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The Hard 4

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 8, 2015 08:19 | Go to The Hard

-> RTS Page for The Hard 4

1: Midtown Manhattan


sfx: click
sfx: boom


1: Heheheh! I get to see Momoko today! Gotta make sure I'll clean as a whistle!
2: I'm so happyyyy!
sfx: rub x3
3: Good morning.
4: Ahh!
sfx: stare...
5: Ahahahaha!
6: I see you're feeling very energetic this morning.
sfx: haa

1: Umm.... You didn't come here to tell me I can't see Momoko today, did you?
2: No, relax. That's not why I came.
3: Then... do I need to start paying more school fees for her now?
4: I didn't really make that much this month, I swear!
5: That's not it either. You can see Momoko today...
6: But I don't want you to use her to pry into your ex-wife's private affairs.
7: A-are you talking about how Emily got a boyfriend?
sfx: slurrrp
8: Y-you gotta be kidding me... I-I'm a Japanese man, you know! Wh-why would I care if my ex-wife got a n-new boyfriend?
9: Puhleeze.
10: Owwwwww!
11: A-and to be honest, I don't really want to get involved with Emily's family.
12: Especially not her brother-in-law...

1: New York Suburbs

1: Pescatore's dead.
2: His wife and kid were also burned to a crisp inside his car.
3: Here's a photo from the incident.
4: Pescatore was a fighter, but he also loved his family...
5: Who did this!?
6: Us wise guys don't kill people like this! We don't kill men in front of their families, nor do we ever touch their families!
side text: *Wiseguy - Mafia thugs refer to themselves as wise guys or good fellows.

1: It was probably the Barrancabermeja gang out of Colombia, led by the Barranquilla brothers. They were feuding with Pescatore over drug concessions.
2: Those fucking maggots! Let's obliterate them!
3: You think I'm gonna let some black or Hispanic strut around and peddle drugs on my turf!? Nobody fucks with me and gets away with it!
4: But Masseria... At a time like this, when the FBI is getting our case?
5: You know, that attitude is exactly why these assholes think they can walk all over us! They're selling stuff that works faster than our heroin, like cocaine and crack, and they're making a killing off it!!
6: And you think they give a shit about things like rules and ethics? Hah! They'll rain down bullets on anyone who gets in their way! They don't even need to know the guy's name! And if that's not enough, the Chinese and Vietnamese are also waiting for a chance to move in on us!

1: The 'mafia'...
2: Huh?
3: The word mafia originally comes from the Sicilian word 'mafiusu,' which refers to a man who knows what he really needs to do. A man who possesses true bravery.

1: When someone hits us, we hit 'em back. That's how we do things.
2: But...
3: We don't just use any means of retaliation. That's beneath us.
4: There must be a South American drug ring backing these Barranquilla brothers. Don't forget that.
5: I've had enough of this pussyfooting, boss.
6: When Al Capone controlled Chicago for six years, only 80 people died because of gang-related trouble.
7: And what about now? 257 people died last year!
8: 80 people in 6 vs 257 in 1. Do you know why there's such a big difference?
9: Because Al Capone used force to keep all those thugs in their places!
10: He'd pull the trigger in a flash on anyone who defied him! He made people fear him!!

1: You're being too naive, boss! This is just going to make them underestimate us even more!
2: Hey, Masseria, you're being disrespectful.
3: Hmph. Just so you know...
4: Your son agrees with me.
5: My son...
6: I have two sons.
7: Which one are you referring to?

1: Waaaachoo!
2: Is someone talking about me behind my back?
sfx: rub
3: Momoko sure is late...
sfx: blooow
sfx: screech
sfx: click

1: You can wait all you want, but Momoko isn't coming.

1: L... Luke!?
2: Brother-in-law!?
sfx: slap x2
3: Apapapapapa!
4: Don't call me that. You and Emily got divorced! You think I want some mangy Jap calling me his brother?
5: Ahaha! Th-that's right... S-sorry about that.
sfx: throb x2
6: I see your hand still lashes out before you speak, just like the old days! Ahahaha!

1: B-but why isn't Momoko coming?
2: Even the lawyer guaranteed that I could see her today.
3: Hmph!
4: H-hey, hold on a minute! I haven't seen Momoko for three whole months now!
5: The least you could do is tell is me why!
sfx: glare
sfx: twitch
6: Momoko's school bus got hijacked.
7: What!?

