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Fullmetal Alchemist 63

FMA Chapter 63 Translation

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Sep 12, 2006 01:12 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

-> RTS Page for Fullmetal Alchemist 63

Heh, I release one public translation here and already people are jumping on the bandwagon. It's so tough being a trendsetter :smile-big

I misnumbered a page somewhere, you guys can figure it out.

Page 1:
Ed: No luck finding that black and white cat today, either....
Aaaaaaaaaargh, it's been DAYS.

Al: They might have left Central by now...

Edi: ::sigh::
I guess we should head back....

Mustang: Fullmetal!


Mustang: How do you think?
You can see Alphonse from a mile away.
Al: Eh heh...

Mustang: What're you two doing?
Ed: Looking for someone...
But we haven't had any luck, so we were about to head back to our inn.

Mustang: Oh, hop in.
I've got some business to take care of near there, I'll drop you off.

I see...So Xing's Alchemy's a bit different from ours.

Ed: If you see that cat, let us know.
Al ::clunk::
Mustang: Sure.
I'll put the word out if I have a chance.

Ed: I hate owing you, though...grumble...
Mustang: That reminds me!

Give me back my money!
I have you a big chunk of change back at the Fuhrer's!

Page 3:
Ed: Damn, you remembered!
Mustang: This freakin' kid...

Ed: What was it, 500 Senz?
Mustang: 520. Don't try and short change me.
Ed: Why are you so petty? You're a COLONEL.

Ed: On second thought, I'll pay you back later.
Say...after you become Fuhrer.

Page 4:
Mustang: Where'd you...?
Ed: From Lieutenant Hawkeye.
She told me all about Ishval, too.

Mustang: Fullmetal.
Ed: Hmm?
Mustang: You can keep the money for now.
But you're not off the hook. I'll be expecting it back.

Page 5:
Ed: Fine, but you gotta promise me something else.
Mustang: Like "don't die", or something, right?
Ed: Yeah. Don't give Lt. Hawkeye any more reason to worry about you.

Thanks for the ride.
Mustang: Later.

SFX: vrooom...
Mustang: Madeline! I'm so sorry!
Madeline: Roy-saaaaan, you're LATE!

Page 6:
"I've got some business to take care of"...HE'S ON A DATE!
Al: Unbelievable!! How can he go on a date at a time like this!
When I grow up, I swear I'm not gonna be anything like him!
Ed: Same here!

?????: You have finally returned.

Who: I have been waiting for you for HOURS.

Page 7:
Who: You lost your arm...
You didn't protect the young master...

Page 8:
Nox: What the hell is wrong with you!
Who: Were you not chosen directly bu the Yao clan?!
If we were not in hiding, I would REALLY let you have it!
Nox: Stop it, man!
She's been seriously injured!

Page 9:
Who: ...lost you...
You really...
lost your arm...

Ran Fun: I'm deeply sorry,

Who: You fool...
You reckless fool...!

Page 10:
Ed: We agreed to introduce Ran Fun to a skilled Automail maker.
Who: Automail?
Ed: Yes.
Her name's Winry Rockbell, she takes care of mine.

I can get her to give you a good deal,
and she won't tell anyone about Ran Fun.
Ran Fun: There's one problem with that.
Ed: Huh?

Run Fun: The Homonculus know her face.
Who: Yes. And since Bradley has seen Ran Fun himself, we cannot let them have any contact.
Al: What about Grandma?
Ed: Right!
Risembool's waaaaaay out in the country, no one would find her there.

Page 11:
Who: Grandma?
Ed: Our mechanic out in the boondocks.
Winry's grandmother.

Who: No.
Ed: Why not?
What're you gonna do, make her an origami arm?

Who: I know you want to help us, and that the Rockbells are trustworthy.
But we cannot ask any more of you.
The enemy's traps are becoming more dangerous, and we must be prudent.
We will find another way to get Ran Fun automail.
There is no more need for you to help us.
Al: But we can't just let you-

Who: No!
If we let our emotions get out of control, it will be the end for us both!
There are times when one must abandon feeling in favor of reason.
Do you understand, boy?

Page 12:
Ed: Got it.
Thanks for everything.

Sorry we can't be of any more help, then.
Who: Please, you have helped us a lot!
If nothing else, you found a great doctor for us!

Nox: Who, ME??
I'm a terrible doctor!

Who: Not at all.
You saved my granddaughter's life.
You have my sincere thanks.

Page 13:
Ran Fun: Thank you,
Dr. Nox.
Nox: G...
Get the hell outta here!
I don't start caring for people just by hanging around them for a long time!
You too, Elrics!
Don't get caught,
and don't come back here, either!

Who: His majesty's condition has not improved.
Or rather, it has gotten much worse.

