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Imagine if someone said Killua will be the one to kill an arc villain and not Gon.

People will be like "cool stuff"

Sasuke will kill Juubito and not Naruto? Cool thing

Ichigo will not land final hit on Aizen, Urahara will! Makes sense.

Luffy will not kill Kaido, Zoro will lasd final blow? BLASPHEMY, LUFFY MC, HOW DARE U U TOXIC WANKER
Marm-chan look that fabulous art, found on twitter !

Couldnt resist so if you like it... dozo :arf
Is it possible that no one should ever feel alone. No matter how unusual, alone or strange we may feel. Nature is freaky enough to have us covered with peers we can relate to.
What kind of loneliness are you talking about here?