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One Piece

One Piece
Original title: ワンピース
Demographics: Shounen
Chapters at MH: 1525
Releases at MH: 0
Publishing Status: Ongoing
Writer(s): ODA Eiichiro
Artist(s): ODA Eiichiro
Serialized in: Weekly Shounen Jump
Published by: Shueisha
Year: 1997
Official Site:
Popularity: 3143 favorites
Translators: 201 (Click here to view)
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Score 4.8 of 5.0 - 1938 votes

Summary and Preview

As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming the King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like rubber…at the cost of never being able to swim again! Now Luffy, with the help of a motley collection of pirate wannabes, is setting off in search of the "One Piece," said to be the greatest treasure in the world...


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

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Review by r3born
Spoiler alert ahead! (Thanks cnet)

One Piece is a story of a young pirate named Luffy. He was inspired by Shanks, a great pirate whom he admired and later goes on his quest to become the Pirate King. It is a masterful, epic grand scale adventures of Luffy little crew, including Zoro the Sword Man, Nami the Navigator, Usopp the Comedian (hahaha), Sanji the Cook, Chopper the Medic, Robin the Historian, Franky the Engineer, Brook the Musician, and 1 more soon to be crew to create a 10 crew pirate ship Luffy always dream of.

The story show a gradual but emotional advancement of each and every single crew. Each had their own dreams, their own goals, their own pasts. And throughout the adventure, we see how they are struggle in their roads to achieve what they want.

The story line is as unpredictable as any manga can get. ODA is a genius at creating suspense atmosphere that keep the readers tingling. He can create a great emotional scene that anyone can be proud to cry. He can create the world dumbest joke that people will die laughing. And One Piece had all of these great elements in it.

Read it now and be amazed! Permalink " "
Review by cnet128
The thing about One Piece is that it manages to perfectly capture the essence of shonen manga. Adventure. Comedy. Fantastic powers. Unique characters. Epic battles. The absolute value of friendship, loyalty, and big, big dreams. One Piece takes all of this and glorifies it.

It doesn't take itself too seriously. It's hard to when everything is just so plain odd. Character designs are so stylised, weird and wonderful that it may put first readers off. Special abilities are gained by eating unusual fruits (although the tried-and-tested shonen methods of just Working Really Hard or Being Badass Enough can work wonders as well). The main character is a pirate who's made of rubber, can't swim, and has about the mental capacity of a preschool child. Gags, puns and general insanity abound.

And yet somehow in the midst of all this patent ridiculosity... it manages to be cool. In that way that only shonen manga really can, it brings on the glorious spectacle and then some. Larger-than-life characters face up to one another, shouting their ambitions and ideologies for the world to hear, in glorious confrontations that are a roller-coaster ride of emotions, fists, blades and bullets. And you'd better believe they enjoy the ride.

In fact, One Piece somehow manages to both take itself deadly seriously, and refuse to take itself seriously in the slightest, at the same time, and not only make it work, but take all the best aspects of each of these two seemingly-opposing approaches and forget to bother with any of the flaws. It's fast-moving, but never too fast-moving. It's simple, but at the same time remarkably deep. It has a huge cast of secondary characters, essentially a freakshow of crazy caricatures and archetypes, and yet manages to avoid making any of them seem one-dimensional or uninteresting. It takes that oh-so-important storytelling element – the central cast, and potential additions thereto – and glorifies it by making the assembling of that cast (the protagonist's pirate crew) a major focus of the story. Potential members are chosen in pretty much exactly the way the audience would want – for being entertaining, cool, and providing something new to the mix.

And at over five hundred chapters and counting at the time of this writing, it's hard to deny that One Piece is epic. It will make you laugh like a kid at the circus. It will make tears spring to your eyes. It will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more while still leaving you with a sense of gleeful satisfaction after every chapter. In short, One Piece nails it. If you haven't read it, then for godssakes do.

Oh, and this will probably come too late, but... don't read r3born's review. You don't want to be spoiled on the list of current crewmembers. Where's the fun in skipping ahead? This is a voyage of discovery! Permalink " "
Review by natli
This review will be rather personal because most of the important things about the story were said above.

I got into One Piece quite late because I thought it was too popular to be really good. And I paid for my prejudices. I sat down to read it and finished it three days later (it was 400 chapters then). Believe me, my eyes hurt.

I saw this idiot floating in a boat without food, water and maps, who declared that he was going to become the Pirate King, and I believed him. I read similar stories with similar protagonists and similar dreams (which they always achieved) but this time I really felt the story. One Piece makes you empathize with its characters, and consequently do stupid things like crying over a ship or laughing like crazy at ‘skull jokes’. You’ll never be the same again.