Page 14:
Who: We must retrieve the young master and return to Xing with the secret of immortality.
Ran Fun: Let's go, grandfather.
Each second that passes is more lost time.
Who: Mmhmm.

Ran Fun: We shall return...
Until then...
You monsters...

Page 15:
Ran Fun: Thank you,
Dr. Nox.

Nox: Can I call myself
a doctor again?


Page 16:
Nox: Who's there?
It better not be you, Elrics!

People: Hi...
Son: Good evening, father.
It's been a while.

I was nearby helping mom with something, and...
Mom/Wife: How are you doing?
[NOTE: This is likely Nox's son's wife. She does look older is some shots, and he calls her "Kaa-san" (mom) BUT, Japanese married men do tend to call their wives "mother" or "mom" after being married a while, and she looks younger in most shots, so I'm going to go with wife. Fortunately, it doesn't really matter in the context of the story.]

Page 17:
Nox: Wow.
You shot up.

And you lost some weight, didn't you?
MomWife: Same for you, are you sure you're eating right?
Or are you overworking yourself again?

You're...still doing autopsies, right?
Nox: Yep.
My patients are all corpses.

I did treat a couple people the other day.
It's actually kinda funny.
To think that I actually saved someone's life.

Son: That's great...
You're still a real doctor at heart...

Dad, I'm working to become a doctor too!
Nox: WHAT?

Page 18:
Nox: Do...do you KNOW what I did in Ishv-
Son: I know!!
I know why you became an autopsy expert!
But that's no reason to stop!

What you did was inexcusable...
Something you'll never make up for...

But why should that stop me?!
Why should I stop learning how to save lives just because I'm scared of what might happen??
That's the coward's way out!

We can save a lot of lives, together...
don't forget what it means to be a doctor!

Nox: Why...do you care so much....
Son: Because we're family.

Page 19:
Nox: Dumbass...
Get in here.
It'll probably taste crappy,
but I'll make some coffee.

MomBut90%SureItsTheWife: It's filthy in here! Look at all this trash!
I'm sorry, but I've got to clean up, at least until the coffee's done.

Nox: God...if you really go exist...
Please, forgive me...
and maybe...despite all I've done...
could you give me the joy of just having coffee with my family?

Page 20:
The express to New Optien will arrive shortly at platform 1...

Soldier: We've gotten word that
Scar's on the move again.
Soldier 2: He got away again?

Soldier: Someone in the Northern Heqdquarters saw him.
He's with a middle-aged guy with black hair.

SFX: Bump!

Page 21:
Old Lady: Oh my, oh my, I'm terribly sorry!
May: Oh no, it's my fault for not paying attention.

Old Lady: You've got a heavy accent.
Where are you from?
May: I'm from Xing.

Old Lady: That's a long ways away, are you here to sightsee?
There's not too much around here, unfortunately.

May: No,
I'm actually headed somewhere else.
Now I have to go North.

May: Uh oh!

Thanks for helping me pick everything up, ma'am!
Old Lady: My pleasure! Be safe!
My, what a strange cat.

Page 22:
Kimbley: Whu-oh.

Page 23:
Guard: Get up, Kimbley.
You're being released.

Kimbley: This is certainly a strange turn of events. What's going on?
Guard: Shut your trap and don't ask questions.

Kimbley: Orders from above, maybe?
Guard: Shaddap.

I have no idea why they'd release you - you're a murderous death row inmate who killed five of his senior officers!
Kimbley: I wonder.
Perhaps I've been reformed?

Guard: Hah! Yeah right, "Mad Bomber"!
I've heard how you laughed your head off while you killed the Ishvali!

Page 24:
Guard: Don't act all high and mighty just because they released you, you're still insane in my book!
Kimbley: Guard.
Guard: Hn?
Kimbley: Sorry for all the trouble I caused you.
Guard: Yeah, yeah. Don't come back.

Kimbley: Here's a token of my appreciation.

Page 25:
SFX: Tick, tick, tick...
G-get it off!
God damnit, it's stuck!


The timer...

Page 26:
SFX: Cukoo!
Kimbley: It's a silly little toy, I know.
But I thought your child would like it.

Page 27:
Kimbley: Farewell.

Page 28:
Kimbley: Hmm...now where to...?

Envy: Nice to see you again, Kimbley.
Congrats on getting out.

Page 29:
Kimbley: Ah, so it was you guys.
Envy: Yep. We're a bit short-handed right now.
Kimbley: You have a job for me, then?

Envy: You remember Dr. Marcoh?
Kimbly: Of course, he was the researcher who made the Philosopher's Stone.
I remember him very well.

Envy: He's escaped...
we think.
Kimbley: You "think"?
Envy: We haven't confirmed it yet.
He may have run off with an Ishvali known as "Scar".

