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Fullmetal Alchemist 108

The Journey's End

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jun 10, 2010 21:14 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 108

Well folks, it's been a long, wild ride the past 4 years doing FMA. I think I've done some of my best work on this series and I hope that you all enjoyed reading my translations. The journey has indeed ended, and I think we can all agree it's been one of the best ever. Enjoy the final chapter, scan it in HQ and demand all the online reader sites replace the muddy LQ crap they've got up now with a better scan and a better translation.



Page 1 (GanGan cover):
Red text: The final chapter!
Thank you all!
Fullmetal Alchemist

Page 2:
Top text: Fullmetal Alchemist - Final Chapter
Side text: Questions run through his head...what is the man who absorbed "God" thinking now?!

Red text: Why

I have the power of God himself, why is this happening?

How are these attacks reaching me?

How is a mere human alchemist defeating me

Page 3:
Rext text: With his bare hands?!
Black text: The final chapter!

Title: Chapter 108 - The Journey's End

Page 4:


Father: Khg-

BubbleS: Huu


Page 5:
SFX: Kssh


Father: ...Can't

SFX: throb throb throb


Page 6:
Father: UAH-

Ed: Ghaa!

Greed: Huaa!

Page 7:

SFX: Zrt

Greed: Rkh-
Father: Give me your stone...


Page 8:
Greed: Shiiiiiiiiiiit!

Lin: Greed!
SFX: Grab

Greed: You retard, he'll absorb you too!
Let go!
Lin: Never!

I need you if I'm gonna become emperor when I go home!

Greed: I know, but
daddio there gave birth to me from his own body.
The pull of his will's a lot stronger than that of Lin Yao's body!

Page 9:
Lin: Don't give up on me, Greed!

Lin: Rrr...rrrgh...
Damn it,
I'm being pulled away...
SFX: zrrrrt

SFZ: zzzzrrrr

Greed: Tsk...

"Xingese Emperor" ain't nowhere NEAR "Ruler of the world" but I guess it's better than nothing.

Page 10:
Greed: Let's kick his arse,

Lin: That's more like it!


Lin: What're you-

Page 11:
Greed: This is where we part ways.

I ain't gonna let daddio swallow YOUR soul.

Lin: Wha-

Wait a minute!
I'm not going to let things end with you tricking me, Greed!
We're supposed to fight together!
I thought you were a straight shooter who never lied!

Well, you fell for it ya little b*tch!

Page 12:
Greed: That was
the first and last lie I'll ever tell.

Ranfan has a Philosopher's Stone.
Take it back to your country.

SFX: zrrrttttttt


Lin: Ranfan!

Page 13:

Greed: ...Later.

SFX: pff


Page 14:
Ranfan: Master!
Ed: Gree-
SFX: Shoom

Ed: Wait, Lin?!
You okay?


Page 15:
Greed: HAHA!
Looks like I got outta that kid's body scott free!
All SFX: krik

FatheR: Nh-


Page 16:
Father: GHAAAA!

SFX: oooooooo

Greed: I'm just at that age, pops!

And thanks to the awesome carbonization powers you gave me,
SFX: krik krik krik

Greed: I'm gonna make your body so brittle it'll shatter on its own!

Page 17:
Father: Insolent child!
Disappear, Greed!


Greed: Aah...f*!@...
This's it...


Page 18:
Greed: Hmph...
Don't look at me like that, you little .......
Shrimp and Lin...always treated me like they knew everything...
Lin: The souls of true comrades are bound together!

Ed: You wanna join us?

Greed: That's enough.

Page 19:
GreeD: Yeah...
that's enough.
I don't need anything more.

See ya...


Page 20:
Ed: Release the people of Xerxes.

SFX: oaaaaaaaaaa

SFX: zu

Ed: And go back to the hole you crawled out of,

Page 21:

Father: GHACK-
SFX: wrapwrapwrap

Page 22:
All SFX: wriggle
All speech bubbleS: AAAAAAAAA

Page 23:
Flask: Why...

Page 24:
Flask: Why can't I take you for myself,

Truth: Because you don't believe.

Page 25:
Truth: You want to make this so-called "God" yours?
Don't make me laugh.

You think stealing something valuable for yourself makes you superior?
Listen well, thief.
Creatures like you should be happy with what they get...life in a flask was more than enough for YOU.

You yourself can never evolve using the strength of others to cling to your so-called "god."

Flask: I wanted to become a complete being!
I wanted to understand everything there was to know about God!

