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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 496

Meeting the Nine-Tails once again!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on May 29, 2010 15:36 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 496

Page 1:
Text: A lecture from Killer Bee?
Naruto: Fight the Nine-Tails?

Bee: S'right, mothafucka!

SFX: Bashaaa
Yamato: Wow...neat!

Bee: C'mon!
Title: Meeting the Nine-Tails once again!

Yamato: These statues must be ancient...
From an archeological standpoint they must be priceless...even if they need to be fixed.

Page 2:
Bee: Nope, these statues were MADE headless...

Naruto: So HOW I'm supposed to fight the Nine-Tails here, exactly?
Actually, how do I even face him?

Yamato: FIGHT the NINE-TAILS?! You can't seriously be considering something so reckless!

Bee: You can't control a beast if you don't get a little crazy, foo!
This's an old sacred place where our Jinchuuriki go through a purification ceremony.

Page 3:
Bee: This bad boy'll letcha talk to the fox...
Just stroll on into the entry box!

Naruto: So this is it...

Bee: Only the chosen can enter though...'natch.
Into the mouth, up to the head, only the pure-hearted can go in.
No darkness in your heart - that was the catch.

Yamato: Could you PLEASE explain things without rhymes? It would REALLY make things easier.
Naruto: No darkness...that's why I had to train at the falls.

Bee: Even a little bit of evil and the door snaps shut TIGHT
while your head's still inside and BAM - GOODNIGHT!

Those headless statues are the previous Jinchuurikis, aight?

Page 4:

D-Naruto: I'm the REAL you.

Yamato: This is too risky.
Try it with a clone first, Naruto.

Bee: This is a sacred temple, mothafucka!
The previous generations watch over this place, your bitch-ass tricks ain't gonna fool no one!

Yamato: But-
Naruto: I came here to learn to control the Nine-Tails, Captain Yamato!
This is too important, I can't chicken out!

I have to believe in myself!
SFX: Step

SFX: Slip

Page 5:
SFX: Step

Yamato: NARUTO!
SFX: Yank

Yamato: Oh my God...

Page 6:
Naruto: Gotcha!
There was just a switch inside.
SFX: Pop

SFX: Ahahaha
Naruto: I knew you'd fall for that.
Bee: Man I did that EXACT SAME joke!
And I was only playin', those statues are just broke!
Yamato: This is supposed to be a SACRED TEMPLE, "MOTHER FUCKER!"

SFX: Rrrrummmmble

Naruto: So, is this...

Page 7:
Bee: Go inside, sit down, close your eyes and focus.
Just like at the falls.
And you'll be face to face with your Tailed Beast.

Naruto: Well, I learned how to go into my own mind and talk to the fox a while ago...
Bee: Any Jinchuuriki can do THAT...This place has a slightly different meaning, okay?

Listen to my rhyme, cuz it's teachin' time!

Okay Naruto, what kinda seal they got holding your beast in?
Naruto: Huh?
Yamato: A Four-Element Seal.

Bee: Four-Element...that's high-quality work!
Stronger than my Iron-Armor seal.
You got the key?

Naruto: Yeah!
SFX: Roll

Page 8:
Yamato: Then we really are going to take off the seal...
What do we do if he can't control the Nine-Tails...
and it's completely revived?

Bee: Then we lock it inside here!

That's what this place was built for.

The Fox stays in jail till we get another Jinchuuriki.
Don't tell me you're gonna bail just 'cuz things are gettin' sticky?

Yamato: We-
Naruto: No way!
I'll teach him who's boss once and for all!

Page 9:
Bee: Word! I'mma go close the door and teach you what to do next!

Bee: Naruto, I think you're the man.
So listen to me and I'll tell you the plan.

First face the Nine-Tails in your soul and remove the seal!

Page 10:
Naruto: Yo.
You're looking as evil as ever.

9T: Naruto...you...

Naruto: What?
SFX: Step

9T: Where's the REAL you?
I can't sense him!

Page 11:
Bee: You conquered your inner hate, but it's too soon to relax.
The Nine-Tails is a mass of hatred taken to the max!
Seal: Seal
Naruto: You're LOOKING at the real me!

SFX: Tear


SFX: Grab

9T: What are you trying to do?

Naruto: Mouf's full, waf an wearn!
SFX: flip

Page 12:


Naruto: Ngh!
SFX: Twist


SFX: Sssshhhhh

SFX: gachagacha

Page 13:
SFX: Sssfff

SFX: gachagachagacha


SFX: Click

SFC: shift

Naruto: Whoa!

Pages 14-15:
Bee: When the Nine-Tails breaks free,


Bee: Trap its chakra with your own and rip it out!

SFX: Zuzuzuzu

Bee: You can't just trap one chakra with another, we tried we'd be dopes.
If we just pull the Fox's chakra out of it's body, and we'll have him on the ropes!

SFX: Swipe

SFX: wrap wrap wrap wrap
9T: Nnnnngh

Page 16:
Bee: Grab the Fox and latch your OWN chakra onto his, from there it's a tug-of-war.
Keep pulling till the rope makes it all the way to your side!

SFX: wobble wobble
SFX: Zzzznnnnnn

SFX: slice slice slice

Bee: Tsk...

Page 17:
Bee: I came to lend a hand, but it's too bad
inside your soul I can't use my full powers, so sad!
Naruto: Damn, he's strong...

Bee: Oh, and while you're trying to pull out HIS chakra he's trying pull yours IN.
If he pulls out everything we got and we go down to zero chakra...well, you don't need me to tell ya that, right?
9T: Ah ha...finally trying to take control of my powers, are you?
SFX: zuzuzu

Text: The final stage of a lifelong battle!
Naruto: BRING IT ON!

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