Moreover, the mangaka is unbelievably creative. Most mangas run out of ideas if they are about 100 or 200 chapters long. The story gets stretched out and you have a feeling that nothing really happens (Naruto and Bleach fell victims to that). Those first three days with One Piece felt like a roller coaster ride (400 chapters, I remind you) and when I finally reached the last chapter I thought “where’s the next one??? I want it NOW.” The story didn’t slow down for a moment and if there’s a manga that has a potential to reach 1000 chapters without loosing any of its awesomeness, it’s One Piece.
Permalink " "
Review by
i have been a big2 fan in one piece.the story lines just awesome and i have fun reading the manga. Permalink " "
Review by
Like another populer manga in this era, One Piece is another way to tell us about why transformation and revolution must be exist. Permalink " "
Review by JC123
I believe after 500 chapters, people know at least a little about the young man named Luffy on a destiny to conquer the most dangerous seas of his time. With a mix of comedy, steampunk capers, drama and gradual power advancement, this is truly a comic worth comparing to an epic fantasy novel such as JR Tolkien.

We have seen a lot of characters with a lot of development: From the unredeemable such as Crocodile to the Dark Justice that is incorporated into the likes of Lucci, the villains never fail to impress with their ambitions.

As the counter, the heroes battle, sometimes winning by the skin of their teeth. No one will ever learn resolve until they learn about Usopp (the sniper of the main crew) being beaten with a 4 ton bat, and having the willpower to stand yet again!

All in all, One Piece is a manga definitely worth adding into one's collection. Permalink " "
Review by hisoga
i have reading so many mangas and comics, american,japan,korean,taiwanese,chinese and malay.. starting as early 1980 comics.. no not single one captures me as one piece did..
Permalink " "
Review by weixiaobao
well, i am a fan of One Piece since around 1999 till now.. The first few volumes entertained the less mature me.. And now that ten years later looking back, most elements in One Piece including its plot had grown so considerately that it could entertain any mature person and yet keeping its characters so carefree and timeless.... Permalink " "
Review by vick86
Series like Naruto, Dragonball and Bleach may be the more popular amongst the mainstream shonen series in the west but One Piece is easily the best of the lot. Why is that? Because unlike most shonen series One Piece doesn't suddenly forget it's (minor) characters or almost totally abandon it's humour and sense of fun in exchange for mindless action after 200 chapters. One Piece still manages to introduce or re-introduce unforgettable characters and combine humour, action, adventure and drama perfectly after 500 chapters and I'm confident it can manage to do the same for at least 500 more. Permalink " "
Review by Zeltrax
One piece, yes , just One piece.
Its a piece of manga/anime filled with a big ocean, a kid with the biggest dream in that world, a cartoonish pirate ship, absolute justice, giants, a straw hat and- Oh sure, I can go on and on about the fantasies of this manga, but why don't u just download and read it? I'm pretty sure the phrase " a picture is worth a thousand words" can be used here. Anyway , heres my review.
Story: 9/10
Art: 8/10
Characters: 9/10
Action: 8/10
Comedy: 9/10
Overall: Best manga in the shounen section ~
Cos, one piece just kickass, not because we have a loud kid shouting all his dreams, cos we learn something from one piece, I'm sure I did and I'll tell you why,
Luffy, 17, wants to be the pirate king, and find one piece, the biggest dream a pirate can dream, to do this , he have to gather crewmates and sail the Grand Line, a loooooong(oh yeah, its longer than the great wall of china) stretch of ocean. On his journey (spoilers..well maybe) he meet new people, fight new enemies , and learn new things. & to top it all up, he's a good and strong guy.
The story is well develop and NEVER EVER gets boring at any point . Be fascinated by the Grand Line and its islands, people , ships( well yeah.. i love the ..nvm) , and obviously, the bad guys . The story keeps u wondering what will happens next.
-Spoilers- You may be expecting the unexpected, but the unexpected of the unexpected shows up :) . Oda is amazing, the story is amazing. Like for example, The Skypiea arc. A 17 year old kid fighting God?, insane. & the dessert princess arc, like how crocodile is the mastermind of everything. Oh and 8 person against a red giant -cough- thriller bark -cough- .
Now, moving on.
C h a r a c t e r s .
Most of them, well kindda..ok most of them.
Have a well , pityful past. For example, Zoro. Who made a promise together with the girl he wanted to surpassed so much, suddenly dies just cos she fell down the stairs , Ok , if you want a sadder one, how about Brooke, a guy that is alone for sooo many years? And , if you want the saddest one, Oda have an entire saga for that.
-cough-nico-cough- robin-cough-
For villans, there are those that are heavenly insanely powerful
and there are those that can get smack away with just a punch.
But in the end, they are never forgotten , as all of the villans leave a mark in our mind. & Oda even makes them comes back :O -cough- Impel down -cough-
One more thing, for usual er life, we see the police and the government or a bunch of heros acknowledged by the world, or a village of soilders , or a army of people being the good guys . but this time, the bad guys are them. Yes, the Marines. they serve as the guardians of the seas, capturing pirates, etc.. The one at the top is admirals and there are even "toppest". and believe me, luffy can't even touch an admiral now. So what mr.oda? the pirates are the good guys now? You are the best man !
Finally, M o r a l s
Like naruto & bleach , One piece have morals. this morals are really really non realistic in our world. but than, again, if we have that bit of courage that luffy have. We can conquer anything.
Luffy never gives up, and will put his life on the line for the sake of his friends, and can even go against the entire world . I can say that for the entire straw hats crew, too. One piece taught me alot and made me let go a lot of stuffs, like hatred , anger, jealously and etc.
There is one part i miss out, just wanna add it in.
"It takes a good author to make people cry over a character's death, but it takes the god of authors to make people cry over a boat's death"
Yeah, going merry :)
Therefore, if you want to read manga. One piece is absolutely, confirmed and the best fighting , adventure manga out there. Grab it, n o w.

