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One Piece 571 (0 comments)
Chapter 571: "The Execution Stand"

SFX: Gogou---n

??: It's the Hero -- Garp!!!

Inazuma: The bridge -- it's crumbling!!

Iva: You must do something Strawhat-boy!!

Garp: Since long before you were born

Garp: I have fought off pirates

Garp: I will defeat you and then kill you here!!!
Garp: "Strawhat Luffy!"

Ace: ......!!

Garp: This is the path you two have chosen!

Ace: Gramps


Garp: Don't be coy! You will grow to be a more powerful marine!

Garp: With you like this, you will be quickly killed by pirates!!!

end flashback

Luffy: I cannot fight you Gramps! I told you! Allow me to pass!

Garp: If you cannot, then Ace will die!

Luffy: Dammit!!!

Garp: Those "damned" things... Read More " "
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