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Translations: Gintama 690 by kewl0210 , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Fullmetal Alchemist 89

Fullmetal Alchemist 89

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Nov 11, 2008 05:40 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 89

Page 1:
Gang: Whoa-
What happened?
A fire?
This's where that slum Kanama's supposed to be, right?

Marcoh: What happened here?
Yoki: ...And what's that big mound?

Page 2:
Darius: Wha?

Zanpano: AH!
Darius: Jelso! Zanpano!

Jelso: Did Kimblee send you to finish us off?!
Darius: Gimme a break.
We're done being Kimblee's flunkies.

Ed: Hey, Doctor Marcoh!
Jelso: ...You're just saying that so we'll turn around and you can clobber us with that saw!
Darius: Listen to me, asshole!
Marcoh: Edward!

Ed: ...and Scar.

Page 3:
Ed: Shut UP.
Porky, Fattie, Donkey. Stop fighting.

Heinkel: So you guys, too?
Zanpano: Yeah, we're done working for scum like him.

Darius: Boy, you can really tell we've all been tossed aside, huh?
All3: Seriously.

Darius: But it feels good, ditching Kimblee and living in the shadows.
Heinkel: Yup.

At least they wouldn't leave us for dead.


Page 4:
Darius: Where's the old guy going?
Ed: To check out what's going on in Central.

Darius: Alone?
Ed: He's the only one who can move around without any of them recognizing him.

He said he'd try and learn as much about what Colonel Mustang's doing as possible...
But I'm more concerned about what Lin's up to.
Darius: Yeah...

Jelso: You done talking to Scar?
Ed: Yeah...

Page 5:
Ed: We've done all we can to prepare.

Jelso: Your brother's one hell of a guy.
Darius: I'd lose my mind if I was trapped in there in the dark with that demon.

Ed: Al's a true survivor.


Page 6:
Ed: We just need to finish the job.
Title: Chapter 89 - Soldiers Come Marching Home

Page 7:
Kids: Big bruddieeeee!

Denny: Whaaaat... [Denny is future Ed O.o]
Girl: Give us your tello-scope!
Boy: Where is it,

Denny: Guys, I work nights, I need my sleep...
just look for it yourselves.
Boy: Aye, sir!
Girl: Roger that, Sgt. Denny Broche!

Denny: What're you gonna look at?
Kids: The sun!

Kids: There's gonna be an eclipse.

Page 8:
Denny: An ECLIPSE?

Guys...if you look at the sun through a telescope, you'll burn your eyes to a crisp.
Kids: No way!
SFX: Gasp!

Girl: Then how do we see it?
Denny: Uhh...I think you need a board and a piece of dark glass...
Boy: Laaaame...

Page 9:
Boy: Hey, look at this!

Denny: You guys stay inside today, got it?
Boy: Denny?

Sister: What's up, bro?
You're up early, don't you wanna eat?
Denny: Not today!

Page 10:
Denny: None of you are to leave the house!
Sister: Why?
Denny: Because!

Radio: Sadie Squad has spotted and engaged Mustang's group
in the West Block.

Page 11:
Clemin: Fool's putting up one last futile struggle...
His precious little helpers would've been left alone if he'd just stayed quiet.

How many?
Soldier: Colonel Mustang, Lt. Hawkeye, 2nd Lt. Breda, Sgt. Fuery...

We haven't been able to take them down, as they have the Fuhrer's wife as a host-
Clemin: Ignore her.
Ignore the wife.

Soldier: Sir?

Clemin: We only need Mustang alive.
The housewife's life holds no value to us.

Page 12:
Clemin: Eradicate the Colonel's men.
Soldier: Y-
Yes, sir.

Clemin: There's only five of them.
Use our numbers and overhwhelm then.

Soldier: Five?
They're making their move with a single platoon?

Soldier2: The Flame Alchemist uses long-range incendiary attacks, yeah?
Soldier3: Dunno,
ain't never seen it.
Soldier4: How do we defend against that?

Soldier5: Sarge was there during the Ishval war.
Sarge: Yep, I saw him go to work.

Page 13:
Sarge: First, he transmuted all the dust in the air into a big fuse, sent it flyin'
and the target went BOOM.

Soldier: Heheh, I don't get it...
Soldier 2: Me neither!


