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One Piece 927

O-Toko the Kamuro

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 14, 2018 00:56 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 927: O-Toko the Kamuro
Cover Page Request
"Garp Competing With a Bear at Catching Salmon"
Pen-name: Noda Skywalker

[Insert text: The trends of the capital...]
[Box: Wano Country - Flower Capital]
Sanji: Get your Ohako Soba here~~~~~!! // It's Sangorou's famous Ohako Soba~~~~~~~!!
Robin: Do you have any information about Luffy?
Franky: He's a long way away from here, you know... // Well, I'm sure he'll show up by the day of the big battle.
Usopp: This is too goooood~~~!♡ It's crazy tasty!! / Can't believe we get to eat Sanji's food again! // So glad he made it back all right!!
Sanji: Not that I care about you louts, but... / Orobi-cha~~~~~~n!♡♡ // How's the food~~~~~~?

Robin: Oh, it tastes wonderful.
Sanji: The real wonderful thing here is Orobi-chan as a geisha~~~~~~!!!
Franky: This stuff's good, sure, but you're clearly just drawing in girls, Sangorou. / You wanna make something a bit more spicy, something that goes with sake, if you want to draw in some samurai!!
Sanji: .........
Franky: What's that look for?!! / Are you even trying to build up our allies?!!!
Usopp: Hang on, Franosuke! We've got some male customers!
Franky: ...............?
Kyoushirous: 'Scuse us! Comin' through!! // Awful sorry, ladies~~~~!
Girls: Hold it! What d'you think you're doing there, jumping the queue?!
Kyoushirous: SHAAAAADDUP!!!
Girls: Eeeek~~~!!
People: ?!

Kaku?: Business seems to be going well for you, eh, friend?
Sanji: It's certainly been worse! / Now if you want your share, I'd ask you to line up at the back.
Kuni: I think you're missing our point... / Just who gave you permission to set up business in this spot?
Sanji: Hmm?
Kuni: This place... / ...is the territory of the Kyoushirou Family. // If you don't pay your dues, we can't let you do business on our turf!!
[Box: Kyoushirou Family / Kaku-san, Kuni-san and Suke-san]
Sanji: Why's that?
Suke?: "Why"? 'Cause then we won't be able to protect you if something were to happen to your little stall!
Sanji: I don't need your protection. I'm strong enough.
People: !

Robin: I visited the mansion of a man named Kyoushirou not long ago. / These fellows must be his underlings.
Flashback!Kyoushirou: Orochi-sama's a coward, if you ask me!!
Robin: I did think he seemed rather self-important for a samurai... / So he was the leader of a yakuza group. // !
People: Then let's see you try protecting this stall!!! // Aaaahhh!
Kaku?: Hey, stop eating this stall's soba!!
Toko: Ahh!! // Waaaaaahhhh! // My soba~~~!
People: Get outta here, you lot!! // Shop's closed for today!!
Usopp: Oh crap, get back!! / They're doing EXACTLY what makes Sanji madder than anything!!
Franky: Hmmm~~? We in for a fight?!

Sanji: You'd better be eating all that, good sir.
Kuni: Hmmm? You picking a fight?
People: Everyone, get outta here!!
Kuni: Hey!! Kaku!! Suke!! Get 'im-
People: The Kyoushirou Family are going wild~~~~~!!
Kuni: Rngmphh!
People: !!! // !!! // Whoaaahhhh!! Anikiii~~~~~~~~~?!!

People: Whaaa?! Who IS that soba-seller? He's super strong!! // Oh my, soba-seller! You're so dashing!♡
Franky: Here I go...!! // Franosuke~~~~~~!! Iron~~~~~!
Kaku?: Stop that, dammit! What're you doing?! That's dangerous!! // Aaaaaaghhhhhhhh!!!
People: !!!
Franky: SUPLEX!!!

People: That carpenter, too...!! // This is pretty bad, though...!!
Sanji: Go on, eat it all up!! / This soba you spilled on purpose!!
Kuni: Abbblrbhbhgrghhh...
Suke?: You...!! You...! You...!! // You haven't heard the last of this!! You'll regret it, mark my words!!!
Usopp: Well, that outcome was predictable... Should we really have done that, though?
Robin: Ufufu... We may have chosen a troublesome lot to pick a fight with... // Take a look. // That gigantic queue has vanished like a spiderweb swept aside...!!
Usopp: They're totally gonna bring someone super dangerous!!!

