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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 67

Full Metal Alchemist Chapter 67 Translation (100%)

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jan 11, 2007 04:00 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 67

Fixed some typos, now it's done.

Page 1:
SFX: Hyoooooooooo

Ed: Huaaaa
Eeeeesh, it's cold...
SFX: Clink

Ed: "Clink?"
Text: Ed's been cuffed!

Guard: Hey.

Page 2:
Al: Morning!
Ed: Ohhhhh....

Title: The Shape of the Country

Al: Any news?
Guard: Nope.
Captain Buccaneer and Lieutenant Falman went to investigate the

tunnel, but they're not back yet.

Major General Armstrong's still at the scene, too,
and Major Miles is at the hospital.
Ed: Why there?

Guard: Some alchemist named Kimbley's admitted there.
Apparently Scar stowed away on his train, and messed him up pretty bad.

Page 3:
Ed: Scar and the Crimson Alchemist were both headed north, too?

Guy: Giddiyap!

Miles: You're moving that...thing out of the sun, I see.
Grunt: Yes, sir.
At this time of year, the shade is like a natural freezer!

Where to, sir?

Miles: The hospital down at the foot of the mountain.
I've got a meeting.

Apparently Zolf J. Kimbley's been hospitalized.
Grunt: Isn't he-

Page 4:
Miles: Yeah.
The one who massacred more Ishvalans than anyone.

We didn't find Scar's body in the wrecked train cars, nor the man he was with.
It's likely they're hiding somewhere in the vicinity, yes?
Kimbley: Indeed.

Miles: Man, my plate's full enough as it is...
Now I have to search for Scar AND that black and white cat?

Got it.
You rest up, we'll handle Scar.

Kimbley: I'm afraid that won't work.
You're talking about doing my job for me.

Please call your men off.
All the Briggs troops need to do is guard the guard the base.

Page 5:
Kimbley: Ishvalans are MY prey.
We here at Briggs aren't dumb enough to let a mass-murderer roam free.

"Survival of the fittest" is the only law here.
[in case I haven't mentioned it: The Japanese way of saying "survival of the fittest" is a 4-kanji saying, "Jaku

Niku Kyou Shoku", literally meaning, "Weak Meat, Strong Eat". Pretty awesome.]

Miles: You get complacent for one second, and you die.
You got it?

You're a long way from home, Crimson.
I hear one peep from you and I yank out your lifeline.

Page 6:
Miles: Now then, since Briggs is being kind enough to take care of you,
stay in here and keep your mouth shut.
Step step step...

Kimbley: Hehe...
Ishvalans crack me up...

SFX: Knock knock
Heya, Kimbley!
I see you survived!

Kimbley: You're here early,
Lt. General Raven.
[Raven could be a Lt. General or a Vice Admiral...I think Amestris is landlocked so they probably don't have a
Navy, so I'm going with General]

Raven: I hoofed it up here as soon as I heard about last night.
You had me worried!

Page 7:
Kimbley: Worried...about this,

Raven: Very well, then.
Please finish your job.

Kimbley: I'm afraid I'm in no condition to...
Raven: Don't worry!
I've brought along a doctor who can use alchemy...
and with the stone,
getting you healed up will be a snap.

Page 8:
Soldier: Major General Armstrong!
The investigation team is back!

Olivia: How did it go?

Soldier 2: It's huge.
Really, really huge.

It's wide enough to fit a small brigade,
and it seems to go on forever.

Falman: We didn't made it to the end.
As he said, it seemed to go on forever, so we figured it was best to return before we went too far.

Buccaneer: We should send in another group to investigate.
This time with horses and a full set of supplies.

Page 9:
Olivia: Is the tunnel safe?
Soldier: The investigation team confirmed that it was structurally sound, at least up to where they stopped.

Olivia: All right, get horses for us,
and the Elric Brothers.
I want them coming, too.

Al: Wow...
Ed: This thing IS huge.
Still no sign of the end...

