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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Yakusoku no Neverland - Chapter 103 Review by Emperor Spriggan

This week's chapter starts with an owl being spotted. In the context of the story, the owl is used as the royal sigil of House Minerva. But in real world applications, in some cultures an owl is often looked upon as a bad omen. An omen of death to be exact. Does that mean something grim is about to happen in the chapter? Let's read on and see.

The scene then shifts to Emma and the other kids in the bunker. She tells them about their adventures, and how upon their third try they successfully managed to find the temple that Emma saw in her vision in Cuvitidala. We get an amusing snippet of Gilda hugging Emma in glee while both of... Read More " "
Posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews

Yakusoku no Neverland - Chapter 102 Review by Seraph


A typical demonic everyday scene
  • The Chapter starts in a Demon inhabited Town, a Marketplace, and some of the Demon Citizen's are discussing a recent attack on a Plantation called "Bayon's Mass Production Plant 2".
  • One of the Demon Citizens mentions that the recent number of thefts on Mass Production Plants has been increasing, as the other Citizen hears this he wonders why they would attack Mass Production Plants as the attackers seem to only be satisfied by High-Quality Meat. The Former replies that this is due to their fear of the security that the High-Quality Plantations possess, he goes on to say that the attackers...
Read More " "
Posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest - Chapter 7 Review by Nemispelled


Team Natsu vs. Kyria and Madmorl

  • Kyria asks Natsu & Lucy if they are also going after the Water Dragon God, to which Natsu answers with a "maybe".
  • The vague answer from Natsu angers Kyria and prompts her to attack Natsu with a long-range cutting technique
  • Natsu attempts to retaliate by using a fire spell, but the flames quickly disappear because they are underwater
  • Lucy, who is in her Aquarius Star Dress form, combines her power along with Aquarius' residual power to cast Aqua Metria, aiming it in Kyria's direction
  • Much to Lucy's surprise, Kyria instantly cuts through Aqua Metria and proceeds to slice off Lucy's...
Read More " "
Posted by XXEliteXXAceXX in Manga Reviews

Welcome to Art Contests Shoutout. This weekly article will bring you updates about the open Art Contests and Themes for both Submissions and Voting as well as Winner(s) of the Contests.

This week, we have seasonal art contest, autumn art contest which is
Autumn Video open for submissions until September 23rd, 2018. Don't forget to participate before the deadlines!

The Winner of the Chibi Avatar & Signature set contest is Organizized. Congratulations! Read More " "
Posted by MarmaladeSky in Contest

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest - Chapter 6 Review by Nemispelled


The Female Prisoner & the Water Serpent

  • Natsu, Lucy, and Happy witness a female prisoner being held as a sacrifice inside a cage, and they comment about her unfamiliar guild mark
  • The female wizard, who was pretending to be unconscious, tells the trio to stand back since the "Water God Dragon" has arrived
  • She breaks away from her restraints and cuts the cage in half, before proceeding to attack the Water Serpent
  • The two combatants unleash powerful spells, causing significant damage to the surrounding environment, which was noticed by other members of Team Natsu
  • It is also noted that the female prisoner likely...
Read More " "
Posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews
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