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Fullmetal Alchemist 107

The Final Battle

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on May 9, 2010 21:50 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 107

This is from the raw provided to me by mangastream.com, page #s may differ from any public raws that come out.

Pages 1-2: GanGan cover/Ad

Pages 3:
Hawkeye: Wake up!

I have no intention of living a comfortable life all by myself.

The Colonel still hasn't given up despite everything that's happened.
I can't either!

Pages 4-5:
Right text: Their fists bump together - a promise to win!
Title: 107 - The Final Battle

Page 6:
Soldiers: Whooah-
What the hell happened?!

Page 7:
Greed: That crazy son of a bitch...

Darius: Greed!

Greed: Huh?!

Wait up, let me on!
You need more people who're in the know!

Zanpano: In the know?
Darius: Right! What's going on up there?

Page 8:
Greed: "Father," a.k.a. the head homunculus is going nuts!
Leave anyone who can't fight behind!

Like the frog and the two chicks! Get off!
Olivier: What?!

Who's going to lead this team of not me?
Greed: Who cares? Take a hike!
Radio: Armstrong Team, are you all right?
This is central command! Over!

Solider: Armstrong Team is underground and safe!
What's the situation on the ground!
Alex: Ah, the central command's okay too!
Olivier: I'm in charge!
Greed: Get off your high horse!

RadioGuy: Most of the central headquarters...

Page 9:
RadioGuy: Has been obliterated!

No contact from the North Gate from Black Team...

Page 10:
Greed: That's "Father's" power for ya.
Olivier: Wh-
What is he, a demon?!

Greed: He looks just like Fullmetal, he's even the same height.
But he's got about a bazillion people's worth of Philosopher's stone inside him, REAL humans are less than insects to him.
You alchemists should know how dangerous that makes him, yeah?

Leave the normals behind.
Guy: Roger

Solider: Come,
Let's fall back, your Excellency.
Olivier: Huh?

Page 11:
Olivier: People are still fighting above ground!
I'll take command!
Solider: Excellency.

RadioGuy: Have no fear, ma'am.

Have you forgotten that the soldiers of Briggs can still operate even if the boss isn't around?
RadioGuy2: Come in East Gate! Respond, Black Team!
Armory! Come in Yellow Team!
Soldiers: The west gate?
Get going!
Open the gate!

RadioGuy: You sound injured, ma'am.
Please, rest for a little while.

Olivier: Alex!

Page 12:
Olivier: Take the radio...

And kick his ass!

Alex: Can do!

Mustang: Let's roll.
Greed: I SAID the injured need to stay behind.

Mustang: We just need to make him use up his Philosopher's Stone, right?
You'll need my power to do that, and I need the Lieutenant with me to use it.

Greed: Buh-
RanFun: Come on.
Darius: Yeah,
let's move.

Page 13:
RanFun: My job is to protect the prince and bring the Philosopher's Stone back to Xing.

Sig: Take...take care of Izumi!
Alex: Right!

Alex: Going up!


Page 14:
Olivier: Bradley!

...So this is where you met your end.

Scar: Bradley was already half dead when he found me.

Page 15:
Scar: I don't know who did it, but I might not have made it if they hadn't softened him up first.

Soldier: Captain Buccaneer and the man from Xing teamed up and dealt him a fatal blow.

Olivier: Well, Bradley?
My solider was strong, wasn't he?

Page 16: N/A

Page 17:
May: Nh...

You're okay...
Thank good...

Page 18:
May: Alphonse-sama!


Al: May...Thank god you're alive...
May: Alphonse-sama, you're...

Page 19:
May: Alphonse-sama!

You...you protected me...

Ed: Nkh-

Page 20:
Ed: Master!

Izumi: I'm alive...

Mr. Hohenheim...
He just barely....
protected me...

Page 21:

Page 22:
Ed: Just hang on,

Page 23:
Ed: Hohenheim!

Page 24:
Father: Two down.

Ed: Kh-


Soldier: FIRE!

Page 25:
Ed: Bhwaah!

Soldier: Target the man who RESEMBLES the Fullmetal Alchemist!
Aim carefully! He's the one WITHOUT the Automail!

Team Blue, move out at the East Gate!

Team White, to the shadow of the West Tower!

Page 26:
Guy: Gotcha, Fullmetal!
Ed: Thanks man, you saved my ass!

But this isn't gonna even make him flinch!
Soldier: No way,
we're shooting off everything we've got!

Page 27:
Guys: WAAGH!

Ed: Not enough firepower!
Soldier: Don't give him a chance to fight back!

Bazooka: Aye, sir!

RadioGuy: Shit, he doesn't even care!
RadioGuy2: Roger!

Page 28:
RadioGuy2: Connect me to Blue Team and White Team!

Soldier: Cease fire!
Hit the deck!

The Flame Alchemist is here!

Page 29:
Guy: Owowowowowowow!

Page 30:
Mustang: Did I get him?
Hawkeye: Slightly off target!
Alter 5 degrees to the right!