Permalink " "
Review by CheitoMi
Ok, this manga is a MUST READ.

Remember the thing called "Don't judge the cover before you read it?"
Well, that fits TOTALLY into this manga. Many people mistaken it to be a kiddish, retardish, randomish manga about a strawhat doofus trying to be the king of the pirate.
except a little off. He is indeed a doofus, this Money D. Luffy, but he strives for his dream and he is a fighting genius on field. A little funny here and there. I find it hard to not like this guy!
Besides him, all of his other crew members are unique and special. Not generic "hot chick strong gurl" or "cool guy cool calm strong" Instead, it goes something like "selfish money-crazy hot girl" and "funny goofy smart strong guy" and "cool idiotic simple likes-booze man who always gets lost" ITS UNIQUE!
Besides, I cried over a boat which was kinda stupid but yeah. ROFL.

If you haven't read this manga. READ. IT. NOW.
I swear if you don't read this, your missing out the bestest thing ever in your life.
"Your kidding rite?"
No, im dead serious. Permalink " "
Review by skuldchan
After over ten years, One Piece just keeps getting better and better. For a manga with a simple premise--Monkey D. Luffy wants to be the Pirate King and sets out on a voyage to achieve his dreams. The world he lives in, the friends he gains, the enemies he fights, and the history and legacy that follow him, are all amazingly complex. Despite its simple style, One Piece is amazingly detailed and wonderfully planned by its creator, Oda Eiichirou. His characters aren't simple characters, they are people who populate its world, interact with its citizens and almost always end up making a little home in the hearts and minds of its readers.

If One Piece doesn't make you cry, if One Piece doesn't inspire you to do great things, then you need check to see if you have a heart, a soul, and a pulse.

This manga is funny, touching, intelligent, epic, brilliant, creative, subtle, and all the wonderful things in the world put together. After following it for seven years, I can only say that the longer I read, the more I love it and the more I realize what a genius magnum opus this is for Oda, and how blessed I am in life to be reading this amazing work.

There are few manga that I can say I have touched and changed my life in significant ways, but this is one of them, and it is the best thing I have ever read. Permalink " "
Review by hanauta
One Piece is ingenious.
Like Tolkien Oda has created an extraordinarily complex and unprecedented world as the setting of an incredibly epic tale.
And to think that Oda has even more crazy ideas and breathtaking plot twists up his sleeve than revealed by now just blasts my mind.

What's more, Oda the genius is an outstanding artist with a unique style. The quality of his drawings has not faltered in a single panel of over 500 chapters. They are rich in varying perspectives, actions, shadings, details and impressive backgrounds plus wonderfully designed characters (every single one of them, the major and minor ones but also those extras).

If I say One Piece is the best that's happened to me it's not because my life is pitiful but because One Piece is THAT awesome, profound and touching(and everything that's been mentioned already).

It makes me want to become a better person. Loyalty, friendship, trust, strong will and heart, optimism, good humour, resolve and dreams--after all these years aboard Merry and Sunny the Strawhats' ideologies became mine.

Read One Piece because it is an enrichment to your life. Permalink " "
Review by Flavx
To be honest, when i started watching One Piece, i only watched the first episode and i dind't like it very much, but it was a mistake of my part. After a few months of watching those animes that have only a few episodes i ran out of ideas of what anime i should watch, and then i remembered this anime, One Piece. I was very lucky the time i started rewatching the anime, because it was around the end of August and school hadn't started yet. I'm telling you this because once i reached episode 3 more or less i only stopped when i reached the episode 327.

