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Naruto 494

Killer Bee and Motoi

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on May 13, 2010 01:29 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 494

Page 1:
Motoi: None of our Jinchuuriki were ever able to gain full control of the Eight-Tails.
Back then, the Beast would go wild constantly, reducing the village to rubble.
Text: The history of the Eight-Tails, a dark period for the Hidden Cloud!

Motoi: Each time, the Third Raikage and an elite cadre of fighters would beat the Eight-Tails back.
Title: Killer Bee and Motoi

Page 2: N/A

Page 3:
Motoi: Somehow they would stop the Beast's rampage and lock it within the traditional sealing pot...

Those battles cost many good men their lives...
But even with the risks, we NEEDED the Eight-Tails to avoid being overpowered by the other villages.
So we continued experimenting, trying to find a Jinchuuriki.

One of those many victims...

Page 4:
Motoi: Was my father.

Yamato: So Bee-san killed your father...
and you-

Motoi: No, no.

Bee-san was my friend.
We were only five years old when my father died.

Page 5:
Motoi: The Jinchuuriki who killed my father
died when the Eight-Tails was pulled out of his body and resealed.

Page 6:
Motoi: He was the PREVIOUS Jinchuuriki.

Bee-san was chosen as the next Jinchuuriki almost immediately.

Page 7:
Yamato: Then why
did you try to kill him?

Motoi: I believed that no one could ever control the Eight-Tails,
that trying to would only kill more and more people.

My hatred for the Eight-Tails grew out of control.
Despite being a child, I convinced myself I had to avenge my father.

And Bee-san just kept smiling.

I grew to hate him and his constant, ignorant smile.
The object of my revenge began to change from the Eight-Tails itself to Bee-san.

Page 8:
I thought if I could kill him, the Beast would die too.

Page 9:
Motoi: I tried, and failed, to stab him in the back.
And when I failed, I ran away scared out of my mind.

I hid my face, but I'm convinced Bee-san knew it was me.
After that...I couldn't bring myself to talk to him again.

Yamato: Then what changed your opinion? Why do you repsect him so much now?

Motoi: My hatred didn't simply disappear...
I continued to watch him, keeping him under close surveillance.

But...I wasn't the only one.

The other villagers had no sympathy for Bee-san...they detested him.
It didn't matter that the govenment chose HIM to be a Jinchuuriki, and that it did so to PROTECT the village...

Page 10:
Motoi: They shunned him.
He lived a very difficult life,
and his suffering was far worse than mine.

Yamato: Why are you...
Motoi: Maybe I'm just saying this to Naruto
because he's a Jinchuuriki...instead of telling Bee-san himself.

Someday I really DO need to tell him...
I must make amends.

Naruto: Bastard...he's just using me...

Yamato: Where're you going, Naruto?
Naruto: I need to be alone for a while.

Page 11:
People: Hey, that's him!
Stay away from us!
Go away!

I knew you could do it!
You're our hero, Naruto!
Thank you!

Gaara: My own father tried to have me assassinated.
Even today, he wishes he could be rid of me.
So why do I exist?

People: Gaara-sama's the Kazekage, don't start talking big, you lowlife!
He's strong and elite, but cool and taciturn...

Page 12:
Naruto: Now they all have faith in Octo-dude...
The village trusted Gaara to protect them so much they made him Kazekage...

Naruto: And I've got Iruka-sensei and everyone else from my class!

D-Naruto: After YEARS of ostracizing us...

I'm your TRUE self.
The part you hide deep inside your heart.

Naruto: I've never consciously felt like that...
but some part of me, deep inside...

Page 13:
Naruto: I'm still not sure if they really trust me...

Motoi: WAAA!

Yamato: Oww...
Motoi: Shit!

Naruto: Mr. Motoi!

Yamato: Naruto, formation C!

What's wrong with you!

Page 14:
Naruto: Stop it, Octo-dude!
Mr. Motoi depends on you, too! He trusts you!

Naruto: Wha?!

Page 15:
Naruto: I thought he was mad I just told the truth to Octo-dude...
Yamato: He got worried and went to look for YOU when that squid attacked him!

Motoi: Agh!

Yamato: We'll talk later, let's go Naruto!
Naruto: Right!

Yamato: Wood Element, Smothering Bramble Technique! (Mokuton - Mokushibari no jutsu)

Naruto: Hang on Mr. Motoi, I'm coming to help!

Page 16:
Bee: Big 8-T is back in the sea! Here to get rid of this punkass squid!

Naruto: Octo-dude!

Motoi: Bee!

Motoi: Why did you save me...?

Page 17:
Motoi: Bee-san...you knew, didn't you...
You knew I was the one who tried to kill you!
And you still-

Bee: Say what? You did?

Motoi: Bee...you...

Text: The depth of Killer Bee's compassion forces Naruto to smile too!

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#1. by Ero Sannin nR ()
Posted on May 13, 2010
We are a Brazilian site, we would like to keep in touch, my email is ero_sannin@rocketmail.com, we have a site for naruto, www.narutorendan.com, hugs .....
#2. by isrnick ()
Posted on May 14, 2010
About this sentence:
"Naruto: I thought he was mad I just told the truth to Octo-dude..."

Are you sure this is what he says?? Doesn't make sense, when did Naruto tell the truth about Motoi to Bee? And how could he have just told it to Bee if they weren't even together...

Didn't he say something like: "I thought he told the truth to Octo-dude and he got mad..."

It would make more sense...
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