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One Piece 925

Lost Years

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 1, 2018 00:34 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 925

One Piece
Chapter 925: Lost Years
Cover Page Request: "Perona Working with Black Cats to Secretly Make Sangria from Mihawk's Wine"
Pen-name: Noda Skywalker

[Insert text: This country is...]
[Box: The Grand Line - Ruins of the Shikkearu Kingdom]
Perona: Aaaaghhhh~~~~~~~~~~!♡♡
Mihawk: ..................
Perona: ...............!! // Moria-sama is alive after all~~~~~~~~~~~~~!♡♡ / "Attack of Gekko Moria and his Zombie Army"!♡ // Look at this! Moria-sama was aliiiive~~~~~!!
Mihawk: ...Yes, I read that this morning...
Perona: Why didn't you tell me, you idiot?!! This is big news for me!!!
Mihawk: Why should I care...?
[Text: Thriller Bark Pirates / Ghost Princess / Perona]

Perona: How many times do you think I've made dinner for you?!
Mihawk: Not as many as I've made it for you.
[Text: World's Greatest Swordsman / Royal Shichibukai / Dracule Mihawk]
Perona: I helped out with the gardening too!!
Mihawk: And I've given you a roof over your head.
Perona: I'm leaving!! I'll be happy to be rid of you!!
Mihawk: Take care of yourself.
Perona: That kindness!!! Why, you~~~!! / Don't suddenly say kind words like that!! Waaaaahh!! / Thanks for everything, OK~~~~?!!
Mihawk: What a rowdy young lady... // ...Actually, leaving this place now may be a wise decision.
Perona: Huh?
Mihawk: A most peculiar topic has come up at the Levely.

[Box: The New World // Pirate Island "Hachinos"]
[TL Note: Literally "Beehive". The word is also a euphemism for being riddled with bullets.]
Moria: Did you not hear me?!!! // I said bring Teach to me this instant!!!
[Text: Captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates / (Former Royal Shichibukai) / Gecko Moria / Bounty: 320 million Beli]

Moria: Show yourself, Blackbeard~~~~~~!!!
People: Zombies~~~~~!! Aaaghhh! // Heeeeelp~~~~!!
Pizarro: What's all the ruckus, eh~~~~~~?!!
Crew: Cap'n Pizarro, it's Gecko Moria!! The former Shichibukai!!!
Pizarro: Why'd you let him through?
Crew: He let himself through!! Wiped out the whole port!!! // Says he's looking for Admiral Teach... / ...and that invisible man Absalom who showed up a few days ago!!!
[Text: Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates' Second Ship / "Corrupt King" Avalo Pizarro]
Pizarro: That guy, eh...?

Absalom?: Captain Moria~~~~~~~~~~~!! / If you're looking for me, I'm right here~~~~~~~!!
Moria: !! // Absalom?!! So you're alive! Wonderful!!
Absalom?: So sorry, Boss~~~~~!! This island's a paradise!♡ / I totally forgot to send word to you!!
Moria: ...I see! Then I suppose I was too hasty... / ...to judge these ruffians!! // The Blackbeard Pirates are famed... / ...for hunting Fruit users, you know!! // And there are many who desire your ability. // Uurghh!!!
People: ?!
Moria: ?!!

Moria: Uurgh......!! / Who was that~~~~?!! // ?! // Shiryu of the Rain! // Did you just...turn invisible......?! / That's Absalom's ability......!!
Shiryu: I'm afraid your suspicions were right on the mark... Gekko Moria. // This is a fine ability I've obtained...
Absalom?: Murunfuffu!! / Uffuffuffuffu!!!
Moria: ?!! / Who in blazes are you?!

Moria: Devon!!
[Text: Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates' Sixth Ship / "Crescent Moon Hunter" Catarina Devon / (Inu Inu no Mi, Mythical Type: Model Nine-Tailed Fox)]
People: Captain Devon~~~~~!!
Devon: Murunfuffufu!! / It's his own fault for being stupid enough to come here!!
Moria: ...!! // Why, you... What have you done to Absalom...?!!!
Devon: We still have the corpse, if you want it? // You're a big fan of corpses, I hear!!