A lot of people don't watch the anime or read the manga because the first couple of episodes and chapters aren't very catching, but for most of you, just endure it, you will see it will be worth watching and reading, because with a genius like ODA writting the story you will never guess what's going to happen in the next chapter. Along side with his brilliant mind and unique and unbelievable drawing style he can create comic scenes that you will die laughing, touching scenes that even if you are a person that never cries, One Piece will make you cry, no matter how much you endure it, he can also create such unique battles that you won't be bored rewatching them over and over again.

With bad ass opponents, bad ass habilities, Epic battles, emotional scenes and thinks than never went trough your mind, One Piece will fill your heart with pleasure, joy and all the good adjectives that you can find in a diccionary and more.

Everything that happens in One Piece, happens for a reason, all the details are important later on the story, that's something that only a genius like ODA can do after more than 500 chapters without losing the same spirit. When the current arc began, we all had good idea of what was going to happen, but ODA just keeps surprising every single One Piece reader with fantastic plot twists and EPIC development, resuming ever since One Piece started, everything that happens is just EPIC. If i were to describe all the good things about One Piece, well i would spend my all life writting these xD so just start watching or reading, or both ( much better ^^ ) and you will see what i mean.

If you want to know a little more about One Piece, just read cnet128 review ^^

In my opinion i would like One Piece to last forever, and at the same time i would it to end now, because i just can't wait a full week to see the upcoming chapter, One Piece is my second life and i want to know the all story NOW ^^ and on the other hand i just can't imagine my life without One Piece being released every week, so you can see what waits you if you start reading One Piece, it will make your life much much better because behind every action that the characters do, there is always a morality associated with it, so it will make you a better person ^^
That happened with me so...

This review might be a little confusing because with everything that can be said about One Piece, it's a little dfficult to organize these information and compress it into these small review and because i am in a hurry that's the best i can manage, so for godsake just read the most epic manga ever made, after all it's written by God ( God ODA xD) Permalink " "
Review by ME_he
Awesome manga!!!
It gives us unexplored world before...Combined with smart jokes that make it's so exciting to be read....... Permalink " "
Review by catine27
i remember this when it showed in Canada... i was like:
"Well, im nvr gonna watch this..." and then... about 5 yrs later, im addicted...
the story just gets better and better, making u want to read the next chapt ASAP and the characters... well, theres not that much tht u cant say about them. they r unforgettable characters tht wil make u laugh, cry, and possibly make u wonder where in the world Oda got the ideas for all of them. if i had to pick any shonen manga, i would have to pick this one. at first when u read it, its not tht eye catching. but after u read it, u feel like ur caught up in the story. its like one of those thrill rides, u nvr no wats going 2 happen next! its awesome, its funny, there is probably not tht many shonen mangas tht can compare to this.
in other words, if u havent read it before and think that all of us who r giving such outstanding reviews r just some weirdos... U R SOO~ WRONG!!! u just have to read it! its a must c for anyone tht loves adventures, action, shounen, and supernatural! not to mention fantasy! (btw, my fave genres!) just read it, I DARE U!
u will be amazed and will love it. sure, u may not be hooked like me or the other ppl here and sure, u may not come back to it for a while... but trust me, its one of those ones tht u can nvr forget. so, read it, watch it. i dont care which u actually like better but seiously, ITS A MUST SEE!!! ONE PIECE = EPIC WIN!!!
if u wanted to see what i ACTUALLY rated it, here it is:
Story/Plot: 10/10
Characters: 9.5/10
Art: 9/10
Anime: 10/10
Manga 11/10

Overall - Still, the epic win of the year!!!! Yay~! Permalink " "
Review by shnisaka

القصة: 10/10
الشخصيات: 10/10
الرسوم: 10/9
الموسيقى: 10/10
التقدير النهائي: 10/9.9

