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Gantz 285

Gantz 285

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Nov 18, 2008 14:46 | Go to Gantz

-> RTS Page for Gantz 285

Page 1:
Title: The link between mind and sphere

Text: Balls of despair, toying with lives as numerous as the stars.

Page 2:
Text: The ultimate achievement of human intelligence.

Page 3:
SFX: Kachik kachik
Kikuchi: This is...

SFX: Kachik kachik

Kikuchi: out of this world...

Page 4:
Girlfriend: You've...been acting kinda down lately...
Somethinig on your mind?

Page 5:
Sakurai: Huh?
Girlfriend: Can you
not tell me, either?

Sakurai: The amusement park.
Let's go to an amusement park this week.

Girlfriend: Huh? Uh, sure...
Is...is that all you wanted to say?

Sakurai: Yes.

Page 6:
Old man: I'm grateful for this food.

We might be reuiniting...
Very soon...

Page 7:
Reika: Oh-

A text...

Text: From: Inaba-san
Subj: Tonight
Msg: Tonight...my car
I really want to talk to
you about something.

Page 8:
Old man: Aah-
Takeshi: Mister!

Katou: Umm-

Page 9: [Whoooa, flashback]

Page 10:
Kishimoto: Umm...
Are you trying
to pick me up?

Katou: Oh, uh-

Kishimoto: Then...
what is it?

Katou: Err, uh...
N-nothing, just, uh...

Kishimoto: Can I go now?
Katou: Oh....

Page 11:
Katou: Wait!
Wait a sec!

Y-yeah, I was trying to pick you up.

SFX: Tee hee

Page 12:
Old man: Ah, I see.
You don't have a house.
Kaze: I was thinking
about renting an apartment.

Old man: The winters here are cold.
Living outside...

Why don't yo ucome to my place?
You can stay as long as you want!

Kaze: No, it's okay! Sorry to-

Old man: It's fine, it's fine. I get lonely, you know.
The three of us can live together.
You'd should've said something sooner!
Kaze: Right...S...sorry...

Page 13: [uh oh.]

Page 14:
Inaba: You don't have a boyfriend.

And you know you'll never get anywhere with Kurono.

As for me...
I know everything
about you, Reika.

Page 15:
Reika: I'm sorry, but no.

Inaba: Think about it for a second, I'm a designer!
Kurono's just a high-school punk.
We're both from the room, aren't we?!
I'm...I'm the only person who can understand what you're going through!


Text: Feelings that link, and feelings that can't connect. Hope springs eternal, even in the face of destruction.
Starting with the first new (double!) issue of the year, Gantz will be in four volumes in a row!

Reika: Kurono-kun...

Bottom: What's the link between Gantz and the factory owner? Check out the 12/4 issue and find out!

I was really thinking Inaba was gonna rape her.

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#1. by ¬Bol ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008
Thanks a lot!
#2. by rukori ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008
#3. by jide ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#4. by Ice Blade ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008
Thank you. You are the man !
#5. by noonethere ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008
#6. by Pollux ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008
Thanks a lot
#7. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008
Thank you!
#8. by LunaticHigh ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008

I thought Inaba was gonna rape her too lolol

And about the 4 volumes in a row thing, does that mean with the first issue in the new year, gantz will be weekly for four weeks?
#9. by PhoenixRoy ()
Posted on Nov 18, 2008
Thanks a lot for the translation! You're the best!
#10. by sergi_89 ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2008
Thank you
#11. by jwhispersc ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2008
HisshouBuraiKen, I am thankful for this and the many other scans that you have translated. Your work brings a little something extra to my day.

Thanks again.
#12. by Starzen ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2008
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