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One Piece 921


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 26, 2018 21:53 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 921: Shutenmaru
[Insert text: A strategy meeting in Oden Castle Ruins!]
Kin'emon: The decisive battle will take place at the main base of Kaidou and his Hundred Beast Pirates... // ...a land known as Onigashima, the Isle of Demons.
People: An island......!
Brook: Then we will be crossing the sea? Even though it is part of the Wano Country?
Kin'emon: Indeed! And as such, we require a vessel. / The island is not far - it can be seen from the mainland... // So our vessel need not be a great ship, but...
Okiku: .................. // The Fire Festival that will be held on that day is the grandest festival of the year celebrated by the citizens of the capital. // They revere Kaidou as a Wisdom King, guardian of the nation.

Okiku: And on the day of the festival, Orochi's "Shogun Parade"... // ...will travel to Onigashima to pay their respects. At least, that is the official purpose! / In truth, it is but an excuse for the city's officials and the Hundred Beast Pirates to make merry together...!!
Sanji: I see...! So they'll all be drinking themselves silly... / ...and that's our opportunity to slice the drunkards down and slay their leader!! // When you see me in action on that battlefield, Okiku-chan... / You might just fall for me~~~~~!♡ / Forget that pervy samurai.
Luffy: Sanji, Kiku's crazy strong too, you know!
Sanji: Hmm?
Kin'emon: Wait one moment, Sanji-dono, I fear you misunderstand! / I am a faithful married man! / Kiku is merely a compatriot in my cause...!!
Okiku: Otsuru-san is doing quite well, actually!
Kin'emon: You have met with her?!
Okiku: Yes!♡ She did not realise a thing.
Kin'emon: I see... Well, it is good to hear that she is safe... Though I am afraid...I cannot yet face her again...
Sanji: If you're married, quit being popular with the girls!! You're making me jealous~~~~!!
Nami: Please shut up.

Kin'emon: Now then! I have created a symbol to indicate our meeting place! / We meet on the evening of the "Fire Festival", at the "second cycle of the Hour of the Bird". The location shall be "Habu Port"!! // Thus "two birds" in "flame" atop a "Habu viper"!! / And to represent our cause of rebellion, the reverse crescent moon!!
Luffy: Hmm??
Kin'emon: Worry not. The meaning will be clear to any who lives in Wano. // The second cycle of the Hour of the Bird... / ...would be the period between half past five and six o'clock in the evening, by your foreign reckoning.
[TN: Fun fact - this is actually a legitimate traditional Japanese system of reckoning time. The day was divided into twelve two-hour periods named after the animals of the Eastern zodiac, and each of these was further subdivided into four numbered half-hour periods.]
Kin'emon: Our task is to quickly and efficiently distribute these emblems... // ...to anyone with the crescent moon mark on their left leg. // This mark is the sign of the will to rise up! Anyone bearing it is an ally!! // We do not know where in the Wano Country we might find them, but...!! // In order to distribute the emblems to as many people as possible... / ...our comrades have scattered throughout the land!! // Even Zorojuurou-dono and Usohachi-dono are carrying out this task right now in the capital.
Luffy: Ah... Zoro's probably not gonna be much help there.

Kin'emon: Furthermore, in order to ensure that we do not lose our way... / ...after arriving on the shore of Onigashima... // Franosuke-dono has taken up a position as apprentice to the very same master carpenter who constructed Kaidou's mansion... / ...with a view to obtaining a map of the facility!! // And in order to increase our awareness of the movements of Orochi's forces... / Orobi-dono has become a geisha who can attend formal dinner parties... // ...where she might approach Orochi and obtain intelligence from the source!! / I hear she is most popular already!
Sanji: Robin-chan as a geisha...this I've gotta see~~~!♡
Kin'emon: Brook-dono, your ability will be most helpful... / ...for the task of procuring food in the capital.
Brook: Oh? Is that right?
Kin'emon: Nami-dono, your skills with the weather are practically ninjutsu... You shall be a kunoichi!
Nami: That's a female ninja, right?!
Kin'emon: Sanji-dono, your cuisine can gather people from far and wide, which will be a great aid in our search for allies!
Sanji: Nami, a kunoichi!♡

Kin'emon: Carrot-dono and Chopper-dono, you will accompany Kiku on her journey to meet with Dogupine.
Chopper: Kin'emon, I wanna be a ninja too!
Kin'emon: Now, place these leaves upon your heads!!
[BubbleText: ninja]
Kin'emon: Here goes!! // Fuku Fuku no Jutsu!! // Doron!!
Brook: Woweeee!! // Hmm?
Sanji: Whoaaaaahhh~!♡ Nami-saaaaaaaaaaan~~~!♡♡
Chopper: I'm a ninja~~~~!♡

Kin'emon: Now that you are ready to blend in to the Wano Country... / I trust you to all carry out your own...
Nami: Hold it, Kin'emon! Is this really a kunoichi outfit?!
Kin'emon: That is the way... / ...that all kunoichi must dress!!!
Nami: Are you sure you're not making that up?!
Kin'emon: Now, let me summon your guide. / A real kunoichi, no less! // Shinobu!!
Brook: A real kunoichi~~~!♡
Sanji: We're getting all the luck today~!♡♡
Shinobu: You called?!
Nami: She looks nothing like this!!!
Chopper: Sanji's gone into spasms of shock~~~~~~!!
Luffy: What's your outfit meant to be?
Brook: I thought it was a person wearing panties on their head, but apparently I was mistaken.
Kin'emon: Take your pick between the two...!!
Shinobu: ?
Nami: Hmmm... I guess if I close it up, it's not so bad.