Blackbeard: Zehahahahahah!! / Gecko Moria!
Moria: !!
People: Wahhhh~~~~!! // Ahhhh~~~~!! // The Admiral's earthquake!!
Blackbeard: Don't disrupt the order of this Pirate Island!!
Moria: Blackbeard......!!! // I won't forgive what you've done!! Show yourself!!
Blackbeard: No thanks. I'm relaxing right now. / This is a pirate paradise!! A fella's gotta be able to enjoy himself here!! // Do you like parties?! / Then take your place on my ship!!! Moria!!
Moria: !!
Blackbeard: Did you read this morning's newspaper?!! / Never a dull moment, is there?!! Just the fourth day of the Levely...

Blackbeard: ...and the Revolutionary Army's Commanders have already shown up at the Holy Land of Mary Geoise... // ...clashing with the Marine Admirals Ryokugyuu and Fujitora in an attempt to recover Kuma!!! // Zehahahahahah!
[Text: Yonkou - Admiral of the Blackbeard Pirates / Marshall D Teach / Bounty: 2,247,600,000 Beli]
Blackbeard: Meanwhile in the Wano Country where the monstrous Kaidou resides, we have a gathering of rowdy youngsters... // ...not least among them the famous Straw Hat!!! / And hot on their tails is the crazed Yonkou, Big Mam!!!
Moria: .........
Blackbeard: How do you think this will play out?!! It's already begun!!! The struggle between the strongest to eliminate one another and claim the title of King!!! Zehahahahah!!!

[Box: Wano Country / Act the Second]
Someone: Hahh!
[Box: Wano Country - Kuri - Atamayama]

[No text just swords and teeth]

Dogupine: *pant* / *pant*
Shutenmaru: *pant* / *pant*
Kin'emon: ......... // I think that is enough... // Dogupine! // Ashura!!
[Box: Kuri - Amigasa Village]
Otama: Thanks an awful lot!!
Tenguyama: We are in your debt!!
Chopper: It's a good thing your wounds were so shallow!!
Otama: I was so scared I passed out real quick, so I don't really remember much of anything! / I just have vague memories of Horsey-chan fighting desperately...
Someone: To think an enemy would become such a loyal servant...you have quite the ability.

Otama: Never mind my wounds though, I'm more worried about Luffy-aniki!
Chopper: Luffy's recovery abilities are pretty monstrous... / And his spirit never gives out, either!! He'll be OK. // Raizou said he'd lend a hand... / ...getting him out of jail, so we left that to him. / Nin-nin!!
[Box: Atamayama]
Okiku: I am terribly disappointed in you, Ashura-san!!
Shutenmaru: Kiku~~~~!! // You oughtta just be thankful I'm not stripping you of all your clothes and possessions!! // Or have you forgotten?! This has always been my position! // I served as samurai to Kouzuki Oden and risked my life for him... / ...because I had so much respect for the man himself!!! // I don't recall ever becoming a servant to the whole Kouzuki clan!!!
Carrot: (He's a match for Duke Dogupine...?!)
Shutenmaru: Ain't that right, Momonosuke?!!!
Momonosuke: .........!!

Kin'emon: It is you who should not forget... / ...the kind of man I am!! I will make you one of us, you mark my words!
Shutenmaru: ! // If you manage that, I'll be impressed. / Don't go thinking everyone's gonna be thrilled to hear the Kouzuki samurai have returned! // You abandoned this country for 20 years!!! / That's twenty lost years we'll never get back...!!
[Box: Wano Country - Onigashima]
King: Hey, Jack...... // The output from Kuri's not looking great, huh? // With Doflamingo out of the picture... You do know who our next trading partner is going to be, right?!
People: (......Jack-san's getting an earful again... // The great Jack-san is...)
King: We don't need any more worthless idiots beside Queen here.
[Box: Hundred Beasts Pirates / All-Star / King of Wildfires]
Queen: That's right!! We don't need more pieces of trash besides King here!
King/Queen: You got that, Dumbass Jack?!!!
[Box: Hundred Beasts Pirates / All-Star / Queen of Plagues]
Jack: I'm real sorry, Big Bros...
King: That goes for you too, Queen. How the hell long does it have to take you to crush the spirits of those brats, you worthless piece of junk?!!
Queen: Shut your face, you torture-loving deviant!
King: What'd you say?!!
[Insert text: Even more disasters await...!!]

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