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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Fullmetal Alchemist 90

The Immortal Army

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Dec 10, 2008 23:26 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 90

April 2009 = new FMAnime


Page 00:
Side: Your vote can turn your favorite character into a Fullmetal star!

Ed: Our third character popularity poll starts today!
Of course, I'm a lock for #1, as usual!
Al: What? This isn't the time to be getting a big head!

Ed: Come on, I took first EASILY the last two times!
Small text: It's in the bag!
Lists: 1st
Alex Armstrong

Alex Armstrong

Al: You might be in for a shock if you don't step up your game!

In magazines like this, the characters with the most scenes get more votes.
And you haven't been doing much lately.

Ed: T-That's right, last month you spent the whole time in a big dirt dome!
Small text: You're so dub!
Al: Oh no! I did even LESS! My rank's gonna drop!
Small text: Takes one to know one!

Al: We fall from grace together, brother!
Small text: Taste the bitter life of the second tier!
Ed: Noooooooooo!
Small text above Mustang: Ranked #2
Mustang: Well well...perhaps my era has finally arrived.
Hawkeye: I wouldn't count on it.

Page 00a:
Text: Will the "Promised Day" bring about the end of the Devil, or God?!

Pages 1-2:
Yellow text: We move towards that far-off promised day...
Title: Chapter 90 - The Immortal Army

Page 3:
Ranfan: There's smoke coming from the city.
Ed: Huh?

Ranfan: And I believe I hear an emergency alarm...
Darius: Same here.

Ed: The Colonel must've made his move...
Zanpano: He's making a big show of it, too.
Darius: What do we do?

Ed: We should use the confusion to sneak into that underground lair and destroy it.
Hohenheim: Agreed.
I have a counter ready if he activates the nationwide transmutation circle, but it would be ideal if we prevent it from happening in the first place.

Page 4:
Hohenheim: He's bigger now, but he's still the tiny creature from the flask.
If we break his container, he dies.

Free the souls of the Xerxesians bound within him.

Zanpano: But how do we get underground?

Scar: I know of one entrance.
Jelso: Really?

Scar: I went there once before with May. It led to that so-called "Father's" area.
It was guarded by countless bloodthirsty chimera, but all of us together will be enough to get past them.
Darius: Okay then.
Let's roll!

Page 5:
Darius: You stand guard here, Heinkel.
You should too, Dr. Marcoh.
Heinkel: Aye.
Marcoh: We'll stay here until Mr. Huu comes back.

Jelso: Yoki, you...should, uh...stand guard, too.

[can't read the little bubbles]

Ed: Al.
Al: Yes, brother?

Ed: We're gonna go and mop the floor with that bearded freak.

Al: ...Be careful.

Page 6:
Ed: Yep.

Al: Bye.

Page 7:
Flunky: Call of those Briggs dogs immediately,
Major General Armstrong!!

Do you really think you'll get away with this?!
Armstrong: I would ask you the same question.

You've heard what that "Father" character said,
about what's we're sacrificing, and for what purpose?

Flunky: Oh, we've heard.

We, the chosen, will ascend to even greater heights as Amestris changes the world!
There is always pain associated with change!
Why can't you comprehend that?!

Armstrong: You're all too far gone.
Flunky: Wha-

Pages 8/9:
Armstrong: Men like you, sitting comfortably in your "green zones," watching the battlefield from afar...

Page 10:
Armstrong: Making pain and suffering out to be some sort of noble gift!
Flunky: Ouch ouch OUCH!

Old Falman: Have you become an insurgent too, Armstrong?!

Armstrong: I wonder?
Depending on how this all ends, I could end up a HERO.

But not a soft, useless one like the hero of Ishval!
Old Falman: Wait-


Page 11:
GuardS: What's going-

Page 12:
Denny: Major Armstrong!
Armstrong: Sgt. Brosh!

Aren't you on leave today?
Denny: I saw the smoke...
What's going on?

Armstrong: ...Colonel Mustang and his former subordinates have taken the Fuhrer's wife hostage and are at large in the city.
Denny: Huuuunh?! Why?!

That son of a bitch!
First he kills Lt. Ross, and now the Fuhrer's wife!
He's the devil incarnate!

Page 13:
Armstrong: They modified a stolen ice cream truck into their armory and are driving it to safety.
And elsewhere, a rogue group appearing to be made up of northern soldiers has attacked Central's forces.

Guy: Major!

Major General Armstrong has been in the Central Command room-

Armstrong: My sister?!

Huu: Hmmm...things are moving along faster than expected.
I need to find the prince....
What is Greed's aim?

Page 14:
Huu: Trying to track his presence isn't working, it's being masked by a tremendous "ki" coming from underground...


