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Yu Yu Hakusho 7

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Volume 15 Chapter 7

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Oct 19, 2006 21:48 | Go to Yu Yu Hakusho

-> RTS Page for Yu Yu Hakusho 7

I've started doing these for _void_'s group, you can find the downloads in the Adventure Manga section.

Page 1:
Puzzle General Knowledge Level G
Yuusuke: We just need one more win!
Go get 'em, Kaitou!
Kurama: He seems quite confident.
Mitarai...can you tell us anything about Amanuma's power?
Mitarai: This is actually the first time I've seen him use it.

Page 2:
Mitarai: All I know is that he can turn games into reality...
so we must be fighting him in the game world...

Title: What happens if we lose?!

Amanuma: The first one to buzz in gets to answer. It's multiple choice with four possible answers,
and the first to 10 wins.
There's no penalty for being wrong, but if you miss 3 you lose.
Kaitou: I know.

Page 3:
Professor: The Game King (Amanuma) vs. Kaitou!
Quiz Start!
Screen: Battle Quiz

Yuusuke: What the hell?
He's just standing there!
Kaitou: What're you doing?
Amanuma: Giving you a head start.
I won't buzz in for the first 5, but you can go ahead and answer.

Page 4:
Kaitou: A head start?
I don't need one, but whatever.
Professor: First Question!
The Amaz
Yuusuke: Huuuuh??
Screen: Q1: The Amaz
A) Piroroca
B) Paroroca
C) Pororoca
D) Peroroca

Page 5:
Screen: Q1: The Amaz
A) Piroroca
(BEEP) B) Paroroca
C) Pororoca
D) Peroroca

Professor: CORRECT!

Yuusuke: How the hell did he know the answer with only 7 letters!?
Kaitou: There're 17000 questions in Battle Quiz's "General Knowledge" category.
Out of all those, only three have anything to do with the Amazon.
The answers are Pororoca, Birania, and Amazon Highway.
Yanagi: H-he knows EVERY question?
There's over 30,000!
Small text: Holy shit!

Screen: Full Question:
The Amazon's Aguari basin experiences a natural phenomena where the river's water backs up and sends a
small tidal wave raging upstream. What is this called?
Answer: Pororoca

Page 6:
Kaitou: I told you I didn't need a head start.
Amanuma: The second one's coming up.

Text: Though Kaitou answered the first five questions,
Amanuma just stood there watching, not moving a muscle!

Yuusuke: Awesome! Now it's 5-0!
That's crazy! I don't even understand the questions!!

Text: But on the 6th questions...

Page 7:
Amanuma: I got it!
Time to get started!
Kaitou: You got WHAT?
Did you finally realize how good I am?

Amanuma: No, DUMMY.
I wasn't even paying attention to YOU.
You'll see after this one.

Page 8:
Professor: Question 6!

Page 9:
Katou: What's he doing?
Kurama: He buzzed in before a single letter appeared...
and answered before he saw the choices...
Yuusuke: So he's just gonna guess?

Page 10:
Amanuma: The 6th question is, "What is the name of the asteroid scientist predict will collide with
the Earth in 2000?"
The answer's B - Toutatis.
Professor: Correct!
Yuusuke: N-
Yanagi: No way...

Page 11:
Yuusuke: He was right!!
He knew the answer before he saw the question!!!
Screen: Full Question: What is the name of the asteroid scientist predict will collide with
the Earth in 2000?
A) Harry
B) Toutatis
C) Mazeran
D) Nebula M78

Yuusuke: He can predict the future! Wait, no - He cheated!
Kurama: I don't think so...he must have memorized the order of the questions AND their answers!
Kaitou: Unreal...
You figured out the entire game, right down to the order...
Amanuma: Not quite. The order's not set in stone, but it's not completely random either.
It takes about 5 questions to figure out the rules, though.

Page 12:
Amanuma: Was 5 not enough of a head start?
Text: Amanuma continued answering before a single letter appeared, getting 8 correct in a row.
Kaitou tried to guess twice, but was wrong both times. And on the 17th question...

Professor: Game over! Kaito has missed three questions! Kaitou loses!

Page 13:
Kaitou: Yeah, you win. I never even noticed there was a pattern to the question generation.
Amanuma: Good match, though You're really smart.
Let's play something else next time!

Yuusuke: Shit...KAITOU lost...this kid's way too good.
Kurama's our last-...hey...
What happens if we lose while we're in Amanuma's terrority?!
We got our first wins so easily I never even though about that!

Page 14:
Yuusuke: Although Kaitou seems fine...
Kaitou: Something's up with that kid...
It's like this is really just a game, and he's having tons of fun.
I wonder if he really understands what Sensui's doing.
Kurama: Kaitou, you're sure you're okay?
Kaitou: Yeah...I was expecting something like my power, where you lose your soul, or even your life.
Kurama: Hmm...so...that must mean...
Yuusuke: What, what? You figure something out?

Page 15:
Kurama: I think we'll be fine if we lose.
But if we give up entirely, we die.

Yuusuke: Say WHAT?
What's THAT mean?

Kurama: When your character dies in a game, you end up at the "Game Over" screen.
And then you either choose "Continue" or "End".

If you continue, you skip the opening and start over from the beginning.
But if you quit, you see the character's grave and it says, "THE END".

Yuusuke: Whoa...
You mean...

Page 16:
Yuusuke: Until we beat Amanuma, we're stuck playing video games?!
We don't have time for that!
We've wasted 2 hours already!

Kurama: Amanuma hasn't been trying to kill us.
He just has to stall us until the tunnel to the Demon World opens.
Amanuma: Bingo! Once that happens, I'll let you out of my territory.
We can play some more until then!

Page 17:
Itsuki: Things are going well.
I'm surprised by how much the power's increased.
It should only be about two hours now.

Page 18:
Itsuki: Look behind me, Shinobu.
The strongest of the Demon World are being drawn to our beacon.

Page 19:
Sensui: This move should end around then.
I expect your answer by then, Kuwabara-kun.

Kuwabara: Pfft!
I'll die before I help you.

Gourmet: Sensui-san, I really think I should eat him.
He's definitely not gonna help us.

Sensui: There's only two hours left.
Take it easy.
Itsuki: Indeed.

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