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Fullmetal Alchemist 70

Fullmetal Alchemist 70

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Apr 10, 2007 17:44 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 70

NOTE: The volume 16 tank scan has come out and the Crimson Alchemist has earned a slot in the "English names" roster. From now on I'll be using "Solf J. Kimblee" to stay consistent with the manga. For those of you wondering, "Solf" is a German name and is indeed pronounced "Zolf".

This is now safe for scanning! All my edits are done. I have given up on the automail techno babble, maybe a better raw will enable me to see them more clearly. Not like it's that important anyway :P

Page 1:
SFX: Loooooooooooooooooom

Winry: These guys are so stiff-looking...
I hope whoever's picking me up gets here soon.

SFX: Blink


Page 2:
Kimblee: My apologies for making you wait.
I am Solf J. Kimblee.

Is this your bag? Please, allow me to get it for you.
Winry: Oh!
Thank you!

Kimblee: You're from Risenbool, aren't you Miss Rockbell?
SFX: Vroooom

Winry: How'd you know?
Kimblee: His excellency the Fuhrer informed me.
SFX: Gata gata gata

Kimblee: Miss...
The husband and wife doctors who perished in Ishval were you parents, correct?

Page 3:
Winry: Yes...

Kimblee: Their bodies were found by my squad.
Winry: Huh?!

Kimblee: We got there a moment too late.
When we arrived at the scene, that Ishvalan had already...

Winry: I see...

Kimblee: They were honorable doctors who upheld their oaths to assist those in need until the very end.

Page 4:
Kimblee: We found them
carrying a picture of themselves holding a pretty young girl. It was obviously very important to them.

That must have been you.
SFX: Smile

Kimblee: I'm honored to meet you, Winry Rockbell.

Title: The original homunculus

Page 5:
Winry: You should've told me you were headed up here!
Ed: We didn't have time. We were in a hurry.
Winry: You're ALWAYS in a hurry!

And why were you in prison?
If you did something bad, just admit it.
Ed: Ehh...well...a lot's happened...

Kimblee: It was a simple misunderstanding.

Page 6:
Kimblee: There's nothing to worry about, Miss Rockbell.
The Fullmetal Alchemist will be released presently.
There are just a few procedures we must go through first.

Winry: Really?
Thank you so much, Mr. Kimblee!

Kimblee: My pleasure.
Winry: Keep an eye on him and his brother, okay?

Ed: Psst.
SFX: Tug tug

Ed: Don't get too friendly with Kimblee.
Winry: Huh? How come? He's a nice guy and a real gentleman,
plus he was so sweet to talk to me about my parents.

Ed: He's no gentleman...
what he did in Ishval was-
SFX: Blink

Page 7:
Hawkeye: I can only tell you what I know.

Ed: What she knows...right...
I only know what Lt. Hawkeye saw...

Hawkeye: You love Winry, don't you?
Don't you?
Don't you?
Don't you!
Ed: ERP!

ED: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! (Small text: I remembered too much!)
Winry: What the hell are you doing?! I'm trying to overhaul your automail!

Ed: Calm down! I order you to calm down, Edward Elric!
SFX: Haaaa, haaa, haaaa

Ed: Focus on something else! Anything else! Concentrate!

SFX: Criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
Winry: Is your brain broken or something?

Page 8:
Ed: Chrome manganese iron cobalt nickel copper gallium germanium arsenic selenium bromine kry-
SFX: Shiver
Winry: He's gone.

SFX: Sheesh
Winry: Why am I in love this weirdo?

Ed: Hmm? You say something?
Winry: Nope.

SFX: Crank

Damn you...
you gotta warn me when you're gonna connect the nerves...
Winry: All right, let's do your leg.

Page 9:
SFX: swish swish
Ed: Wow...

It's so light!
Sfx: swish swish

Ed: This makes me kinda nervous.
Is it really gonna be durable enough?

Winry: Yep.
Overall, It's not as strong as the last one, but I reinforced all the important joints and areas.

If you're worried I can fit you with some shin guards
and some new boots.
Ed (small text): Naah.

