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Original title: ナルト
Demographics: Shounen
Chapters at MH: 2039
Releases at MH: 0
Publishing Status: Finished
Writer(s): KISHIMOTO Masashi
Artist(s): KISHIMOTO Masashi
Serialized in: Weekly Shounen Jump
Published by: Shueisha
Year: 1999
Official Site:
Popularity: 3567 favorites
Translators: 371 (Click here to view)
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Score 4.5 of 5.0 - 1865 votes

Summary and Preview

Twelve years before the events at the focus of the series, the nine-tailed demon fox attacked Konohagakure. It was a powerful demon indeed; a single swing of one of its nine tails would raise tsunamis and flatten mountains. It raised chaos and slaughtered many people, until the leader of the Leaf Village - the Fourth Hokage - defeated it by sacrificing his own life to seal the demon inside a newly-born child, whose origins are as of yet unknown. That child's name was Naruto Uzumaki...

Note: Complete at 72 Volumes.


Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Review by Jammin
Naruto is in a class all it's own. The characters are deep and the art is beautiful. Both of which come together in intricately woven story. If you are going to read one manga make it Naruto. You'll be glad you did. Permalink " "
Review by shrimpy
If you don't know this title, are you from planet earth?
As one of the echelons in the anime universe, naruto is your quintessential ninja shounen action story. But what sets it apart from prior iterations on the ninja theme are a pantheon of characters, kick@$$ artwork (characters actually age in a time skip--a detail other authors seem to ignore), and a story that doesn't fail to deliver. As one of the most popular it's got fans and haters alike, but I salute kishimoto for his masterpiece. This one deserves your time: it's got something for everyone. Permalink " "
Review by nat
One of the most gripping titles in Manga history.
What began as a simple story of a boy dreaming to be Hokage became an entire universe of mysteries to explore.

What makes it special is the diversity and depth of each character, and saying that it flaunts an extensive list of characters is an understatement. The story is addictive because of the relationships that tie each person, each clan, each country to the other.

No village is a separate entity, it is connected to a much bigger context which holds a reality of its own. Everything in the plot has roots and origins, not your typical bad guy that comes from a different galaxy to challenge the main hero.

While there are some plot holes every now and then, the major story line is consistent. And when new characters and concepts are introduced they are treated with compelling depth, and relations to old characters are established making the Universe seem bigger and more realistic.

A final thing to note is the strength of emotions shown; characters bleed, cry, suffer, smile, worry, laugh, love and even die. Some have better fortunes than others, making the readers relate and feel affectionate.

The manga passed the 400 Chapters mark and is still going strong, with more intrigues and sinister plots to unravel. so stay tuned!
Permalink " "
Review by juUnior
Art: The characters designs are detailed, because Kishimoto favors rather realistic style of art. The background is pure and simple, but bigger panels can have it amazingly detailed. Overall, series started with detailed art, and begun slowly to change to simple one, yet beatiful.

Plot: Series is well written, and has its moments of glory, when people will scream from happiness; there are also sad moments, when there's probability to shred a tear or two; but one thing for sure - there is little of moments, when someone will say: it's a crap. Kishimoto is unexpected, even though he gives some mithodology/art/martial arts hints from other sources. The fights are unpredictable, besides the few one, which occure rather later on in the series.

Characters are probably the ultimate moment of glory. They are well-written, ba!, they are superb written. Each character has his/her own history, background and special skills. A few characters made just to show off as the plain foes have no specific history, but you know from the first glance, if you like it or not. That's probably the one of the best things in 'Naruto' manga.

Themes like in shonen title, so: 'friendship', 'working hard for your dreams', 'genius and hard-work', 'protect what's important to you', 'power and responsibility' xD and much more. All are well written, and divided in such a way, that it's not a nuisance, but a pleasure from within.

I read many shonen title's, and 'Naruto' just seems to me the perfect <fighting> shonen created up till now. I'm probably exageratting, but it's rather non-objective review. I think everything, from the beginning until now, is somewhat unique, and cool. Even if I read somewhat myths or other things, which seem quite correspond to Naruto, it's always done in the way by Kishimoto-sensei, that it shocks me - in positive way.
It's a piece of art in shonen genre mangas. It's masterpiece. It's a title, which every single person should read, if it's hobby is manga, exclusively 'shonen' one. I will just say one more thing: just read it and see for yourself <3 Permalink " "
Review by
Another way to tell about regeneration. Kishimoto has a great vision to tell us about wind of change. Permalink " "
Review by Baron Hugenstein
Naruto is a comic that created a great standard for other Mangas to follow; The plot is amazing coupled with deep and well developed characters and gripping artwork.