القصة أعتبرها من أكثر الأشياء الذي أعجبني في هذا المسلسل المميز... الحقيقة القصة من أروع القصص الذي شاهدتها في الأنيمي... ربما البعض يعتقد أنه بسيط لمجرد أنه عن البحارة و القراصنة و يكون مثل أي أنيمي آخر... لكن هذا الأمر مختلف في هذا الأنيمي, فالقصة تتطور و الأحداث تتعمق و مرتبطة مع بعض و هذا الشيء الذي أعجبني فيه... القصة هي في أحد العصور الذهبية للقراصنة, حيث كثر فيه القراصنة و كان من بينهم ملك القراصنة "جولد روجر" الذي كان يخافه الجميع ويهابه من شدته و قوته... كان هذا القرصان يمتلك كنوزا عظيمة و كان يخطط لأهداف ليس لها حدود, و لكن في النهاية تم القبض عليه من قبل المارين و قرروا إعدامه لخطورته... وقبل أن يعدم ابتسم و أخبر الجميع حوله بصوت عالي, أنه قد خبأ كنز ثمين لا يقدر بثمن في منطقة ما من العالم و يدعى هذا الكنز One Piece... الذي يحصل على هذا الكنز يصبح أغنى و أهم قرصان في العالم و بهذا انتشر هذا الخبر عند الجميع... مرت السنين و انتشر القراصنة في العالم بحثا عن هذا الكنز و كان بينهم القرصان المبتدئ الذي يدعى لوفي... الذي كان يحلم منذ أن كان طفلا بأن يكون ملك القراصنة و أن يحصل على هذا الكنز الثمين, و في أثناء رحلته يحصل لوفي على مجموعة من الأصدقاء و الذين يصبحون فيما بعد أحد أعضاء مجموعته... و بهذا تبدأ مغامرة الأبطال بحثا عن هذا الكنز و يواجهون المخاطر و الصعوبات, فهل سيحققون أهدافهم و أحلامهم... يعني القصة لا تتوقف عند هذا الحد, فهناك أحداث كثيرة يمر بها الأبطال و مواقف صعبة لا يستطيعون التغلب عليها بسهولة, و هناك حلقات مرتبطة عن قصة واحدة, يعني الأنيمي فيه مجموعة من القصص في مسلسل واحد و لا يتوقف عند قصة واحدة فقط و هذا ما يميزه عن غيره من القصص... تقريبا هناك قصة خاصة لكل بطل من أبطال المسلسل, و كلها قصص طويلة و متعمقة سواء في القتال أو المواقف المحزنة و غيرها... الشيء الذي يميز هذا الأنيمي في نظري أنه القصة تحتوي على الآكشن و المغامرة و المواقف المحزنة و المواقف المضحكة و الكثير من الخيال و قصص قديمة أو مقتبسة من أساطير ما أو قصص حديثة و هذه الأشياء... يعني و كأنها مجموعة كبيرة في قصة واحدة و هذا الذي أثار إعجابي... الحقيقة بالنسبة لي القصة و الأحداث الذي في الأنيمي يعجبني كثير و صحيح أن في بعض الأحداث تطول و لكنها مختلفة عن باقي المسلسلات و خالية من الأشياء العادية بل تقريبا كل حلقة فيها مواقف و حماس و غيرها من هذه الأشياء, ربما أنا الوحيد الذي يعجبني ذلك و لهذا أقول لكم أنه برأي الخاص أن القصة جميلة...