Page 14:
Fuery: This way!

Soldier: C3, cover from above!
C6, get the exit!

They have the Fuhrer's wife with them!

They won't be able to move fast enough!

Page 15:
Soldier: FREEZE!

You can't light any flames in a room this small, can you?

Page 16:
Mustang: ...But are YOU free to shoot?

Soldier: Free to shoot anyone
EXCEPT you, Colonel Mustang.

Page 17:
Helper: Got 'em!

Page 18:
Charlie: EXCEPT the Colonel...so you're allowed to shoot Mrs. Bradley?

Mustang: That's the one question I wanted to ask the most...
and the least.

Breda: Are you off rocker?
You're gonna kill your boss's wife along to get to little group of rebels?

Mrs. B: Am I...
Has my husband...
been abandoned by his own country?

Page 19:
Mrs. B: Or have I...
been abandoned by him? [Poor Mrs. B. T_T]

Mustang: I don't know.

I don't now, but we will protect your life with ours.

And when all is said and done, we'll prove to you that our side is in the right.

Page 20:
Helper3: More of 'em coming!
Hurry it up!

Charlie: You're damn lucky.
If we were from Briggs, I'd be putting you down permanently.
Soldier: Huh?

Charlie: Colonel.

Page 21:
Charlie: You haven't told her that the Fuhrer's gone missing?
Mustang: No.
We can't afford to have her faint and make moving even more difficult.
Helper4: Ain't someone who's passed out MORE easy to move around, sir?

Helper5: They're crawling all over this place.
You're a popular guy, Colonel.

Colonel: Lure as many of them away as you can.

THEY'RE going to make their move any time no.

Page 22:
Clemin: You STILL haven't finished them off?!

What is WRONG with you maggots?! There's only five of them!
Radio: They called in reinforcements!
There's at least one other platoons worth of men with them!

Clemin: Where did those bastards get soldiers like this...

What're our losses?
Radio: S-
59 wounded!

0 dead!

Page 23:
Soldiers: Wwaaaah!


So that's the Flame Alchemist, huh?
Soldier2: I always heard he was amazing in Ishval...

Page 24:
Soldier: But...
it's not nearly as impressive as in the stories.
Soldier2: Yeah...
it's all been little pops and bangs...


Leader: Jess!

Page 25:
Soldier: Shit, mu eardrum's busted!
Soldier2: What's the damage!
Soldier3: 5 wounded!
0 dead!

Leader: No deaths...we were lucky...

Hurry, get down!
I thought we were dead!

Leader: The "Hero of Ishval" had the "Eye of the Hawk" watching him...
And there've been no deaths...
Don't tell me...

Page 26:

There's no doubt
about it...

Clemin: They're taking it easy on us?!
Radio: Yes, sir.

We have tons of injuries, but no deaths.
Even their snipers are clearly avoiding lethal shots.

Clemin: Sons...
of bitches...

Send out Dimitri Squad and Kim Squad!
I want the heads of Mustang's subordinates on my desk NOW!

Page 27:
Clemin: We can NOT let them get in "HIS" way!

Wiener: They still haven't caught Mustang?
What is Brigadier General Clemin DOING out there?

I hear they're making their way through without killing our men...just pure military skill.
There's no way they'll be able to keep THAT up.

Armstrong: Mustang's gone soft, too.
Wiener: I'll say.
What's going through his mind?

Page 28:
Armstrong: And the Cental army can't even stop him...they're even worse.
Like little boys playing war.

Wiener: What was that?

Armstrong: Central has never once seen an attack from a serious threat since it was founded.
It SOUNDS nice to say it's "Thanks to HIM,"
but I consider the lack of experience to be a weakness.

He may have a powerful offense, but his defense isn't up to snuff.

Why don't you put ME in charge of Central's forces for a bit?

Wiener: Don't get ahead of yourself, Armstrong.

Page 29:
Wiener: You think you're here because you EARNED your spot?
You're our CAPTIVE, sweetheart.

We know your bonds with the soldiers of Briggs are strongs.
And you're ONLY here because YOU are the one thing keeping them from rebelling.

Old Falman: Plus, you saw what we have in the underground labs.
You would still defy us, knowing what's down there?
Armstrong: AHAHAHA!

You don't know me at all, do you, gentlemen?
Wiener: What?!