I wanted to learn everything about this world!
Why must you hamper me?!

Page 26:
Truth: I AM what you call "the world."
I am "Space."
I am "God."

I am the "truth."
I am the "all."
I am the "one."


I am "you."

"The truth is an existence that bestows upon us proper despair, so that we don't become too conceited."
Your words.

Page 27:
Truth: You were right.
Now behold YOUR despair.



Flask: No...

I don't want to go back...

I don't want to be trapped in there again!

Page 28:
SFX: Gonnnn gonnn

Flask: No-


SFX: wriggle wriggle

Page 29:
SFX: wriggle wriggle
Truth: Despair bestowed upon the vainglorious.

Truth: Just as you desired.

Page 30: N/A

Page 31:
Mustang: What...what happened?
Did he win?
Hawkeye: Yes.


Alphonse never came back.

May: I'm s-s...

Ed: It's not your fault.
Al made his choice.

Lin: Ed!
We still have "payment!"

Page 32:
Lin: Take this Philosopher's Stone!
Use it to bring Al back!

Ed: I can't...

We promised each other never to use Philosopher's Stone to restore our bodies!

Alex: Alphonse Elric...

Page 33:
Alex: Isn't there ANYTHING that can be done?!
Mustang: Hmm...

Human transmutation...Opening the Gate requires an equal "payment."
Fullmetal sacrificed his right arm in exchange for Alphonse's SOUL.

To bring back an entire human being...

Hawkeye: Edward isn't going to sacrifice himself-
Mustang: No.

He knows all to well the horror and despair of being left alone.

Page 34:
Mustang: He would never subject Alphonse to it.

Ed: Al...


Ed: There must be a way...
There must...


Don't stop thinking!

Page 35:
Hohenheim: Edward.

Use my life...
and take Alphonse back.

I have exactly ONE soul left.

Page 36:
Ed: I could never do that you jackass!
It's our own fault that we lost our bodies!
I'm not saying this again - Al and I will NEVER use human lives to restore ourselves!

Why do you think YOU need to sacrifice yourself anyway?!
Hohenheim: Because I'm your FATHER.

This isn't about logic or necessity.
You two are the most important people in the world to me.
I want you to be happy.

Page 37:
Hohenheim: I'm to blame for your lonliness and your attempt to revive Trisha.
It's my fault for abandonning you - I'm the reason your bodies ended up like this.

I'm sorry.

I've lived long enough.
At least let my last act be that of a real father.

Page 38:
Ed: You've gotta be the dumbest father in the world, dad!

Not another word, you hear me?
I'll kick your arse too!

Hohenheim: Haha...
You finally called me "dad."

Page 39:
SFX: Wipe

Ed: May...
Are you really crying so much all for Al?

Donkey Kong, Zanpano...
We got all you chimera guys sucked into this, but you stuck with us to the very end.

Everyone from Briggs...
You guys are hardasses, but no one's more reliable.

Major...you're still crying.

Lin, Ranfan...
Even with the situation in your own country, you offered me your philosopher's stone...you're both too kind.

Page 40:
Ed: Sensei...you never missed a chance to scold us...

Colonel, Lieutenant...

Hawkeye: There are a LOT of people waiting for you two to get your bodies back.

Mustang: I can only offer you opportunities.
YOU two need to make the choice.

Ed: Yeah...

Page 41:
Ed: No one EVER said "give up" to us, not even once!

I can do this!

Ed: May...
Back up.

SFX: scratch scratch

Lin: Is that...

Page 42:
Lin: A human transmutation circle?!

Ed: I'll be right back...

Here comes the Fullmetal Alchemist's FINAL transmutation!

Page 43:

Page 44:
Truth: Come for your brother, eh?

But how do you plan to extract an entire human being?

How will you pay?
Will you offer me your entire being?

Page 45:
Ed: I've got your payment right here.
It's really big, though.

Page 46:
Truth: The Gate of Truth lies within every human being.
Thus, it is also the potential of those human beings to use alchemy.

...Will you sacrifice the power to use alchemy and simply become an ordinary human?

Ed: I've ALWAYS been an ordinary human.
A little man who couldn't even save one poor girl they turned into a chimera.

Someone who caught a glimpse of the "truth," and started over-relying on its gift only to fail again and again.

...It's all been one long dance.

Page 47:
Truth: Are you sure you're alright with losing this?

Ed: I don't need Alchemy as long as I've got my friends.

