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Shuumatsu no Valkyrie section is live!

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We've opened a new subforum for Shuumatsu no Valkyrie, check it out HERE

MangaHelpers 2019 Yearbook

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Hello Everyone,

The Mangahelpers 2019 Yearbook is finally here! We invite you to take a look at the last year in review including the new features and contests.

A big thank you to all who took the time out to contribute to this book. Also the staff who helped put it together; Brandish, MarmaladeSky, Revo, Kiki, Vandred, Zimbardo and Ustegius. You can download or read it here. We hope you all enjoy it.

~Mangahelpers Staff

Chapter Review: Black Clover (267 & 268)

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Black Clover - Chapter 267 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Devil-Binding Ritual

Asta's Devil has now fully manifested outside of his body and grimoire, surprisingly enough he and Asta share some resemblance in their appearances such as their Grey-ish/White Hair Color and the rather small height. Ironic, considering that Asta's Devil once called him a "Shrimp" and yet he himself isn't that tall either, but i guess it could also be referring to their difference in age and experience since Asta is still a Teen and this Devil most likely hundreds of years old but we'll see about that. As the Anti Magic Devil marvels at the feeling of entering the Physical World again after a long time Asta begins to thank him for all the times were he lent him his powers to fight, most recently against Dante of the Dark Triad...

Royal Knights Selection Tournament - The Semifinals are here!

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Just four magic knights remain!
The semifinals start now!
Who prevails?

You decide!

Chapter Review: Edens Zero (114)

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Eden's Zero Chapter 114 (Named Glue) brought by Ramen:


Chapter finally gave us some action on the ground in this neutral planet that we have come to know as Forestra. Continuing from the surprise assault by the machines, Shiki and friends have gotten ready to fight and take on not only the giant robot that initially ambushed them, but also a wave of robots that have surrounded them on all sides. This time they have everyone's favourite mukbanger Couchpo as she tries to eat the robots which seems very effective.

Next panel cuts to Sister treating Kleene but the latter doesn't want to be treated since she's started to enjoy her time on the Edens Zero. She believes that if she get's better, she will be forced to leave but Sister confirms to her that no matter what happens, she does not have to leave and will be welcomed immediately by...

Royal Knights Selection Tournament - Round 3 has begun!

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Many proud warriors lost and were tossed aside.
But the second knockout stage starts without further ado!
Who prevails?

You decide!

Community Awards 2020 - Second Round Voting

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Chapter Review: Black Clover (266)

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Black Clover Chapter 266 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Dark Garden Invitation

This week’s chapter begins with Julius, backed by Rill and Charlotte, explaining the Spade Kingdom Invasion plan to Gaja, who I’m quite relieved to see is still alive. Gaja assures Julius that the Heart Kingdom will join them in the fight, swearing to retake their queen, who’s been taken by Vanica of the Dark Triad. This vow is echoed by Charlotte who silently asks Yami to hold on.

Elsewhere, Nacht has introduced himself to the rest of the Black Bulls and explains the Spade Invasion Plan to them as well. The Black Bulls are a bit shocked considering this is the first time Nacht has seen fit to show himself at their base. When they ask why now of all times he’s chosen to show up, he tactlessly explains that he hates the Black...

Royal Knights Selection Tournament - Carnage continues!

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The group stage is over but there is no mercy.
The first knockout stage starts without further ado!
Who prevails?
You decide!

Chapter Review: Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest (66)

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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 66 review by Ramen:

Chapter Summary
This chapter opens up with a very brief summary of what happened in Edolas previously with the the whole Anima situation. Onwards from there Earth-Lucy and Edo-Lucy are talking to one another as Earth-Lucy is given some new clothes to wear that are arguably more revealing than her original outfit. Edo-Lucy is asked how her and Natsu came to be parents and we are informed that they were alone in the car and one thing led to another and 9 months later voila! A funny bit of this chapter was Lucy's blushing and stuttered reaction when she was asked if her and Earth-Natsu had a similar reaction where the latter exclaims NOT AT ALL! Edo-Lucy laughs at this and says they might one day get to that point.

Outside we see Earth-Natsu delighted to see Nashi and talking about her with Edo-Natsu asking if...

MangaHelpers Autumn Art Contest - Autumn Freestyle

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Art Contests Shoutout. This biweekly article will bring you updates about the open Art Contests and Themes for both Submissions and Voting as well as Winner(s) of the Contests.

This time, we are announcing an annual Autumn contest. The theme is Freestyle. You can express whatever is in your mind about this beautiful, orange-filled season. The deadline is October 25th. Don't forget to participate before the deadlines!

