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Yu Yu Hakusho 7

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Volume 19 Chapter 7

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Nov 1, 2008 18:18 | Go to Yu Yu Hakusho

-> RTS Page for Yu Yu Hakusho 7

Just one more to go. Enjoy the gang's final adventure :D
Page 1:
Yuusuke: The Gates of Judgment have been taken over?!
And they've taken Koenma, Botan and 100 others hostage?!
Title: Do or Die

Yuusuke: Why?
SDF: Religious terrorism.

The armed church of the True Disciples.

PA: We have two demands! The removal of all demons from the human world, and the re-creation of the barrier!
If our demands are not met in 24 hours, we will kill one hostage every minute!

If they are still not met after an additional hour...

Page 2:
Title: Do or Die
PA: We will fire the Interdimensional Laser at the Human World!

Page 3:
Yuusuke: Interdimensional Laser?!
SDF: A relic from a bygone era created as an offering to God.

Atsuko: I had no idea there were conflicting religions in the SPIRIT WORLD.
SDF: Yes, even today there are those who belive they are instruments of God's will.

Realize that the Spirit World is not Heaven. It is simply a place the soul goes to when it leaves the physical body.
But to these people, the resident's of the Demon World aren't merely creatures of another species - they're the spawn of the Devil.

They believe they are on a holy mission from God to purify the human world. The True Disciples follow the most extremist version of their teachings.
...Then again, what is now a faction was once the mainstream sect. Every thousand years, they would use the Earth's energy to power the Interdimensional Laser or some other catastrophic weapon and,
as they put it, "pass judgment" on the Human World, "purifying it" for another ten centuries.

Page 4:
Koenma: If you're going to kill anyone, kill me first.
The tide won't change, though, with or without us.

Ootake: One of our comrades said something similar a long time ago.
But now you so-called "Centrists" have been replaced, haven't you?

Guy: Ootake.
Ootake: Sir!
Guy: Begin charging the Interdimensional Laser's energy reserves.

Yuusuke: They've got this "Interdimensional Laser" in a hangar below the Gates?!
SDF: We assumed it had been completely dismantled.
Apparently they had a number of followers hidden in engineering and supervisory positions.
SFX: Rrrrrruuuuuumble...

SDF: Lord Enma's dismissal, the drastic changes in our system...it's made many of the Spirit World inhabitants uneasy.
This is the opportunity they've been praying for.

Page 5:
SFX: Rrrrrrrrummmble...
Yuusuke: She said the Earth's "Ki" is growing unsettled...

Enki: 24 hours puts me in a tight spot, but I'll see if I can't get all the Demons in your world to come back.
Yuusuke: But that's exactly what they want.
If their revolution succeeds we'll be right back where we started.
Enki: Even if it IS one of their demands, I'd like to reduce the chance of casualties any way I can.

Yuusuke: Well, I'll try and take care of this within 24 hours, but I need a favor from you.
Enki: Oh, of course, anything you want.

Yuusuke: There's about 30 of them in there. If they didn't have hostages, I could handle this alone, but...
Enki: I wish I could go with you, but I've been working like a dog and my back's been acting up.
Yuusuke: Hahaha! Take it easy man, at your age you gotta be careful.

Anyways, I wanna get the gang back together, but we're one man short.
Can you use your presidential powers to MAKE him come along?

Page 6:
Kuwabara SFX: He he he he
Kuwabara: Awww yeah, I am PUMPED!
Hiei: I will win the next tournament if it's the LAST THING I do.

SDF: I'll alert the Spirit World. You four separate your souls from your bodies.
Yuusuke: We can't do that on COMMAND!

Kurama: It's like being awake and asleep at the same time, you'll get used to it right away.
SFX: Slip
Hiei: Hurry up, I thought we were short on time.
Yuusuke: They're FAST.

SDF: All you need do is fall asleep. I will only wake your soul up.
Kuwabara: That's easy to say, but I'm too worked up to fall asleep.

Yuusuke: Yeah, and I just got up.
Small bubble: Hm?

Page 7:
Yuusuke: You stupid old bitch, you're gonna get it when I come back!

