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Naruto 694

Chapter 694: naruto and sasuke

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 11, 2014 16:03 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 694: naruto and sasuke\\
inserted: what is the true meaning of the word “hokage” that sasuke is talking about…!?\\
sasu: the meaning I give to the word hokage\\ explains my answer\\
sasu: itachi way of life guided me to that answer\\ first I came to know that he sacrificed himself and his clan\\
sasu: for the sake of the fire country and the hidden leaf village\\
sasu: why did he\\ do such a thing for the sake of his country and village?\\
sasu: the hokage of the previous generations said…\\
sasu: that the village is a framework to stop many clans and children\\ from killing each other\\
sasu: they said it was a framework for peace…\\
sasu: itachi was supporting that peace alone\\
sasu: and I finally understood…\\
sasu: he endured those bitter experiences, and went into darkness\\
sasu: he became a sinner for his country and village…\\ he became a traitor…\\
sasu: he was a ninja who protected the fire country and the village of konoha from the shadows by putting all the hate in a single vessel…\\
sasu: he was\\
sasu: the real hokage\\
sasu: an hokage is not someone acknowledged by the others\\
sasu: only someone who accepts all the hatred is worth of that name\\
sasu: … and then\\
sasu: I understood his feelings toward the country and village that he wanted to protect\\
sasu: my brother failed only in one thing\\
sasu: he wasn’t completely able to hide that truth from me, his brother\\ and because of that the hatred was dispersed\\
sasu: but…\\ I don’t have a brother anymore…\\
sasu: I don’t have a father a mother nor a brother anymore\\
sasu: and I am also the last one of my clan…\\
sasu: I am alone\\
sasu: I can carry on my shoulders all the hatred out there\\
sasu: and I will get rid of everything by myself\\ and solve all the problems of the ninja world\\
sasu: I will by myself \\ both judge and punish far and wide\\
sasu: I will concentrate all the hatred on myself\\
sasu: and I will unify all the villages\\
sasu: and then the hatred in the darkness will disappear\\
sasu: sooner or later…\\
sasu: yes…\\
sasu: that’s what it means for me to be an hokage\\
sasu: the one who burns with his single flame all the hatred in the five villages\\
sasu: and then eats those ashes and continues to live\\
hago: so that’s you answer, huh\\
sasu: yeah…\\
naru: and you think that everyone will just say “ok” to that!?\\
sasu: I already told you\\ it doesn’t matter what you think about me\\
sasu: and right now I have the power to realize such a thing\\
naru: I will stop this war all by myself!!\\
naru: I will undertake everything by myself…\\
naru: that’s my role!!\\
ita: you said that you could arrive to this point thanks to everyone’s help, right?\\ if you now have the conceit to focus on your “individuality” and forgot the existence of the others who gave you strength until now, one day…\\ you will become like madara\\
ita: no matter how strong you will become, don’t carry everything on your shoulders\\ otherwise one day you certainly will fail \\
ita: your father minato could become hokage because he had his wife kushina and his friends\\
ita: no matter how many things I tried to do alone… I failed\\ therefore this time I will leave things to my comrades…\\
naru: you didn’t understand anything about itachi’s life\\
naru: there are things you cannot do alone!!\\
naru: just like it happened with our fight against kaguya!!\\
ita: … because\\ there is nothing that is perfect by itself\\
ita: that’s why we are born so that we draw to us the things that can compensate for us…\\
ita: I think that when you begin to have by your side something that acts like your opposite you begin to move toward a little better direction\\
sasu: that will.. not go well…\\ just like the two statues here\\
sasu: and like us brothers…\\
sasu: it is a revolution…\\
sasu: in this way the village will not be shrouded in darkness\\ … I will become darkness by myself\\
sasu: from now on I will take care of the darkness of the past\\ and begin a pure white future\\
naru: and you need to…!\\
naru: cut down the bijuu and the current kages for that!!?\\
sasu: exactly\\
sasu: I will throw away the past!\\
naru: you would have been unable to do anything yourself without itachi’s help!!\\
naru: you are what you are right now\\ because you are bonded to itachi and a lot of things happened!\\
sasu: … itachi… belongs to the past… now\\ here I will completely change, throwing away the mistakes of the past… and my hesitation…\\
sasu: and I will cut you down first\\
sasu: and spill your blood as last mourn\\ for my deceased brother\\
ita: you said that sasuke is like a brother to you…\\ that’s why I think that you are the only one able to stop sasuke\\
ita: I leave sasuke to you\\
naru: therefore…\\
naru: you will not cut me…\\
naru: I have learnt everything from the people of the past!\\
naru: and thought about what to do next after all those mistakes!\\
kaka: hermit-sama…\\
hago: my time is near\\
kaka: what…\\
kaka: should I do…?\\
hago: … just… believe in them\\
hago: this is the only thing we can do…\\
hago: what will you do\\ and what will happen will depend on your own choices\\
naru: me and sasuke are not real brothers, but\\ I think that we can reconcile\\
sasu: now that itachi died I am finally alone\\ but there is still naruto… he is the only one I have to cut off\\
sasu: my idea of hokage will be complete one I cut all the ties and become alone\\
hago: then why kill naruto?|\
naru: we are really good friends\\
sasu: for me he is…\\ the closest friend I ever had\\
side: they collide because they are friends!!!\\

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