That's the right answer, Alchemist.

Page 48:
Truth: You've beaten the truth.

Claim your prize.
All of it.


Page 49:

Page 50:
Truth: The back door
is over


Ed: You're nuts, you know that?

Page 51:
Ed: Your ride's here, Al.

Al: Yeah.


Ed: Let's go home.

Ed: Everyone's waiting for us.

Page 52:
bubbles: Al


Al: Uh-

Page 53:
May: A...

SFX: hug
Al: Whoa!


Al: I'm sorry.
I know how hard that was for you
SFX: hic hic

Al: Dad...
Hohenheim: Hi.

Page 54:
Hohenheim: Welcome back.

Al: Yeah...
I'm home.
SFX: Squeeze

Al: Holy cow,
SFX: shiver shiver
Al: I haven't actually FELT anything in years.
It's like there's electricity running straight to my brain from all over my body.

...It's warm.

Page 55:
Sig: Izumi! Are you hurt?!
Izumi: Honey!

Sig: Alphonse...

SFX: Waaaaaaaah
Al small text: Ow ow ow

SFX: Flap

Page 56:
Olivier: Alex!
Alex: Sister!

Olivier: Is it over?
Alex: Yes.
Let's get you to a doctor.

Olivier: I'm fine.
There are people hurt far worse than me.
Alex: You aren't going to pay your respects to Captain Buccaneer?

Olivier: He's not the only one who died, and there are still people alive buried in the rubble.
We need to help them first.

Alex: I'll help.
Olivier: Damn right you will.

Page 57:
Olivier: We'll have to pull out Bradley's corpse too.

Alex: That reminds me, where is Scar?
I thought he was with you.
Olivier: Dunno.

Probably died in the cave-in.

Radio: This is Captial Radio broadcasting live.

Page 58:
Radio: Today, troops led by Major General Armstrong and Colonel Mustang mounted an attack on a group of high-ranking corrupt military officials planning to sacrifice countless civilians for a diabolical alchemy experiment.

Pride: Ma
Radio: Both groups quickly managed to occupy Central HQ's parliament building.

The leaders of this corrupt circle include Brigadier Generals Clemmin and Edison, both of whom have been arrested. They appear to have been waiting for the Fuhrer's absence to carry out their plans.
All soldiers under their direct command have been disarmed.
His excellency the Fuhrer King Bradley and his son, Selim Bradley...

Page 59:
Radio: ...tragically lost their lives in the ensuing chaos.
SFX: gasp

Radio: Colonel Mustang has vowed to contine his excellency the Fuhrer's work and bring lasting peace to our great nation.

Fuery: We've captured the Fuhrer candidate was collapsed outside the main gate.
SFX: Whew
Breda: So this was the scenario...

All that's left...

Rebecca: Riza!
Hawkeye: Rebecca!

Rebecca: They just broadcast the script to the whole population.
We pulled it off.

Page 60:
Rebecca: That aide Stoli was found unconscious outside the main gate.

As for the other missing aide, YOU...you're on our side, and we'll cut a deal with Stoli regarding the Fuhrer's successor so things end up looking good for us.
Having Mrs. Bradley on our side is an advantage too.

Hawkeye: What about Major General Armstrong?
Rebecca: There's no getting around the fact that they attacked the Fuhrer directly.

They killed a LOT of Central soliders.

It'll be tough to get the guys in Central to see things our way.

How's the Colonel?
He must be crazy busy with all this, huh?

Hawkeye: The Colonel...

Page 61:
Hawkeye: His eyes were...

Knox: Colonel Mustang?

Mustang: Dr. Knox?
Knox: This is insane.
Are you injured as well?

Mustang: I've been blinded.
Knox: Whaaaat?!

Mustang: The truth punished me for having dreams for the future.
Or something.

Page 62:
Mustang: I'd readily sacrifice my own gate like Fullmetal did, but then I'd have no way back.
There's nothing I can do to take my eyes back.

Knox: A blind soldier...forget becoming top dog, they'll force you to retire!
Mustang: I'll give up the Fuhrer's throne to Lt. General Grumman.
Things will be fine.

I'm sure I can do something for him, even without my sight.

Knox: You know, an interesting fellow came up to me back in town and followed me here.

Ah, perfect.
Mr. Marcoh.

Page 63:
Mustang: Marcoh...
Doctor Marcoh?!
Marcoh: I've heard everything.

I still have a Philosopher's Stone.

