "god" in check!
It's literally like a balloon on the verge of bursting!
Every tiny fraction of his stone's power used to fight us pushes him closer to the breaking point!

Page 14:
Ed: Yeah, but how much more will it take?!
Hohenheim: I don't know!
Just keep attacking, I'll protect us!

Page 15:


SFX: kssshink

Page 16:
Greed: Whoa!

Ed: What the...
Oh man!

Page 17:
Greed: Well lookie here!

Blast from the past...
That's my old bathtub, ain't it?

You should take a dip too, pops!

Page 18:
Ed: Move, Greed!

Page 19:
Ed: Yikes!

Page 20:
Hohenheim: Mmh-!!

Page 21:
Zanpano: What the hell's going on down there?

Soldier: Freeze!

Soldier: Nobody move-
Alex: Nnh?

Page 22:
Alex: Lieutenant Hawkeye?!
Hawkeye: Major!

Al: What...

Hohenheim: Damn him, he's trying to replenish his stone supply!

Page 24:
Al: Waah!


Lin too?
Hey, wait!

Izumi: After him!
Al: Right!

Izumi: And we need to get YOU somewhere safe!
Mustang: I'm sorry...

Page 25:
Mustang: For me to be so useless at such a critical moment...
I'm ashamed...!

Izumi: Hey,
it happens, right?
Al: Broth-

Izumi: Ed!
Al: Brother!
Ed: Just go!

This little bastard wants a piece of me.

Page 26:
Al: Broth-
Izumi: Come on, Al!
We've gotta sto phim!

You'd better win, Ed!

Ed: Yes ma'am!

Page 27:
Sig: Izumi!
Izumi: Honey!
Hawkeye: Colonel!


...No time to cuddle.
Take care of the colonel.
Hawkeye: Are you injured, sir?!

Page 28:
Mustang: They got my eyes!

Izumi: We can't stay, gotta stop an enemy up above!
See ya!
Alex: Wha-!

Olivier: Up above?
Soldier: Should we back them up, ma'am?

Mustang: Lieutenant...
How badly were you hurt?
Hawkeye: Not again, you need to worry about YOURSELF! Your eyes-

Can you still fight?

Page 29:
Hawkeye: Yes, sir!

Greed: Hup-


Alchemy sure is convenient...

Page 30:
Ranfan: Young master!

Greed: I'm GREED.

So you're here to, huh?

You're dead too.

Page 31:
Greed: And don't you look SATISFIED...
You piss me off!

Pride: Damn you, Greed!
You've not only betrayed our father, you're actually siding with the humans!

Throwing away your pride as a homunculus...

Ed: Why do you guys even obey him in the first place?

Page 32:
Pride: That's a stupid question.
What child DOESN'T listen to what a parent tells him?

Ed: HAH!
You guys are the stupid ones.

You're all brainless zombies who never tried to think for themselves.
Greed is more of an evolved human than a homunculus.

Page 33:
Ed: Never...
I'll never get it.
Why do you follow him?

Look at what we've done to you.

You've got one foot in the grave and he's never so much as looked back at you!

Page 34:
Pride: So WHAT?!
Don't try to force your flawed human logic on us!

I've made my bet.

I used by body to lay the foundation for forcing Colonel Mustang to open the Gate, and now it's breaking apart.

Page 35:
Pride: The container Father bestowed on me is no longer stable!

Edward Elric!
You are my blood kin, born of Hohenheim as was my Father!

You are closer to us than any other human, it's almost guaranteed that your body can function as my new container!

Give me a new container...
Give me your flesh!

Page 36:
Pride: Nh-


Kimblee: You can't take it.
You simply CAN'T take it, Pride the homunculus.

Page 37:
Pride: KIMBLEE?!

There's no way anyone could maintain his sense of self in this typhoon of souls!
Kimblee: Typhoon?
Surely you jest.

Page 38:
Kimblee: Howls of anguish
are like lullabies to my ears!

Pride: Ngh-

Page 39:
Pride: Why are you interfering, Kimblee?!
Kimblee: Eh...if you'd been able to fight in your present condition, I'd have stayed silen

In the same breath that you spoke of "pride as a homunculus," you ran screaming to steal the body of one of the lower life-forms you so despise, just to escape your own predicament.

are hideous.

Page 40:
Pride: I'm going
to die!

Kimblee: Die?

You don't understand Edward elric at all!

Page 41:

Bubble: Shing!

Page 42:
Pride: He turned his body into a Philosopher's Stone...

Page 43:
Pride: Impossible...

HE'S invading ME?!

Page 44:

Pride: Stop...

Page 45:

Pages 46-48: N/A

Page 49:
Bubbles: Haa


Page 50:
Ed: So this is your true form.

Page 51:
Ed: I'll have to apologize to Mrs. Bradley when this is all over.
Until then you wait right there Selim...
You fool.

Page 52:
Selim: Ma

Page 53:
Solider: Who are-





Page 54:
Homunculus: Hmm?

Soldiers: HUAAAH-


Hohenheim: Sorry to interrupt your meal!

Page 55:
Hohenheim: That's as far as you go!

Al: Dad!
Hohenheim: We had a close call.
He's trying to make more philisipher's stones.

Homunculus: That's all these humans are good for.

Hohenheim: Why DO you look down on them?

Page 56:
Hohenheim: Humans gave birth to the Philosopher's Stone, which in turn gave birth to homunculii.

So what can a homunculus create?
What can you give birth to?
This "god" of yours that will only bring destruction?

You call yourself the ultimate being, but in reality your existance is just a dead end.

Homunculus: Is that so?
What if I were to birth HUMANS?

Page 57:
sFX: blurp blurp blurp

Bubbles: gigi

SFX: zrt

SFX: tap

Page 58:
King: Ah-



Hohenheim: ...King Xerxes...!!

Page 59:
All bubbles: Aaa-

Page 60:
Baby: Ah-!


Bibbles: Agya-

Al: Stop, stop it!
Bubbles: Ah-
A body!

I'm human again!
I've waited-
It hurt so much-
Al: No!
Not like this!

Homunculus: What, not enough?
Fine, I'll make some more.

Page 61:
People: A body!
A body...!

Slaves: Man, being able to read and write sure is neat.
Yeah, smarts make it harder for the masters to put one over on you.

Master: You can write?

Hohenheim: Everyone...

King: Aah...


Page 62:
Hohenheim: Homunculus!
You monster!

Page 63:
King: Im

Page 64:
Hohenheim: Oh no-

Page 65:

Page 66:
Text: No time for reminiscence - his power eradicates all before it!

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#1. by Edek ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2010
very thx!
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