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Naruto 425

Hatake Kakashi

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Nov 21, 2008 18:37 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 425

Page 1:
Text: He sees one last sight...
Chapter 425 - Hatake Kakashi

Obito: No matter what anyone else says...
You're an incredible Jounin.

I'm...done for...
but...if my eye becomes yours...I'll be able to live on, and see what you see.

Take care of Rin...

Kakashi: Obito...

Page 2:
Kakashi: This is as far
as I can show you.

I couldn't protect Rin...
I've done nothing but break my promises to you.


I'm coming.

Page 3:
Sakumo: Kakashi...?

Kakashi: So this is where you've been...

Sakumo: Will you tell me your story, son?

Kakashi: Sure...
It's very long though...
and I want to take my time telling it.

Sakumo: That's fine by me.

Kakashi: Well, dad...

Page 4: N/A

Page 5:
Fukasaku: O...One more...time...

Amphibian Sage Technique! (Senpou Ryousei no jutsu!)

Page 6:
Fukasaku: Nnh!

Page 7:
Fukasaku: Eh heh heh...
Looks like it ain't happenin'.

Naruto: We can't do it?!

Fukasaku: I'm pretty sure the Nine-Tails inside ya's
rejectin' my presence and tossin' my out on my ass.

Naruto: God damnit, no!
Then what's all my training been for?!
What're we gonna DO?!

Page 8:
Animal Path: Summoning Technique!

Shizune: That's everything we've learned!

Ino: So they're communicating with their chakra?
It sounds kinda similar to our clan's hidden technique...

Page 9:
Ibiki: A group of shinobi possessing the legendary Rinnegan.
The eyes of the Sage of the Six Paths...
If it really does exist,
then he could potentially use any type of technique there is.

What the-

ANBU: It appears one of them is approaching our location.

ANBU2: Wind Element - Wind Slicer! (Fuuton - Kazekiri)

ANBU3: Lightning Element - Quad Pillar Trap! (Raiton - Shichuu Shibari)

Page 10:

ANBU4: Earth Element - Close the Lid! (Doton - Otoshi Buta

Page 11:
ANBU: Did we get it?


ANBU: What the-
It grew new heads...

ANBU2: Must be some kinda unique summon.
We've gotta focus on finding the summoner instead!

Animal Path: Summoning Technique!

Page 12:
ANBU: Wha-

Ibiki: What is THAT?

Page 13:
Animal Path: Here...?

Page 14:
Inoichi: Hm?

Katsuyu: Thank goodness I made it in time.
Shizune: Katsuyu-sama, you saved us!

Ino: EEEEW! The hell is this?! Another enemy summon?!
Ibiki: Relax, it's the Hokage's summon, Katsuyu.

Page 15:
ANBU: These summons are increbile powerful, everyone stay on guard!

Inoichi: There's no mistaking it...
that's the face I saw inside the Rain Villager's memory.

But how can it be?!

Shizune: What do you mean?

Page 16:
Inoichi: She was a corpse!

Shizune: That corpse...
is now using the Summoning Technique!

Each of the six Pains uses a unique jutsu, but individually, their one jutsu is all they can use!
Fukasaku-sama made it clear that he fought this same technique in his battle!

But that makes no sense!
The dead Pain in our lab was the only one who could use summons!

What does this mean?
Jiraiya-sama was supposed to have defeated the summon-using Pain!

Page 17:
Shizune: Inoichi-san! Can you elaborate on what you just said? I may be on to something!
Inoicho: Right now?

Ibiki: Tha ANBU and I will handle this, get out of here while you can!
Inoichi: Ibiki!

Shizune: Hurry, Inoichi-san!
We'll figure out Pain's true identity!

Text: Trapped in the midst of the chaos is Konohamaru!

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#1. by Goji ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
Thanks for the trans Hisshou! ^^
#2. by Phat ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
thanks :D
#3. by ksfst ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
You're the best.
#4. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
been waiting for this :D:D:D

thanks a million
#5. by dylec ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
Woot! Always nice to see your translation.
#6. by mansemino ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
Thanks a lot, HisshouBuraiKen!
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