Also, voting for the "A letter to your future self" writing contest has begun. Vote for your favourite entry here. You have until October 17th~

The winner(s) of...

Chapter Review: Edens Zero (113)

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Edens Zero Chapter 113 Review brought to you by Ramen:

Chapter Summary

This chapter continues on from the last one as Shiki and the crew finally manage to land on Forestra. We learn that as the name indicates, it's a planet that seems to be one giant forest with so much greenery, that Pino says it has made it's way over the ocean. The crew already picks up things that seem fishy as Rebecca can't connect to the internet. The first thing they see when they're on the ground is fishes swimming in the air. Eventually when they make it to the town and Rebecca is ready to indulge in the very hyped cuisine, Weisz stops them as he immediately picks up something horrific; the robots are controlling the humans and treating them like pets by putting them on leashes and keeping them prisoner in cages. Two bots (Kevin and Willem) start talking about the etiquette of taking care of a human but Willem...

Community Awards 2020 - First Round Voting

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MangaHelpers presents: Royal Knights Selection Tournament

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A few weeks after the final fight against the Devil...
The Clover Kingdom is being rebuild slowly but surely.

King Julius Nova Chrono was sure, that the Royal Knights were the right idea.
Now he has planned to rebuild the squad from zero.

28 characters from all over the country were forced invited to take part in the...

Royal Knights Selection Tournament

The battles have already begun. Who will win this merciless tournament?
You decide!

Anime League - Fall 2020

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A new season of Anime is right around the corner.
And with that we say:

The new season of the Anime League is here!

Chapter Review: Edens Zero (112)

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Edens Zero Chapter 112 Review by Ramen

Chapter Summary

This chapter opens up with the crew examining the relic they acquired from the Red Cave and discussing the next plan of action as they hold a clue to finding the next relic. While this is happening, Weisz is not happy with allowing ex-Drakken members along the ship and can't believe his eyes as he sees Laguna on the ship and not only does he not agree with the alliance, he loses it once he sees the element 4 member's fashion style. The four shining stars then decide to permanently call Shiki "Demon King" (Shiki thinks it stands for something evil) which they reveal is a moniker for the King of Magimech. Someone who rules Magimech and distributes ether with the machines.

Cut to the Skull Fairy Elsie seems nervous about the thought of Nero and Shiggy going at it whether they have peaceful or...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (159-166)

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Dr Stone Chapter 159-166 Collective Review(s), by Hermit

Chapter 159:
Stanley wonders who the real scientist is, after hearing from Xeno that the name they had before was a lie. Xeno then picks a record from several in his stock, intending on listening to Senku's voice again. Once he hears it, he makes an estimate of Senku's body proportions. He proceeds to communicate this information to Stanley. Ryusui warns the crew that there's a sniper afoot, which causes panic all over. Senku then proceeds to make eye contact with Stanley, effectively giving himself away. Rushing into the interior of the ship, he mixes potato starch with water, creating a Non-Newtonian motion. Stanley then proceeds to riddle Senku with bullets, and there seems to be some damage he has taken...

Chapter 160:
Senku collapses, having being gunned down several times by Stanley...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (255 - 265)

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Black Clover Chapter(s) 255-265 Review by Hermit

Chapter 255:
Noelle's fight with Vanica continues, and after seemingly losing (Due to her mermaid armor wearing off), a new spell shows up in Noelle's grimoire. Vanica then asks Noelle's name. It turns out that Vanica had indeed fought Noelle's mother in the past, Acier, so to this effect she takes Loropechika as a hostage. As she flees the Heart Kingdom, she makes sure to cause her underlings to self destruct. Yami's fight with Dante continues, and Dante promises to show him the true power of a Devil Host.

Chapter 256:
Dante activates 80% of his Devil power. He explains that due to the barrier between the devil and human world, it is impossible for devil hosts to access 100% of their power. Though, he is not particularly sure in...

MangaHelpers Art Contest #27-28: A letter to your future-self writing

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Art Contests Shoutout. This biweekly article will bring you updates about the open Art Contests and Themes for both Submissions and Voting as well as Winner(s) of the Contests.

This time, we are announcing a Letter to your future-self Writing contest. What would you like to tell the future-you? The you of next week, the you of next year or perhaps even ten years in time. Please share this with us! The deadline is October 4thth. Don't forget to participate before the deadlines!

Also, voting for the Symbol/Representation Photography contest has begun. Vote for your favourite entry...

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