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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Naruto 492

Dark Naruto

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on May 13, 2010 02:45 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 492

Page 1:
Text: Naruto and Killer Bee cross paths!
Title: Greetings!

Ninja: It turned into a human?
Naruto: Nice, octopus-guy! Thanks-dattebayo! [T/N: I loathe this but it's the only way the gag works]

Bee: Dattebayo...

Book: Rhyme Book

Page 2:
Left page: Hop step jump
Spirit, drive, kickin' it live

I'm the best in the Hidden Cloud
When I get rowdy I get loud
Sabu-chan-Sensei taught me ballads

My rhymes are fresh like garden salads

Right page:
I'm a musical genius
wanna be the best
I'm an elite shinobi
better than the rest

I'm destined for greatness, walking the track
Ready to roll, Eight's watching my back
I'm steppin out, it's time to go!
I'm Killer Bee-dattebayo!

Bee: Should I talk to this kid or pass?
If I had to pick, I'd turn and haul ass.
I'm bad with kids - send him back to class!

Naruto: A psycho bodybuilder with sunglasses who talks in rhymes.
Tell me this old weirdo's not the octopus that's supposed to be guiding me.

Ninja: They're not just any rhymes,
it's an original style that combines a rap beat with the melody of a ballad.

Motoi: Welcome, one and all!
I've been awaiting your arrival.

Page 3:
Motoi: I am your guide, Motoi.
Follow me to your lodgings.

Guy: Ungh...finally stopped...

Aoba: Looks like you're seasick.
Guy: Blegh...

Naruto: Is Guy-sensei okay?
Yamato: I had no idea he couldn't handle sea travel...

Page 4:

Naruto: WHOOOOA!

Bee: Chill out, King! They're with me.

King: Oo-oo-oo...
Naruto: It's a giant gorilla!
Yamato: This...is a GORILLA?

Motoi: Bee-san has tamed all the island's beasts.
As long as we're with him we're all perfectly safe.

Page 5:
Motoi: In addition, the entire island is protected by a high-level barrier technique.
If anyone or anyTHING suspicious approaches us, we'll be alerted instantly.

Yamato: No wonder they chose this place.

Naruto: So who the hell's the old guy with the shades?

Motoi: In the Hidden Cloud, he is a hero of heroes.

He's more than just a tamer of wild animals,
he has complete control of the Eight-Tailed Beast.

He is a Jinchuuriki, just like you...
For the EIGHT tails.

Page 6:
Naruto: The Eight-Tails...Jinchuuriki...
And he can control it? THAT guy?

Motoi: His name is Killer Bee-san.

Bee: Yo!
SFX: Dap

Motoi: This island is where he trained himself to control the beast's power.

Page 7:
Bee: The dattebayo kid...you want an autograph or something?
Naruto: Train me!
Bee: Train you?

Naruto: I'm the Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki,
but I can't control that damn fox.

Teach me how to control MY tailed beast!

Page 8:
Bee: Aww, man...
I came here 'cuz my brother Raikage told me to take some time off!
Why should I spend my first vacation in FOREVER training you, beeotch?

Naruto: Come on, we're both Jinchuuriki!
I need your help, man!

Bee: You got the right attitude, but are you a bad enough dude, boooy?

Naruto: Your glasses are cool, you ain't nobody's fool, I came here to go to SCHOOL!
Yeeeeah, booooy!

Page 9:
Bee: That's a pretty solid beat, kid!
Naruto: Yes! I pulled it off!

Bee: Yo!

You gotta learn the proper greeting first! We bump our fists together
and bust a rhyme!

Naruto: Your sunglasses rule,
you look like a tool-

Naruto: Urk!

I'll show him!

Pages 10-11:
Naruto: Harem technique!
Pleeeease, mister?
Help out a sister!

How's that? No man alive can resist this technique!

Naruto: Ack!

Son of a bitch!

Page 12:
Naruto: Stupid rhyming weirdo!
I MUST have the wrong octopus!

Motoi: What?!

Naruto: Tell me how that guy with the sunglasses learned to control the Eight-Tails!
I'm here to train!

Motoi: Ahh, Bee-san's training regimen.
Naruto: He won't even talk to me,
so I came to as you.

Motoi: Me...

Naruto: Hero or not, he's stubborn,
stingy and won't stop rapping!
You'd think as a fellow Jinchuuriki he'd treat me a little better!
I mean-

Page 13:
Motoi: What do YOU know about Bee-san!
One more word and I'll let you have it myself!

If you're a Jinchuuriki
you should know exactly the kind of path he's had to walk!

Naruto: Oh believe me, I KNOW!
That's why HE should understand what I'VE had to go through!

So tell me WHY he won't help me out!

Page 14:
Motoi: Bee-san sees you for who you are.
He must have had a good reason.

Naruto: Huh?

Motoi: Did Bee-san greet you?

Naruto: Greet me?

Bee: You gotta learn the proper greeting first!
We bump our fists together...

Naruto: You mean the fist bump thing?

Page 15:
Motoi: Yeah! Naruto, right?
Follow me!
I'll take you to the place where Bee-san trained!

Yamato: I'll come along too.
I'm here to keep an eye on him...and a wood-element user, just so you know.

Motoi: Ooh, wood-element, huh...sure, come on.

Page 16:
Naruto: Is this it?
Motoi: Yes...welcome to the Falls of Truth.

Yamato: Falls of Truth...
This is where he learned to control his Tailed Beast?
Motoi: No...

Naruto: Hmm?
Motoi: We're not at that step yet.

Sit here and close your eyes, Naruto.
You will see who you TRULY are inside.

Naruto: Okay...

Page 17:
Dark Naruto: Why didn't you sign those autographs at Ichiraku?

Naruto: Huh?!

Dark Naruto: They came outta nowhere shoving paper in your face like you were their best friend...

What couple of annoying assholes...

Text: An Evil Naruto appears before the real Naruto!

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on May 13, 2010
thank a lot, Hisshou.. but this is 493, not 492...
Level [B] Translator

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