SFX: Nng
Buccaneer: Nng?
Ed: Hey.vee

Page 10:
Bucc: Why did they let you out?
SFX: Shrug

Ed: Dunno.
Another example of a State Alchemist's influence, I guess.
SFX: Shrug

Bucc: Hmph! I see you're equipped for frigid weather now.
Ed: Looks like you changed equipment yourself.

Bucc: BWAHA!
Behold, the M-90 "MAD BEAR GRADE" Automail, for use in light fighting!
This is definitely the BEST automail for me!

Winry: Wow, cool! It's fitted with claws!
Ooh! Are they diamond-tipped?!
Ed, let me put some on you!
Ed: Hell no.
Kimblee: I don't blame you.
Kimblee SFX: Hrmmm..
Bucc SFX: Huhu

Page 11:
Bucc: Nngwhat?
Fullmetal, this is your mechanic?
This beautiful young lady?

Mechanic: Awww, she's adorable!


Ed: What the fuck?!
Bucc: You piss me off...
SFX: Grumble grumble...

Ed: Dick.
Winry: Northern engineering is so awesome!

Mechanic: Wanna check out my workshop?
Winry: Yes! Lemme see, please!
Ed: Hey!!

Page 12:
Winry: What's wrong?
Ed: Uhh...
Just don't get carried away.

There's a lot of dangerous stuff in the fort.

Winry: Gotcha.

I planned to learn a little about frigid weather automail after I finished working on you...

Who knows when I'll have another chance to see northern engineering in action?

Page 13 [use a small font for this :P]:
Mechanic: You can't use a light metal for the teeth.
Winry: ~~~~~~the arms~~~~~~levelled~~