1: M-Momoko's!?
2: N-no way...
3: M-Momoko...
4: Momoko's safe, isn't she!?
sfx: wham

sfx: drip x2
1: Uuu...
2: Shut your mouth and settle down.
3: This is a family problem.
4: You just stay out of this.
5: B-but she's my family too...
6: Sh-she's my beloved daughter...
7: Family?
8: Says who?
9: You're no family of mine.

sfx: gwooooosh
1: Uuuu...
2: Sha-la-la!
3: C'mooon! Siddown and shuddap!
sfx: slap
4: Stop! No violence!
5: Momoko!

1: Well look at you, glaring at me like that... You've got some guts, kid!
2: Wonder how much guts you'll have when I pop that cute little head of yours like a cherry! Vuheheheh!
sfx: weeoo x3
3: You're telling me your kid was on the bus that got hijacked?
4: E-enough about that! What's happening? Did you find the bus!?

1: Just calm down. I sent some vehicles out. They'll find it eventually.
2: Why are you so relaxed!? What if something happens to Momoko!?
3: Here, take a sip of this and loosen up a bit.
4: You know that even just sniffing alcohol gets me drunk!
5: But you'll need it if you want to hit anything, right? Go on, take it.
6: Attention all deployed cars! The bus was sighted on the 72nd block of Park Avenue, heading east!
7: Allllright! Here we goooo!

sfx: hoooonk x5
1: It's... a huge traffic jam!
2: We're screwed! They aren't even moving an inch!
3: The bus is over by the Pan Am building, right!?
sfx: dash
4: Whoa, Hard!
5: Tch! There goes my allowance...

sfx: haa x2
1: J-just hold on a little longer, Momoko! I'm coming to save you!
2: I intercepted the police radio line, Mr. Luke.
sfx: vroooom
3: The bus is near the Pan Am building right now.
4: OK! Step on it!
5: The school bus is here!

sfx: craaaaash
1: Yahooooo!
2: Mamaaaaa!
sfx: weoo x3
3: Give it up already...

sfx: clunk
sfx: weeoo x5
sfx: boooooom

sfx: crash
sfx: squeal
sfx: kathunk
1: Hyahahaha!
sfx: gulp x2

sfx: spit
sfx: clench
sfx: ratatatatatat

sfx: ratatatatat
1: Hyababababa
sfx: crack snap

sfx: squeaaaaaal

sfx: kabooom
1: What the fuck!?
sfx: screech
2: Shiiiit!
sfx: stagger x2
sfx: ratatatat
3: Hyabababa
sfx: blam x4

sfx: pooooop
sfx: slurch
1: hic
sfx: fssssh
sfx: splurrrt

1: Heeey, Hard! The kids are all safe!
2: M-Momokoooo!
3: Momoko got off before the rest of us.
4: Some other man took her away.
5: Wh-whaaat!?
6: Wh-why did they only take her away?
sfx: click

1: What about 'stay out of this' didn't you understand!? You've got some nerve, you know that!? This is our family's problem!!
2: Stop, Luke!
3: Father!

1: These are the Barranquilla brothers' thugs. I'm sure of it.
2: The Barranquilla brothers?
3: I... I knew it!
4: What do the Barranquilla brothers want with Momoko!?

1: New York Suburbs

sfx: grrrr

1: What do the Barranquilla brothers want!?
2: Why the hell did they kidnap Momoko!?
3: Do you WANT me punch you something!?
4: I'm really getting sick and tired of all the diarrhea that comes out of your mouth!
5: If you want to punch me, then go right ahead!
6: But I'm not gonna shut up! Not until you give me a proper explanation!
7: Motherfuckerrrr!
8: Luke, the boss wants to see you.

sfx: fidget x2
1: P-papa, you don't need to worry. I'll figure out some way to get Momoko back.

1: The Barranquilla brothers ain't shit. I'll have the fish chewing on 'em before you can say 'Hudson.'
2: I'm gonna show you just how big of a man I am, papa.

1: Papa...

1: Ex-excuse me.
sfx: bow
sfx: click
sfx: step
2: Huh?
3: Urgggh!
sfx: wham

sfx: wham
sfx: thud
1: Wh-what are you doing, Luke!?
2: I don't like you.
3: And what don't you like about me!?
4: Your face, the color of your skin, your voice...
5: Just about everything.

sfx: vwoooosh
1: Huh!?
sfx: vwoooosh
2: It's an RC plane carrying dynamite!
3: What!?

sfx: kabooooom

sfx: gwoooooosh
1: Uuuu...
sfx: drip x2
2: H-he protected me?
3: Ahahaha! A-are you OK?
sfx: drip x2

1: G-get offa me already!
sfx: wham
sfx: brrring
2: Hello?
3: Oooh... is this little Lukey?
4: Th... The Barranquilla brothers!?
5: Weh weh! Looks like you enjoyed our present.
6: You assholes think you can get away with this shit!?

