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Naruto 493

Dark Naruto

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on May 20, 2010 12:41 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 493

Page 1:
Title: Dark Naruto!
Side: A black, permanent stain on Naruto's history.

Page 2:
D-Naruto: After YEARS of ostracizing us...

Naruto: He looks just like me...
Who ARE you?

Text: Another Naruto emerges from the Falls of Truth!
D-Naruto: Who do I look like? I'm YOU.
Naruto: Huh?
But I didn't make any Shadow Clones!

D-Naruto: I'm your TRUE self.
The part you hide deep inside your heart.

Naruto: What the crap are you talking about?
I don't know who or WHAT you are,
but you can't fool me!

Page 3:
D-Naruto: They called this the Falls of Truth, right?
Amazing...to think they could pull me all the way out...
I like it.

...Basically, I'm you.
The REAL you.

Naruto: The REAL me...?

D-Naruto: Yes...your dear, precious hatred...
Your dark side!

The only difference between us...

Page 4:
D-Naruto: The Nine-Tails likes ME better.

Naruto: You...

Gamatora: The Nine-Tails' mind is just a malevolent mass of hate.
No matter how strong y'are,
its hate'll latch onta the hatred in yer OWN heart and try to take over.

Naruto: So it's been him and the Fox all along...

D-Naruto: Bingo.
I'm the real you, and you can't keep me hidden,
you phony!

Naruto: I get it...

Page 5: N/A

Page 6:
Naruto: YOU'RE the phony!

Bee: This's my island, I'm on top
If you don't stop you gonna get dropped!

Page 7:
Bee: You're too soft, Kintoki-chan!
Kintoki: Gmooo...

8T: C'mon Bee, if you're just gonna goof off you should at least check in on the Nine-Tails kid.

You're both Jinchuuriki, you oughtta work together.
I'm not a fan of the Fox either, but the KID has potential.

I was pretty wild myself back in the day, but after I met you I chilled out.
That kid's a lot like the old you.

Bee: Rap or shaddap!
That kid's "tebayo" has gotta go!


Page 8:

Naruto: Shit!
He's got all the same moves as me...this could go on forever.

D-Naruto: You can't beat me!

Naruto: Shadow Clone Technique!
Then I'll win with numbers!

Page 9:
D-Naruto: Shadow Clone Technique!

Naruto: Oh COME ON!
That's even the exact same amount of clones!

D-Naruto: Now you're getting it!

Yamato: What's going on?

Motoi: By meditating in front of the falls, one can venture inside his own spirit.
The falls become a mirror that reflects one's true self.

Naruto is fighting himself, in his own mind.

Page 10:
Bubbles: Haa
Nartuto: Khaaah!

Yamato: You okay, Naruto?
What happened?!
Naruto: There was...another me! He...
Yamato: what?
Bubbles: Huu

Naruto: ...He was my dark side.
Bubbles: Huu

Page 11:
Naruto: We were perfectly matched in every way you could think of.
His techniques, his fighting style, all of it was exactly the same as me.
I couldn't beat him!

Motoi: You'll NEED to conquer him in order to control the Nine-Tails.

Naruto How the hell do I beat MYSELF?
Motoi: I'm afraid I can't answer THAT.

Naruto: Wait, Octo-Dude trained here, right?
I'll ask him-

Actually...I doubt he'll talk to me... he doesn't like me.

Motoi: Probably not.

Naruto: So Octo-dude had to fight his dark side too?

Page 12:
Naruto: Mr. Motoi, tell me a little more about Octo-dude, you know him.
His personality, his upbringing, something that'll help me.

Maybe I'll figure out how he and I are different!

Motoi: If you're a Jinchuuriki
you should know exactly the kind of path he's had to walk!
Naruto: Oh believe me, I KNOW!
That's why HE should understand what I'VE had to go through!
So tell me WHY he won't help me out!

Motoi: I prefer not to speak about others behind their backs...

But you're a Jinchuuriki like Bee-san,
and true world peace requires controlling the Nine-Tails!
Naruto: Yes! Thank you!

Page 13:
Motoi: You said earlier
that you understand the life Bee-san's had to live.

Well, you're right.
Such great power breeds fear and hatred.

The villagers disliked Bee-san...they felt like they had to walk on eggshells around him.

But Bee-san never once moped or sulked.
He always walked around with a smile on his face.
And above all, he never once acted ashamed to be a Jinchuuriki.

In fact, he took PRIDE in it.

How could a Jinchuuriki be so proud of what he was, you ask?
That would be...

Page 14:
Motoi: Because of his brother...the Raikage.

To ensure the Jinchuuriki would never betray his village
it has long been tradition for the Kages to choose their spouses, siblings, or someone close as hosts for the tailed beasts.
The Jinchuuriki acts both as the Kage's protector and a symbol of his power.

Bee-san worked to become a model Jinchuuriki to make his brother Raikage's life easier.

Page 15:
Motoi: He completed his training here at the Falls of Truth in a second.

I respect Bee-san from the bottom of my heart.
To me, he is the Hidden Cloud's greatest hero.

Yamato: Bee-san must be an incredible person to be so loved, especially being a Jinchuuriki.
You too, to be so understanding of his situation.
That must be why you were put in charge of this place.

Naruto: Hey!
Maybe you can put in a good word for me with Octo-Dude, Mr. Motoi!
Ask him for a hint!

Motoi: I...cannot...
Naruto: Aww come on!

Motoi: I have no right....

Page 16:
Motoi: Because I once tried to assassinate Bee-san.

Naruto: Why?!
I thought you said you respected him!

Page 17:
Yamato: I'm sure he had his reasons.

Naruto: Yeah, but WHAT?

Motoi: Perhaps this is my pennance...

You are a Jinchuuriki...
I will tell you.
Naruto: ...What happened?

Motoi: It was 30 years ago...

Text: The Eight-Tails' blood-drenched history comes to light next issue!

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