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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 922

Kaidou, Commander in Chief of the Hundred Beast Pirates

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 3, 2018 00:59 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 922: Kaidou, Commander in Chief of the Hundred Beast Pirates
Cover Page Request: "Koala Teaching Fishman Karate to some Kung-Fu Dugongs She's Made Her Apprentices"

[Insert text: A shocking visage...]
People: ...............!!
Luffy: Kaidou's a dragon?!
People: What is that thing?!!! // That's him......?!
Kin'emon: Indeed...that which you behold is Kaidou himself. // Kaidou can take... // ...the form of a dragon!!!
People: ?!!

Momonosuke: Ahhh...
Kin'emon: Momonosuke-sama!!
Shinobu: Huh?! Momonosuke-sama?!
Okiku: That...dragon is...?!
Kin'emon: I will explain everything later!! / His body was transformed into this state!! / By a cruel twist of fate, into the same form as the dragon we despise...!!
Luffy: ......... // Over there...!! That's Leftovers Town!!
Kin'emon: Why has Kaidou suddenly come here to Kuri...?!
Law: ......!! Sorry, Kin'emon. / Truth is, our cover was blown. Me, Mister Straw Hat and Mister Zoro...!!
Kin'emon: Whaaat?!!
Zanji: What d'you think you're playing at, Law?!!
Law: You Straw Hats are the LAST people I want to hear that from...!!!
Sanji: !!!
Chopper: Ah...it was Luffy's fault, wasn't it.
Nami: We're, um, sorry.

Law: But right now, that's the extent of it...!! // The weapons that Kaidou is creating in this country... // And his black market deals for the artificial Devil Fruit known as "Smile"... / ...which Doflamingo and Caesar were creating... // Not only did we destroy the factories creating them in Punk Hazard and Dresrosa... / ...we even sent his buyer, Doflamingo, to jail. Effectively... // ...we're the ones who picked a fight with him. So his aim... // ...is my and Straw Hat's heads!!
Nami: Luffy, where are you going?!
Kin'emon: Luffy-dono?!
Law: Don't go!! I'll handle this!!!
People: ?!
Law: If any more of our faces get spotted, they'll know for sure that the whole Straw Hat and Heart pirate crews... / ...are staying on this island!! They'll start a massive search!! // Think about this logically.

Law: We're the only ones who've been found right now. // Your plan hasn't been compromised!! / Got that?
Kin'emon: But then, what will you do?
Law: I'd like to say, I'll stay out of it... // But Mister Straw Hat has already gotten himself involved with the people of this country. / Him acting on his emotions might throw the whole plan off. // If we're not all present on the day of the decisive battle, that defeats the whole point of having an alliance. // I'll go and sort him out somehow. // You lot stay put, got that?!!!
Bepo: Captain~~~!!
Sanji: What did you get up to in the few hours I let you out of my sight...?!! // Luffy, you idiot...

[Box: Bakura Town]
Hawkins: .........
People: It's Kaidou-sama~~~~~~!!
Hawkins: To think he would come in person...
Holdem: Is it me...?! Is he here to execute me?!
Kamijirou: Rrghh...!!
[Box: Leftovers Town]
People: Run! Run for your lives~~~~!! // This town is done for!!
Otsuru: ...............!!
People: Otsuru-san, you oughtta get out of here!!
Otsuru: Yes......
People: Retreat to the forest!! Atamayama Bandits!! There's no point getting involved with him!!
Kaidou: Deep in the mountains of Kuri... // ...there lives quite the impressive band of thieves, or so I heard. / ......Shutenmaru.
Shutenmaru: !!

Kaidou: I... // ...remember you... // Fuhihihih!!! *hic*!! But forget about the past!!
Shutenmaru: ?!!
Kaidou: If you're ready to become my subordinate, oohhh~~ / I'll let all your past transgressions slide...! *hic*

Jack: ......?!! Kaidou-san, don't tell me... // You're drunk?!!
Kaidou: Ya dumbass!!! // I ain't drunk at all!!! *hic*
Jack: (He's totally drunk!!)
People: Jack-sama!! / We're trying to stop the bleeding, so hold still!
Jack: I thought it was strange for you to suddenly show up in Kuri, but......!!
Shutenmaru: I can't outrun him......!! // Should I try to get an actual attack in?!!
Jack: The people of Leftovers Town are our manpower for the factories...!! // If you wanted to make an example of them, that's one thing...but just going on a drunken rampage...! // You're going to wipe out the whole of Kuri at this rate......!!
Luffy: Dammit! // He's still so far off!!

Law: Mister Straw Hat!!
Luffy: Tra-dude!! / Do you think the guys from Leftovers Town are OK?!!
Law: You idiot...!! This is what happens when you try to do a "good deed"!!
Kin'emon: Why did you not say this in the first place, Kiku?!! / You should go home. I will save Tsuru myself!!
Okiku: I am most sorry, Kin-sama...
Kin'emon: Honestly! To think she hasn't even found a new husband to protect her!! It's been 20 years!
Hawkins: Commander Kaidou!!! // If it is Straw Hat Luffy and Trafalgar Law you seek...!!
Kaidou: ?!
Shutenmaru: That's...the Headliner...!!

Hawkins: They have hidden themselves... // ...in the Oden Castle Ruins!!!
People: ?!
Jack: Hawkins!! // Is that true?!!
Kaidou: Oden Castle......?!
Hawkins: ...No. It is a lie to stop his rampage.
Jack: ?!
Hawkins: ...However, owing perhaps to a certain legend, there have been rumours lately... // People claiming to have seen a strange light at the top of the mountain. / If those rumours are casting fear into Shogun Orochi's heart... // Then wiping those empty ruins out of existence... // ...would kill two birds with one stone...!!
Jack: (.........)

Kaidou: Oden Castle, you say...?! Ooohhh~! // That name brings back memories... It would indeed make a good hideout... // So that's where they've been hiding away, eh...? Those accursed youngsters... // ...who stole... // ...my precious Smile......!!! // You won't get away from me......!!
Shutenmaru: Whoahh!! ......!!
Kaidou: *hic*......!!
Shutenmaru: Heading for Oden Castle Ruins......?!

People: .................. // ? // ! // Huh? // Is it just me, or is he heading this way?! // You've gotta be kidding!
KomaChiyo: Ruff ruff!!
Nami: He spotted us?!
Sanji: Not from that distance...he couldn't possibly......!!
People: No, he's definitely coming!! // Run for it~~~~~!!
Luffy: Huh?!
Kaidou: "Bolo Breath".

People: ?!!!
Luffy: Ahhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~!!!
Shutenmaru: Oden Castle......!! Why, that bastard...
Hawkins: In a single instant...... // No time for him to sober up a little, then...
Jack: That guy's just completely outrageous...

Law: Hm? // Mister Straw Hat?!
People: ?!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...!! // ELEPHANT!!
Kaidou: ?
Luffy: GUN!!!
Kaidou: ?!!
[Insert text: A blow of fury!!]

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