Page 10:
Olivia: This should do.
Ed: Huh?
Did you find something?

Olivia: Now.
We're completely alone. No one up there can hear or see you.
I'm ordering you to tell me EVERYTHING you know.
Every last detail.

No more secrets.
When I asked you about that giant,
you said, "Please, just understand."

Page 11:
Olivia: To me, asking for understanding is the same as asking for trust.
Normally, in a situation like that, such a vague answer would merit me killing you.
Yet you looked me dead in the eye and asked for me to trust you...

...that it's something worth risking your life to protect...

a hostage.

Page 12:
Olivia: No more bullshitting.
Tell the truth.

Ed: ...We messed with those unkillable freaks too much, and they finally found our weak spot.
It's our childhood friend...and my automail mechanic.
We need your help.

SFX: Plip
Horse: Pththththt
SFX: Crack crack

The Philosopher's Stone

Page 13:
King Bradley
The man called "Father"
Corruption in the highest levels of the military

SFX: Crack
Buccaneer: So they took hostages...
Olivia: His friend and Mustang's subordinates...

I know Hawkeye and Havok from the joint training missions I did at the Eastern HQ...
I'd be pissed too, if I lost them.
Wish I could do something...

Falman: What about Colonel Mustan-

Olivia: Yeah,
I could care less about HIM.

Page 14:
Olivia: Yes...
It'd be great if he'd lose his position...one less rival in my way...
Ed: Whoa.
Al: Good luck, Colonel.

Falman: But holding an innocent girl hostage is just despicable!
Olivia: Really?
I think it's a great technique to use against ultra-logical people like these two.
I might have done the same thing.

Anyways...now the problem is where to go from here?
What do you alchemists
make of this tunnel?

Page 15:
Ed: You got a map?
Falman: Mmhmm.
You want the one of Amestris or just this area?
Al: Amestris.
And a compass, too.

Ed: I knew it.
This tunnel didn't start in Drachma.
If my theory's correct, it's a circle encompassing the entire country.

Buccaneer: A circle?
Ed: In alchemy, the circle is a necessary component for controlling the flow of energy.

Page 16:
Ed: Now we need...
the equation.
Lt. Falman,
can you think of some major conflicts in the country that resulted in a lot of bloodshed?

Falman: Why do-
In July of 1558, there was one in Riviera.
Ed: Riviera...where else?

The riot in Cameron, October 1661.
The Soapman incident, February 1799.
That was in Fisk.

The Wellsley conflict, March 1811.
What else...in October of 1835, the was a border conflict northeast of the original southern HQ, which is South

City now.
And there's been fighting south of Fortsett over the new southern HQ since May of 1911.

Ed: How about the western section, near Pendleton?
Falman: Another border dispute.
It's really bad, a lot of soldiers have died there already.

Page 17:
Falman: ...And in 1914
the violence in Reole.
Many casualties.

Ed: After I exposed the church's plot there, I sent a report to the Eastern HQ before things got out of hand,

Falman: Yeah.

Our troops moved in right away and quelled the violence immediately.
Al: Then what happened?!

Falman: Central pulled rank on us and took over the operations there!

Page 18:
Falman: Things in Reole didn't get bad until the troops from Central came and kicked us out.
I've heard they ignored the rebellion and...and basically shirked their duties as soldiers.

Ed: Damnit...damnit!
Olivia: Continue drawing the map, Fullmetal.
Feeling guilty won't get us anywhere,
and I'm not about to sit around consoling you.

Ed: All right...
Now I'll connect the points...

Page 19:
Falman: No...
It's the same transmutation circle found underneath the 5th Research Lab!

Buccaneer: The one that uses human lives to make a Philosopher's Stone?!
Do they realize how many people would be killed if they activated a circle that big?!

Page 20:
Marco: Envy once said to me, "We're using this country to make a Philosopher's Stone."
He...laughed about it...
"I'm jealous! Your job's gonna be fun!"

