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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 482

Danzou's Death!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Apr 10, 2010 03:57 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 482

Page 1:
Title: Danzou's Death!
Side: Face with his demise, memories of the friends Danzou competed with for the title of Hokage come rushing back.
Top row names (r to l): Utatane Koharu
Sarutobi Hiruzen
Mitokado Homura
Bottom row names (r to l): Uchiha Kagami
Shimura Danzou
Akimichi Torifu

Page 2:
Text: Sasuke stabs THROUGH Karin!

Madara: Didn't have a chance to use Izanagi, eh Danzou?

Karin: Sasuke...what am I...to...

Sasuke: Karin...
You're of no use to me as a hostage.

SFX: Bachichichi


Danzou: Ghrgh-
SFX: stagger

Page 3:
Danzou: Haa

SFX: Step

Bubbles: Haa
SFX: step step

SFX: Flap
Madara: And I'll be taking Shisui's eye.

Bubbles: Haa


Page 4:
2nd: We're surrounded...
There are 20 of them.

Going by their pursuit style,
they must be the Hidden Cloud's famed "Golden Horn" squad.

Homura: There's only seven of us, including you Second-sama.
We don't have much of a chance...
Koharu: The enemy hasn't pinpointed our location yet.
We can ambush them and break through in the confusion.

Kagami: That'll never work...
Our only chance is to send one person as a distraction so the rest can escape.

Page 5:
Torifu: A decoy...
It's practically suicide.
...Who's gonna...

Danzou: I am a shinobi...I'm prepared to die as a shinobi should, on the field of battle!
Sarutobi...what're you thinking about right now? Are YOU prepared to die?

SFX: tremble tremble

Danzou: Say it...say it, damn you!
Say "I'll do it..."

Why can't I say it?!

Page 6:
Sarutobi: I'll do it!

Torifu: Sarutobi...
Homura: Hiruzen, are you...

Danzou: ...I'm not shaking anymore...

Sarutobi: Ha! Don't worry about me!
Maybe I don't look it, but I'm better than the whole lot of you. I'm not dying today!

Page 7:
Danzou: Goddamnit, I'm such a coward...
Somewhere deep in my heart...I'm relieved...

SFX: Clench

Sarutobi: Get 'em all outta here safely, Danzou!
I know you can do it-
SFX: Pat

Danzou: Shut up!
I was just about to raise MY hand, don't act like a hero!
SFX: slap
Danzou: I'LL be the decoy!

Sarutobi: Danzou...

Danzou: My father and grandfather both died on the battlefield as true shinobi!
Self-sacrifice is the very core of being a shinobi!

Page 8:
Second: No, the obvious choice for the decoy is ME.
YOU are the young seeds whose will of fire must protect the village from now on.

Danzou: No! You're the Hokage!
The greatest ninja in the village!

Second: Danzou, you and Saru have grown up as rivals,
but what we need right now is unit and cohesiveness.
Put aside the personal baggage.

I admit that I was slow to make my decision.
But one has to first look inwards, calmly, and know himself completely.
In your current mental state you'll endanger your companions.

Anyway...Danzou, Saru. You're both too young to be rushing off to die.
Your times will come,
but until they do, LIVE.

Page 9:
SFX: Step

Second: And Saru...

Love your village, protect those who believe in you...and raise the next generation so that they too may be trusted with those responsibilities.
Because starting tomorrow, you are...

the Hokage!

Page 10:
Saru: Yes sir!

Danzou: You're always one step ahead of me...

SFX: Zeeh

Danzou: For the shinobi world...for the leave village!
I must kill you both!
SFX: shoom

Page 11:
Madara: An inverted four-element seal!

Madara: Sasuke!!
Get away from Danzou!

Bubbles: Dash

Danzou: It's finally my turn...Hiruzen...

In the end...
I never managed to become Hokage.

Page 12:
Danzou: No matter how hard I ran
you were always one step ahead.

Danzou: You lived among the leaves, bathed in the light.
I...lived among the roots, shrouded in darkness.

What would you think of me if you saw me now?
Tell me, Hiruzen.
What did you think of me?

Page 13:
Lee: Sakura-san...
Sakura: Yes?
SFX: tak tak tak

Lee: Shouldn't you have told Naruto-kun the truth?

Sakura: There's no way I could have told him...
No way.

Kiba: You're not giving Naruto enough credit, Sakura.

SFX: twitch

Page 14:
Kiba: I found Sasuke.
That Tobi guy's with him, too!

Sakura: Everyone halt!

Kiba: What, why're we stopping?!
We already decided our formation and attack plan!

SFX: shift

Sakura: Kiba...which way is Sasuke, and how far?

Kiba: North-northeast, about 2 o'clock...
One kilometer.

Page 15:
Sakura: Forgive me, everyone!
SFX: swip

Sai: I knew it, you were planning to knock us out, weren't you?
Sakura: Sai!

Kiba: What?!
Akamaru: Woof woof!
Lee: What's he talking about?

Sai: Sakura was planning on finishing Sasuke off alone.
SFX: Grab

Page 16:
Kiba: Why...were you were going to do it all by yourself?
Lee: Yes,
we agreed to do this together!

Sai: No, we can't...
I can't let ANY of you go any further.

Sakura: Why?!
Kiba: I knew we couldn't trust you!

Sai: The four of us have no hope of defeating Sasuke...OR Tobi.
I promised Kakashi-sensei I wouldn't let our team make it there.
SFX: Turn

Sakura: Sai, I'm only going to say this once...
Get OUT of my way!
SFX: Squeeze

Page 17:
SFX: Stomp

Sai: We have to hurry,
things are getting tense.

Madara: That was a sealing technique designed to suck you inside his corpse and take you down with him.
He must have designed it to activate the moment before he died.
Talk about a close call.
Sasuke: Next...
We go after the Leaf.
Text: Sasuke sends Danzou to his grave, and moves on to the next stage of revenge!

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