أكثر شيء أعجبني في هذا الأنيمي هم الشخصيات... فهناك الكثير من الشخصيات المميزة و غيرهم من الشخصيات الذي يصعب عدهم بسهولة, الحقيقة من دون أي مبالغة فالشخصيات بعضهم أعتبرهم من أفضل شخصيات الأنيمي... ربما البعض يعتقد أن الشخصيات سيئة فقط بالنظر إلى أشكالهم و أن رسمهم طفولي أو شيء من هذا القبيل و لكن الحقيقة هذا خطأ, لأن روعة شخصيات ون بيس ليس في المظهر الخارجي بل الشخصية نفسها و المواقف الذي يتعرض لها الشخصية و صفاته و هذا ما يميزهم عن غيرهم في نظري... فأنا سابقا كنت أعتقد أن الشخصيات لن تكون في المستوى المطلوب و لكن بعد أن شاهدت المسلسل أعجبني معظم الشخصيات في الأنيمي... فالبطل هو بطل مميز الحقيقة و رائع و يعجبني و لا تستغربوا لذلك لأنه فعلا يستحق الواحد يعجب به, فأنا غالبا لا يعجبني البطل لأن صفاتهم متكررة و غالبا يكونون بنفس الشخصية و لكن لوفي يختلف عنهم, فهو شخص مضحك بدرجة كبيرة و مواقفه جريئة و مميزة و حتى أنه مضحك إلا أنه أحيانا يغضب بشكل كبير و يصبح قويا جدا, يصعب علي شرح ذلك و لكن سأختصرها أني أستمتعت كثيرا بوجود هذا البطل في الأنيمي و أعتقد أنه يستحق البطولة و هذا رأي حوله... أما البطل الثاني و الذي يدعى زورو, هذا هو أفضل شخصية عندي في الأنيمي تقريبا... شخص مميز من نوعه و يمتلك قوة هائلة و الكل يعرفه و حتى أنه مشهور عند أقوى الأشرار و لا يخاف من أي شيء, و الشيء الذي يميزه أنه لا يهتم لشيء و حتى في أصعب المواقف تجده نائما... فبعض من مواقفه مضحكة و رائعة و أيضا يستخدم السيف و أسلوب الساموراي و غيرها من الأساليب القتالية المستخدمة في السيف, يعني شخصية زورو يجمع بين مجموعة من الشخصيات و هذا ما يميزه عن غيره, و حتى مظهره و شكله الخارجي رائع و لا بأس به و أعجبني تصميم الشخصية و أيضا إستخدامه ثلاثة سيوف في القتال, يعني فكرة رائعة و أيضا لا ننسى قصته المحزنة مع صديقته الراحلة... و بالنسبة لشخصية سانجي فهو أيضا الشخصية المفضلة بالنسبة لي! و أعرف أن البعض يستغرب و يقول كيف ذلك و أنت قلت أن زورو أفضل شخصية! نعم هذا صحيح لكن أحيانا يكون زورو أفضل شخصية و أحيانا يكون سانجي يعني الشخصيتين في مستوى واحد تقريبا و لهذا لا تستغربوا إن قلت أن سانجي أعتبره من أفضل الشخصيات في الأنيمي... شخصية مميزة بالفعل و هادئ و لا يفقد أعصابه بسهولة و هو طبعا أسلوبه مثل أسلوب الشخصيات الذي يعجبني, قصته محزنة و أنه شعر بالجوع الحقيقي و كان الحقيقة موقفه مؤثر عندما كان صغيرا, و بعدها كيف تغير وجهته عن الطعام, و لا ننسى قوته... الحقيقة هذه الشخصية من أروع الشخصيات الذي شاهدتها في هذا الأنيمي و أفضل من الكثير من شخصيات الأنيمي عامة... أما شخصية يسوب, فهو طبعا بالنسبة لي ليس كمستوى لوفي أو زورو و حتى سانجي و لكن رغم ذلك يعجبني, لا يعجبني كثير و لكن هناك الكثير من المواقف المضحكة و الجميلة الذي تقع مع هذه الشخصية المضحكة, طبعا من شكله ربما البعض يكرهه و لكن لا تهتم بالمظهر الخارجي فأنا واثق أن الكثيرين يستمتعون بوجود هذه الشخصية و أنا بينهم الحقيقة رغم أني أهتم بالتصميم و المظهر الخارجي للشخصية و لكن هذا الذي أعجبني فيه مواقفه المضحكة و المميزة, فلا بأس بهذه الشخصية... أما الفتاة نامي, فطبعا أنا لا يعجبني كثيرا الشخصيات الأنثوية في الأنيمي أو بالأحرى لا أهتم بهم و لكن الحقيقة بالنسبة لي نامي فهي أفضل من الكثير من فتيات الأنيمي في المسلسلات أو الأفلام الأخرى... و خاصة أن قصتها محزنة جدا و الكثير يوافقني الرأي و أيضا مواقفها المضحكة مع لوفي و البقية و أيضا في القتال و ضرباتها الخاصة, فبالرغم أني لا أهتم كثيرا و لكنها أفضل من الكثير بالنسبة لي الحقيقة و هذه ليست مبالغة... أما بالنسبة للشخصيات الثانوية فمن أكثر الشخصيات الذي أعجبني هو ميهوك "Mihawk" الذي يعتبر أقوى مقاتل سيوف في العالم, و قوته و شخصيته الباردة من أروع الشخصيات الذي شاهدتها, و شيء أكيد أن يعجبني هذه الشخصية فأسلوبه مثل أسلوب الشخصيات المميزة في نظري و شخصية رائعة بكل معنى الكلمة, و أيضا لا ننسى شخصية شانكس, الذي أعتبره أيضا من أفضل شخصيات الأنيمي... و بالنسبة للأشرار فالأشرار في هذا الأنيمي فيهم المضحك و العنيف و الذي لا يبالي و الذي شرس ولا يحب المزاح و غيرهم الكثير و من الذي شاهدتهم أكثر واحد أعجبني إلى الآن هو آرلونج... قوي بالفعل و رائع و ضحكته مميزة الحقيقة و طبعا هناك شخصيات أخرى مثل دون كريك و باكي و كراهادول و غيرهم...الخ وبالنسبة لأصوات الشخصيات فيكفي أن أشهر الممثلين اليابانيين قد شاركوا في تمثيل الأصوات و طبعا هناك الجدد بينهم و معظم الشخصيات أصواتهم مميزة و رائعة و خاصة صوت البطل لوفي و أيضا صوت زورو و سانجي و آرلونج و الكثير غيرهم... الحقيقة مهما اتكلم فهناك الكثير من الأشياء المتعلقة بالشخصيات و لكن سأكتفي بهذا القدر و الشخصيات فعلا أكثر شيء أعجبني في هذا الأنيمي و أنا واثق أن الكثيرين غيري أعجبهم شخصيات ون بيس...
Permalink " "
Review by TakayamaKen
I love One Piece!!! Permalink " "
Review by loloy
One Piece=most epic manga
One Piece=Awesomeness-overflowing
One Piece=tons of Ownage scenario s
One Piece=Boa Hancock=the hottest girl you'll ever see
One Piece=the best selling manga of all time
etc. etc. so on
in short One Piece is the best Permalink " "
Review by Atmey
The only piece of work that made me cry and laugh. Permalink " "
Review by zozo96
Never before I felt so attached to a manga. One Piece is definitely a must read. It is not merely "a manga". In my opinion, the author, master-mind Oda, contemplated a lot to draw this marvelous work. It is a work of art and contemplation. Clearly Intelligent. One Piece already reached 500+ chapters when I write this review. But, the new chapters are not dull at all. On a contrary, they are getting fresher and fresher, but still kept intact with the general storyline.

