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Has Fairy Tail author Hiro Mashima started a countdown to the series' end? This is the question user Asgaraatth asks in his latest thread. Recent Fairy Tail cover pages have been a trip down memory lane and recounting events starting from the beginning of the manga.

Now the question is if the cover pages will catch up to current events on the final chapter. Let us know what you think and share your opinion in our Fairy Tail section. Read More " "
Posted by Kaoz in Site News

Fairy Tail - Chapter 528 Review by Brandish

This chapter can be described as random fun. There’s barely anything interesting in it regarding the story. However there were moments that were made for fans – and not the usual fanservice we’re used to or that you might be thinking.

Jellal actually got to fight. Not for too long, though it was enough for fans starving to see something from him to rejoice. And the ‘random’ part of this being he did it against Acnologia in human form. Not Zeref, or August, or Irene; as some may have predicted. Jellal’s magic is aesthetically pleasing and Hiro did well with drawing his newly introduced spells. The rapid sequence was well choreographed to... Read More " "
Posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews

Welcome to Art Contests Shoutout. This weekly article will bring you updates about the open Art Contests and Themes for both Submissions and Voting as well as Winner(s) of the Contests.

This week, we have the Spring Art Contest- Forum Badge Creation open for submissions until April 17th, 2017. The Task is pretty simple, make a badge to earn a badge.

Also, voting for the Animal Photography contest has begun and is open until April 4th, 2017. You also have FOUR votes to use!

Don't forget to participate before the deadlines! Read More " "
Posted by Holt in Contest
This is a series on the MH staff. Originally the profiles that are part of this series were meant to be included in the 2016 yearbook, however, since I haven't had the time to work on that and don't want to let these introductions go to waste, they will be posted here instead.

Hello! My name is Axiomus. I've been with Mangahelpers since 2015, and I enjoy discussing all sorts of topics with fellow fans. I am a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Rave Master, and Fairy Tail - of which I am now a moderator. I look forward to a new year at MH! Read More " "
Posted by Kaoz in Site News

Yanagi (Y): Good evening to the coverage of this year's Winter Cup. This is I, Renji Yanagi...

Inui (I): ...and Sadaharu Inui...

Y: ..."filling in for Mr. Inoue who called in sick", is what Sadaharu is going to say.

I: ...filling in for Mr. Inoue who called in sick. The probability that his absence is connected to last round's coverage is 87%.

Y: Today we are not only discussing the results of round 3, but also which transfers took place during the trading period.

I: Given that this is a 900 second program, we have used up 41 seconds on the introduction and the commercial break is 30 seconds long...

Y: ...we can spend an average of 103.625 seconds to talk about each of the four matches... Read More " "
Posted by Kaoz in Site News

Fairy Tail - Chapter 527 Review by Nemispelled


Zeref and Larcade Family Conflict
  • The chapter starts with Zeref approaching a beaten, but conscious Larcade
  • Larcade complains of being hurt (referring to either the physical pain, the emotional damage, or a combination of both)
  • Zeref is pissed that Larcade keeps referring to him as "dad" and angrily yells that he does not have any children or a family
  • Zeref explains that Larcade is simply a demon from the Books of Zeref and proves this by erasing his existence
  • Natsu watches these events unfold and ridicules Zeref for destroying a comrade
  • Natsu responds by punching Zeref with a flaming fist, which sends Zeref several feet across the...
Read More " "
Posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews
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