Sanji: Hm?
Franky: Hm?
Toko: .........
Sanji: Oh hey, you're the girl whose soba those guys spilled just now. // Smiling while you were crying...you're a weird one, aren't you? // Here, I've still got one bowl left. / Take it.
Toko: Ahhhhh~~~~!! / Thank you!! // Everyone's been talking about this Ohako Soba, so I really wanted to try it! I lined up for ages!! / Really I...ought to be at work already, but! I saved up all my allowance! // I finally managed to buy it but then that happened! I was so sad!! // Mmm, tasty~~~~~~!♡♡
[Box: City Girl / Toko]
Toko: Ahahahahaha!! I've never tasted soba this good before!!!

Sanji: Hahaha!! Well, now you're putting a grin on my face too! // Say, kid, what's your name?
Toko: I'm Toko! / Try putting an "o" in front of it!
Sanji: "O"?
Robin: O-toko-chan.
Toko: I'm not an "otoko"!! That means "man"! Ahahaha!
Franky: Pfffft!!
Toko: Even though I'm O-toko!!!/ Isn't that funny~~~~~? Ahahaha! / People say it makes my name easy to remember!! Fufufu!! // Ahhh, that was good!! Thanks for the food!!
Sanji: No problem! Come back any time!
Toko: Yeah!! // Oh, shoot! I really am late!! Super late!! Ahahaha! / Oh, that's right! I'm gonna be coming down this street again!! Today's the Oiran Parade!
Sanji: ?
Robin: Toko-chan, are you a kamuro by any chance?

Toko: That's right!! I'm a kamuro!! / It'll already have started by now!! I gotta hurry!! // Bye-bye! See you round!! // The oiran's super pretty! // You should stay and see!!
Usopp: Hahahah!! .........!! Ahhh, what a funny kid.
Robin: She's certainly full of energy. How cute!♡
Sanji: So the famous Oiran Parade will be coming through here, huh.........?!!
Franky: Oiran? Kamuro?
OldWoman: The "oiran"...!!!
Usopp: Whoaaahh!! Where'd you pop out from, lantern hag~~~~?!!
OldWoman: Who're you calling a wrinkly old lantern hag?! You want me to cast a gentle glow on you, brat?!!
Robin: !! Master......!
OldWoman: Orobi, I have good news for you! // I've been rushing all across the capital to find you!!

OldWoman: As I was saying, "oiran"...
Usopp: ?!
OldWoman: ...is the name given to the topmost idols of the Wano Country!!! / The true superstars!!!
Franky: Is that right?!
OldWoman: Right now, only one woman in all the land has been granted the title!! / The name of that chosen woman is Komurasaki!!! // Beloved by all men, and a hero to all women! / Cultured and refined, with beauty that could shake nations!!!
Guys: *gulp*...!! // .........?!
OldWoman: With dignity even a god could not shake, she is the very pinnacle of womanhood!!! / THAT is this land's oiran, Komurasaki!!!
Guys: .........!! No way!! A woman like that can't really exist!!!
OldWoman: Then witness her with your own eyes!!!

OldWoman: Listen, you can hear it already! / The cheering that surrounds her and the melodies of the musicians rushing to support her!♪ // Today at Orochi Castle... / ...the Shogun is to hold a banquet!! // This parade is the oiran's approach to the castle!! / As for the "kamuro" like the one you just met, they are young girls who serve the oiran. // Oh yes, Orobi! Congratulations! You too... / ...have been invited to join these festivities!
Robin: Huh?!
OldWoman: It was your dream, was it not? To come face to face with Shogun Orochi-sama himself!!
Robin: Oh, yes!
Sanji: Wowwww, Robin-chan, you're the best~~~~~~~~~~!!!
OldWoman: We must return and make preparations at once!!
Robin: Indeed...! I can hardly wait!♡

People: Komurasaki-sama~~~~!♡ // Look this way~~~~!♡ // Oiran~~~~!! // Whoaaaa! She shines so bright, I can't see a thing!! // The Lady Komurasaki~~~~ // Is coming through~~~~~
Toko: Sorry I'm so late!! Ahaha!
Komurasaki: Honestly!♡ I was most worried, Toko!
Toko: Eheheh! Sorry, big sis!
Announcement: Emergency! We need around 20 stretchers, pronto! // Komurasaki-sama's passing through has caused fainting, bleeding and blindness all around! // Understood!

[Box: Flower Capital - Sakyou]
Kyoushirou: You were defeated by a soba seller?
Suke?: That's right!! He was so strong!!
Kyoushirou: I'm very busy right now. / I've been invited to Shogun Orochi's banquet, don't you know. // Send word to Queen!
Suke?: !
Kyoushirou: Have him send an assassin. // It'll cause quite the ruckus, but... // I'll allow it!!
People: Orochi-sama! // .................. // The oiran is heading this way as we speak. // ...I see...Komurasaki...!! This time, I will make her mine for sure......!! / Gufufufufu......
[Insert text: The Shogun of the Wano Country... His appearance is...]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be on a break. It will be back in Joint Issue 4-5.]

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