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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 436


+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Feb 21, 2009 05:03 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 436

Page 1:
Title: Peace
Side: The soul of a man who many worship as their God...and the "pain" who prevents anyone from getting too close.

Page 2:
Text: The search commences!
Inoichi: I've got it! I know where Pain's real body is?

Shikamaru: Did you realize something?
Ino: What is it?!

Inoichi: Okay...
Here's what I found inside the mind of the Rain-nin Jiraiya-sama captured.

He and his partner were tasked with dragging around dead bodies.

Rain: We're always having to take the corpses up to the highest tower in the village.
You know what's up there?

Shikamaru: Dragging bodies?

Inoichi: Yes...
When you said that a second ago, everything clicked.

Page 3:
First of all,
the fact that the main body has to be nearby to control the others is obvious.

Now...that man was in the middle of a cluster of towers in the Hidden Rain,
and he took the body to the highest one among them.

That same tower was the one rumored to be Pain's base of operations.
Rain: Just between us...I hear THIS is the tower where Pain-sama lives.

Inoichi: And the woman who was one of Pain's bodies
looked exactly like the one that man took to the village's highest tower.-

Meaning that tower is where he inserted those black chakra-antenna plugs into the corpse to make a new Pain.

Shikamaru: So
how does that give us Pain's current location? [H: Come on genius, even I can tell.]

Page 4:
Inoichi: He needed a suitable place to broadcast his chakra -
he NEEDED to be in the highest tower to have as few obstructions as possible!

ANBU: I see...so that means

Pain is hiding in the highest place near the Leaf Village...

Shikamaru: Okay!
We'll check each possible area one-by-one!

Page 5:
Naruto: Ngh...

Pain: You ask why I'm doing what I am?
Explaining my motives to you wouldn't change a thing.

And yet, perhaps if I did tell you...
hmm...we shall see.
SFX: Step

Pain: My ultimate goal is something even Jiraiya-sensei couldn't achieve.
As I said before...

Page 6:
Pain: I wish to bring peace and justice to the world.

Naruto: Peace...?
Screw you...
You're insane...

Naruto: What about my master?!
My sensei?!
My friends?!

After everything you've done,
you still act like it's for PEACE?!
SFCX grind

Page 7:
Naruto: Huu

Pain: What is YOUR goal?

NAruto: To kick your ass!
And bring REAL peace to the shinobi world!

Pain: I see...that's a noble goal.
And a just one.

But what about my family?
MY friends?
MY home?

Page 8:
Pain: You Leaf Ninja aren't the only ones allowed to speak of peace and harmony,
especially after YOU did to My village what I just did to yours.

Naruto: What're you getting at?

Pain: The Fire Country...and the Leaf Village have grown too large.
In order to defend and advance their own interests, they had to go to war with their fellow countries.
Otherwise, their citizens would have perished.

But the main front for the wars of these great nations was my own tiny country.
And eventually, their wars brought it to ruin.

Page 9:
Countless battles later, the large countries had achieved stability.
But mine was left with nothing but pain.

Our goals are identical.
I'm trying to bring about the same peace Jiraiya-sensei desired.

We are the same.
We both act to bring about what we believe is right.

The justice I have brought down upon the Leaf
is the same justice you are trying to bring down upon me.

Page 10:
Pain: We all suffer the same pain when we experience loss.
You and I have both endured the same pain.

You fight for your cause...
...I fight for mine.

We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge we deem to be "justice."

But when we call our vengeance "justice,"
it only breeds more revenge...

and the forges the first link in the chains of hate.

Page 11:
Pain: And as we live through it, a glace at the past tells us our future.
History will repeat itself.

People are nothing more than living creatures who simply cannot come to a common understanding

The shinobi world is controlled with hate.

Page 12:
Jiraiya: But even still...
I can tell that hatred is becoming the dominating force of the shinobi world.

Naruto: Hatred...

Jiraiya: I want to do something about that hatred...
I still haven't figured out what that should be, though...

But someday...
Someday an age will come where we all TRULY understand one another!

Naruto: Sounds like a big job.

Page 13:
Jiraiya: If I don't end up finding the answer, I'm leaving the job to YOU!
SFX: Salute
Naruto: Yes sir!
If YOU want me to do it, how can I refuse?

Pain: How would YOU face down this unquencheable hate and bring real peace?

I want to hear your answer.

Page 14:
Naruto: I...
don't know...

Pain: I did...
I formed "Akatsuki" to help me break the chain of hate.

I can do it...but I need the Nine-Tails...I need its power.
With the power of all nine tailed beasts, I will have a weapon dozens of times more powerful than what I used to destroy your village.
Enough to level an entire country in seconds.

Page 15:
Pain: The WHOLE WORLD will know true pain.
And their fear of more will paralyze them, preventing any more fighting...
With mankind cowed, peace will come.

Naruto: That's not real peace...
it's just a lie!

Pain: People aren't smart enough to realize that.
This is the only possible way.

But time heals all wounds...a few decades, and the pain will begin to subside...
as the power to control them wanes, people will begin to clash again.
THEN, they will use my weapon on their own, reminding themselves of what true pain is...

Page 16:
NAGATO: And for a time, peace will come again. [H: THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES THE REAL ONE WASN'T WITH THEM BOOYAH]

The unending chain of hatred will then be dotted with periods of peace, peace forged from unimaginable pain.
That is my ultimate desire.

Page 17:
Nagato: Ghugh-

Konan: Nagato...Please don't push yourself any harder.
You've used up most of your chakra.

Nagato: Huu

Nagato: Peace is within my grasp.
Side: Pain = Nagato! His eyes see only his version of peace!
Bottom: How will Naruto react to Pain's speech? Next time: Emergency!

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2009
thanks a lot Hisshou, for the translation.. been waitin' for this
I like this translation better, really made more sense to me

btw, a typo
Quote by HBK:
Page 11:
Pain: And as we live through it, a glace at the past tells us our future.
History will repeat itself.
#2. by zidane ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2009
Thanks a lot.
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