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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Black Clover - Chapter 189 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: A Trustworthy Human

The Chapter starts with an inner monologue of Gauche,he questions wether Humans can be trusted or not to which he concludes that they can't since Humans may be able to get close with others and form bonds but at the end of it all they still trust into themselves the most. That's why many can betray each other so easily. He,Gauche,is no different from that since as long as it means for Marie and him to be happy together he'd be willing to do anything. No matter what it is or what it takes. The Base of the Black Bulls appears in his inner world and he repeats his resolve...he'll do anything...

Back in the Present,Asta... Read More " "
Posted by Brandish in Manga Reviews

Black Clover Chapter 188 Review by Emperor Spriggan

The latest issue of Black Clover starts with a POV on Henry. Other mages rely on enhancing their own bodies with magic in order to be able to fight, but it's different with Henry. His body is naturally crippled, so he uses magic to retain his natural body functions. He was born into a royal family (Was this necessary? It feels like everyone who gets a backstory these days has to be secret royalty or something similar). Being born with his condition, he was not accepted by his family since they thought he would bring shame on them.

In order to conceal the fact of their deformed child, his family decided to give him the mana reserves from one... Read More " "
Posted by Brandish in Manga Reviews

The Promised Neverland Chapter 118 Review by Elusia


The chapter begins with Zazie showing himself before the kids. Some of them are terrified by his presence, but they are not too imitated to approach him a little. The other kids check up on Chris, whose health is getting better thanks to the medicine they got back from the nearby plantation. Emma was relieved, Gilda thanked Anna for her efforts, and then scolded Emma that she needed to rest for a while. Emma told everyone else to spend the night, sleep and continue on in the morning.

Two days later, they stumble across a strange part of the forest where the trees are unbelievably big. It is a huge sign that Minerva’s hiding place... Read More " "
Posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews

Welcome to Art Contests Shoutout. This weekly article will bring you updates about the open Art Contests and Themes for both Submissions and Voting as well as Winner(s) of the Contests.

Voting for the Winter Art Contest has begun. You can vote for your favourite submissions until February 1st, 2019.
You can vote here:
- Short Story
- Avatar & Signature set
- Badge
- Drawing

You can also vote for the best team name!

Also, congratulations to Valhalla777 for winning the special Halloween contest with his spooky, carved pineapple! Read More " "
Posted by MarmaladeSky in Contest

Black Clover Chapter 187 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Battle Between Heaven and Earth

Last chapter ended with the possessed Gauche gearing up for an attack. Now, he once again aligns his mirrors around Asta and the other Black Bulls, who tell him they already know how to deal with that spell. A mirror suddenly appears in front of Asta, and he finds himself being transported through different mirrors, similar to what Gauche does when he’s dodging attacks. The possessed Gauche realizes that with Licht’s demon slaying sword, which can sever the fate of all those around, Asta will prove to be a problem since he can negate Ecra’s spell, therefore they have to get rid of him first. ... Read More " "
Posted by Brandish in Manga Reviews

Dr. Stone Chapter 89 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Adventurers

The chapter continues from last week where Chrome, Senkuu and Ryuusui are the three chosen to test the hot air balloon. Chrome is crying because of the sheer beauty of flying, something he says the likes of Senkuu and all the modern ones take for granted. Ryuusui contradicts his statement by acknowledging that while they did have things like private jets that took them to different places for leisure; this was his first time in a hot air balloon so he could definitely appreciate the moment. While Chrome rhapsodizes about flying with the birds, Senkuu cautions him that it’s no time to be happy because birds can cause... Read More " "
Posted by Brandish in Manga Reviews
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