Armstrong: One of our final contingencies is, "If the situation calls for it, leave me behind."
"Survival of the fittest" is the iron law of Briggs!
If I bite the dust here, it would only prove that I wasn't fit, and they would cast me aside.

Page 30:
Armstrong: They are unflappable. Undeterrable. And they can act with or WITHOUT me.
THAT is what makes a Briggs soldier.

Don't treat the idea that I've "raised" them as superficial.

Radio: We've engaged Colonel Mustang's group inside a west-block factory.
We've got a number of soldiers spread out over the area.

Buccaneer: Okay.
Time to move.

Wave goodbye to this dingy cellar, men.

Page 31:
Buccaneer: Sink your fangs into these Central cowards' throats, and don't let go.

Armstrong: Right on cue.

You're nothing but bait for the bears of Mount Briggs.

Page 32:
Armstrong: I wonder if your precious dolls will be able to stand up to them?

Soldier: New enemies?!
Impossible! Where'd they come from?!

Soldier2: Th-they just sprang out from the middle of town...
Soldier: How, with MAGIC?! Don't be ridiculous!

Damn it all...
They had the West Block spread thin enough as it was...

Solider2: How many of them are there?
Soldier: We don't know!
But judging from their weaponry, they're from

Page 33:
Solider: The north-

Charlie: From INSIDE the Armstrong Estate?!

Mustang: Yep.
We snuck in all our men and arms during the reconstruction hubub.
Charlie: How big IS that mansion?

Helper: Charlie, I need more rounds, now!

Charlie: I've only got one left...for the coward's way out.
Small text: Liar,you'd never stoop that low.
Helper: Ahh man, everyone's almost out of ammo.

Page 34:Mustang: Listen, if things get really hairy, you two are to leave me behind and run.
Both: Roger that!

Mustang: ...You're SUPPOSED to say, "Well stay with you to the bitter end, sir."
Charlie: We don't get that attached to other men, sir.
Helper: Cammy's waiting for me at home.

Mustang: I see, I see!

Soldier: BWAH-

Page 35:
Soldier: They're not returning fire with bullets as often as they were before!
Soldier2: They must be running out.
Soldier3: All right!

Soldier: We hit 'em hard!
Tell everyone left to get ready!


Page 36:
Rebecca: Hihi, Riza!

Hawkeye: Rebecca!
Rebecca: When I saw the flames, I was like, "Over there", and I totally called it!
And you're in a tough spot, too?

Page 37:
Rebecca: Well, here're some presents for ya!

Guys: This's thing's armored?!
Nice! I love you, Rebecca!
Rebecca: Clam it, I'm not into broke guys!
????: Here sir.
Mustang: Mmm. Thanks!

????: Good to see you again, Colonel Mustang.

Page 38:
Maria: 2nd Lieutenant Maria Ross,
reporting for duty of my own free will!

Rebecca: How come they're not advancing on us?
Fuery: With the Flame Alchemist on our side, they can only get so clonse.
But the Colonel can't go around burning everything when we're in the middle of town...

Rebecca: Oh, boo.
I came here to find a good man, and all Central's got are

Page 39:
Solider: Uhh-

Soldiers: GHACK-

They're getting...

Page 40:
Rebecca: Xingese tear gas canisters.
PACKED with capiscum.
Helper: Huh?
You brought this all the way from Xing?

Mustang: I didn't want you to be involved in this.
Who ordered you out here?

Maria: Would you like
to speak to him?

Page 41:
Maria: Here.

Mustang: Is he some Xingese big shot?
This is Army Colonel Roy Mustang.
Sir, I am grateful for-
Phone: Snxx-


This ain't gonna work.
Let's keep the tone the way it's always been, Colonel.

Page 42:
Havoc: Serving the community for 80 years,
this is Havoc Sundries.

From underpants to armored cars,
we're your one-stop shop for anything and everything! AND we deliver!

Page 43:
Havoc: So?
How will you be paying?

Mustang: The owner's treating me.
And he's not getting out of it!

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Thank you! That is an exciting chapter. >_<
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OMG~~! This is so awesome - I'd forgotten about him XD
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thanks for the translation ^__^
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Dear HBK,

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Thanks for the scan.

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epic chapter,
epci translation

awesome thanks
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Thank you for the translation.
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