Shinobu: Hohoho... To be young... // It's a fine thing, isn't it? // You can call me Shinobu!!
[Box: Veteran Kunoichi / Shinobu]
Shinobu: Back in the day, I was a young apprentice to Kin-sama, but now...hohohoh! / My signature technique is the Sultry Seduction Jutsu.
Sanji: If it weren't for Nami-san, my heart would have been shattered!!
Shinobu: I understand your plight, young man... The allure of a mature woman can be deadly!
Kin'emon: Now, we must go our separate ways until the appointed meeting time... / But there are three samurai in particular I want you all to keep a careful look out for! // They are worth the strength of a hundred men if we find them! // Kawamatsu! Denjirou! And the Ashura Douji!! // All three were samurai in service to Oden-sama, like myself!! I am certain they still live!!!

[Box: Leftovers Town]
People: It's the Atamayama Bandits~~~!!! // Run for your lives!! Get out of town!! // Give it back!! That was a precious gift...!! // A gift from Luffytarou-san!!
Bandits: Shaddup!!!
People: Aaaahh!
Bandits: This lot have got some seriously fine stuff!! / Shutenmaru-sama!! // There's fruit, and booze, and rice as well!! / Talk about cheeky!!
Shutenmaru: ..................
People: Give that back, please! I need to share it with my grandchild...!!
Bandits: Shaddup, old man!! Hurry up and kick the bucket, why don't ya!!
People: !!

Shutenmaru: Who the hell's responsible for all this? // Sharing out all this food...does he think he's some kind of hero?! // Well, I hope you enjoyed your passing dream.
[Box: Chief of the Atamayama Bandits / Shutenmaru]
OldWoman: ..................
Shutenmaru: The grub's ours now, and that's that. // ...There's no samurai out there who'd stoop to protecting pathetic weaklings like you lot. // There's no true men left in this country at any rate... // No-one who could command powerful samurai!!! / The Wano Country is finished...!! // Hey, old hag. What's the point in a long life... // ...if all you're gonna see is this bitter reality?

People: Wait, please!! Please, Mr. Bandit, don't do it!! // Granny, run away!!!
Shutenmaru: I'll put an end to your misery.
People: Granny~~~~~! Waaaahh!
OldWoman: I believe in the words of Otoki-sama.
Shutenmaru: The words of a corpse.
OldWoman: The nine samurai will surely bring Oden-sama's wishes to fruition...!!
Shutenmaru: You idiot. Who's going to fight a war with no leader?!
People: Aaaghhh~~~~~!!! // Shutenmaru-samaaaa~~~~~~!!! // Guaaaahhh~~~~~!!
Shutenmaru: !!
People: Shutenmaru-sama...!! It's him...

Jack: So we finally meet, bandit chief. // From what I hear, a pirate named Straw Hat Luffy... / ...should've passed through here.
[Box: Hundred Beast Pirates / All-Star / Jack]
Shutenmaru: If I say I ain't seen him, will that make you... // ...lose the attitude?
Jack: The only reason we're letting you keep your life... // ...is because Kaidou-san wants to make you his subordinate.
Shutenmaru: ......!! In that case... // I'll give you my answer.

Jack: !!!
Shutenmaru: Don't take samurai lightly...!!!
Jack: Urghhh!!
People: Jack-sama~~~~~~~?!!
Jack: Why, you...
People: ...............!! // Whoaa!! // This fight's on a whole different level!!

People: Everyone get back!!! Shutenmaru and Jack... // ...have started fighting~~~~~~~!!! // It's no use... Leftovers Town is going to be wiped out!!
Shutenmaru: !! // I don't want to be killed by an underling like you...!! // I missed out on... / ...my time to die!!!
People: Jack-samaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?!!
Jack: Hmm?!
People: U...Up there!! In the sky!!

Jack: ?!! // ......!! Can it be? // ............But why?
Law: Hm?
People: What's this all of a sudden...? // Looks like rain...
Law: No...!! // Hey, Mister Straw Hat! Get over here!!
Luffy: ?! // What's up, Tra-dude?!!

Luffy: Huh?! The sky... // There's something up there!
People: This is bad, Straw Hat!
Shutenmaru: It can't be... How?!!
Kaidou: Hey... // Jack.........!!
Jack: Yessir!!
Kaidou: Hurry and bring me those brats... // At once...
Luffy: A dragon?!! // What is that thing?!!
Momonosuke: .........!!
Law: It's Kaidou.
[Insert text: A bolt from the blue! The big boss is here!!]

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