Community Awards 2020 Winners

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Here is the list of the Community Awards 2020 winners. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Shuumatsu no Valkyrie section is live!

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We've opened a new subforum for Shuumatsu no Valkyrie, check it out HERE

MangaHelpers 2019 Yearbook

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Hello Everyone,

The Mangahelpers 2019 Yearbook is finally here! We invite you to take a look at the last year in review including the new features and contests.

A big thank you to all who took the time out to contribute to this book. Also the staff who helped put it together; Brandish, MarmaladeSky, Revo, Kiki, Vandred, Zimbardo and Ustegius. You can download or read it here. We hope you all enjoy it.

~Mangahelpers Staff

Husbando Wars 2020 - Round 3 is live!

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The war continues with Round 3!

Who is the best Husbando? You decide!

MangaHelpers Art Contest #31-32 - "Meme of Your Favorite Character" Drawing

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Art Contests Shoutout. This biweekly article will bring you updates about the open Art Contests and Themes for both Submissions and Voting as well as Winner(s) of the Contests.

This time, we are announcing a "Meme of Your Favorite Character" Drawing Contest. Show us your creation? The deadline is December 6th. Don't forget to participate before the deadlines!

Voting for One Piece Banner Contest has begun! Vote for your favourite entry~ The deadline is December 6th, 2020.

Voting for the Halloween Freestyle Contest is still open! Vote...

Husbando Wars 2020 - The war continues!

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The war continues with Round 2!

Who is the best Husbando? You decide!

Husbando Wars 2020 - Time to fight!

MangaHelpers Art Contest #29-30: One Piece Banner

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Art Contests Shoutout. This biweekly article will bring you updates about the open Art Contests and Themes for both Submissions and Voting as well as Winner(s) of the Contests.

This time, we are announcing a Banner contest. The theme is One Piece! :erosanji Show us your creation and participate in this contest. The deadline is November 22nd. Don't forget to participate before the deadlines!

Voting for the Autumn contest is still open! Vote for your favourite entry~ The deadline is November 15th, 2020.

Submission for...

The Husbando Wars 2020 have begun!

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The Husbando Wars have returned once more!

Nominate your beloved Husbando now, and dont forget the salt!

Chapter Review: Shuumatsu no Valkyrie (37)

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Shuumatsu no Valkrie Chapter 37 review by Ramen:

Chapter Summary

This is a continuation of last month's flashback chapter as we see Rudra and Shiva start making their way to challenge the Indian realm in order to make it to the top and finally achieve their respective dreams of being known to all and honored as great warriors. They faced great challenge as many laughed at them and wrote them off as inferior gods who can never manage to defeat the others. One panel shows them entering the battlefield and start clashing with the other gods and the very next panel shows them standing in front of a pile of defeated gods. People started to fear them and were astonished at their power since they started building a reputation ever since they wiped the Ashura tribe. As they started making farther and farther in the mountain, teasing turned into respect and before anyone...

Royal Knights Selection Tournament - And the winner is...

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Fighting has ceased.
The new squad has been formed.

Take a look now!

Discussion Manga Club - #02 Reading & Sharing "Frieren at the Funeral"

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Hello and welcome to the Manga Club!

Presentation and General Rules
This is a collective read spot where we'll be periodically selecting series to be shared. We aim to have people introducing their favorite hidden gems to the community - series we hardly or never heard about and that really deserve some love and attention. So here's the Manga Club format:
  • Any member can join the club! Just post here saying you wanna be a part of it. The moment you do it, you'll be added to the current rotation. You can participate the reading and the discussions even if you don't join the suggestions part. You are also allowed to suggest manhuas and manhwas, completed series and oneshots.
  • The series rotation format follows these phases: suggesting, selecting, reading and sharing (explained in the section bellow).
  • Avoid suggesting series that already have a dedicated discussion thread, we don't wanna shift the focus from it. In case someone suggests one of those...
The Second Round of the Manga Club is Starting Now!.