Would you be willing to use this as payment for your regaining your sight?

Mustang: Doctor-!!
Marcoh: However!
I have ONE condition!

Our plan never would have succeeded without the help of the Ishvalan people.

Colonel Mustang...
I want you to create a NEW Ishval.

Page 64:
Marcoh: End the occupation of the Ishvalan Holy Lands,
and return them to the refugees hiding in the slums.


Let me
live amongst them as a doctor!

Kimblee: Never turn a blind eye to death.
Look forward,
and never forget.

Mustang: All right...

You have my word.
I will put everything I have into changing our Ishval policy.

Page 65:
Mustang: Major!
Can you deliver a message for me?

Tell my subordinates, "Things are about to get busy,
everyone assemble!"

Knox: No more fighting.
I'm tired of watching children kill themselves.

Page 66:
Ranfan: Young master...

I have a request.

Page 67:
Ranfan: If there comes a day when you become emperor,
please do not wage any further war with the other clans.

Lin: Sure.
Ranfan: Wha-?!
That was so flippant-

Lin: I know what you're trying to say.
I understand.

Hey, Chang.

You're quite the fool.
Causing all this commotion in a foreign country all for a Philosopher's Stone that you never even found.

The next emperor will be a Yao.

Page 68:
Lin: But don't worry.
The Yao Clan will take responsibility for your clan and protect it.

I'm the man who took on Greed himself, am I not?
I'll take the Changs and every other clan and unite them all under ME.

And...What's that look for?
I told you not to worry, I'll make sure all of Xing respects the new peace.

May: Gathering up every single clan is too greedy a goal, Lin Yao!
Lin: Ah...
Maybe he rubbed off on me...

Page 69:
Lin: Let's go.
May: Wha-
SFX: hup

May: Let me go!
Lin: Your legs are too wounded.

It's time we went home
to OUR country.

Ranfan: We're going home, Grandfather.
To Xing.

Ed: You're leaving?
Lin: Yup!
We're illegal aliens after all, we don't want to get into trouble.

Page 70:
Ed: See ya!
SFX: Bap

Lin: Bye!
May: Until we meet again!
SFX: Bap

Ed: Man, I'm STARVING.
Let's get something to eat, al!

Hey, where's our dumbass dad?
Al: He went to borrow some money from the Briggs guys.
Ed: What's he up to now?

Page 71:
SFX: karan koron

SFX: karan koron

SFX: karan

Pinako: Hohenheim!
So you're back, huh?!

Page 72:
Pinako: You bastard...
SFX: sniff sniff

Pinako: You died looking as happy as I've ever seen you.

Hohenheim: I believed living such a long life would drive me insane.

Page 73:
Hohenheim: But when Trisha and my sons came into my life, I was truly glad I lived.
I had a perfect life.
It was all I needed...

Ah, damn it...
Now I'm wishing I didn't have to die.

Page 74:
Scar: I've been allowed to live once again.

First the Rockbells, now you...why won't you people let me DIE?

Olivier: I dunno who the Rockbells are,
but you're useful, so I saved you.
That's it.

Scar: Won't they court-martial you if they find out about this?
Olivier: I could be court-martialed for a lot of things.

Originally I kept you alive because I wanted the secrets of Rentanjutsu for the Northern army...
but the situation's changed.

Page 75:
Olivier: Mustang's ordered Miles to be put in charge of crafting a new Ishval policy.
Miles: So
I decided to take you along.

Will you return to Ishval with me and help me reconstruct the Church of Ishvala?
Of course, we'll wipe your record clean.

We cannot let our faith and history vanish.
If our culture dies, our race dies with it.

Your hands will save our people from death.

SFX: squeeze
Scar: My reason for living...

Are you telling me to live on and keep searching,

Page 76:
Scar: Will you take me to Ishval, Miles?
Miles: Yes.
Olivier: Muhaha...When Mustang finds out Scar's alive his blood'll turn to ice.

What's your REAL name?

Scar: ...I've died twice now.
I don't exist in this world.

I don't NEED a name.
Call me whatever you like!

Page 77:
Ed: You all right?
Al: I didn't realize how atrophied my muscles are...
small text: Oof

Page 78:
Ed: Want me to carry you?
Al: No, no.

I'll walk on my own two feet.

I'm going to take it slow,
you can go on ahead.
Ed: Nah.

We left home together,
we'll GO home together.

Page 79:
Al: Den!
It's me!