No matter what the reader loves, it is bound to be in the Manga, whether it is epic battle scenes, vague love relations, kings, self-proclaimed Gods, warlords, clans, villages....and the list goes on

This of course leaves fans of any object or character, which leads to insightful discussions and love-to-hate and hate-to-love relationships.

If you haven't read Naruto yet, it is never late to read something that will, most likely, leave an impression on you, as it did with the millions and millions of fans. Permalink " "
Review by ridwanphy
Reading Naruto, up until 40+ volumes, reminding me of a classic Dragon Ball manga. Well, Naruto seems to be a mirror of Dragon Ball in many aspects. Since I love Dragon Ball,I love Naruto too! :)

But, futhermore, Naruto have something that is lacking in Dragon Ball, the twisted plot and thrilling emotional drama between the characters. These points make Naruto stands aside as a great manga, maybe in the top few of all ever. Simply masterpiece. Permalink " "
Review by pr0master
I love this manga. I don't know what to do without it. Watch it! it OWNS! Permalink " "
Review by
It's the best thing I've ever read. If I had the time,I would've read everything again..and again :). At the beginning I thought it was something stupid and childish,but when I started it became my favourite thing ever! Permalink " "
Review by luv2naruto
Through this manga, I'm learning a lot about friendship and fellowship.
It's not only funny, but touching...
I really love this one. Permalink " "
Review by hisoga
one pf the best manga i ever read... starting with a very good humor, storyline and unique fighting style and technique... sadly as the story goes on over 400 chapters, the story become dull and less epic..it has become like another shonen manga.. but it still one of the best.once you read it, i think you will never stop...
Permalink " "
Review by vick86
There's a lot to like about Naruto and it's certainly obvious why it's become so popular. The first part of the manga is great even though the artwork is shoddy but while the artwork has improved leaps and bounds after the 2 1/2 year time-skip the story itself however has begun to suffer. The biggest problem lies in the treatment of the main characters. Naruto himself doesn't only seem to forget about his main goal of becoming Hokage he also doesn't have a fight worth mentioning for nearly 200 chapters and apparently learned next to nothing in 2 1/2 years (only to get way stronger in training sessions that take a fraction of the time) while his increasingly annoying rival Sasuke partakes in fight after fight. In the mean time the minor characters who are far more likeable and entertaining than the main characters don't get nearly enough screen time and some characters (Sai, Yamato) get introduced only to feature in one story arc and be pushed into the background. Despite many small and some bigger annoyances however Naruto is still a entertaining manga to read although I advise against reading it on a week to week basis, this is one manga that is better when you read it in larger chunks and don't have time to analyse it. Permalink " "
Review by meeedoooz
all i can say is " best manga ever " Permalink " "
Review by Juankashi
Naruto es un manga único, una historia muy típica, pero excelente manga, muy buenos dibujos. Permalink " "
Review by son_devil7
theres only 3 manga that i like dragon ball, change123 and NARUTO

Permalink " "
Review by animelover156
this manga is good nothing can compare to it in my opinion the storyline never gets u bored and alot of action i highly recommend this manga when u start u will get hooked Permalink " "
Review by hanauta
In my opinion the interpretation of ninjas and their world is original but its realization as a manga and most of the plot twists are disappointing.
Naruto would be way better as a novel. The author would be able to squeeze more text, feeling, suspense, pace and character development into the story which he fails to convey effectively in a manga most of the time, partly due to his drawing style (many head shots, lack of shading, boring backgrounds).
Also, the gags are not good. I've never laughed about a single one.

Well, it's like vick86 says, you shouldn't start analyzing Naruto if you don't want your fun reading it to be spoiled. Permalink " "
Review by RyrineaNara
I agree Jammin it in a class of it own. I laughed, I cried, the story is so deep and emotional. The back stories of each character go from being picked on by bullies to being sunned by their village or clan. You feel that your apart of this story not like most Shouen manga. The girls come in all shape and sizes and are very likable once you get to know them if your a girl like me you will like this manga. Permalink " "
Review by Telestmonnom
There is no need to add to the global impression that Naruto is a good manga. Though, I am not as much of a fan as most people out there, still I continue on reading it.

The main defect of this serie is the inconsistent plot and background : certain abilities will turn out to be able to be far more than expected, some combats will escalade in power to end up as you expected them, rules of power comparison set on the beginning of the serie turn out to be turned upside down after a few years.

This is yet entirely understandable, as the serie has been going on for a few years now.
I would actually recommand people to read the serie in two separate chunks : the pre time-skip and the post time-skip. While the first part relies on a schema of tactics and subtelty, the second part is rather based on an escalation of power with a taint of tactics.

