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Scanlation Group News

Hello again readers!
July is hot and so are we ~ so today we bring you another set of three chapters.
Unfortunately the sun has baked my brain, so no lovely banter from me today.
Please stop by our newly designed forum. It’s super pretty and Lady Nyx put a lot of work into it.
Today’s release~
Sore wa Kiss de Hajimatta – Part C
Ragtonia v02 c07 (This chapter is really short, but the mangaka made it that way, so don’t blame us)
Chou Osuteki Darling v01 c01b

Remember to wait three days before posting/hosting these chapters elsewhere, please!
Also, we’re always recruiting, so please join us if you are a translator, editor (cleaner/typesetter), proofreader, or an experienced quality checker. Read More " "
Posted by Transient Mirage
Alright we need Korean and Japanese translators to get on with those projects! Also with Serendipity :) Read More " "
Posted by Mangasaur Scans
Hi guys! Yesterday we released our first new joint project Sensei to Himitsu o with our joint group TCManga! *clap* clap*

This time we have two chapters from our projects. The first one is Gozen Reiji ni Kuchizuke o chapter 2, and the other one, releases its very first chapter today, this project is Kabe no Hana: Hishoyaka na Shoka no Yoru no, it is a story about four young ladies who enter London society with one common goal: they must use their feminine wit and wiles to find a husband. So a daring husband-hunting scheme is born. You can get the link in our project post (Note: all new release links will be posted on the main site for 3 days only before they are taken down and then will... Read More " "
Posted by Transient Mirage
We are needing translators to help pick up new projects and help keep some of our older projects going. If you are a translator interested in helping just head over to http://overloadscans.info and get in touch with us. We are also in need of typesetters and cleaners since several of our members have college and work to attend to and dont have the time to help as much. Read More " "
Posted by Overload Scans
For Nakayoshi Manga---Shoujo

have MH account, can translate one chapter(one week).
just PM me if you interested with it



Read More " "
Posted by Tearsdrop
Śledźcie nas na twitterze lub google + żeby być na bierząco z naszymi skanlacjami :D I tak jak Bóg przykazał: rozpowszechniajcie gdzie się da!! :D Read More " "
Posted by 1stBloodScans
Please read this and help if you can by going here for example (contact Morten or post in one of the sticky threads).


GWR (Gantz Waiting Room) is the best scanlation group I know. They scanlate only most interesting, most under-appreciated and most unique manga. They are pioneers and trend setters and they don't care about popularity of the manga as most groups do. They scanlate titles which no one is willing to do (at least until it's popular enough) and use their own money to buy tankobons. But now with less and less people caring about them doing anything (after all why read such great titles as Desert Punk, Dorohedoro, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, etc.... Read More " "
Posted by MiB
Kita nggak bisa update cepat, ya, karena kekurangan Staff, update jadi lambat, karena kami baru punya 8 Staff *nggak bersyukur amat!?* seharusnya 10, tetapi 1 keluar dan 1 tidak jelas, kami benar-benar membutuhkan kalian, jika berminat, harap kunjungi SubForum Recruitments Dengan mengklik ini kami mohon kerja samanya, untuk update lebih cepat, dari pada bilang 'Please Update Faster!!!' coba bantu kami, ada tes kecil yang berguna sebagai tutorial. Harap News ini membuat kalian tertarik Read More " "
Posted by Surfer-Manga Scans
Our first release was yesterday!
To find out more info on it just pop by our Blog/Site to read more. ^^ Read More " "
Posted by Obsession Scans
November 29, 2011

Err yeah, haven't used mangahelpers for anything in ages but our website, maigoscans.co.cc is borken due to circumstances beyond our control at the moment. We're still working away but it's finals week so we don't know when the site will be up again. IRC channel is always up so ask questions and get downloads/links there (#maigo@irchighway.net) or hop on batoto.com for releases.

-love, nin. Read More " "
Posted by Maigo

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