Page 80:

Al: Hey!
Easy, easy!

Page 81:
Ed: Hey Winry!
Al: We're back!

Winry: You guys!
How many times do I have to ask you to CALL before you come...


Page 82:
Winry: Welcome back.

Page 83:
SFX: Bam
Radio: Brigadier General Mustang plans to completely revamp the government's Ishval policy,
SFX: bam bam

Radio: including making the country a trade point along a new railroad
that will run east all the way to Xing.

He has already negotiated an agreement with Emperor Lin Yao.

Ed: OW!

Page 84:
SFX: clap

SFX: slap

Bird SFX: flap
Ed: Nothing.

If I could still use alchemy this whole thing would've been fixed in a second.

Page 85:
Ed: Ah well.
Sometime's taking it slow's not so bad.

Page 86:
Al: Hey brother, why don't you come down?

Winry's baking an apple pie and making tea.

What a view, huh?

It's a big world.
Ed: Yup.

Page 87:
al: Brother...

I've been thinking about something for a long time.

Ed: I bet you I've been thinking the same thing.

Page 88:
Grumman: Time flies...
Two years it's been now.

MrsB: How's work?
Grumman: I'm so busy I feel like I've aged twenty years!

If I weren't worried about you scolding me I'd be six feet under already!
Small text: hohoho
MrsB: Oh, my.
I'm not THAT scary.

Grumman: I've got Mustang in the East, Armstrong's still taking care of things up north, and somehow my old kiester's sitting on the Fuhrer's throne.
Talk about lucky.

MrsB: Are you thinking about retiring?

Grumman: Those kids'll have to pry me outta my seat!

Page 89:
MrsB: You sound like my late husband.
He was a workaholic to say the least.
Grumman: Please, no one is less serious about this than me!
smal ltext: hohohoho
Selim: Mama!


MrsB: Selim?
What's wrong?

Selim: The birdie's hurt.
Help him!
MrsB: Oh no...
Let's get him some bandages, okay?

Selim: Birdie gonna be okay?
MrsB: Yes.
Just be gentle with him.

Grumman: What a sweet boy he's becoming.

Page 90:
MrsB: Yes...
Everyone objected when I said I would raise him as my own, but he's no trouble at all.

Grumman: Still, we need to observe him for a while longer.

You know what we'll have to do
if we observe anything unusual, yes?

MrsB: I promise you it won't come ot that.
He'll be fine.

Selim: Bye bye!

Grumman: Homunculi and humans...
I wonder if we really CAN understand one another...

Page 91:
Grumman: So many possibilities...I can't wait to see what happens next.

Gracia: Oh no, so Ed's leg never came back?

Al: No.
He's fine with keeping it as his pennance
and really doesn't care about regaining it anymore.

He also said "Winry would be depressed if she didn't get to work on this."
Gracia: Hahaha...How...sweet?
Elicia: Sweet!

Gracia: I'm so glad you're back to normal.

Page 92:
Gracia: I'm sure he's happy, too.

Al: Mr. Hughes was just one of many people we met on our journey...
We recently came to realize just how happy they've all made us, even if they didn't know it.

So now it's our turn. We're paying them all back.

Gracia: Is this the "equivalent exchange" I always hear about?
Al: Nope.
That law states that if you receive 10, you can only give back 10.

But if you receive 10, and add YOURSELF,
you can give 11 to the next person.

Page 93:
Al: It's not much, but it's the new theory we've developed in contrast to equivalent exchange.
Now we've just gotta prove it!

Gracia: What do you want to do?

Al: There was a little girl that we couldn't save.

I don't think I can ever forget her.

Page 94:
Jelso: That's what I'm saying!

It's like that Father guy,
you pull out my soul and my body should split into the original human and the frog.
SFX: skritch

Jelso: Since the soul's drawn back to it's body like a magnet,
and with the human body split it everything goes back to normal.
Zanpano: Hrmm...
SFX: scratch scratch

Zanpano: But the thing that CONNECTS the body and soul is the "spirit", right?
If that little rope thing's not connected to the body the soul won't return.
Jelso: That's what I'm saying!

We gotta like...you know, find a way to make it happen!
SFX: clack

Page 95:
Al: Ah,
there they are.
Mr. Jelso, Mr. Zanpano!
Jelso: Hey!

Want some fries?
Al: Sure!
small text: I'm starving.

Jelso: So your brother's not with you, huh?
Al: Nope.