Consistency, intelligence, fun and philosophy of life. We can find them all in One Piece. It even played your emotion and brain. It tickled my brain when I was thinking about a possibility of the existence of a sky island. It's just a fantasy, of course. But, I could not think better than Oda's description of it. The list continues: water island, underwater island, bubble island, merman, giant, rubber man (completely different version from Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four), ice man, fire man, et cetera.

Some think of Oda as a genius. Well, I think of Oda as a genius and reflective person. He knows about passion. He knows about pain and suffering. May be he even experienced the pain itself. I mean, how can he conduct such a storyline, which moves the heart of the readers, without 'a spirit' in it? I cried when I saw the gesture the mugiwaras gave to Fifi. I cried when I read the story of Robin. I cried when Going Merry... I cried when Franky cried. The list can go on. Clearly, I sensed passion in those stories. I felt sad because I have had similar experiences, too, some senses of warm friendships and painful separations.

There is a proverb in Latin: nemo dat quod non habet! A man cannot give anything he does not possess. Oda had given us his whole self to us with One Piece. And he is still giving it to us. Let us accept this self-giving with a doooong! Permalink " "
Review by owca2512
there is just nothing more epic than One Piece! ;D Permalink " "
Review by ymoua
One Piece is a manga worthy to be called great! ODA covers manga topics that deal with injustice such as corrupt world governments, slavery. and others. If you read you'll find out. *snug snug*

One Piece is has beautiful artworks and I just love the sidestories that appear on the chapter cover. If you pay attention to the chapter cover you realize that those aren't just for fun, they really do cross over with the Crews story.

"I will become the Pirate King!"-Monkey D. Luffy Permalink " "
Review by Split Second Shot
I've read all the reviews on this list, and for some reason they just don't do justice to the series. Don't get me wrong, a lot of these reviews were marvelously written, it just feels like words simply cannot describe just how amazing this manga truly is. Permalink " "
Review by without cream
best manga ever!!!! Permalink " "
Review by hamoda
ون بيس هو أول أنمي شاهدته وسعدت لمشاهدته
هو الأنمي الاكثر روعة و إثارة وتشويق
هو الأنمي الذي حاز على إهتمام الأنمي
وأنا أحب شخصياته كلها وأخص بالذكر قبعة القش لوفي و رورونو زورو

وأنا أنصح كل من يشاهد الأنمي أن يتابع هذا الأنمي الرائع one piece Permalink " "
Review by DLord.Van.Buuren
one piece = epicness Permalink " "
Review by BinkyChan105
*silence* pure AWSUMENESS!!!!!!
IF YOU ARE looking foR a manga of shonen excitements!!
THIS IS IT!!@0____0 Permalink " "
Review by ekasim
I've read many manga scanlations before coming to this verdict:

There is a HUGE difference in quality between One Piece and other mangas....and the gap just keeps getting bigger. Therefore I'll make a warning:

Do NOT read One Piece if you haven't read other mangas....because you'll not be able to enjoy them as much after reading this one :) This one is simply the best. Permalink " "
Review by kuropop
Well....... is just the best manga ever.
Permalink " "
Review by zhong-m
NSは無いでしょう Permalink " "
Review by buwbuw
why isn't there any one piece in Japanese?
i wanna read ones in japanese~!!! Permalink " "
Review by mafhh5k