SDF: This is a map of the building. The only entrance is the main door.
If we destroy the outer walls or approach from the sky, the alarm will sound.

PA: Ten hours remaining!
Yuusuke: We really need to know their exact numbers and locations.

Hiei: There's 33 of them.
SDF: The True Disciples consider 3 to be a holy number.

Hiei: 13 of the enemies are guarding the hostages in a meeting room on the 5th floor. The other 20 are split up into 10 pairs, each standing guard in a different location. They've got gas masks, night vision goggles and guns.
They're constantly checking in with each other via walkie-talkie, and they've got security cameras keeping an eye on each area.

Page 8:
Hiei: I say we give up. It'd be quicker to just order headstones for the hostages.
Yuusuke: What's the plan, Kurama?
Kurama: If the hostages are our priority, a direct attack is out.

Kurama: We need to take control of the monitor room...it's located here.
Yuusuke: There's two of 'em guarding the door.

Any way we can knock out their security system?
Kurama: Nope...the cabling is all inside.
And if we input the wrong code, the alarm will go off.

Kuwabara: First we need to figure out a way to sneak in undetected.
Hiei: That's why I said we should give up.

Kuwabara: Why don't you try and THINK of something!
Hiei: Why don't YOU?
Yuusuke: Guys, PLEASE.

PA: Nine hours remaining!
Guard: Main gate, what's your status?

Guard2: All clear.

Guard3: Front hall, all clear.

Ootake: Monitor shows we're all clear.
Guard4: Mmhmm.

Page 9:
Kurama: The meeting room monitor changes to a different camera every .5 seconds. After it shows the feed from camera A, we have exactly 5 seconds before its shown again.
In other words, we need to switch places with the security room guards in less than 5 seconds.

Kuwabara: We can take them out in about a second,
but how are we gonna get IN there?

Kurama: That's where YOU come in, Kuwabara-kun.
Kuwabara: ME? You don't mean the Jigen-Tou?!

Hold up, it ain't just a door to anywhere!
If we're LUCKY we'll end up somewhere inside the building, all right?! Actually, I dunno if I'll even be able to form it right away...

Hiei: Hang on, they're saying something...the Interdimensional Laser's being aimed at Sarayashiki.
Kuwabara: Whaaaaaat?!

Hiei: I guess it makes sense from their point of view. It's Yuusuke's fault that the barrier went down, they probably think he's the devil at this point.
If they fire at the city, it'll wipe out everything within a 50 kilometer radius.

Yukina: Please, be carefully...
SFX: Babum

Kuwabara: LET'S GO, TEAM!
Yuusuke: What a guy.
Kurama: Lying is a means to an end, eh?
Hiei: Fools and scissors are both sharp when handled right.

Page 10:
[All kanji after the numbers should be changed to "s"]
Panel 1 Text: Mission start

Panel 2 Text: Knock out guards
Kurama steals key and enters room
Text right of panel: Costumes provided by the SDF

Panel 3 Text: Yuusuke - Kuwabara

Panel 4 Text: Hiei naps

Page 11:
Guard: Control room door, what's your status?

Yuusuke: All clear.

Ootake: Monitor shows we're all clear.

Yuusuke: How much longer, Kurama?
Kurama: Almost got it...

Okay. I've got the monitor showing a loop of the cameras, but it will only play for about two hours.
Yuusuke: All right! Let's split up and take out the rest of the guards!

Walkie-talkie: Front hall, what's your status?
Parrot grass: All clear.
Box: Parrot Grass
Yuusuke: On to the next...

Okay, all the guards are toast.
Professor Kuwabara, can you stop the Interdimensional Laser?
Kuwabara: It says RIGHT HERE that if you try to dismantle it, it'll self-destruct.
Small text: You tryin' to make fun of me?

Kuwabara: There're three main buttons, two of 'em are fakes...
Push the wrong one and, uh...kaboom.

Yuusuke: We'll have to ask their boss directly.

Page 12:
Yuusuke: There's 13 enemies watching the hostages.
We each need to take out three, but they've got guns and plenty of hostages...we need an opening.