Page 30:
Envy: Scar's done nothing but get in our way.
Whatta ya say, Kimbley?
You're the Crimson Alchemist, the man who was supposed to wipe Ishval off the face of the Earth.
Doesn't it irk you that one of them lives?

Kimbley: Well...
I don't like the idea that one of them slipped past me...
So the job is to kill him?

Envy: And if Marcoh's with there, bring him back.
Your payment's in here.

Kimbley: Haha.
There's no way you had me released just for that.

Page 31:
Envy: If you do catch Marcoh, you get to teach him a lesson by olbiterating the town he loves.
How about it, Crimson?
Sound good?

Kimbley: What a horrible plan...

Page 32:
Kimbley: I guess I get to use this again...
Envy: I dunno...just that might not be enough.

Kimbley: Did...
Did you use the Ishvali to make more?
Envy: Nope, that's Marcoh's old researchers.

Kimbley: Marcoh's researchers, you say...
Horrible, indeed.

Page 33:
Old Lady: Is that a funeral?
Mustang: Ah-
Yes, it would seem so.

Old Lady: I hate seeing those now.
When you get to be my age, all you think is, "That'll be me pretty soon".
Mustang: Now now miss, there's no reason to talk like that.

Page 34:
Mustang: You seem young enough to......me..

Grahman: Hohohohohohoho!
We were supposed to meet in front of General Hughes' grave, yes?

I never thought you'd need to use your last resort to get in touch with me....
So just to be sure, I came in disguise.

Page 35:
Mustang: I should have expected as much from a "Master of Disguise"...
Though I could never have predicted THAT...
SFX: Snickering
Grahman: Haha...I'll take that as a compliment.

I see...
So the entire Central Command's in on it...
I'm impressed that you found out so much by yourself...
but you're a bit too worked up.

Even if you lost all your trustworthy subordinates and have no one left...
Mustang: Yes...I don't even have anything to say.

Grahman: Even General Raven, eh...
You know,
back when I was working in Central, he asked me something...

Page 36:
Raven: Hey, Grahman...
What do you think about creating a completely immortal army?

Mustang: Immortal...
What'd you say?

Grahman: I said, "Pursuing immortality is ridiculous" and refused to hear any more of it.
Right after that,
they dumped me off in the Eastern HQ.

Mustang: They demoted you?

Grahman: After that, they never called for me, and I was reduced to cleaning up the troubles of the Eastern HQ.

Mustang: Speaking of troubles...
Do you remember the riots in Liore?

Page 37:
Mustang: The Fullmetal Alchemist broke up the grip that the church of Let had on the region and things got way out of hand.
Grahman: I remember, yes.

Mustang: Fullmetal contacted East HQ once he found out about Cornello's plot...
In the early stages, the Eastern units were able to quell the riots quickly...


then troops from Central came, and the Eastern units were ordered back...

Grahman: The guys in Central are planning something...
Ahhh, no! I wanted to have an easy, peaceful time until retirement!
Mustang: Haha... that's another joke, right?

Page 38:
Mustang: You of all people should want to establish peace in this region, right?
Even if you happen to be have the Eastern army...the biggest, strongest army in the country, at your disposal...

Grahman: Pfft...

I did put that hidden message in the Queen in case a day like this ever came, but oh my...
you really lit a fire under my ass, boy!

Page 39:
Grahman: Hoooo...
Things are getting intense over in Central...
But the fire of ambition in my creaky old bones is starting to burn again!

Mustang: Don't get too excited...your makeup will smear.

Grahman: Oh, no!
Mustang: Are you busy? We should atleast get some tea...

Grahman: I appreciate it, but unfortunately...

Page 40:
Ed: Hmmmm (everything but the bottom)

Page 41:
Ed: There's jack shit in here about Rentanjutsu!
How can they call this place the biggest research repository in the country? Pride of Central my ass...

At this rate I'll have to go back to Xing...
but nah, the toll the desert would take on the automail...it'd be suicide...


Armstrong: There you are, Edward Elric!
Ed: M-major?! What the he-
Armstrong: SHH! This is a library, be quiet!

Page 42:
Armstrong: You're looking for the Xing girl with the strange black and white cat, correct?
Ed: Yeah, how'd you know?
Armstrong: I heard from the Colonel.
I'm giving him a hand today.

That girl
is heading north.

Ed: To where?
Armstrong: I don't know.
The witness said she was leaving from East City.

Ed: East, then North...
That's enough for me!

Thanks a bunch, Major! Thank the Colonel for me, too!
Armstrong: Wait a minute!

Page 48, or something:
Armstrong: There's another reason he had me find you...
Take this.

Ed: What is it?
Armstrong: A letter of introduction.
It may not be of use to you, but take it.
And meet them.
They may be able to help you.

Ed: Who?