Why does it feel like that "ki" is larger than it was yesterday?
SFX: Bong bong bong

Page 15:



Page 16:


Page 17:
Ed: This's no good.
The whole place is an army checkpoint now, there's no way to get close.

Jelso: It'd be a bit much to try and force our way through all that.

Ed: I know! I know where there's another entrance!

The Third Research Facility!
Al, the Colonel and me snuck in here once, it's where we fought Lust!

Page 18:
Ed: There're three guards at the entrance.

Darius: Guess we gotta clobber 'em.
Ed: Nah, this is one of those times where you pull rank on 'em.

I'm the State Alchemist Edward Elric!

Guard: A-huh?
A State Alchemist?!
Ed: Scar's attacking me! Please, save me!

Guard: Wha-

That's the guy from our last bulletin!
Don't move!

Page 19:
Hohenheim: You are TERRIBLE.
Ed: We don't have time to screw around.

'Scuse us, comin' through!

I know it was around here...


Page 20:
Ed: Should we split up?
Hohenheim: Yes.

I'll go this way...
you and Scar go that way.

Why do I have to go with HIM?!
Hohenheim: We have to distribute the alchemists, don't we?

Besides, "his" alchemy sealing move left you completely helpless, Scar's a valuable ally!
Jelso: Okay, they're a team, then.

Hohenheim: I'm a special case, so I'll be fine on my own...
Me, plus...

Page 21:
Hohenheim: An extra bodyguard should be sufficient.
I'll be counting on the young lady from Xing here.

So if any of us find him, we bring him down with everything we have.
Jelso: Aye aye.

Zanpano: You sure you'll be fine with just the two of you?
Hohenheim: Yes, yes, don't worry.

And old fart like would much prefer to alone with the young girl.

Jelso: Dirty old man...
Darius: C'mon, guys.

Page 22:
Hohenheim: You need to search for that Xingese prince, correct?

You can go.

RF: Wha-no,
Hohenheim: Don't worry about us.

He's very special to you, isn't he?

Page 23:
RF: Thank you...
very much.

Page 24:
Stache: When are those fools going to finish the enemy off?!
Sciguy: Please, stop!

The mass soul-injecting experiments aren't compl-
Stache: When are we gonna use 'em, if not now!

Situations like this are the reason we MADE all these Philosopher's Stones!

Page 25:

Page 26:

Page 27:
Everyone SFX: Twitch

Page 28:
SFX: Slump slump

Immortal Armt: It hurts-
Help me-
I'm hungry

Stache: Y-yes, good!
I'm your father, that's right.

Page 29:
IA: Da..ddy?

Stache: Yes!
And you're a good child.
Now listen to your daddy.

IA: Daaaaaady.


Page 30:
Sciguy: Huh?

SFX: Gnash rip chomp

Sciguy: Uaaaaaaaah!

Page 31:

SFX: Bang bang bang

IA: It hurts

Sciguy: H-H-

Page 32:
Upper right text: NGHYAAAA-

Zanpano: A giant gate?
Darius: The air feels different, in a bad way.

Jelso: Who was this guy?

Ed: Barry the Chopper...I guess.
He must've been done in back here.

Ed: Which means something fishy's back there.

Page 33:
Ed: It LOOKS like a gate...
but how do you
open it-

It's open-



Page 34:

Page 35:
Heinkel: I wonder how they're making out...

Not being able to help's really driving me nuts.
Never thought I'd get so ticked off about having to wait...

Heinkel: You've been banging around in there since yesterday, knock it off!

Alphonse! What IS that racket?!
Al: Just Selim playing with my head.

Heinkel: Hmph.
So even with that monster inside, he's still just a kid-

Page 36:

Don't let him make any more noise!
That's Morse code! Signals the army uses for communication!
He's telling them our location-

Page 37:
SFX: BOOOOOOOM [H: Noooooo, Heinkel :( ]

SFX: Crummmmble

Page 38:
Pride: Hello.
Thank you for picking me up, Kimblee.

Kimblee: PLEASE stop piling these errands on me.

Pride: Ahaha.
Please, let me off the hook on this one.

I promise I won't let my guard down again.
Text: Caught between the tiger and the wolf! Alphonse is in serious trouble!

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#1. by rose ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2008
You forgot the translations for page 35.
#2. by hagane no mcg ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2008
Good Trans THKS
#3. by  ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2008
thank you
#4. by Draagon ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2008
Wow, that was fast ^^

Thank you!
#5. by yashingo_x ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2008
muchas gracias.....

#6. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2008

Page 35 has been added (b^o^)b
#7. by babbitblob ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2008
bored, did a page, not going to do the rest because clean/type/sfx are still a bitch, no matter what image program you use.
#8. by freaky2 ()
Posted on Dec 11, 2008
Thanks very much :D
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