I tried a bunch of alloys but Varitech makes the best stuff.
~~glass~~~~~~~combined with~~~~
~~~~~carbon steel~~~~strongest~~~

SFX: Scribble

Kimblee: She's so passionate about her work...just like her parents.
I love girls like her.

Ed: You old...
Kimblee: Oh, relax.
I'm not a pedophile, for Pete's sake.

Now then.
Thanks to Miss Rockbell, your maintenance is finished and you're no longer in danger up here.
SFX: Tak

Page 14:
Kimblee: Which means I can relax, too.

I need to talk to you about work,
Fullmetal Alchemist.

Page 15:
Al: Ummm....
Why haven't I been let out yet?

Guard: Kimblee's orders.
We've only been authorized to release the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Al: Shit...they're trying to keep us separated...
The Fuhrer didn't just bring Winry up here to keep us in line...he wants to make it clear that her life is in his hands.

Page 16:
Al: Which means he wants to keep tabs on us.
I can't rush this...
gotta wait for my chance...

SFX: Bong bong

Henshel: The recon team had three days worth of rations.

It's been almost a week now...

Olivia: It's going to be close...

Page 17:
Soldier: They could have eaten their horses.
Henshel: I'm more worried about their state of mind.

A week alone in complete darkness could make anyone crazy.

Olivia: I have faith that their nerves are strong enough.

Soldier: I'm taking along the wireless comm equipment, but don't expect too much.
Theirs didn't work.

Olivia: Would you rather run a cable?
Soldier: No.
We can't have whatever's down there follow it back to the base.

Bucc: Major General Armstrong.

Page 18:
Bucc: We have absolutely no idea what to expect down there.

If we don't return within 24 hours,
I request that you forget about us.

Assume we are dead and seal the hole!
SFX: Creeeeeee

Olivia: I will.
You have my word.

SFX: Creeeeeeeeeeak

SFX: Klong

Page 19:
Olivia: Everyone listen up.

I did what I did to General Raven by myself.
None of you saw anything, none of you heard anything.

If anyone finds out, I'll assume responsibility.
And I want you all to forget about me.

Tankee: Aye, ma'am.
Soldier: Roger that.

Page 20:
Bucc: This way.

SFX: Gulp

Bucc: Let's move out.

Page 21:
Mustang: Is that so?
Things must be getting dangerous up north, too.

Woman: Yessir.
You guys gotta take the lead now.
That's why I got in touch with you as soon as I could.

Mustang: The soldiers in Briggs are as capable as they come. Wouldn't they be fine without the Eastern HQ joining in?

Woman: Nope.

Briggs is a highly specialized defensive force.
Some say "He who strikes first wins the battle", but that only works when you have an unstoppable offense AND an impenetrable defense.

Combining Briggs' defense with the East Army's superior attack units would be the ultimate combination.

At least according to Madame Olivia, anyway.

Page 22:
Mustang: True...
The Northern and Eastern forces have trained together many times...and they put us through hell.

As usual,
The North Wall of Briggs has an excellent grasp on the limits of her abilities.

And she chose ME as her tag-team partner! How great is that?
SFX: Hahaha
Woman: Nah, she only wants your army.
She'd rather you just disappear.
SFX: Mwaha

Mustang: Ohhh yeah.
Woman: Here ya go.
All your flowers are wrapped up.

Mustang: One last thing...What would she have done if I'd sold her out to the Fuhrer?

Woman: She said,
"That'll never happen. Mustang's not that type of man."

That'll be 35,200 Cenz, please.

Page 23:
Mustang: I'm honored.
Oh, Ma'am.
Who exactly are you?

Lady: Just an old lady who runs a flower shop and has served the Armstrongs for a couple generations.
Thanks for your patronage!

Mustang: Hughes...
I guess in the end, the only people who really understand and support you are always connected to your fellow soldiers.

Now then...

Page 24:
Mustand: What the heck do I do with these all flowers?
SFX: Rustle
Women: What's WITH that guy?
What a dork.

SFX: Step step

Step Step

Soldier: Ugh-

Man, that stinks...
Henshel: Look.

Just like Smith's arm.
Whatever did this can even take chunks out solid metal.

Page 25:
Henshel: Damnit, this is not good...
Bucc: Stay alert.
Our enemies may be down here.

SFX: Clunk

Soldiers: Ah....

Page 26:
SFX: Yes!
Henshel: You're alive!
Soldier: Hii-
Henshel: Are you okay?
Look, it's me.

Soldier: Lieu...
Lieutenant Henshel?
Soldier B: Ohhh....oh....
we're...we're saved...

BG Soldier: Dim that lamp.
Henshel: I'm proud of you for surviving this long.
Thank heavens we came when we did.

Where are the others?
Soldier: U...

Soldier: The oth...
We were all fine when we came in...

S-stopped breathing...
all..t-torn apart...

Page 27:
Bucc: We'll have to carry them back.
Soldier: Yes sir.

Soldier: We...we have to get out of here!

It's going to come back...
No lights...
The darkness...


The darkness is coming!

Henshel: What do you mean, "it"?


Page 28:
SFX: Zozozozo
SoldieR: N-nooo!

SFX: Zozozozozo

Henshel: Calm down-
Get ahold of yourself!

Page 29:
Shadow/SFX: Zoru....

SFX: surusuru...
Henshel: Can you stand?


Henshel: Let's go.
Carry them if you have to.

Page 30:
SFX: Knock knock

SFX: Swing
Small bubble: Hello.
Hawkeye: Ugh, being the Fuhrer's bodyguard requires you to be way too stiff...my shoulders are killing me.
I'll never get used to this.

Page 31:
Mrs. Bradley: Who's there?
Hawkeye: Madame.

I apologize for intruding at this hour.
I am Lt. Hawkeye of the Furher's personal guard.

His excellency has requested I deliver some urgent documents.
Mrs. Bradley: Oh my! You're a dear to be working so late!

Hawkeye: He said he needed them by tomorrow.