We're indebted to so many people we decided to split up to go see them all.
Excuse me, can I get a lunch set and some milk, please?

Al: And my "meet and greet" tour ends right here!
Jelso: Ooh!

Zanpano: So it's finally time, huh?
Al: Yeah!

Page 96:
Al: I'm going to Xing!

I'll go to May and study Rentanjutsu for real this time.
But I won't stop there.
There must be all sorts of things to learn from the other eastern countries, and all throughout the world.

I want to travel everywhere and see it all...
On my own legs, with my own eyes!

Page 97:
Al: ...So, uh, you're SURE you want to come with me?
Both: Hell YEAH we do!

Zanpano: You were the one who originally said, "If I can get my original body back I don't care how many years it takes!"
Jelso: No waiting for other people, you gotta move forward on your own!

we're total newbies when it comes to alchemy, but we can at least be your bodyguards!

Al: Haha.
How can I refuse?

Zanpano: Your brother's not going to Xing, then?
Al: His automail leg would have a lot of problems with the sand and desert heat.

It's a big world.
I'm going east, and he's learning what the west has to teach.

Page 98:
Al: And if we combine everything we learn from the east and west, then maybe...
Maybe we can help all the people who alchemy has hurt.

Winry: Oil it every day!
Ed: Uh huh.
Winry: And make sure the screws are tight!
Ed: Uh huh.

Page 99:
Winry: Don't forget to dry it off well after you shower!
Ed: Yeah, yeah.
Winry: Are you listening?
Ed: Uh huh.

Winry: Would you-
Ed: Train's here!

Ed: Man, I can't wait!
Who knows what there is out west?

Winry: Something tells me all this excitement's going to lead to broken automail.
Ed: So? That's just more money for you.

Winry: I'm concerned about you!
Ed: All right, all right, thank you!

Winry: Make sure you call me to set a date when you need work done!
Ed: I will.

Page 100:
Ed: Set a date, huh...


Ed: Winry!

I, uh...Hmm...
You know,
dates and stuff...

Winry: What? Spit it out.

Ed: Equivalent exchange.
I'll give you half of my life,

Page 101:
Ed: And you give me half of yours!

Page 102:
Winry: Oh God, WHY are you alchemists like this...
"Equivalent exchange..." How stupid are you?!

Winry: You're so dumb.
Forget half...I'll give you everything I have to give.

Page 103:
winry: Eep-
Wait, I take it back!

90%...no, 80%, maybe?
How about 85?

Ed: Heh...


SFX: hahaha
winry: What?!
Ed: Sorry, sorry...
Man, you really are something else!

Page 104:
Ed: I think we'll turn the whole idea of "equivalent exchange" on its head.

Winry: Huh?
Are you making fun of me?
Ed: No.

You really cheered me up.
Thank you.
I'll see you soon.

Winry: Yeah...

Page 105:
Winry: Bye for now.

Woman: Hmm?

First Alphonse leaves, now Edward?
I wish those boys would settle down.
Winry: They're happier this way.

They're the kind of men who hate sitting still.

Page 106:
Text: There is nothing to learn from a lesson without pain.
Because you can't gain anything without sacrificing something in exchange.
But when you overcome that pain and make the lesson your own,
You will obtain an infallable, irreplaceable fullmetal heart.

Page 107:
Side: Thank you for your readership all these years. Keep an eye out for Arakawa-sensei's next work.

Bottom: THE END

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#1. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2010
Thanks a lot Hisshou! I just got hooked on FMA recently, and I can say it's the best manga I've ever read (well, I'm not gonna lie, I watched the Brotherhood anime and then caught up on the manga, but it's still amazing). A pity that it's ending though, but people say this chapter is just epic... I'm gonna read and see ^^ (didn't want to see that LQ crap XD)
#2. by xblkdrag0nx ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2010
Thank you for the translation! I'm sad that FMA has ended, but it ended on a grand note!
#3. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2010
*sighs* It's really over now. Thanks for faithfully translating it all this time Hisshou~
#4. by ibra87 ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2010
Thank you sir, it's been good while it lasted.
#5. by sotona ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2010
Man finally good H.E. for every 1 but FMA senpai is one best mangas i read i was wake up to 2 am last night just to read last chapter.
#6. by Viewtiful ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
I need to thank you, HisshouBuraiKen. Your translations always helped me in the last 3 years, as I scanlated FMA in portuguese. Thanks a lot for your hard work, and know that you have a fan :)
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