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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 314

Naruto Ch 314

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jul 7, 2006 14:17 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 314

Hey everypeoples! I have a plane to catch in a couple hours, so I'm gonna start with the pages where I think some people might've missed the boat or sounded weird. It'll be finished by the end of the day.

Page 1:
Title: Akatsuki invasion!
Side: Hey everyone! Naruto hasn't trained with me in a long time, so make sure to cheer him on!

Page 2:
Text: Akatsuki's hunt has ended, but someone new appears!
Zetsu A: I see you've finished the job,
and that extremely long sacrifice ceremony.

Hidan: Yeah, yeah, shut up.
Atheist fucks...

Zetsu B: When you despair, you're all alone.
Zetsu A: The only thing you can truly believe in is yourself.

Page 3:
Kakuzu: Not quite.
I say the only thing you can believe in is money. [No WONDER they hate each other: Hidan's a Jashinist, and Kakuzu's a Jew! Haha!]
Hidan: Don't start with that!
Your damn side jobs are the reason it's taking us so long to find our Jinchuuriki!

Kakuzu: Hey, I'm in charge of Akatsuki's funds. I'm practically our treasurer.
Besides, I only partnered with you because I figured I could make money off your religion.

Zetsu B: Money is important...
Zetsu A: Quit worrying about that and go find the next one.
I'll get the Two-Tails.

Sign: Fire Temple
Page 4:
Hidan: This is a TEMPLE.
You really think he's here?
Kakuzu: Who knows...
It's not your everyday temple, though,
so it's definitely possible.

Page 5:
Monk A: What happened?
Monk B: The Iron Wall's seal has been broken!
Monk C: Alert Chiriku-sama at once!

Hidan: No one ever wants to listen when I try to convert them to Jashin.
Monk: Those clothes...the rumors were true.
They're from Akatsuki.

Monk: Outsiders!!
Chiriku: Who are they?

Page 6:
Monk: It's Akatsuki!
Chiriku: I thought they'd come someday...
I'll fight them. The rest of you will back me up.

Hidan: Looks like we've got another ultra-righteous one...
Kakuzu: He's a lot more than that...he's got a 30 million ryou bounty on him, according to our
hit list. (Lit. "Bingo Book"...which will never not sound weird).

Page 7:
Hidan: Hey now...we're not here to make a profit.
Besides, killing a priest is like, a one-way ticket to hell.

Kakuzu: If you have enough, you can buy your way to the top.
Even in hell.

Chiriku: I do not know why you're here,
but I demand you leave, now!

Hidan: Don't believe in senseless killing, eh...
Sorry, but that goes against my principles.

Kakuzu: This place is just called the "Fire Temple", but it's actually more like a Ninja Temple.
The monks here all use a special technique called the "Gift of the Hermit".

Page 8:
Kakuzu: Especially the one with the 30 million ryou bounty on his head...he was the leader of a elite squad that used to protect the Fire Country's lord, "The 12 Ninja Guards"
Hidan: 12 Ninja Guards?
Heheh...sounds pretty cool.
Kakuzu: Don't get lazy, or you're dead.
Hidan: Stop SAYING that!

Page 9:
Kakashi: Let's get started.
Naruto: Hehehe...
Kakashi: What?
Naruto: It's just, it's like, you haven't trained me in so long...
I dunno why, but this makes me happy.
SFX: Smile
Kakashi: Well, if you want to laugh, now's your last chance. Hahaha!

Page 10:
Kakashi: Because we're really short on time.
Like I said at the hospital,
the aim of our training is for you to create your own ultimate ninjutsu - a technique only you can use.
One that's even stronger than Rasengan.

To do that, you need to understand the techniques for changing your chakra's nature and its shape.

Naruto: Change its "shape"...and "nature"? [Naruto says this in Katakana, indicating that they're completely
foreign concepts to him and he has no idea what Kakashi's saying.]

Kakashi: Right. Take Chidori.
I manipulate the nature of my chakra to be like an electric current,
and its shape to that of an electic surge.
That's what determines a jutsu's power and range.

Page 11:
Kakashi: In that sense, Rasengan and Chidori are a little different.
One could say that Rasengan

You rotate your raw chakra wildly, at extreme speeds, and compress the energy.
There's no to change its nature.

Naruto: Change the "nature", eh...
Kakashi: It'll be impossible to create a jutsu that surpasses Rasengan without
manipulating the "nature" of your chakra.

Naruto: I get it! Nature manipulation!
Kakashi: I have a feeling he doesn't get it, but he learns well by doing, so whatever...
Learning those techniques usually takes a long time.
But like I said, I came up with a way to teach you quickly.

Page 12:
Naruto: Gotcha...
So how do we do it in such a short time?

Kakashi: I'll try to be brief, but this IS pretty complicated.
What we're going to do...

Asuma: I feel like I finally get what you were saying...or kinda get, at least.

Page 13:
Asuma: I'm sorry for leaving the village, and for acting so selfishly...
Even if I don't regret any of it...

But now, I'm glad I was born into the Sarutobi family...
You definitely went above and beyond as the village's leader.

Page 14:
Asuma: You were a great father...
(Literally, he says "Oyaji" which can mean "old man", "pops", or just be a term of endearment for an old man.
However, the context from the previous page, the fact that this line gets a page all to its own, ans the fact that Asuma's minor character, it only makes sense that the intended meaning is "father" here.)

Page 15:
Hidan: Well, the Jinchuuriki wasn't here...
Once I'm done praying, we'll move on.

Kakuzu: No.
I'm cashing in this guy's corpse first.
Can't pass up this kind of money.

Hidan: You know...
I never give you any crap about your delays...Seriously.

Page 16:
Monk: I must alert the Leaf...

Kakuzu: The Fire Country's huge...we can take our time.
Hidan: SEE?! YOU'RE the reason we're always late!

Side: Nothing stands in the way of Akatsuki: Their march of destruction through the Fire Countyr continues, and the threat moves closer!
Bottom: The Fire Country is plagued with attacks, and the Leaf begins to act! Next time: An urgent report!

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#1. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2006
Thanks for the translation Hisshou. It looks like this will be an interesting arch.
#2. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2006
Thanks, Hisshou, for your perspective on things - I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of discussion centering about the best way to translate all the dialogue in this chapter! Anyway, gonna add to the R/T/S thread. Good luck on the trip!
#3. by destinator ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2006
Yeah thanks a lot for your translation Hisshou, wish ya a nice flight =)
#4. by Korosuke ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2006
I hope you crash on the plane. Just kidding :), nice translation just a little below par on Yoropiko's translation.
#5. by diegocfq ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2006
thanks man and good trip !
#6. by Viola-Cesario ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2006
Awesome. Love how the translation is easy to read and has "personality"... hehe...
#7. by dylec ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2006
Hah, I like how Hidan & Kakuzu conversations go in this version. ;]
#8. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jul 8, 2006

looks around... just a few posts?!?!

[me=njt]Gives hisshou some ossu lovin :ossu[/me]
#9. by Dragonzair ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2006
^ He's right.

*huggles Hisshou*
#10. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2006
Awww. I lub you guys, but it's cool. Everyone just tends to stare at my translations with a happy tear in their eye.
#11. by batanga ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2006
Haha, that's crazy... your translations are totally unique, in a good way :lmao
#12. by Ryuto87 ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2006
That was quite good. :tem
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