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Translators' Guide to MangaHelpers


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Jul 18, 2010
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Welcome, Translators!

Love Manga? Know another language? Translating at MangaHelpers allows you to share your love for manga and talent for languages with everyone, consolidate your translations for various series and get help fast when translating something tough, all at the same place! This guide will teach you how.

[sizept=15]Becoming a Translator[/sizept]
  • Register as a member, then apply to be a translator with this form.
  • Choose the language you are translating into, not from (i.e. the language your translation is in).
  • You will undergo a pending phase until 5 of your translations have been approved, after which your translations will no longer need to be approved before appearing publicly.
  • "Translator Home" and "Add a Translation" shortcuts will appear in your My Actions menu.
  • You must add a manga as a project before you can post translations of that manga. You can do this by going to "Manga > Add" from your admin page.
  • If the manga you're translating isn't in the database, help us add it by suggesting it here.
[sizept=15]Submitting a Translation[/sizept]
  • To submit a translation, go to "Releases > Add" on your admin page or select "Add a Translation" from your My Actions drop down.
  • Private translations will not be visible to the public. However, you can still show it to others using a direct link provided when you submit the translation.
  • You will develop your own style and format of translating as you go along, but here's a suggested format that many Manga Editors recognise.
    • Use names to indicate who is speaking, or use a mark to show each new line of dialogue.
    • Indicate different types of text (e.g. handwritten side comments, SFX, text in box, caption text, text outside of manga panel, etc.)
    • Use page numbers that correspond to the image's file name. Beware of double-page spreads which may be combined as one page in the raw.
    • Separate lines of text in different bubbles with a line break. Separate lines of text in different panels with two line breaks.
    Pg 01
    Luffy: This is the first bubble.
    This is the second bubble.
    Zoro: This is the third bubble.

    - This is a different panel spoken by a character with no name. And I have a lot to say in this bubble so it just goes on and on and on. But, it's still in the same bubble.

    Sanji: What the hell was that!?

    Text in Box: Two hours later...
  • If you make a major edit to your translation after submission, you can choose to inform your subscribers by selecting the check box "Major change in translation?"
  • In addition to translations, you can also post tips, issues you encounter when translating, news (e.g. when you go on vacation and can't translate, or when you drop a series) or transcriptions.
[sizept=15]Ask a Translator[/sizept]
  • Request translator status on the forums and earn yourself a bold, purple username and the title of "Translator" in the status change request thread. Please ensure that you meet the stipulated criteria.
  • Be sure to check out the Translators' Academy, where you can help out or get help from translators like yourself.
  • If you would like to join a Edited Manga group or get translation requests, post in the directory or check out the recruitment threads.
  • Feel free to start your own thread in Meet the Translators to interact with your fans and fellow translators.
If you require further assistance, post in this thread, contact any of our global moderators or admins directly or use the contact form.
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