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (167-171)

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Dr Stone 167-171 Review (Conclusion of the America arc)

Chapter 167
Tsukasa holds Xeno at knife edge, and Xeno is bemused as to how he got there. Seeing the flakes of dirt on Tsukasa's spear, he realizes that they got there via underground methods. A small flashback follows, displaying how Chrome's group managed to infiltrate the castle. Back to the present, Chrome marvels over how grandiose Xeno's castle looks. Xeno is quickly kidnapped, but Chrome makes a mistake while detonating the explosives to seal up the tunnel. This makes the whole entrance cave in and trap Xeno with him. Brody states that they need to save their leader, so both sides began digging towards the centre of the cave.
While trapped together, Xeno tries sweet talking Chrome into joining his side. He states that in the 21st Century, the progress of Science was halted by humanity. But in the new...

Chapter Review: Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest (67)

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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Review Chapter 67 (Aqua Aera) by Ramen

Summary and Overview:

Ok and here we go as we've started to pick up the pace a little bit and action is slowly but surely rising. As expected, Natsu and co. can't believe what they heard about Selene and Erza makes the comment that she never thought she'd hear the name Selene in Edolas. Despite all this, Mystogan himself admits to not knowing much about her only describing her as a dragon that can travel between dimensions. Unlike Edolas where there is no magic, Elentir is the exact opposite. It has so much magical power that it overflows giving our favorite hot-headed fire-breathing dragon slayer some "interesting" thoughts going which scare our precious Wendy.

Gray is clearly focusing on something which catches the attention of the others and lone behold it is Touka.....the exceed. She immediately goes and hugs...

MangaHelpers Halloween Art Contest - Halloween Freestyle

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Art Contests Shoutout. This biweekly article will bring you updates about the open Art Contests and Themes for both Submissions and Voting as well as Winner(s) of the Contests.

This time, we are announcing an annual Halloween contest. The theme is Freestyle. You can express whatever is in your mind about this spooky event! The deadline is November 8th. Don't forget to participate before the deadlines!

Also, voting for the Autumn Special Contest has begun. Vote for your favourite entry here. You have time until November 15th~

Royal Knights Selection Tournament - Time for the final Clash!

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Just two fighters are left...
The time for the final battle has come!
Who prevails?

You decide!

Chapter Review: Black Clover (267 & 268)

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Black Clover - Chapter 267 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Devil-Binding Ritual

Asta's Devil has now fully manifested outside of his body and grimoire, surprisingly enough he and Asta share some resemblance in their appearances such as their Grey-ish/White Hair Color and the rather small height. Ironic, considering that Asta's Devil once called him a "Shrimp" and yet he himself isn't that tall either, but i guess it could also be referring to their difference in age and experience since Asta is still a Teen and this Devil most likely hundreds of years old but we'll see about that. As the Anti Magic Devil marvels at the feeling of entering the Physical World again after a long time Asta begins to thank him for all the times were he lent him his powers to fight, most recently against Dante of the Dark Triad...

Royal Knights Selection Tournament - The Semifinals are here!

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Just four magic knights remain!
The semifinals start now!
Who prevails?

You decide!

Community Awards 2020 - Final Round Voting

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Get in your votes for the Final Round of voting HERE! Polls are open through October 24th.​

Chapter Review: Edens Zero (114)

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Eden's Zero Chapter 114 (Named Glue) brought by Ramen:


Chapter finally gave us some action on the ground in this neutral planet that we have come to know as Forestra. Continuing from the surprise assault by the machines, Shiki and friends have gotten ready to fight and take on not only the giant robot that initially ambushed them, but also a wave of robots that have surrounded them on all sides. This time they have everyone's favourite mukbanger Couchpo as she tries to eat the robots which seems very effective.

Next panel cuts to Sister treating Kleene but the latter doesn't want to be treated since she's started to enjoy her time on the Edens Zero. She believes that if she get's better, she will be forced to leave but Sister confirms to her that no matter what happens, she does not have to leave and will be welcomed immediately by...

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