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Original title: クレイモア
Alternative Titles: Kureimoa
Demographics: Shounen
Chapters at MH: 122
Releases at MH: 0
Publishing Status: Ongoing
Writer(s): YAGI Norihiro
Artist(s): YAGI Norihiro
Serialized in: Jump Square
Published by: Shueisha
Year: 2002
Official Site:
Popularity: 1158 favorites
Translators: 25 (Click here to view)
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Score 4.7 of 5.0 - 433 votes

Summary and Preview

In a world where monsters called Yoma prey on humans and live among them in disguise, humanity's only hope is a new breed of warrior known as Claymores. Half human, half monster, these silver-eyed slayers possess supernatural strength, but are condemned to fight their savage impulses or lose their humanity completely.


Action, Fantasy, Shounen, Tragedy

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Review by shrimpy
The awesomeness that is claymore. Where to begin?

Claymore is a mix of medieval action with a twist of supernatural monsters. Although this comic has a seemingly simple core (fighting mutant women) the story has really managed to deliver. The artwork is okay, a little strange at times, often difficult to tell the lead characters apart, and some chapters are more packed with text than others. But that's okay--claymore is a story of intrigue and deceit. You'll be able to forgive its faults.

For a shounen, the visuals can go surprisingly far at times, and I think of it more like seinen (but not berserk's level, which it's sometimes compared to). But don't let that hold you back. And if you've been turned off by the anime, just know that the anime deviated in the last few episodes about the northern war. If you pick up where it left off, I think you won't be disappointed. Permalink " "
Review by Baron Hugenstein
Claymore is a Manga that will greatly amuse those who love great battle scenes as well as a great story line. Set in Medieval like time.

As far as i can say, this Manga has great potential to develop into an amazing and addicting comic. Permalink " "
Review by Janina07
Claymore a must read manga. Wether you are a boy or a girl you will enjoy the beautiful girls in their skin tight outfits and boy like attitudes. For male fans Claymore caters beautiful girls with wonderful proportions killing monsters and dealing with their own demons. And for female readers Claymore is a power trip in a male protagonist dominated manga genre.

Permalink " "
Review by pedroami
I've heard a lot of references to Berserk so far, so I'll throw in my two cents about Claymore, the manga, and the only important thing that I think that pertains to it and Beserk:

The Music

Yes. Try reading the entire manga series through with the Berserk Anime OST playlist running in the background (minus the "ballroom" song and the opening and ending music) it's an experience divine. The music sets the tone, and the manga is pretty much a show on its own.

After reading through the whole manga series non-stop since recently, I'd have to say that most of the reviews above are right. In the beginning, Claymore seems to have a story and plot like the typical shounen manga. It seems very 2-dimensional and not worth your time. Lol, if only it was - I wouldn't have read the whole thing! Haha, truth be told, the beginning completely fools you. The story exponentially progresses in depth with each passing arc, adding elements, twists, depth, and meaning to the entire story. If you're not careful it will completely take you over.

The artwork isn't anything too flashy, but I have to say, the author really makes an impression with the Claymores' presence and expressions... especially their 'eyes'. Just as they're spoken of within the story, the eyes of the Claymores... are eerily intimidating. Even the most beautiful one can't help but give you the creeps when you look at them. For a darker toned series this effect is essential. As for the artwork in general the shading really sets the atmosphere, and the quality is acceptable. Again, nothing flashy, it's no "Air Gear" but for what the story has to offer it doesn't fall short of what it needs to be.

For a monthly release, the manga has good pacing and is very well laid out. It's hard to lose interest when you're reading through the entire series. Once you are updated you'll have to wait once a month, but by that time, you'll have realized this: it's worth it* Permalink " "
Review by Cococrash11
Very epic and had lots of blood and gore. Permalink " "
Review by FairC
Claymore ditulis dan digambar oleh pencipta dari manga "Angel Densetsu": Norihiro Yagi. Pada awalnya sih, hasil karya Yagi di "Angel Densetsu" atau "AD" (yang sebenarnya sifatnya komedi ya...) menyebabkan masalah serius. Soalnya setting dari AD sangat serius dan gelap... tapi karakter-karakternya digambar terlalu kurus, kartun banget, dan ceritanya juga terlalu satu arah.

Alur ceritanya AD memang konvensional... tapi artwork dan imajinasinya belum sepadan. Sekilah lihat sih, manga ini bahkan gak bisa nyamain sejenis manga dark fantasy, apalagi seperti Berserk.

Tapi penampilan pertama di Claymore menipu banget. Alur ceritanya pertama-tama berpusat di tokoh-tokoh yang dianggap "berbeda" dari orang biasa dan dijuluki witch (penyihir perempuan) yaitu "Claymores". Tapi Claymore ini sebenarnya warrior yang tugasnya memburu dan menghabisi monster makhluk yang tampilannya agak-agak sejenis vampir seperti di manga/anime Blood, yang disebut Yoma.

Tapi lama-lama makin lama nonton... eh ternyata, para Claymore ini sendiri tahunya setengah monster juga. Dan kalau mereka menggunakan semacam special power (yang cuma dimiliki para Claymore) yang disebut yoma energy atau "yoki". Mereka sebenarnya membahayakan sisi/sifat-sifat manusia mereka sendiri.

Jadi jika mereka terlalu berlebihan menggunakannya, bisa-bisa mereka malah menjadi monster yang lebih serem dari Yoma itu sendiri dan lebih kuat dan ganas. Yang kemudian akan dikejar-kejar oleh rekan-rekan mereka sesama Claymore. (waduh..)

Tapi itu uniknya hasil karya Norihiro Yagi yang ini, sejak awal di Claymore ada penekanan konflik yang substansial baik secara internal maupun eksternal. Yagi juga ga tanggung-tanggung 'mematikan' karakter-karakter penting di Claymore supaya klimaks dalam plotnya terus meningkat.... dan terus membuat penggemar nangis bombay......asli deh..... tega beneuuurr...

Justru karena ini Claymore jadi...adiktif buat you you readers... XD soalnya sampai sekarang, plotnya pun masih susah ditebak!

Oh ya, kerennya nih, kualitas gambarnya makin membaik, kalau kalian pernah baca Berserk, kalian pasti ngerasain intensitas yang sama di Claymore. Sabar dikit deh bacanya, saya jamin, ga sampai sepuluh volume pertama, kalian sudah bisa gila-gilaan pingin baca terus. Dan hebatnya Yagi selalu punya standarnya sendiri, jadi dia ga selalu mengikuti keinginan fansnya, baik laki maupun perempuan. Alias.... Cerita Claymore berpusat pada sisi yang masih realistis dan menantang untuk dibaca.

Dulu... waktu Claymore baru saja memulai debutnya, ga ada deh yang percaya bisa nyaingin Berserk. Tapi sekarang, walaupun volumenye Berserk sudah tiga kali lebih banyak dari Claymore, tapi Claymore hampir pasti banget pantas disebutkan sejajar dengan Berserk. Walaupun masih kental banget disebut sebagai Seinen. Karena Claymore memang tidak sebrutal Berserk, ceritanya masih lebih halus. Tapi nilai-nilai gregetnya, so pasti bukan manga kacangan. Makanya, pada baca yoo~!. Permalink " "
Review by melvo 17
best anime ever.way better than naruto Permalink " "
Review by Maya45
I like claymore very much This is very special manga I hope if they download manga every week and When the claymore will air Permalink " "
Review by Maya45
I like claymore very much This is very special manga I hope if they download manga every week and When the claymore will air in the TV Permalink " "
Best manga I've seen in my life Permalink " "

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