Mustang: Without my vision I can't limit the blast properly!
Hawkeye: Don't limit it at all!
He's 50...no, 53 meters away!

Mustang: Damnable clapping transmutation, I can't get it right!

Page 31:
Hawkeye: Counterattack dead ahead!

Mustang: Defense...
like this?

Page 32:
Hawkeye: Brilliant!
Mustang: Hmm...
This clapping thing IS convenient.

Soldiers: Fire, fire!
Fire at will!

Don't give him a chance to attack!

Alex: Keep making him use up his Stone!

Page 33:

Page 34:
Darius: Nnnn


Greed: Hehe,

Page 35:
Greed: That power would be all I needed to take over the world!

Ling: Hey Greed!
Greed: Hmm?

Ling: Is THAT what you meant by "be king of the world?"

Greed: Hell yeah!
With the power of God in my hands everything would be mind!

The emptiness inside me might finally be filled!
The insatiable thirst I've had since birth might finally be quenched!

Ling: You're so sad, Greed.

Page 36:
Ling: That's never been what you wanted.

Greed: Shut your word hole you stinkin' human!

I am avarice incarnate, I am GREED!

Page 37:
Alex: Turn on the oven!

Page 38:
Soldiers: Argh!

Alex: Nothing's working...

Page 39:
Alex: We have to pierce his defense!

Soldier: We don't have enough bullets, we need to resupply!

Father: Give up.
Your meager human struggling will never harm me.

Greed: Well if humans are no good, how 'bout a Homunculus?!


Page 40:
Father: Perfect timing, Greed.
You're such a good son.

I needed a little extra Philosopher's Stone.
Yours will do nicely.

Greed: Son of a brruuoaaa!

Page 41:
Greed: Made ya look!

I KNEW you'd lower your shield for a second so you could grab me and drain my Philosopher's Stone!

Page 42:
Ed: Shit, no-motion transmutation's cheating!
He actually blocked my ambush!

Come on arm, hold together!

Page 43:
Ed: Fuck...
I can't...

Page 44:
Ed: Don't quit!

Page 45:
Hohenheim: He blocked...
with his hand...

Father: Uu-

Hohenheim: HE'S LOSING IT!

Page 46: N/A

Page 47:

Page 48:
Father: Stone...

Philosopher's Stone...

Page 49:
Hohenheim: Ed...Run...

Al: Brother...

Ed: GH-


Page 50:
Al: May...
I need your help.

Brother...he sacrificed his arm to pull my soul back to this world.

If that was an "equivalent trade"
the opposite should be true as well.

May: Alphonse-sama...
What are you saying...?

Page 51:
Al: Just make me a path...
You can do it.

May: But Alphonse-sama, you'll-
Al: There's no time.

There's no...


Page 52:
Al: You're the only one
who can help me.

Father: Stone...

Give me

Hohenheim: EDWARD!

Page 53: [Brace for Epic]

Page 54:
Ed: Al...what're you doing...?
No, stop-


Page 55:
Al: Brother...


Page 56: [Epic Incoming]

Page 57:
Al's Body: Are you ready now?

Al: Yes...
All we can do now is believe in our brother.

Page 58: [EPIC]

Page 59:
Truth: Sup?
You've got your "contents" inside you now, I see.

Page 60:
Truth: You really think he'll come back for you?

I know it!

Truth: Whatcha think he'll sacrifice?

Pages 61-62: [EPIC ROUND 2]

Page 63:
Ed: You

Page 64:

Page 65: [Beatdown]

Page 66:
Father: Gh-

Soldier: It's...
It's working...

Alex: He's winning...

Page 67:
Darius: GET HIM, KID!

Hawkeye: Edward!
Alex: Edward Elric!
Izumi: ED!

Page 68:
Ling: You get it now, Greed?

THAT was never what you wanted.


Hohenheim: Edward...

Greed: Yeah...it's true.
The one thing I've always wanted...

Page 69:
Greed: Was to have friends...like them.
Ranfun: fight...
Mustang: Fullmetal!

Page 70: [Biff]

Page 71:
Ed: Get up, you miserable fuck.

It's timed you learned
why you're not in our league!

Text: The fight ends next chapter, and the Fullmetal Alchemist...?!

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#1. by animepokhunter ()
Posted on May 9, 2010
Gracias por la traducion me fue de mucha ayuda amigo.
#2. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on May 10, 2010
De nada :)
#3. by Muk ()
Posted on May 10, 2010
awesome translation
#4. by Dra ()
Posted on May 10, 2010
I'm a little confused why Ranfun is yelling "Mustang Fullmetal!"

anyway, thanks for the trans! :)

Edit: nevermind, I finally saw a bit of the raw. Just misinterpreted a missing colon is all.
#5. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on May 10, 2010
Thanks as always for the amazing trans, Hisshou-sama!
#6. by Saint Jimmy ()
Posted on May 11, 2010
Level [B] Translator

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