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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Yu Yu Hakusho 7

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Volume 18 Chapter 7

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on May 2, 2008 02:22 | Go to Yu Yu Hakusho

-> RTS Page for Yu Yu Hakusho 7

Getting there! Again, we're entering territory where you'll see little exchanges and expositions not seen in the manga, like just WHY Yomi caved when Kurama turned on him, as seen below. Enjoy!

Page 1:
Boxes: In the end, Yomi had to accept Yuusuke's proposal. The reasons were twofold - Kurama staged his revolt at almost
the exact moment Mukuro and her main forces heard of Yuusuke's idea.

Of course, Yomi could have killed Yuusuke, Kurama, and the other 6 by himself, but would have expended at LEAST one-third
of his energy to do so. Mukuro would have then taken advantage of his weakened state, and all would be lost. Yomi had no

Title: Visitors

Yomi: I left Mukuro's spy bugs alone to control what information she had...and now I'm paying for it.
Box: Mukuro's agreeing with Yuusuke and announcing the dissolution of her army just added insult to injury.

Yomi: Urameshi Yuusuke...
What a peculiar man.
SFX: SHaaaaaa

Yomi: Not only does he take the risk of rejecting MY friendship, others join him because of it.
It was like wanted to fight on principle...I never would've expected it.

Page 2:
Box: In a mere 12 hours, news of Raizen's death and the dissolution of Yomi and Mukuro's nations had spread to the farthest
corners of the Demon World...

Title: Visitors

Page 3:
Box: ...As did word of the tournament that would affect everyone in it.

Page 4:
Banner: Tournament Signup Desk A-2
Smaller Text: Feel free to join!

Small below-panel text: They get paid 700 Markers/Hour

Guy 1: Man, no one's showing up.
It's been a week since they announced this tournament, and the only people are Mukuro and a few of her guys.

Guy 2: Well, yeah, the only real fight's gonna be between Mukuro and Yomi-sama.
Anyone else who joins is an idiot with a death wish.

Everyone's waiting to see whether Mukuro or Yomi-sama prevails...
they don't wanna risk pissing either one of them off.

Page 5:
Boxes: Yomi quickly proclaimed the was recruiting fighters in Gandara, and formally dissolved his nation.
Many other countries he had conquered still resented Yomi, but no one held such a grudge that they entered to oppose him.

Nearly everyone in the Demon World was terrified of Yomi's and Mukuro's powers.

Yomi: I DO believe that you simply wanted to "slug things out", Urameshi Yuusuke...but in the end, this, too, is all about
Box: Yomi agreed to enter on the condition that the tournament not take place until 100 days after the announcement and the
dissolution of their nations - Yuusuke and Mukuro both agreed to this.

White text: Currently, there are 107 entrants. Yomi and 14 of his subordinates, Mukuro and her 77 soldiers (including
Hiei), and Yuusuke, Touou, Hokushin, Seizan and Nankai.

Only 93 days to go...

Page 6:
Youda: Yomi-sama...your son, Shura-sama,

Youda: Will awake in another two or three days.

Page 7:
Yomi: We have precious little time...his battle education is to begin the moment he opens his eyes.
What is Shura's total Demon Power now?

Youda: Over 80,000 points!
I can't even imagine what it will be when he's an adult.

Yomi: He's my secret weapon in all this.

If I can get Shura's power level over 500,000 by the tournament, there's no way I can lose.
You were right, Kurama...everything will depend on the No. 2 man.

Page 8:
Yuusuke: ...Seriously, quit staring at me.
Raizen left me in charge, so I'm doing things MY way!

Monk: It's too late to back out.
Hokushin: Our problem now is this tournament.

We four are comparatively weak, so we have to work together.
A stroke of bad luck may pit us against each other, so we should decide now who'll win.

Page 9:
Yuusuke: Hey, what the hell! You can't throw your fights, that's cheating!
Hokushin: It's STRATEGY.

You don't honestly think Mukuro and Yomi are actually going to give up everything they've won, do you?
They're sure to have their own plans and strategies for this tournament, too.

Yuusuke: ...Okay, yes, I trust Yomi about as far as I can throw him.
But Mukuro's taking it seriously.

Mukuro: Throw that an Raizen's grave for me.

And call him a "fuckhead" while you're there.

Page 10:
Monk: At any rate, we want to do what we can to help you win.
Hokushin: We do it of our own free will. You have nothing to complain about.

Yuusuke: Maaaaaaan, this isn't what I wanted...
You guys suck.
SFX: Maaaaaaaan


Yuusuke: Wh-
Hokushin: What the-
All SFX: Yiiiiii

Page 11: N/A

Page 12:
Yuusuke: Who're you guys?

Kokou: We heard Raizen died, so we hauled ass from way out in the countryside.
Enki: I'm Enki, and this is my wife, Kokou.

Hokushin: How do you two know our late king?
Enki: The three of us go way back...old fighting partners.

Of course, we fought AGAINST each other as much as we fought ALONGSIDE each other...We were tough, but nowhere on his
If Mukuro or Yomi had been around back then, they'd've wet their pants and ran home trying.
Kokou: Yeah, until that human bitch took his balls away!

