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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 500

The Birth of Naruto

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jul 2, 2010 00:29 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 500

Page 1:
Title: Chapter 500 The Birth of Naruto
Side: On that fateful day, these two departed on a new journey, leaving behind a single treasure. On that fateful day...

Page 2:
Naruto: Mom...YOU were the Nine-Tails's
Text: The truth behind the Nine-Tailed Fox's attack?

Kushina: Yes...
But before I tell you about what happened
I want you to know a little more about who I am.

I was chosen as the SECOND Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki.
The truth is, I was brought to the Leaf Village for the express PURPOSE of becoming a Jinchuuriki.
Map boxes, left/right: Fire/Whirlpool

SfX: gasp

Naruto: Why...
You lived in a whole nother COUNTRY, why did YOU have to become a Jinchuuriki?!

Signs left/right: Whirlpool / Fire
Kushina: Yes, I lived in a different country...and a different village.
But the Fire and Whirlpool Countries...and the Leaf and Eddy villages had very strong ties to one another.

Page 3:
Kushina: Shinobi of the Leaf's Senju clan and the Eddy's Uzumaki clan were distant blood relatives.

The people of the Eddy Village were all blessed with astonishingly long lives, to the point our village became known as the "Village of Longevity."
Our clans specialized in sealing techniques...though their processes were a little rough.

The four-element seal on your stomach was based on techniques from my village.
In fact, I taught Minato...your dad a whole bunch of different seals.

Naruto, the mark on your back
is the symbol of the Hidden Eddy Village.

Even today, the Leaf uses it as a symbol of friendship and goodwill.

Page 4:
Kushina: My country is long gone...It was only a matter of time.
In that era of war, people quickly came to fear the power of our sealing techniques.
The few survivors disappeared, scattering themselves across the globe.

Naruto: But then...
then why'd you have to...

Kushina: Apparently I was born with a particularly strong chakra that was well-suited to suppressing the Nine-Tails.
As ,my predecessor as the Jinchuuriki was also a powerful female ninja,
I guess it was seen as appropriate.

It's funny...her name was Uzumaki Mito, she became the First Hokage's wife.
And I ended up marrying the Fourth!

Do you know about the battle between the First Hokage Hashirama Senju-sama and Uchiha Madara?
Naruto: Yeah...

Page 5:
Kushina: During their fight, Hashirama-sama gained control of the Nine-Tails. And in order to better aid him,
Mito-sama sealed it inside her own body, becoming the first Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki.

From then on the Leaf took possession of the Fox.
And as Mito-sama neared the end of her life,
I was brought to the village as the Nine-Tails's new "vessel."

Naruto: So they USED you!

Kushina: I had no idea why I had to move...
when I learned the truth, I was speechless.

It had all been kept top-secret...
only the Third Hokage and the top village councilors knew...only THREE people.

I felt like I was suffocating under the pressure of being a Jinchuuriki and the crushing lonliness that came with it.
But then Mito-sama said this to me:

"...Ultimately, we were brought here to become the vessel of the Nine-Tailed Fox...but before the beast can be housed..."

Page 6:
Kushina: "We must fill the vessel with love."

Do that, and even the host of the Nine-Tailed Fox may live a happy life.

Naruto: Mom...
you were a Jinchuuriki...but you were still happy?

Kushina: Yes...

Naruto: Heheh...
SFX: wipe

Page 7:
Kushina: Naruto...you don't need to cry anymore.

Naruto: Wait-
Kushina: Hmm?

Naruto: The Fox attacked the Leaf 16 years ago...
And it was because the masked Akatsuki guy had control of it!
So how could you have been holding it at the same time?

Kushina: I guess your dad didn't get to tell you...
It figures, he left most of it to me...
...Minato must've had very little time.

Well, you're right! That masked murdered DID have control of the Nine-Tailes when it attacked 16 years ago.
But it was only moments before his attack that it was still sealed inside me.

Page 8:
Naruto: But HOW?!
Kushina: The masked man...I don't know how, but he KNEW.

