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Naruto 491

Jinchuuriki on Lockdown!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on May 13, 2010 02:44 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 491

Page 1:
Title: Jinchuuriki on Lockdown!
Side: Heh, so the author finally put me on the front page, huh? Aight, aight, get ready for some sick rhymes!

Page 2:
Text: He must learn to control the Nine-Tails!

Tora: Open yer damn word hole up WIDE!
Naruto: WHY does he have to slide in through my MOUTH...so gross...
Tora: Do you even WANT me ta transfer to ya?!



Fuka: Okay, transfer complete!
Time ta send Naruto-chan back to the Leaf!

Page 3:
Naruto: I just have to find the octopus, right...?
Where's he at?
Can't you at least give me a hint?

Elder: The vision is cloudy, but it waits on an island off-limits to humans...
A natural paradise for wildlife...even I admit it seems like a beautiful resort.

There will be an octopus there who will help you, I think...
That should be enough for you.

Naruto: On it!

Fuka: Time ta go home!

Page 4:
Teuchi: Ack!

Naruto: Whoa!
...I'm back.

Teuchi: Where the hell did you go?!
First it's POOF! you're gone! Then POOF! You're back!
Naruto: Eh, you know.

Leaf1: Hey, it's Naruto!
Leaf2: Never expected to run into YOU!

Hey, gimme your autograph!
Make it out to my kid, he's a huge fan of yours.

Page 5:
Naruto: Autograph?

Leaf1: You're the Leaf's Miracle Boy, the hero, Uzumaki Naruto!
I'd, uh...I'd like one too!

Leaf1: What?
Naruto: Heh, I'm not really used to this,
I don't have any autographs on me...

Teuchi: A couple years ago everyone hated him, now he's their idol...
I'm nor surprised he's flustered.

Sir, you'll have to at least let him eat before he goes around signing autographs.
Leaf1: Oh...sorry...

Text: Three days after the Raikage's invitation

Page 6:
Raikage: That didn't take long.

Gaara: The situation requires us ALL to act fast.

Tsuchi: So Princess Tsunade, are you all better?
Maybe it's you oughtta let someone younger take the job, you're no spring chicken!

Page 7:
Tsunade: I don't need a lecture on age
from a crumbling old pillar!

Mizu: After that fiasco with Danzou
I'm glad you're Hokage again, Tsunade-sama.

Mifune: Let us end the pleasantries there
and begin the meeting.

Page 8:
Mifune: First we must discuss the Eight- and Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki
and what information we all have on the enemy's location and military power.

Tsunade: One of my teams tracked down their base,
but it may have been a trap. We still need to investigate.

Raikage: I've also assembled recon teams to gather any info they can.
We need to share any and all information with each other as it comes in.

Mizu: Then we should go ahead and form a separate intelligence division.

Tsuchi: Sounds good!
So where're we hiding the Jinchuuriki?

Tsunade: HIDING?

Raikage: That a problem?

Page 9:
Tsunade: Naruto and Bee are huge assets!
We can't HIDE them!

Tsuchi: I thought so too at first, but remember this whole war is a fight for control of them.
We agreed at the last meeting that we CAN'T let 'em fall into enemy hands.

Tsunade: We're up against Uchiha Madara!
We've only got one change at winning this,
to hit him with everything we've-

Gaara: This will be a war to PROTECT them.
The Hokage alone isn't at liberty to make this decision.
Majority rules here.

Tsunade: You freaking kid!
Gaara: I know Naruto very well.

He'll do anything to protect his friends no matter HOW unreasonable.
That's why he must be hidden.

Page 10:
Mifune: Before we discuss military capabilities,
we need to have the Five Kages on the same page, or we are doomed from the start.

Shikaku: I agree.
Tsunade: Bah, fine.

Tsuchi: Well, the slug-princess's vigor just show's she's in back in good health again.
Raikage: We need to discuss where to hide the Jinchuuriki.
Any more objections, Hokage?

Tsunade: No,
now let's move on!

Raikage: I've got the perfect hideaway in mind, one of our best-kept secrets.
I thought it best to pick a place in the Hidden Cloud, as no one in Akatsuki came from our village.

Page 11:
Raikage: A secret island where Bee and I once trained.

Yamato: An octopus, huh?
Naruto: And now we're on a classified mission to an island paradise, this HAS to be it!
All according to the prophecy.

Yamato: Naruto still hasn't figured it out...

Nav: Almost there, gentlemen.

Guy: Hey, there's the island!
Naruto: Yeah!

Page 12: N/A

Page 13:
Naruto: P...Paradise...?
Nav: It's kinda like the Leaf's "Forest of Death..." I think the island's a little worse.

Anyways, nothing to fear. Don't bother the animals and they won't bother you.

Yamato: Except what?
Naruto: How the hell is this a paradise?!
Stupid senile super-size sage!

Nav: It lives near the shore...

Naruto: Hey, an octopus tentacle!

Mister Octopus!
Show me the way!

Yamato: Naruto...that's...

Page 14:
Yamato: That's a SQUID!

Page 15:
Naruto: Huh?

Nav: Th-That's it! That's the one animal I was going to say we need to avoid!
Guys: WHAT?!

Naruto: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
Yamato: You don't need to count the legs to see it's a squid!
Come on, Naruto!

Naruto: Wait, I wanna make sure. Octopuses have 8 legs, squids have 10...

Yamato: Naruto!

Pages 16-17:
Bee: You're gonna get fried, squid! Time to say goodbye, kid!
Yamato: Now a giant rhyming-thing?!

This is madness!

Naruto: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...

THIS one's an octopus!
Yamato: It...it is?

Nav: It's Killer Bee-sama!
Yamato: Killer Bee? Then he's-

Bee: Y'all mothafuckas are late, yo!
Side: They finally meet! Life with the Eight-Tails begins!
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