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Naruto 430 (1 comments)
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Back to his home demolished by Pain, ...

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Naruto returns!

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Naruto comes face-to-face with Pain

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Naruto: .... Just where the hell are we?

Gamabunta: And where's the enemy?

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Fukasaku: What's going on ka-chan
The summon was supposed to be to Konoha Village

Shima: This is Konoha!

Gamakichi: Whadya mean granny Shima?

Shima: Take a good look around you

Gamabunta: No way!

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Shima: It's pretty obvious who done this
I got that same feeling I got when I was on Jiraiya boy's shoulder.

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Iruka: Ughh!..

Stand-in: You ok Iruka!?

Katsuyu: My apologies. Covering over everyone took all I had

Shikamaru: What the hell?!

Shikaku: Are you hurt,... Read More " "
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