And I told Edward, "You can do it...find the truth behind the truth."
"The truth" being that living humans are the main component of the Philosopher's Stone.
"Behind the truth" being my pupils whom I passed that knowledge on to.
And "The truth behind the truth" was the construction of a giant transmutation circle encompassing the whole


But...there's something beyond that...

Page 21:
Marcoh: May...I need your help.
We have to combine what I know with your knowledge of Rentanjutsu and decipher these documents.
May: Okay!

Ed/Marcoh: Yes...
There's something more!

Falman: MORE?!
What else could there be?

Ed: Well, for starters, them calling us "sacrifices"...

The oldest incident's the one on in Riviera, eight?
SFX: tap tap
Olivia: That was...right after Amestris was formed.

Page 22:
Olivia: We attacked Riviera, which was its own country back then, without even declaring war on them.
Falman: These...
Every one of these events can be connected to the military!

Falman: All coup d'etats or civil wars...
Same thing in Reole,
after that church was exposed, things should've quieted down, but the Central forces came in and made it worse!

Ed: It all started after Amestris was formed!

Olivia: Our country started out very small, but we continually annexed or conquered small neighboring countries and

expanded our borders.
And now it's just big enough
for that circle.

Page 23:
Olivia: They're not USING Amestris to carry out their plan...
they CREATED it from nothing in order to do it!

Buccaneer: So they decided a military nation would be best...
and simply decided on Amestris?

Olivia: Seems so.
And we've been playing right along.

Falman: The whole country's like a game board to them...

Al: ...Lt. Colonel Hughes!
Ed: Yeah.
He saw the circle being formed by all the violence,
AND since he had a desk job in the same building where they have strategy meetings, he had access to more resources

than anyone else.

Al: He realized something had been going on ever since the country was formed...before any of us.

Page 24:
Ed: Damnit...
SFX: Snap

Envy: The only reason this country survived is because of US!

Ed: Damn them!

Olivia: I don't like it...
I don't like it at all!

Ed: Follow the line...there's only one key point where there hasn't been any bloodshed...
Here, at Fort Briggs!

Olivia: Those sons of bitches in Central...they're gonna try and use my castle for their plans?!

SFX: Clop clop

Buccaneer: Nng?
A messenger?

Page 25:
Messenger: General, please return to the base immediately.
Buccaneer: Something happen?

Messenger: Lt. General Raven from Central has arrived and wishes to meet!
[Don't get confused by the major/lieutenant thing here - in this case, Raven outranks Olivia]

Olivia: They couldn't even give us a second to think something up.
Buccaneer: Why has he come?

Olivia: I wonder...

Ed: Major General Armstrong.
I respect your courage.
I've got a plan, but you're the only one who can do it.
Are you willing to bare your sword against Lt. General Raven?

Page 26:
Miles: If it isn't Lt. General Raven!
My apologies for the wait, sir.
I'm sure Major General Armstrong will be back soon.

Raven: Oh, don't worry.
It's my fault for not giving advance notice.

Miles: What brings you here, sir?
Raven: Oh, not much. I'm up here on another assignment and felt I should drop in and say hi.
Nothing formal.
Oh, yes!
I almost forgot!
I brought someone with me.
Would you mind showing him around the base, Major Miles?

Page 27:
Kimbley: Greetings, Major Miles.
I believe you were the kind soul who took care of me earlier, yes?
Olivia: I apologize for taking so long, General.
We were attacked from underground yesterday.
Raven: Attacked?

Olivia: We managed to repel it, but...well...it was no ordinary enemy. For lack of a better term, I'd call it a

freakish monster.
Raven: A monster?

Olivia: No matter how many times we killed it, it wouldn't stay dead.
Raven: Really now?
Sounds quite-

Page 28:
Olivia: I believe it was some kind of new bio-soldier the Drachmans developed.
The Elric Brothers-
Raven: Elric brothers?

