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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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One Piece 571

The Execution Stand

+ posted by J4bb3rw0cky as translation on Jan 23, 2010 08:58 | Go to One Piece

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Chapter 571: "The Execution Stand"

SFX: Gogou---n

??: It's the Hero -- Garp!!!

Inazuma: The bridge -- it's crumbling!!

Iva: You must do something Strawhat-boy!!

Garp: Since long before you were born

Garp: I have fought off pirates

Garp: I will defeat you and then kill you here!!!
Garp: "Strawhat Luffy!"

Ace: ......!!

Garp: This is the path you two have chosen!

Ace: Gramps


Garp: Don't be coy! You will grow to be a more powerful marine!

Garp: With you like this, you will be quickly killed by pirates!!!

end flashback

Luffy: I cannot fight you Gramps! I told you! Allow me to pass!

Garp: If you cannot, then Ace will die!

Luffy: Dammit!!!

Garp: Those "damned" things and the like will end here as well!! Forgive me!!!

Garp: Luffy you...

SFX: Don!!

Garp: ...are my enemy!!!

SFX: Go-o!!!

SFX Luffy: Do-ru-run!!!

Ace: The situation has become

Ace: absolutely volatile!!

Garp closes his eyes,

Sengoku: Garp!!

??: Uwaaaaaaaaa!!!


SFX: BO-ko-on!!

Marines: Vice Admiral Garp!!?


SFX: ta-ta-n!!

Sengoku: ...damn you garp, so you are also a parent...!!

SFX: Ka--tsu!

Pirates: !!! old man!!

SFX Whitebeard: Do!!

SFX Kizaru: Kyun!!

SFX bridge: Ga-ra, Ga-ra...

SFX Luffy's foot on platform: Tahn!!!

flashback to Hancock scene:

Hancock: Here are the key's... to you brother's handcuffs

end flashback

luffy: I got the key! just wait!! *pant

Ace: Luffy you...!!!

Luffy: *pant... *pant

Marines: Look!! Fleet Admiral Sengoku's special power...!

Some marine: This is my first time... to witness it...

SFX kimochi: !!?

Sengoku: WAIT !!! I will not allow you to escape!!!

??: !!? ... Sengoku !!?

SFX Kizaru laser: Pyun!!

SFX key breaking: Bi..!!

Reaction: !!?

Luffy: Aaah! The key!

Marines: Get in Formation!!

SFX Marines: Jya-ki-ki-n !!

Luffy: aa...!! aa

Luffy: dammit the key is... !!

SFX Mr. 3: Yo-ro...

Mr. 3: un... ...!!!

Mr. 3: oo-n.. what is this I feel like I can't move, damn I got separated...

luffy: Eh!!?

luffy: "3" what are you doing here!!?

Sengoku speaking very formally in Japanese: You will now receive your execution with my fist!!!

Luffy: "gomu gomu no" ...

SFX: Ga-chi

Mr. 3: Gyaa!! What is that!- GyaaaA

Luffy: Oi, 3-san -- make a barrier to protect ace!!!

Mr. 3: Gyaa!! What is that!!? Gyaaaaa

SFX: Ohn!!

Luffy: "Giganto Balloon"!

SFX Mr.3 : Go-Gon!!1
Mr. 3: "candle wall"!!

Sengoku: A "giant" transformation...!!?

Luffy: bu!! (spits out blood)

LuffY: bue!! (air from his mouth)

??: The execution stand is being destroyed!

Pirates: Something's falling?

Pirates: Ace still survives!!!

??: We're falling!

SFX: Gau! Gau!

Bon Clay: Go, you must rescue your brother!!

SFX Mr. 3: Do-ru-ru-n!
Mr. 3: I'll make a key!! But then you must still remove the 'cuffs -- quickly!!

Luffy: I Got it! (in a voice of a small boy)

Inmates: Captain Buggy!! It's our brother Mr 3!!

Inmates: What in the world...!!?

Marines: Attack!

Marines: Siege the execution stand!!

SFX Siege Fire: do-u-n!! do-do-n!! do-o-n!

SFX Mr. 3: Pohn!!

Mr. 3: I made it so this wouldn't be our funeral, you are probably laughing now...

LuffY: I'm not here to "laugh" (catches the key with serious face)

Mr. 3: Rescue your brother Strawhat!

Sengoku: NOW!!!

SFX Sengoku : Bah'

SFX whizzing projectiles: Kyu-in!!!

SFX massive explosion: Dokkaa!!

Marines: Wait... the fire is not dying!!!

Some marine: Huh??

Marines: Within the smoke!!

Marines: A tunnel of flames...!!

Ace: "Because you are my brother"... luffy!!!

Luffy heavy breathing sfx: ha... ha...

ace: that is what you had told me earlier...

Pirates: WUAAAAAHH!!!!

Pirates: ACE~!!!

Ace: ...you are as reckless as ever!!!

SFX for Whitebeard's eyes seeing this: waa (left) waa (right)

Luffy: Ace~!!!

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Areas to check:

garp: These "damned" things and the like will be destroyed here as well!! Forgive me!!!

Huge if here: it "forgive me" (as in youshase n nominalizer "n") or "I will cannot forgive it" (as in a shortened youshasen-ai)?

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