In the end, I wouldn't dub that serie to be the best shonen ever, yet a very good manga that is worth reading from time to time, as hanauta and vick86 said. Permalink " "
Review by deidara
Naruto owns. One of the best manga :) Permalink " "
Review by JiraiyasGirl83
This was the first manga i ever got attached to. Overall, it's a manga with alot of action, intrigue, great abilities, good characters, and A LOT of heart. I highly recommend it. Permalink " "
Review by mmmtoms
ناروتو هي المانجا الاروع لا يمكنك الاستغناء عنها.. ولا لاسبوع واحد... موسوعة من المشاعر... موسوعة من الالغاز.. الأفصل ^_^ Permalink " "
Review by beastboy
naruto hidden is awessom but shipuuden sucks a lot tough..

I think that instead of naruto: shippuden, kishi should change the name to:
Sasuke: the evil snake.. Permalink " "
Review by Mr. Nanhtrang
can I speak Vietnamese here????? Permalink " "
Review by punkairy
Naruto - one of the most popular and well-known manga in the world. Maybe too well-known. But it's popularity might not lie within the fights, but most likely its addictive story plots. True, some of them are seen from other shonen mangas, but what Naruto does is bring out its own colorful taste and originality into the spotlight.

The characters in Naruto aren't so typical once they bare their souls to the audience. The protagonist and hero of the story, Uzumaki Naruto, isn't the most likely hero ever made. He isn't perfect, and that's what probably makes most of the audience engage with him in his adventure. He's human too, an imperfect soul growing up with the most greatest ambition of all despite all the odds and challenges put up against him. Also, Naruto doesn't always concentrate on the main character like many mangas do- rather, various characters make their entrance and becomes either Naruto's ally or foe, and take up the spotlight to make relevance.

Even though the story is set in a Japanese fantasy ninja world, Naruto makes it all believeable. Possiblity is never out of our reach- this is what Kishimoto reveals through Naruto.

Permalink " "
Review by jrlc66
can you make the a volume list of downloads like all the chapters in a volume 1 to 49 Permalink " "
Review by AlB
I never liked anime and manga styles, never viewed them seriously. Naruto changed all of this! it was, is and will be the best manga and anime for me! Permalink " "
Review by kingplaya(minato)
dis 2 me is da best manga as its even popular in africa! if u dnt knw it then u beta start reading it now!!!! Permalink " "
Review by IcyAce
one of a kind
thanks Permalink " "
Review by InvincibleUchiha
when it comes to manga, this one is at the top of all!
in my opinion it's the best story ever told!
i laughed, cried, felt happy and sorry, was afraid and fell in love while reading naruto.
i can't imagine that any coming story will impress me like this one.
from all books, films and comics this is the best, true, and only story!
naruto 4 life! xD Permalink " "
Review by muzpac
best manga ever cant wait for naruto to control the fox Permalink " "
Review by hizumaki myke
best manga, start reading it folks if you have not been reading it. i cant wait to see naruto use his nine tails power. Permalink " "
Review by Popilo
Best manga ever,and if you don't like it, go and write your own. Permalink " "
Review by Arko
Only one word "SUPER" Permalink " "
Review by reinaldo
eu tenho atepora todilha de naruto Permalink " "
Review by OneClash
A great manga to read. It is almost as good as One Piece. The art is very detailed, and the manga is fun to read. I read it at MangaStream. Permalink " "
Review by Jensumforjee
Wait, where do you read it? Permalink " "
Review by Vishwa131
No manga can bring down the mixture of action, excitement, and emotions like Naruto. Permalink " "
Review by WahyuNaruto
Naruto is myfavorite. He's my inspiration. Permalink " "
Review by Blackmantra
I have a conclusions, i will base on my knowledge and how far i knew the story.. On whats happening right now there is only responsible people who is behind all this things. If im right Kabuto, Orochimaru and Danzo. Well Danzo died alread, but who knows maybe The informations had been transferred already to Orochimari.. The connection is; how does the Old man who help Obito resurrect Madara, i guess he has a connection to Kabuto since Kabuto learn how to do Edo Tensei. And because he has the blood of 2nd Hokage also have the blood of Madara

And if Madara is in Edo Tensei state why does Orochimaru never tell to Sasuke? Maybe Orochimaru has a dark plan on his mind since he already completed his arms. Permalink " "
Review by harbdylonline
I dont go back @ my words ..thats my wan of the ninja Permalink " "
Review by Blair
i am new and i want to translate but i dont know how please help me Permalink " "

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