Does he have any IDEA how pissed I got?! I'd been chasing him for years! *hic*
I got so desperate, I ended up with this bum...
Ahh well... *hic* he takes good care of me...

Enki: Forgive her, she's been drinking...a LOT.

Page 13:
Kokou: WHY! It's not *hic* faaaaair ! I never even beat you ONCE!
YOU PROMISED! You said I could come fight you ANY TIME!
All SFX: *hic* WAAAAH

Enki: And she said she wouldn't cry...

When we all heard Razien'd given up fighting and eating humans,
everyone was so infuriated that we refused to patch things up.

The wind was take out of our sails, so to speak...eventually we gave up on fighting and settled down.
Who knew he was so concerned with the Demon World's future?
He kept it all to himself.

Page 14:
Visitors: EXCUSE US!
Yuusuke: Ack, again?
Enki: Ah, I figured they'd be coming by soon.

Would you mind seeing them in? They're more of Raizen's old fighting pals.
They all loved him very much.

I could tell you were his son straight away.
Yuusuke: You COULD?!

Enki: You're the spitting image of him...you probably don't see it yourself, though.

Page 15:
Yuusuke: Hokushin.
Hokushin: Yes?

Yuusuke: The only interaction I had with Raizen this year was my ass interacting with his foot.
I can honestly say I've never considered him any kind of father.

But this makes me happy.

Really, really happy.

Enki: Okay everyone, enough jibber-jabbering.
I believe there was another reason we've all gathered here?

Page 16:
Kokou: Hey, Raizen's kid! We're entering the tournament, too!
If we end up fighting, I won't pull any punches, either. Don't blame me if you get slaughtered!

Same goes for you, babe. I'll hit you with everything I've got!
Enki: Good! Love and war are two completely different things, after all!

Let's work out all this grief for Raizen with a wild-ass tournament!
Everyone: YEAH!

Someone: It's been a while since we've done any fighting.
Let's charge up our full power and knock off the rust!

Page 17:
Everyone: GO!


Page 18:

Yuusuke: Holy shit!
Hahahaha! Holy SHIT!

Youda: It's coming from Raizen's country! Multiple sources!
The needle has snapped off, the power level is incalculable!

Yomi: Th-this is impossible! Each individual one is as strong as me...maybe more!
I never planned for this...How could anyone be this strong and not be trying to seize power?!

And yet why...why do I feel excited?! Yomi...is your old blood being stirred again?
Are you seriously considering abandoning strategy to test your own individual might?!

Page 19:
Youda: Yomi-sama!
Shura-sama is...!

Shura: Hee

Yomi: Shura...you feel the same way too, don't you?

Youda, you're relieved of your duties. Do as you will.
There's no longer any way to know who'll win.

Youda: Y-...you're don't mean...
You're actually going to give up your nation and enter the tournament?!

Yomi: I choose to walk the fool's path, too.

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#1. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on May 2, 2008
Yeah!! Thanks very much for the trans! I eagerly await Crayola's scan~ (though if you aren't in contact with him, he might not check for a while, since there's no WSJ and therefore no Eyeshield 21 this week)

Wow, I just read it, and THIS is the kind of thing that YYH is all about! Yomi's finally come around and shown some fighting spirit!!
#2. by Crayola ()
Posted on May 2, 2008
thanks, i'll try and do it this week if i have time, I have a lotta other tankoban projects taht I've left on the abckburner for too long
#3. by thiagojoe ()
Posted on May 2, 2008
Quote by Crayola;848742:
thanks, i'll try and do it this week if i have time, I have a lotta other tankoban projects taht I've left on the abckburner for too long
thanks both of you, your work is great!!!! i am also waiting for the chapter, but i'm not desperate... a week or two won't be long.
i haven't watched the anime, but is it too different from the manga at this point or it's just some details???
#4. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on May 2, 2008
At this point, it's just some details, but about 80% of the next (and last) volume is stuff not seen at all in the anime.
#5. by noonethere ()
Posted on May 2, 2008
#6. by Crayola ()
Posted on May 2, 2008
working on a scan now, expect it out today probably since there's no Jump this week
#7. by kusiobache ()
Posted on May 3, 2008
thx, just waiting for it to spin off from the anime which ive watched atleast 5 times

its series like these that i wish just went on forever
#8. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on May 8, 2008
Quote by Crayola;849287:
working on a scan now, expect it out today probably since there's no Jump this week

Sweet. How many downloads have the releases been getting, anyways?

Quote by kusiobache;849665:
thx, just waiting for it to spin off from the anime which ive watched atleast 5 times
its series like these that i wish just went on forever

I feel you, but YYH ended at a good point IMO - before it got too long and drawn out. The last 6 chapters or so (IIRC) are the non-anime stuff, and I'm almost done with 18-8. 18-9 is the last chapter in that volume, and I believe the whole tournament thing is wrapped up in 19-2. So stay tuned! I'm actually getting kinda motivated on YYH again now that the end is in sight, and will probably have it all done by July.

I think it's really funny how Togashi just doesn't bother to draw 1/3 of the panels, replacing it with stuff like a black background and some kinda burst-thing representing someone yelling.
#9. by Crayola ()
Posted on May 8, 2008
Generally seems like 2000-3000 downloads the week of the release
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