Mrs. Bradley: I'm so sorry...I'm afraid my husband is out.

Tomorrow, was it?
Don't worry, I'll hold on to them.

Hawkeye: Thank you very much.

Page 32:


Mrs. Bradley: Salem, you're still up?
Hawkeye: Master...Salem?

Salem: Yeah!
I heard someone at the door and thought dad might be home.

Mrs. Bradley: Salem,
this is Lt. Hawkeye from the personal guard.
Salem: Hi Lt. Hawkeye!
Hawkeye: Greetings.

Page 33:
Salem: You're working late, huh?
Good job!

Hawkeye: Yes, we had some urgent documents to deliver.
I apologize for waking you.
I'll be leaving in a moment.

Salem: Already?
That stinks.

Jeeves: Come, young master, you need your rest.
We can't have you oversleeping, can we?
Salem: Aww, okay...

Mrs. Bradley: Salem loves his father so.
He wants to join the army as soon as he's old enough.

Hawkeye: He seems like a smart young man.
Mrs. Bradley: Hohoho...isn't he? He's my pride and joy.

Page 34:
Mrs. Bradley: If we were his birth parents, everyone would roll their eyes at us making such a fuss over him, but since he's adopted we can brag as much as we want!
Oh, would you listen to me!
SFX: Hohohohohoho!

Hawkeye: He must get his friendly personality for your relatives, then.
Mrs. Bradley: Oh, no, Salem takes after my husband's side.

Hawkeye: Oh...
Wasn't...he your relative's child?

Mrs. Bradley: No, dear.
He's the son of some distant relative of my husband.

Let's get out of this drafty hall.
Would you like to stay and have some tea until my husband returns?
Hawkeye: No, thank you...

Page 35:
Hawkeye: I'll be on my way now.
Mrs. Bradley: Oh? What a pity...

Hawkeye: The Colonel told me King Bradley grew up as a test subjest, isolated and alone in a lab.
SFX: Step step step

That's where he became a homunculus...
He doesn't have one single relative anywhere!
SFX: Step step step

Hawkeye: And that feeling I had earlier...
It was...
That boy...
SFX: Taktaktaktaktak

Page 36:
Salem: You figured it out, didn't you?

Oh, that mother of mine...
She just loves to talk.

Page 37:
Hawkeye: I sensed a strong bloodlust earlier...
I've felt it before,
but I couldn't remember where.

Now that it's behind me, though, I think I know.

It's the same sensation I got when the homunculus "Gluttony" stuck up on me.

Salem Bradley.
Who or what are you?

Page 38:
Salem: You're pretty brave to ask about my true form, Lt. Hawkeye.

And you're smart not to draw your gun.
Your arms cannot defeat me.

If you remain still, I won't attack.

Hawkeye: How kind of you.
So? Are you a homunculus, like Gluttony?

No, you can't be...this...pressure is so strong, it feels like I'm being suffocated.

Salem: Yes and no. I am the same as Gluttony...
but you'd be making a big mistake to put me on the same level as him.

Page 39:
Salem: I am the ORIGINAL homonculus.
My name is "Pride."

SFX: Zuruuu

Page 40:

Ed: Work?

What do you mean?

Kimblee: You need to do your job as a State Alchemist.

Ed: No.
SFX: Scooot

Ed: Of course, it doesn't matter what my answer is, does it?
Kimblee: No, it doesn't.

Page 41:
Kimblee: His excellency the Fuhrer has three instructions.
They all happen to require that you work with me.
Number one:

Find Scar, who is hiding somewhere up here.
You need only find him.
Killing him is my job.

Number two:
Find Doctor Marcoh, who is likely travelling with Scar.
Again, you need only find him.
I'll take it from there.

And lastly,
number three.

Page 42:
Kimblee: Take Briggs, and carve a bloody crest into it!
Text: The accursed plan is put into action!

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#1. by mugen ()
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thank you so much :wtf
and hopefully it will be done when I get back from work :jbya
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Thanks hisshou fast as always
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Thanks for starting a translation so fast, I'll probably be done cleaning when you finish translating.
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Awesome! I did not see that coming…
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Posted on Apr 11, 2007
they should make an award for translating and give it to you.
you have my vote.
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Quote by conan;360238:
they should make an award for translating and give it to you.
you have my vote.

quoted for truth
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Posted on Apr 11, 2007
thanks a lot, great job like always
#8. by ddadain ()
Posted on Apr 11, 2007

Almost finished?

dope... not even close o______o
#9. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Apr 11, 2007
Thx a lot Hisshou *0*

btw, what says the bottom text in page 42? n_n

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Nice job, you deserve a virtual cookie

*hands over 3 cookies*
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Thanks again
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Thanks for the translation:)
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thanks a lot for the great translation!!!
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thanx for the translation
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Thank you very much for the translation. It looked like that took a lot of work. Everyone is right...you should get some sort of award for all of this.

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thank you for the trans! :)
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big thx HisshouBuraiKen :D
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Thanx a lot Hisshou!! :amuse
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