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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 498

Mom's Red Hair

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jun 12, 2010 15:23 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 498

Page 1:
Title: Mom's Red Hair

Naruto: What the heck is someone like you doing here?
And how do you know my name?
Kushina: Of course, you wouldn't know...
Text: A miraculous meeting during the fight with the Nine-Tails!

Kushina: Why don't you guess, Naruto?


Naruto: No...

Kushina: Figured it out?

Page 2:
Naruto: You're the Nine-Tailed Fox's TRUE form!


Naruto: That's no woman's laugh!
You'll have to do more than transform to trick me, you damn f-

Kushina: Like, NO! [T/N: Note - She says "-tte ba ne," much like Naruto's "-tte ba yo"]
Naruto: NGHACK-

Naruto: Wait, what...?

Page 3:
Kushina: Hahaha...got a little worked up there...

I've been kinda hot-tempered since the day I was born and talking like that when I get excited...
I try not to say it, but sometimes my mouth bypasses my intentions.

What about you?
I always hoped you wouldn't end up saying silly nonsense words when you get worked up, like me.

Naruto: You're...
Kushina: Minato never told you anything, did he? Good lord...

SFX: quiver quiver

Kushina: Yes...I'm your-

Page 4:
SFX: Hug

SFX: squeeze

Page 5:
Naruto: I've...

SFX: Sssshhh
Naruto: It's like...I've always wanted to meet you...

Kushina: "It's like..."
You really are my son.

Yamato: The transformation stopped?

Bee: You do that, Yamato?
Yamato: Nothing...it stopped on it's own...
What happened?

Page 6:
Naruto: There's so many things I wanna talk to you about, mom!

Kushina: Yeah...
We'll have a long talk,
but let's keep the fox out of it!

SFX: shrurp
Naruto: Ngh!

SFX: ksssh kssh kssh

SFX: clinkaclinka

Page 7:
SFX: Wrapwrapwrap


Fox: This chakra...

SFX: write

Page 8:
Kushina: Minato also used my chakra to form the seal
to help you take control the Nine-Tails's power someday.
We wanted to aid you however we could.

Naruto: Hehehe...

Kushina: Are you listening?
Naruto: Just thinking how glad I am to see my mom's a babe!

Kushina: Well thank you!
Well Naruto, I'm sorry you ended up with my face, but at least you got your father's hair.

Naruto: Why?
If my mom's a babe, and I look like her, that makes me a hunk, right?
And you've got really pretty hair, I bet that would've looked good on me too!

Page 9:
Kushina: Oh ho...

You're only the second man to ever compliment me on my hair.

Naruto: I am? Who's the other one?

Kushina: Your father,
of course!

Naruto: Ah ha!
I get it!
SFX: bap
Kushina: ...What?

Naruto: Hey, hey, hey!
There's ONE thing I've always wanted to ask you, mom!
SFX: swip

Page 10:
Naruto: How did you and dad fall in love?

Kushina: Th-That's like...totally embarassing!

Naruto: You said "like" again!
You're all worked up!
Kushina: I like...I needed to change the subject!

Naruto: Hahaha, you said it again!

Page 11:
Kushina: I moved to the Leaf Village when I was very young...
Your father and I were just kids.

The first time I saw you father...Minato, I thought he looked like a flaky girly-boy.

Naruto: Whoa, really?

Kushina: Since I was the new kid, I wanted to make an impression on the first day of Academy lessons.
So when they asked me what my dream for the future was,

I said, "I'm gonna be the first female Hokage!"

Naruto: Rock on, mom!
You definitely take after me!
Kushina: Ummm...other way around, son.

Naruto: Well?
Kushina: So...

Page 12:
Kushina: They didn't like how the new kid was suddenly talking about becoming Hokage,
and the boys started making fun of me all the time - they called me "Tomato!"
Naruto: "Tomato?" I don't get it.

Kushina: I had a very round face and with my firey hair...well, I looked like one!
Even I had to admit it...and it infuriated me!

Naruto: Aah! So DAD was the one who stood up to the bullies,
and you-

Kushina: Nope!
I went after those boys who made fun of me, and in the end the TOMATO squashed THEM!
SFX: tremble

Kushina: After seeing all that wild red hair whipping around while I beat them half to death, I got a new nickname.
"The Bloody Habanero!"

Naruto: I think I get why Kiba and Shikamaru are so scared of their moms now...
SFX: Gulp

Page 13:
Naruto: ...So what did dad say when they asked him HIS goal for the future?

Kushina: Minato? He said...

"I want everyone in the village to acknowledge me and become a great Hokage."

Naruto: Get everyone to acknowledge him and become hokage, huh...

Kushina: When I heard that, I thought
there was no way such a goofy flake would ever become Hokage.

Naruto: Whaaaat?!
But dad totally looked super strong!
Kushina: Yes...
But what did I know? I was young, so I looked down my nose at Minato
until a certain incident.

Page 14:
Naruto: Incident?

Kushina: I've always hated my red hair...
until one day, thanks to Minato, I came to like it.

Naruto: What happened?

Kushina: My chakra's a bit special, you see.
And the Hidden Cloud wanted it badly enough to kidnap me.

As they were marching me away, I pulled my hair out one strand at a time
to mark the path they were taking.

I was very careful not to be seen.
SFX: pluck

Page 15:
Kushina: The Leaf sent out pursuit squads immediately, but none of them managed to find me.
As we got closer to the border I started giving up hope...
SFX: waver waver

Naruto: Ah HA!

Kushina: Yes, Minato was the only one who picked up my trail.

He was the only one who noticed the trail of red strands.
As he held me, he said he noticed my beautiful hair right away.

Suddenly he looked like the most magnificent shinobi ever,
like a man who would make all my dreams come true.
And most importantly, he changed me.

My bright red hair had led me to my soulmate.

Page 16:
Kushina: It became my own personal "red thread of fate."
From that day, I liked my hair,
and more importantly, I loved Minato.

SFX: grin

Kushina: There's a special little something I like to tell the men who compliment me on my hair...
yourself included, Naruto.
Naruto: ...Hmm?

SFX: Smile

Page 17:
KushinA: I love you.

So tell me, what IS the product of "The Leaf's Yellow Flash" and "The Bloody Habanero?"
Naruto: Heheh...

SFX: stand

Naruto: "The Leaf's Orange Hokage!"
SFX: Ta-da
Text: He's inherited the wills of his father AND mother! Now to defeat the Nine-Tails!

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#1. by Saczers ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
hy hy h yh kiu
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