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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 91

The Philosopher's Revival

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jan 9, 2009 01:51 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 91

So this took less than an hour to translate. Shortest FMA chapter (word-wise) evar?

Page 1:
Marcoh: What's the army doing here?
Are they evicting people from their homes?

Guy: Unreal...
Lady: We have nowhere else to go...

Marcoh: Oh no, Alphonse!
Yoki: Wh-
Easy, doc!

We can't let them find out that you're Dr. Marcoh!
Marcoh: But I can't just sit here and watch while-

Page 2:
Yoki: You fool, you'll only make things worse for Alphonse if they take you hostage!

Just lay low!

Marcoh: Rgh...

Kimblee: You're alone?
I thought Gluttony went with you.

Page 3:
Pride: I absorbed him.

Kimblee: You mean you ate him?
Your sibling?
Pride: He was no sibling, he was merely part of a system.

We were both born from the same father,
and now we're simply one again.

Kimble: ...I...see.

Al: Heinkel!

Heiny: Nh...

Page 4:
Kimblee: Oh, you're alive?
You chimera certainly are durable.

Al: Heinkel-

Pride: You're not going anywhere.

Al: You little...

Page 5:
Kimblee: Mnh-

Pride: Your struggling is use-

Page 6:
Heiny: Forget...me...
Get out of here.

Al: NO!
Heiny: Don't be a hero...
They'll get us both.

Page 7:
Heiny: Abandon me, and you've got a chance to get away...
Al: I said NO!

Just focus on staying alive, and forget everything else!

Heiny: Look at the situation, you idiot...
We're up against Kimblee and Pride...
Leave me...

Al: Don't you quit on me!
I 'll find a way to save you-


Page 8:
Al: God damnit, move, you stupid legs!
We can't let them get us, not now!

Hold on, Heinkeil!
Hang in there!

Heiny: You...both of you...
Why do you worry about others...even when you're in just as bad shape...

That's right...
Kimblee always said that survival is a victory in and of itself.

And that reminds me...of another valuable thing I got from him.

Page 9:
Heiny: Kimblee dropped this back in the northern mines...and I picked it up.

Take them out,

Kimblee: This dust is quite irksome.
Shall I clear it out with an explosive gust?

Page 10:
Pride: No...they're still in there.
With his legs ruined, he has no way to escape.

Page 11:
Kimblee: Well well well...
You weren't running at all!

Page 12:
Kimblee: Superb.
Absolutely superb, Alphonse Elric!!

Page 13:
Text: He bides his time in silence,
cloaked in darkness.

Title: Chapter 91 - The Philosopher's Revival

Page 14:

Y-You tricked me, Envy!

Envy: I-wasn't-lying!
Back there reallt is the secret to immortalitOUCH!

Page 15:
Envy: Uwaaaaaaaaagh!
You little bitch!

Page 16:
Envy: How dare-

May: Uh-


Page 17:
May: I finally found a clue, and now-


Page 18:

Page 19:

Page 20:
Envy: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew...

I'm baaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaack!

Page 21:
Envy: I appreciate your bringing me all the way back here,
little girlie.

Page 22:
Armstrong: Order the Central forces fighting Briggs and Mustang to pull back immediately.
Guy: Nnngh-hhgh-

Page 23:
Armstrong: Easy, you don't wanna shoot anyone!

Your subordinates are so undisciplined!

Armstrong: My Briggs soldiers won't let up for a second if you don't withdraw your men.

Guy: Hn-

Page 24:
Guy: Seal off every entrance to Central HQ!

Don't let any of them in, not Briggs, not Mustang!

Armstrong: Oh ho...
Corrupt as you are, I see you still have some guts.

Guy: You'll never get away with this, you cunt!

We'll snap you and your stupid mountain gorillas in half-
Soldier: Ah-!

Page 25:
Sloth: OOPS-

Page 26:
Sloth: OH-
Soldier: Yikes.
Sloth: CAN'T



Armstrong: Ha!
Yet another seat becomes vacant!

Thanks a lot, Homunculus!

Page 27:
Armstrong: You saved me the trouble of dirtying a treasured Armstrong family heirloom with that scumbag's filthy blood!

Page 28:
Ed: Bastard!

There's no end to them!

Page 29:
Dolls: [Random zombie moans]

Page 30:
Zanpano: These things give me the creeps!
Darius: And they won't DIE!

Ed: They're...

Ed: They're dolls with souls bonded to them!

Jelso: You mean like Alphonse?!
Then how do we stop them?!


Page 31:
Jelso: Good thing I'm chubby...


Ed: Right!

Page 32:
Dairus: There...now...

Ed: They can't escape!

Sorry guys.
I had to close off the exit.
Darius: It's all good.
If hadn't done it, I'd have smashed that door to rubble.

Page 33:
Scar: Yes.
We certainly can't let these things get outside the building.
Ed: Hearing you agree with me makes me mad for some reason...

Dolls: It hurts

Ed: I can't believe he made these...

We have to get past these guys to get at that bearded son of a bitch, huh?

Page 34:
Ed: What a pain in the ass!

Page 35:
Father: ...You're alone.
I expected the brothers to be with you.

Hohenheim: No need to bring a big group to punish one misbehaving child.

my little friend from the flask?

Page 36:
Father: ...Slave #23...you gave me part of your body.

This time, you will become part of mine.

Text: CLASH!

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#1. by UP2L8 ()
Posted on Jan 9, 2009
This is great! Thanks!
#2. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on Jan 9, 2009
Thanks for the translation as always, sensei!

And what an amazing chapter as usual~
#3. by Hitsugaara ()
Posted on Jan 9, 2009
#4. by breaker ()
Posted on Jan 9, 2009
ohh, really fast :P great job thanks!

but could u translate this 3 last page fors us, i'm sure there are some important information about anime new series
#5. by freaky2 ()
Posted on Jan 9, 2009
Thanks a lot! I find the dialogue was enough... maybe you're getting faster? :P
And also, you didn't include any SFX, maybe that's the reason (not that I need SFX to understand it XD)
#6. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Jan 9, 2009
Skipping the SFX does shave off about 15 minutes TBH, just because it takes a few seconds to place it correctly and think of fun ways to represent it in english (Sloth's mega pimp slap would have been "KERSPLAT" for example :D )
#7. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Jan 12, 2009
So is anyone gonna do a scan of this bad boy? Come on people!
#8. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2009
Thanks for the fast trans!!!
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