Page Final:
Armstrong: Far to the North, beyond the Northern Headquarters, a Major General
defends the border between Amestris and Drachma... They call him General "Briggs of the North Wall"...

Text: Who IS he?

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#1. by Allashandra ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2006
Yay thank you for the translation! Looks like you will finish before we get done cleaning it. And yeah I noticed. But it's cool to have more than one translator since this thread is still new. More fun to go around.
#2. by glasskatana ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2006
Indeed. You're super translations are inspiring others. :thumbs

(soon FMA will take it's rightful place on the MH sidebar, and after that...THE WORLD!!! :kukuku)

(side-note. You have a character named who. I think his name is fuu. Not sure though.)

And once you finish the trans I'll stickify this thread. :D
#3. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2006
Nope, his name is spelled Who.

When are you gonna learn to trust me on the spellings? :P
#4. by yeste ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2006
Quote by hisshouburaiken :

Nope, his name is spelled Who.

When are you gonna learn to trust me on the spellings? :P

I dont know if this means anything to you, but I trust you with the spellings like no other translator!!!

Besides, you were the one that had " put the Kuuby in check" right??? :)
#5. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2006
Quote by yeste :

I dont know if this means anything to you, but I trust you with the spellings like no other translator!!!

Besides, you were the one that had " put the Kuuby in check" right??? :)

Damn straight!
#6. by midnight789 ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2006
Thx for the great trans! your sig gave me a chuckle, it's Ishval with a V! xD
#7. by glasskatana ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2006
After checking the guidebood romanizations, you're absolutely right. It's romanized Who, Ranfun, and May. I wonder why every other translation I read translated it as Fuu and Ranfan. They've been lying to us :notrust[br]Posted on: September 16, 2006, 12:21:51 PM_________________________________________________It's strange though, the guidebook has actually gotten some romanization wrong. In the guidebook the romanize Ling's name as 'Lin Yao' however, in volume 9, chapter 35, Ling is forced to wear a dogtag on his wrist that clearly reads 'Ling Yao.' Very Peculiar.
#8. by midnight789 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2006
I think they call him Fuu because if you were to call him Who it would get confusing. And Ranfan rolls off of the tounge better than Ranfun (imo). As for May, I have no idea who that's supposed to be. But that's a good name.
#9. by ibra87 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2006
If it's who, then calling it fuu would be wrong :S even if it makes it easier. But it won't hurt calling it Hu, would it? :o
#10. by midnight789 ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2006
Quote by ibra87 :

If it's who, then calling it fuu would be wrong :S even if it makes it easier. But it won't hurt calling it Hu, would it? :o

true, but I mean, even if calling him Who is proper i still think it makes more sense for them not to use that name. As for Hu, i wouldn't have any problem with that. Just not Who, for the reasons stated.
#11. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2006
I think most people (myself included), when not given any clue, will choose to directly romanize the katakana. May and Mei are pronounced the same, but some people may think Mei "looks" more correct and go with that. It's an automatic reflex for a lot of people, writing フ as "Fu", even though "Hu" would be more correct in this case (with regards to the authors original design for the character). I've decided to go with the PGB2 names because that's as good a source as any, and in the world of FMA almost none of the names are supposed to even sound remotely japanese. No one says "Masutangu" or "Aamusutorongu", why should they say "Ranfan" or "Fuu" when there's an official romanization out there?
#12. by glasskatana ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2006
Quote by hisshouburaiken :

I think most people (myself included), when not given any clue, will choose to directly romanize the katakana. May and Mei are pronounced the same, but some people may think Mei "looks" more correct and go with that. It's an automatic reflex for a lot of people, writing フ as "Fu", even though "Hu" would be more correct in this case (with regards to the authors original design for the character). I've decided to go with the PGB2 names because that's as good a source as any, and in the world of FMA almost none of the names are supposed to even sound remotely japanese. No one says "Masutangu" or "Aamusutorongu", why should they say "Ranfan" or "Fuu" when there's an official romanization out there?

Good points. :noworry
#13. by Allashandra ()
Posted on Sep 24, 2006
Hello HisshouBuraiken. I am sorry to bother. I finally have gotten around to typesetting this chapter and have come across a few things that I was hoping to get clearification on.

Page 2 final bubble text is: I have you a big chunk of change back at the Fuhrer's!

I'm not sure what to make of this sentence. Should this read "I have a big chunk of change back at the fuhrer's!" The "I have you" is the part I am having trouble with in conjunction with the rest of the sentence.

I'm not sure but it appears there are a couple of bubbles on page 4, final panel last two bubbles that appear to have a translation missing. Is this so, and you have the time, would you be kind enough to translate them?

Also on page 37 panel four? Is this panel also missing a translation?

Thank you again for translating this chapter. I have enjoyed the translation and the story a great deal. And with luck we might have this chapter released by tomorrow!
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