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Translations: Gintama 619 (2) , One Piece 850 by cnet128

Fairy Tail - Chapter 517 Review by Doughboy

Part 1 - Irene's motives behind possessing Wendy
The chapter starts off where 516 left off, with Irene approaching Erza again in possession of Wendy's body after she enchanted her being inside of her. Let's reflect: Irene is a Dragon Slayer who fully underwent the Dragonification process, becoming a dragon. After Zeref used his enchantments to give her the appearance of her old self she later found out she couldn't taste food or sleep which really broke her psyche. When seeing this part of her, I thought back to Larcade saying humans have 3 desires: sex, food, sleep. Those really shouldn't be underestimated, which just adds to the totality of her... Read More " "
Posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews
Dear MH Community,

we are recruiting! If you have always wanted to be part of the moderator team, are capable, have enough free time on your hands and still escaped our notice so far, now is your chance.

We are looking for new additions in the following places:
  • Art & Stories
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  • General Category + Member Zone
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  • Novels
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  • Translators' Academy

Beyond moderators for these sections, we are also looking for News Writers. News Writers do not moderate any of our forums, but are responsible for posting articles on our front page.

Interested? Then go ahead and fill out one of the forms below. We are looking forward to your application,

MH... Read More " "
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We are happy to announce the opening of the Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland) forum!

We hope you all do enjoy discussing this latest offering from Weekly Shonen Jump and have fun with it.


MH Staff Read More " "
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Ladies and gentleman!

The Anime Awards 2017 have begun!

Nominate your favorite shows now!
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The first voting day of the Anime League is here! Tell us which new Anime of this season you liked the most so far!
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Hello all,

First of all we'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This is just a short post to inform you of the recent update we've done to the Forum Rules and Spoiler Rules.

Now these changes were made to take into consideration our change of forums and also some general observation and otherwise to just clarify some points.

We appreciate that this might take some adjusting for everyone, so please contact a Global Moderator/Admin if you have any questions regarding the recent changes or are uncertain about anything written.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to make the forum experience as enjoyable as it can be for our whole community.


MH Staff Team.

EDIT: Below are... Read More " "
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Jan 13 en Gintama 619 0 Level [B] Translator kewl0210 [Read]
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