Olivia: The Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother arrived on that same day.
The attack came a few hours after they arrived.

I think they know something, but they refuse to talk.

And since State Alchemists work directly for the Fuhrer, it would present a massive problem if they'd become

Drachman spies. So for now, we've got the locked up.
Might I ask you to look into the matter?

Raven: Hmm,
I suppose.

They won't say anything?
Olivia: No.
They're especially stubborn when it comes to the bio-soldier.

Page 29:
Olivia: Their purpose for coming here, and their researching transmuting living things...
Combine that with their lack of respect for rank, and you can't blame me for being suspicious.

I can't let a couple of traitors walk freely about my base...I'm afraid they're leaving me with no choice but to

torture them.
The problem is...I'm still a woman.
I don't think I can handle torturing a couple of children.

Buccaneer: Hehe...yeah, right!
She's an ice queen who wouldn't flinch if you froze her heart solid!

Raven: Ghahahahaha!
Whod've thought the impregnable "North Wall of Briggs" would have a soft spot for kids!
Small text: Tee hee

Olivia: Well, many women my age already have a child or two...
Unfortunately, it's too late for me...

Page 30:
Raven: Oh, stop.
You're still young enough to settle down.

Olivia: Yes, well...

To be honest...
I don't want to get old.

The very thought chills me to the bone.

But that Drachman bio-soldier...
it was so intriguing.

An immortal body...
it's like something out of a dream, isn't it?

Raven: What would you say if I told you,
that the day immortality ceases to be a dream is near?

How about, it, General?

Page 31:
Raven: Would you be interested in seeing a TRULY immortal army?
Ed/Al: Gotcha!!

Marcoh: I still don't understand this "Lifestream" concept.
May: Hmmmm...Well...
The Earth actually has its own "spirit".
Marcoh: Earth..."spirit"?
May: It's the power that guides water from a mountain's summit down its slopes to nourish the earth at the bottom.

Page 32:
May: The power of a river flowing across the land...or something like that!
If you understand the flow of that power and where its "entrances" and "exits" are...
you can send "ride" the flow and transmute something far away.
Sfx: Bzzt

May: You can use that power to affect anything!

Marcoh: Amazing...
When you say "anything", that includes human bodies, correct?
May: Yes!

That part's easy to understand...
SFX: poke

It felt like you just zapped me with electricity all the way to my toes!

Page 33:
May: Dr. Marcoh, you need to take better care of your back!
The flow of energy in your body's all backed up!
SFX: pat
Marcoh: Heh...that's what happens at my age...
my body's falling apart...

May: Oh yeah, and if you poke the neck right here...
Marcoh: MY EYES!
Why does poking the neck send a shock through your EYES!
SFX: Owowowowow

Marcoh: I get it...
that's the basis of long-distance transmutation.

May: Alchemists don't use the Lifestream at all, huh?
Marcoh: No...we used the energy in the Earth's crust.

May: The crust...

Marcoh: Changes in the Earth's crust produce enormous amounts of energy, the kind that cause earthquakes
or volcanic eruptions. The alchemists in this country harness that energy for their transmutations.

Stick-figure alchemist: Hoo-ha!

Page 34:
Marcoh: The basic equation for using that energy was discovered over 350 years ago.
The legends say someone called "The Eastern Philosopher" discovered and taught that equation to the world...
That's just a legend, though...

May: I don't think that's it...
Marcoh: Hmm?

May: I've felt uncomfortable ever since I came to this country...
it was so strong in the Central sewers...
The energy I felt under my feet...it felt like...
like people writing in agony...

Page 35:
Hoenheim: [including the small bubbles]

I'm sorry...
I need to use you.


Page 36:
Drip drop
Splash splash

Text: What is Hoenheim using these...souls...for?

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You're great as ever. thank you for your hard work.
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Thanks for the trans, this chapter is so interesting.
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