One Piece
I think it is The best manga

Best regards Permalink " "
Review by Dark Sin
one piece is
the best there is and the best there was and the best there ever will be Permalink " "
Review by maaasaka
I went through a lot by tagging with this PIECE. I got surpised, cliffhanged, cried, laughed, rolled over, I rooted for, got uprooted, replanted, headbutted, worried, angered, I bit nails, I shed a few scales, got encouraged, got spanked, decided to work harder, gritted teeth, laughed out loud, sometimes thought "I'm not so suuupah today...", , grinned on the bus because I remembered when they...heehee..., and how they... tch...teeheehaha! ... carried a heavy bag everywhere (guess why) and waited for the next one like a five year old for his birthday.
All that and a lot more yet. Not bad for a comic or anime, ne? I learned a lot, and I'm still having sooo much fun! I'm still going to be a fan when I'm 90! Simple as that.
Permalink " "
Review by Sam D. Anger
one word within two... onE PIeCe
lol Permalink " "
Review by Captain golddigger
since everyone else took the time to explain every possible great thing about one piece there is nothing left for me to say than....one piece= a emotional rollercoaster of fun, excitment and a sh*t load of epicness!! Permalink " "
Review by stardustpris
Oda is a genius! I am definitely addicted to this manga and it just keeps getting better! Young or old are captured by it's fantasy spell and are totally hooked! I really love this!!! Permalink " "
Review by Seyyed Newgat
وان پیس مانگای فوقالعاده زیبا و جذابه
وان پیس بهترینه
Permalink " "
Review by OtakuNeko333

One Piece, a story of legend, dreams and of course, pirates.

I never expected that manga would ever be so engaging, so wonderful. I was proved utterly wrong by this story. It starts with a small ocean, a small town, and a small boy. But this particular small boy has very big dreams for himself. He sets out for an adventure on the high seas as a pirate to fulfill a promise to his childhood hero. And on his way, he gains an extremely various group of crewmates from an aspiring swordsman, a female thief who wants to save her island to a woman who has spent the past twenty years of her life as an outlaw and even a talking skeleton.

The art style, while simple, is unique. For people who are put off by the drawings, you're dead wrong for that. Even if it seems unattractive at first glance, you will find yourselves absolutely loving the weird but imaginative character designs, from villains to protagonists.

Then there is the plot, something that starts small but begins to grow into something so detailed and wonderful. It begins to evoke emotions that cause us to laugh along with Luffy, Usopp and Chopper during their antics, cry with Robin when she recalls her tragic past and sing with Brook when he plays an all time favorite, Binks' Sake. You will find yourselves cursing with rage at some of the less likeable characters, even cheering Luffy on when he gives them their just desserts. It's just nearly impossible not to relate to at least one of the many extremely different characters that Oda has drawn. One should also bear in mind that this is not something created for children, it has many modern day issues at hand- Racism, Justice, Slavery, Social Rankings and the list goes on. But one is able to appreciate this story for how Luffy, always childish at heart, defies this world and it's darkness.

And the dreams, every member of the Strawhats has a dream that they wish to fulfill at the end of their journey. Whether it is for someone who left them behind in this world, or for their own personal interest, they are all dreams that fans will love and applaud the characters when these dreams are finally fulfilled.

I would like to say that while I am indeed a girl, there is no Shoujo manga/anime that has ever made me feel so much emotion. I have never laughed more whole-heartedly or cried more meaningfully before. While readers may be turned off by it's lack of romance, I think that that's a ridiculous reason to not read One Piece. I've also read and watched quite a few Shounen mangas/animes, and my response is the same; this is most certainly a one in a kind story that you will not find anywhere else.

I'm so sorry, there's absolutely no words that can describe this creation to it's fullest potential. I suggest you sit back, get a packet of tissues in hand; for tears of joy and of sorrow, and enjoy this perfect story with all it's wonderful characters.

In my opinion, it is simply a creation that no manga or anime can ever rival. Permalink " "
Review by Eternal Eyes
Follow your dreams but never leave your friends. Thanks to this masterpiece by Eiichiro Oda finally was able to understand the true meaning of these words...... Permalink " "
Review by JunD Hazra
one piece in one sentence-an epic of epic epicness,(yeah i took those words from the dvd cover of scott pilgrim,but those words plainly define one piece), i can write pages to describe how good one piece is,but i know no ones gonna read it(who does),but all i will say is monkey D luffy is the greatest character i have come across.He will make you believe in dreams,he will show you what a true nakama will do,what a brother will do,he will simply teach you to never give up.anyone who watches the anime too will know about the soundtracks-overtaken and after eating,grandline.these two can simply be used to describe the epicness of one piece,if your still doubting if one piece is as good as i say it is,go on start reading.lets see if you can stop Permalink " "
Review by akumanochannel
Hello Galera, I would like to use the space to spread my work.

I make Akumas no Mi from One Piece handmade, including I create models that have never been shown in Anime.

The Facebook friends already know me, I would like them to subscribe to my Channel, and leave the like in the videos.

The Akumas I make are available for sale and on my channel I teach how to make your own Akuma no Mi.



Channel on Youtube:




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akumanochannel@gmail.com Permalink " "

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