Naruto: ...Knew what?

Kushina: He knew the ONE moment when a Jinchuuriki's seal is at it's weakest.
He waited for that moment and when it came, he stole the Fox from me.

Naruto: There's a...a SECOND when the seal gets really weak?
What? When is it?!


Page 9:
Kushina: A full-term pregnancy for a female Jinchuuriki is about 10 months.
As the energy used to maintain the seal starts going to nurture the child,
the seal weakens in direct proportion.

Naruto: So...

Kushina: It was October 10th, 16 years ago.

Minato: I'll be there for the birth...we have to take care of the seal and everything.
I'll get everything prepared beforehand.

Third: This is what we did for your predecessor Mit-sama as well.
The seal nearly failed when she gave birth.

Page 10:
Third: I'm afraid we'll need to prepare for the worst...we'll set a place up outside the village and erect a barrier to protect it.
Only Minato, my wife Biwako and Taji from the Anbu will inside.
This MUST be kept top-secret.

Of course there will be reinforcements outside, ANBU under my direct command.
Biwako: I'll tell yiz where the place is, so get your things ready!
Kushina: Yes...thank you both.

Didn't you have a girl?

Mikoto: Nope, another boy.
Kushina: Well, what's his name, Mikoto?

Page 11:
Mikoto: Sasuke.
Biwako: Ah, the same as the Third's father.
Mikoto: Yes...I'm sure he'll become a fine shinobi.

You're almost due, aren't you Kushina? You should pick out a name before it's too late.
Kushina: We've got one - "Naruto."
He and Sasuke-kun will be in the same grade, I hope they become friends!

By the way...does it hurt? Like, BAD?
Mikoto: Well well, even YOU'RE afraid of something.
I'll be.

Biwako: Come on already!
SFX: step
Kushina: Oh, sorry!
Mikoto: See you!

Biwako: Remember, we need to keep your birth CLASSIFIED.
Try not to talk to anyone while we're on the move, even your friends.
Kushina: Right, sorry about that.

Biwako: The fact that we're leaving the village for this is classified as well!
Don't go screaming your head off, even when the contractions start.
Kushina: R-Right...

Page 12:

Minato: I, uh...I've never heard Kushina in so much pain,
are...are you sure she's all right?
Biwako: She's FINE! Just keep your eyes on the seal!

Minato: But...she's-
Biwako: Good lord, you're the FOURTH HOKAGE! Don't panic!
This is why women have babies, you men can't handle pain!

SFX: Zmmmmmmm

Page 13:

Kushina: Uaaaaaaaau!
Minato: It's so strong! I can feel the fox struggling to break out!

Hang in there Kushina!
Hang in there Naruto!

SFX: splish

Page 14:
Sign: Sealed

SFX: Shift

SFX: splash splash

SFX: vwommmmmmmmm

Page 15:
Kushina: Mmmmnnnnnnnnn!

Biwako: The head's out! Almost there, Kushina!
Taji: Keep going, Kushina-san!


Minato: Narutoooo, get out here!
And Nine-Tails, you stay right where you are!

Kushina: Mmmnh-

Naruto: UWAAAAH!
Biwako: Get the hot water!
Taji: Yes ma'am!

Minato: It's okay...

Kushina: Nhaaah!

Page 16:
Naruto: WAAAAH!
Biwako: Congratulations, it's a healthy baby boy!

Look at me, I'm a father!

Kushina: Naruto...
I finally get to meet you...
BubblE: Haah
SFX: Waaaah waaaah

Page 17:
Minato: Okay, Kushina!
I know you're exhausted from the birth, but we've gotta get the Nine-Tails completely sealed!

Kushina: Huuuh
SFX: look

Bubbles: NGHAAA!

Minato: Biwako-sama, Taji!

Madara: Fourth Hokage...Minato.
Back away from the Jinchuuriki
or your son dies at the ripe old age of one minute.
SFX: reach
Text: Who's face lies behind the mask?! Naruto is in grave danger!

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