Kurama: There's only one entrance. We need to ambush them in order to protect the hostages.
We'll have to sneak in, hide, and wait for our chance.
Yuusuke: "Hide?" Where're we gonna HIDE?
Text inside jagged thing: Barricade
Text inside circle: Hostages

Kurama: "If you want to hide a tree, place it in a forest."

PA: Eight hours remaining!
Have they responded yet?

SFX: Poke poke

Page 13:
PA: Seven hours remaining!

Ootake: Hn?
SFX: Ksssssssssh

Sign: Losers

Ootake: We've got a situation! The guards have been attacked!
Guy: Whaaaaat?!

Yuusuke: NOW!

Page 14:
Yuusuke: We got 'em!
Tie 'em all up!

Page 15:
Yuusuke: All right, you! Which button's the real one?!
Red, blue or yellow?! Spill it!
Guard: Hmph...

Our final teaching is "The Three Choices of the Outsider."
The fate of mankind depends not to the believers, but to an outsider not of our faith.

God's plan is absolute...thus, even when a man appears as though he is acting of his own free will...
He is actually doing God's bidding...

It's a simple choice. 1) The Interdimensional Laser fires at Sarayashiki. 2) The Laser self-destructs, destroying itself and the Gates of Judgment. 3) Nothing happens at all.
Oh, there IS one more. 4) Wait too long, and the Laser fires automatically.
You will decide...

But the result will be what God desires...

Kurama: A poison pill...
They don't even fear the death of their own souls.

Kuwabara: Shit, the target IS Sarayashiki...
What started out as a lie's really happening...

Yuusuke: You guys get as far away from this place as you can.

Page 16:
Yuusuke: Kurama, Hiei, Kuwabara...Get back to the human world as fast as you can, and evacuate everyone you can, even if it's just friends and family.
Kuwabara: Wh-

Is your BRAIN broken?! We ain't leavin' you alone!
Demon: I'll stay too-
Yuusuke: It's cool, just go.

You just want US to get to safety?!
What about everyone else who'll-

Yuusuke: Shaddap, there's no time for your bitching!
If this thing really does blow, I'll spend a million years on my knees apologizing to them in the afterlife.

Kurama: He's right...If we at least want to save our friends their families...

Yuusuke: Leave it to me.
Multiple-choice questions are my specialty.

Page 17:
Kuwabara: Urameshi...

SFX: Clink clink clink

SFX: Rrrrrrrumble...

Bubble: Puu.

Page 18:
Yuusuke: Puu?! You dumb bird, you're still here?!
Get your ass back home, now!

Heh...this is sad, I'm so freaked out right now.
It feels all three buttons are gonna set this thing off.

Genkai: Bah.

Stop wetting your pants for two seconds, Foolsuke!
Small text: You're completely different outside of a fight!
Genkai: Was that brave speech just an act?!
Yuusuke: T-that voice...

Puu: Grin

Genkai: Just push one of them...make up a reason.
If you blow everyone up, I'll get down on my knees with you and we'll both apologize.

Yuusuke: Okay.

Page 19:
Yuusuke: Time's up.
Here goes nothing.

Keiko: Wait a minute.
The Yuusuke in the Spirit World is just his soul, right?

If...if he pushes the self-destruct button and the Gates of Judgment explode?
Oh no...
Then Yuusuke's soul will die before his body!!


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#1. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2008

Wow, this is a weird cliffhanger to an almost-final chapter!
#2. by Crayola ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2008
thanks, i'll see when i can get to it, got some exams and projects
#3. by Raysen_ht ()
Posted on Nov 2, 2008
Thx a lot for all your work Hisshou!! Really apreaciated
#4. by Crayola ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2008
errr page 16

Is your BRAIN broken?! We ain't leavin' you alone to-
Yuusuke: It's cool, just go.

should be 3 bubbles in that panel, not sure how it's broken up, or if you just missed one
#5. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2008
I'll check it when I get home tonight.

Edit: Fixed.
#6. by Giilshark ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2008
ow thanks
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