1: I see you're as cocksure as ever, Lukey.
2: Don't forget now that I've got a very powerful ally on my team... a little girl named Momoko!

1: You do know that aside from drugs, we're also making child porn...
2: What'd you saaaaay!?
3: And you wouldn't believe how quickly a girl like Momoko would become a star. Weh weh!
4: Y-you putrid little cockroaaaach!!
5: Cockroach? That's not a very nice thing to call someone.
6: You know, I could give Momoko back to you, if the price is right.
7: Meet me behind PortSide at 10. Then I'll give you your Momoko back.
8: Better not bring any guards, though. And make sure the old man comes with you.

1: What!? Papa...
2: Fuck you! You think we're just gonna walk into a trap like that!?
3: Relax. We not stupid enough to pick a serious fight with the biggest family in New York.
4: We just want a chance to talk to your old man face to face. That's why we wanted Momoko for.
sfx: yank
5: Hello? Is Momoko safe!?
6: That voice... Hard?
7: Please! Please let me hear her voice!
8: You're gonna die...

1: What!?
sfx: boop x2
2: Gufeh gufeh feh! Well, that's that.
3: Now, we just gotta wait for Luke and his old man to show up, then...
sfx: blam
4: You guys suck. I'm not even close to cumming, goddammit!!

sfx: clang
1: Who does he think he is!?
2: He just wants to talk, huh!?
3: I'm gonna rip his fucking face off!
4: Hey! Gather up all our best men!
5: A-aren't you going to let your dad know?
6: Of course not! Why should he have to deal with bullshit like this!? I'm the eldest son, so I'm the one who's gonna take care of it!
7: B-bullshit? But Momoko's life is on the line here!
8: Shuddap! You think I don't know that, fuckface!? Just shut your damn trap!!
sfx: wham

1: Make sure you keep your eyes on Hard. I don't want him taking a single step out of this room. And if he tries anything funny, you can break his arms and legs. I don't care.
2: Yes sir!
3: Urgh...
4: M-Mr. Luke! I-I'm just a poor florist! I couldn't possibly stand in for your father!

1: Out of all the people I know, you're the one who looks the most like him!
2: Just be thankful that you get to pretend to be papa for a day!
3: B-but this is crazy!
4: The Barranquilla brothers are infamous as demolition experts!
5: And I hear they've got strong connections with the Medellín Cartel!*
* line: *Medellín Cartel / The Medellín Cartel is a network of drug suppliers and smugglers from the city of Medellín, Colombia who supplied at least 84%-90% of the United States and 80% of the global cocaine market.
6: Relax. I've got a plan.
7: All you need to do is follow my lead.

1: Uhhh... I, uh, I'd like to go the bathroom.
2: But you just went!
3: Ahahaha... So I can't go?
sfx: farrrrrt
4: Urgh... (So... stinky)
5: Yeaaaaaahhh!!
sfx: wham

sfx: whooooosh

1: So glad to see you made it, Luke.
2: Is that your old man in the car?
3: Momoko...
4: Look up at that building.

1: Well, what are you waiting for? Hand her over.
2: Then I'll hear what you have to say.
3: I thought I already told you... I wanted to talk to your old man face to face.
sfx: glance
4: I'm ready to go at any time.
5: How about you?

1: I'm ready too. I can fire at any time.
2: When Mr. Luke tosses his cigarette, we all open fire.
3: Papa put me in charge of this job, you know.
4: But you aren't the boss... Don Lee Barbariano is.
sfx: twitch
5: You think you can fuck with me!?
sfx: bwap
6: Mr. Luke gave the signal! Fiiire!!
sfx: ratatat

sfx: splurrrt
1: Hagyaaaah
2: Kweeee
sfx: ratatatat
sfx: waaaah
3: Wh-what!?
4: Kwakakakaka! I knew exactly what you were planning!
sfx: griiiin

sfx: bwap x4
sfx: chk
1: Weheheheheh
2: Urgh...
3: Barbariano's in the car! Fill him with lead!!

sfx: ratatatatatat
1: Heeeeeey!
2: Tch!
sfx: blam x4

sfx: ratatatatat
1: Uhyauhya! Diiie, Luke!
sfx: ratatatat
sfx: ratatatatat
2: What!?
sfx: kaboooom

sfx: screeeeech
1: Momokoooooooo!!

(1) Japanese Spirit (END)

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