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Dec 7, 2010
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Ladies and Gentleman, dear Otakus,
welcome to MangaHelpers' new season of the Anime League!​

  • This league has one purpose and one alone. To crown the best Anime of the season.

  • Every user gets to nominate his top 3 episodes of the week in this thread.
  • Nominating day is on Monday. It is possible to nominate before that day, but not after the following Tuesday.
  • A week goes from Monday to Sunday. The Nomination day for that whole week is the day AFTER that Sunday. For example: This week goes from Mar 27th to Apr 02nd, 23:59 CET. Voting days for this week would be the 03rd and the 04th, 23:59 CET.
  • Voting is possible till the weekly ranking has been posted.
  • The nominations get counted. The Anime with the most votes in total wins the league.
  • There won't be a restriction for Anime which have no threads here
  • Only TV shows count (no OVA, no movies, no ONA, no TV specials)
  • Pre-airs aren't eligible.
  • A new seasonal show needs at least 10 episodes to be eligible.
  • Shows with irregular airing or episode numbers will be dealt with accordingly.
  • The nominations for all shows will count as if they all had the same amount of episodes during this season. Shows with just 10, 11 or 12 episodes will get additional points based on the average they got so far to make it even.
  • A show which is longer than one cour is eligible for the season until this season ends or reaches 13 episodes. Whichever comes first.

  • We will post an updated table each week to keep you updated about which Anime is leading so far.
  • Every user who voted for the winning Anime has the chance to win a badge at the end of the year. So keep on nominating!
  • A weekly ranking of the participating users will be shown as well!

This thread is for nomination only!
Please discuss the Anime in their threads in the subforum.
If you have any questions regarding this event, please send us a PM or ask us here.

Please refer to this chart for shows which do air during this season.